The CommonWords Database

Introduction to the CommonWords Database

(Updated 2016) The CommonWords database is intended to help teachers and students of English words generate and learn about specialized word lists. This updated version contains ten data tables:

  1. CommonWords, the main table, lists 8591 mostly high frequency words, described and analyzed in 20 fields in various ways, including their phonetics, structure, meaning, spelling and reading difficulty, length, syllable structure, parts of speech, and etymological sources;
  2. CommonPrefixes, a list of the 147 prefixes found in CommonWords with information on their meanings, functions, and frequency;
  3. CommonSuffixes, the same for the 401 suffixes;
  4. CommonBases, the same for the 2203 bound bases;
  5. Correspondences: Sound to Spelling, a list of the 358 sound to spelling correspondences found in CommonWords;
  6. Correspondences: Spelling to Sound, essentially the reverse of the previous;
  7. Themes, a list of 169 themes, or topics, for which 7567 of the words in the CommonWords table have been tagged;
  8. Letters Count, statistics on the 26 letters in CommonWords;
  9. Sounds Count, statistics on the 68 sounds;
  10. Spellings Count, statistics on the 152 spellings.

Full Introduction to the CommonWords Database

Download the CommonWords Database tables: