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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader

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Word Explication Analysis
abscess [abs+cess1  VCC db 
absence [ab1+sence  VCC 
abstract [abs+tract  VCC cb 
abundance [ab1+und1+ance]  VCC 
academic academ/e+ic]1  3VR IC 
academy academ/e+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
acceleration [a/d+c+celer+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC 3VR VCV vd ASSIM 
accelerator [a/d+c+celer+at/e]1+or]2  VCC 3VR VCV ASSIM 
accent [a/d+c+cent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
accept [a/d+c+cept  VCC ASSIM cb 
acceptance [a/d+c+cept+ance]  VCC ASSIM 
access [a/d+c+cess1  VCC ASSIM db 
accident [a/d+c+cid1+ent]  VCC ASSIM cb 
accommodate [a/d+c+[com+mod4+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM db 
accompany [a/d+c+[com+pan2+y]7  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i db 
accomplish [a/d+c+[com+pl2+ish]2  VCC ASSIM db cb 
accomplishment [a/d+c+[com+pl2+ish]2+ment]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
accord [a/d+c+cord2  ASSIM orC db cb 
accordance [a/d+c+cord2+ance]  ASSIM orC db 
according [a/d+c+cord2+ing]1  ASSIM orC db 
accordingly [a/d+c+cord2+ing]1+ly]1  CV# ASSIM orC db 
account [a/d+c+count1  vd ASSIM db cb 
accounting [a/d+c+count1+ing]1  vd ASSIM db 
acculturation [a/d+c+cult1+ur/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd ASSIM db 
accumulate [a/d+c+cumul+ate]1  VCV ASSIM db 
accuracy [a/d+c+cur6+acy]  VCC CV# ASSIM db 
accurate [a/d+c+cur6+ate]2  VCC ASSIM db 
accuse [a/d+c+cuse  VCV ASSIM db 
accustom [a/d+c+cust1+om]1  VCC ASSIM db 
ache ache  c2 LCC RDEL 
achieve [a3+chieve  vd c2 
achievement [a3+chieve+ment]  vd c2 cb 
acid ac1+id]1  FLR SCV? 
acids ac1+id]1+s]3  SCV 
acknowledge [ac2+know+ledge]  vd cs c2 db 
acorn acorn  VCV orC cb 
acquaint [a/d+c+quaint2  vd ASSIM cb 
acquaintance [a/d+c+quaint2+ance]  vd ASSIM cb 
acquire [a/d+c+quire1  VrV ASSIM cb 
acquittal [a/d+c+quit+t+al]2  VCC ASSIM db cb 
acre acre1  VCr 
acronym acr1+onym  VCC CVC# 
acrophobia acro+phob+ia]1  VCC c2 VCV 
across [a2+cross1  VCC db cb 
act act1  VCC cb 
acting act1+ing]1  VCC 
action act1+ion]1  VCC vd 
actions act1+ion]1+s]3  VCC vd 
active act1+ive]  VCC 
activism act1+iv/e]+ism]  VCC 
activities act1+iv/e]+it/y]+i2+es]2  DELE y>i vd VCC TY 
activity act1+iv/e]+ity]  DELE VCC TY CV# y>i 
actor act1+or]2  VCC 
actress act1+ress]1  VCC db cb 
actual act1+ual]  VCC V.V 
actually act1+ual]+ly]1  VCC V.V CV# db 
actuary act1+uary]2  VCC V.V CV# y>i 
acupuncture acu+punct+ure]  3VR VCC 
acute ac1+ute]  VCV 
addict [ad+dict1  VCC db cb 
adjective [ad+ject+ive]  VCC db 
advance [ad+vance  VCC 
advanced [ad+vanc/e+ed]1  DELE VCC 
advice [ad+vice3  VCV VCC 
advocate [ad+voc+ate]1  VCV VCC 
aerobic aer1+ob/e+ic]1  LCCvd 
aesthetics aesthet+ics]  IC vd c2 
affect [a/d+f+fect  VCC ASSIM db cb 
affection [a/d+f+fect+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
affectionate [a/d+f+fect+ion]1+ate]2  VCC vd ASSIM db 
Africa Africa  SCr CR# 3VR 
agency ag1+ency]  VCV CV# y>i 
agnosticism [a1+gnos+tic]+ism]  VCC 
agricultural agr1+icult+ur/e]+al]1  VCC DELE 
agriculture agr1+icult+ure]  VCC SCr 3VR 
alchemy al01+chem1+y]3  VCC CV# y>i c2 
alcohol al01+cohol  VCC CVC# 
alcoholism al01+cohol+ism]  VCC SCV 
Alice Alice  SCV 
allegiance [a/d+l+leg7+iance]  VCV vd ASSIM db 
alliance [a/d+l+l/y2+i+ance]  y>i V.V ASSIM db 
allowance [a/d+l+low3+ance]  vd ASSIM db 
ambulance [ambul+ance]  VCC cb 
America America  CR# 
American Americ/a+an]1  DL1 
amniocentesis amnio+cent3+esis]  VCC V.V VCV 
amniotic amni+otic]  VCC V.V IC 
anaerobic [an01+aer1+ob/e+ic]1  3VR vd LC 
analgesic [an01+alg1+esic]  3VR LC 
anarchism [an01+arch1+ism]  3VR c2 VCC 
anarchy [an01+arch1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i c2 
ancestor [an08+cest1+or]2  VCC 
anchor anchor  VCC c2 
ancient anc2+ient]  LCC vd cb 
anesthetic [an01+esthet+ic]1  3VR c2 IC 
announce [a/d+n+nounce  vd ASSIM db 
announcement [a/d+n+nounce+ment]  vd ASSIM db cb 
Antarctic [ant+arct1+ic]2  VCC cb 
antiballistic [anti1+ball2+ist]3+ic]1  VCC db 
antibiotic [anti1+biot+ic]1  VCC V.V IC 
anticipate [anti2+cip1+ate]1  3VR VCV VCC 
anticoagulant [anti1+[co+ag1+ul]1+ant]1  VCC V.V 3VR cb 
antiparticle [anti1+parti+cle]1  VCC SCle 
antiseptic [anti1+sept1+ic]1  VCC 
aphrodisiac aphrodis+iac]  c2 3VR CVC# VCC 
apocalypse [apo+calypse  3VR VCC 
apocryphal [apo+cryph+al]1  VCC c2 
appearance [a/d+p+pear2+ance]  vd ASSIM db 
appendectomy [a/d+p+pend+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  ASSIM VCC CV# y>i db 
appendicitis [a/d+p+pend+ic]4+itis]  ASSIM VCC VCV db 
application [a/d+p+plic1+ation]  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
appreciate [a/d+p+preci+ate]1  VCV ASSIM db cb 
appreciation [a/d+p+preci+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCV V.V vd ION ASSIM db cb 
approach [a/d+p+proach  vd ASSIM db cb 
arch arch2  c2 cb 
archaeology archae+ology  vd c2 V.V 3VR CV# y>i 
archbishop arch3+bishop  c2 VCC cb 
archer arch2+er]01  c2 cb 
archetype arche1+type  c2 VCV 
archipelago archi+pelag+o]2  3VR CV# c2 
architect archi+tect2  VCC c2 cb 
architecture archi+tect2+ure]  VCC c2 
arctic arct1+ic]2  CVC# 
aristocracy arist+ocrac+y]3  VCC CV# VrV y>i 
arithmetic arithm+etic]  VCC c2 
arteriosclerosis arterio+scler+osis]  V.V VCV VrV cb 
article artic+le]3   
artificial arti+fic/e1+ial]  DELE vd 
artistic art1+ist]1+ic]1  VCC IC 
ascend [a3+scend2  VCC cb 
ascent [a3+scent2  VCC cb 
ascertain [a/d+s+cert1+ain]  vd VCC ASSIM 
asceticism asc2+etic]+ism]  3VR VCC 
ascorbic [a1+scorb1+ic]1  orC cb 
aspect [a3+spect  VCC cb 
assistance [a/d+s+sist+ance]  VCC ASSIM db 
associate [a/d+s+soci+ate]1  V.V VCV ASSIM db 
association [a/d+s+soci+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V VCV vd ASSIM db 
assurance [a/d+s+sur/e+ance]  DELE ASSIM VrV db 
astrophysics astro+phys1+ics]  VCC c2 IC LCC cb 
atherosclerosis athero+scler+osis]  LCC VCV cb 
athletic athl+et/e]1+ic]1  DELE c2 VCC IC 
Atlantic Atlantic  VCC 
atmospheric atmo+spher/e+ic]1  VCC c2 VrV cb 
atomic [a1+tom2+ic]1  SCV IC 
attach [a/d+t+tach1  VCC ASSIM db 
attached [a/d+t+tach1+ed]1  VCC ASSIM db 
attack [a/d+t+tack2  VCC ASSIM db 
attendance [a/d+t+tend1+ance]  VCC ASSIM db 
attic attic  VCC db 
attract [a/d+t+tract  VCC ASSIM db cb 
attraction [a/d+t+tract+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
attractive [a/d+t+tract+ive]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
audience aud1+ience]  V.V vd 
auricle aur1+icle]1  vd 
autistic aut1+ist]1+ic]1  vd VCC 
autocracy auto+crac+y]3  vd SCr CV# y>i 
automatic auto+mat3+ic]1  vd IC 
autonomic auto+nom2+ic]1  vd IC 
bachelor bachel+or]1  3VR VCC c2 
bacilli bac+ill]1+i]1  VCC CV# db 
bacillus bac+ill]1+us]1  VCC db 
back back1  VCC db 
backbone back1+bone  CMP VCC VCV db 
background back1+ground1  VCC CMP vd db cb 
backward back1+ward]  VCC db cb 
bacon bacon  VCV 
bacteria bacteri+a]3  VCC VrV V.V 
bacteriological bacteri+olog+ic]1+al]1  VCC V.V IC VrV 
balance ba3+lance2  FLR SCV 
ballistic ball2+ist]3+ic]1  VCC CVC# db 
bankruptcy bank2+rupt+cy]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
barbecue barbecue   
barometric bar2+ometr+ic]1  IC SCr cb 
basic bas/e1+ic]1  VCV DELE LC 
basilica basil+ic]1+a]2  3VR CR# 
bathyscaph bathy+scaph  VCC cb 
beach beach  vd c2 
became [be+came  VCV 
because be3+cause1  vd 
beckon beck+on]07  VCC db 
become [be+come1  SCV 
beech beech  vd c2 
bench bench  VCC c2 cb 
beneficial bene+fic1+ial]  3VR vd 
beneficiary bene+fic1+iary]  3VR V.V CV# y>i 
beseech [be+seech  vd c2 
bicameral bi1+camer+al]1  VCV 3VR 
bicycle bi1+cycle  SCle 
biochemical bio2+chem1+ic]1+al]1  V.V c2 IC LCC 
biochemistry bio2+chem1+ist]1+ry]  V.V c2 3VR CV# y>i LCC cb 
biofeedback bio2+feed+back1  V.V vd VCC db CMP 
biological bio2+log1+ic]1+al]1  V.V IC 
biophysics bio2+phys1+ics]  V.V c2 IC LCC 
birch birch  c2 cb 
biscuit bis1+cuit  vd VCC 
black black  VCC db cb 
blackball black+ball1  VCC db cb CMP 
blackbody black+body  VCC SCV CV# CMP y>i db cb 
blacklist black+list1  VCC db cb CMP 
blacksmith black+smith  VCC CMP db cb 
bloc bloc  CVC# cb 
block block  VCC db cb 
blocks block+s]8  VCC db cb 
blue-collar blue-coll2+ar]1  VCC db cb 
bottleneck bott1+le]3+neck  VCCle VCC db 
bounce bounce  vd 
boycott boycott  vd VCC db 
brace brace  VCV cb 
bracelet brace+let]  VCV cb 
brackets brack1+et]1+s]8  VCC db cb 
branch branch1  VCC c2 cb 
branches branch1+es]7  VCC c2 cb 
breach breach  vd c2 cb 
brick brick  VCC db cb 
broadcast broad+cast1  vd CMP VCC cb 
bronchial bronchi+al]1  3VR V.V c2 VCC cb 
bubonic bub2+on]06+ic]1  VCV IC 
buck buck1  VCC db 
bucket buck4+et]1  VCC db 
bunch bunch  c2 VCC cb 
buoyancy buoy+ancy]  vd CV# 
bureaucracy bur3+eau]+crac+y]3  vt CV# y>i 
bureaucrat bur3+eau]+crat1  vt CVC# cb 
butcher butch2+er]01  VCC ct db 
by-product by3-[pro1+duct  SCV cb 
cab cab1  CVC# NTR 
cabbage cabbage  VCC db 
cabin cab3+in]09  FLR SCV 
cabinet cab3+in]09+et]1  FLR SCV 
cable cab2+le]3  VCle 
cadre cadre  SCr 
Caesar caesar  vd 
cage cage  VCV RDEL 
Cajun Cajun  VCV 
cake cake  VCV RDEL 
calculate calc1+ul]1+ate]1  VCC VCV 
calculator calc1+ul]1+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
calculus calc1+ul]1+us]1  VCC 
calendar calend1+ar]4  3VR 
calf calf  VCC cs c2 
California California  3VR V#X V.V orC 
call call1  db 
called call1+ed]1  db 
calling call1+ing]1  db 
calls call1+s]8  db 
calm calm  cs c2 
calmly calm+ly]1  CV# cs c2 
calorie calor+ie]2  3VR vd 
cambium camb+ium]2  VCC V.V 
came came  VCV 
camel camel  FLR SCV 
camera camer+a]2  3VR CR# 
camp camp1  VCC cb 
campaign camp1+aign]  vd VCC cs c2 
can can1  CVC# NTR 
Canada Canada  CR# 
Canadian Canad+ian]  VCV V.V 
canal can4+al]5  CVC# 
cancel canc+el]1  VCC 
cancer cancer  VCC 
candidate cand+id]2+ate]3  VCC VCV 
candle cand+le]3  VCCle 
candy candy1  VCC CV# y>i 
cane cane  VCV 
canine can3+ine]1  VCV 
cannon cann1+on]03  VCC db 
cannot can1+not1  VCC CVC# CMP db 
canoe canoe  vd 
canon canon  FLR SCV 
canonization canon+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd DELE 
canst can1+st]2  VCC cb 
can't can1+'t1  CVV CMP 
cantata cant2+at]2+a]2  CR# 
canvas canv+as]4  CVV VCC 
cap cap1  CVC# NTR 
capability cap2+abil]+ity]  VCV TY CV# y>i 
capable cap2+able]  VCV 
capacitor capacit+or]2  3VR 
capacity capacit+y]3  TY CV# y>i 
cape cape1  VCV RDEL 
capillary capill+ary]2  3VR CV# y>i db 
capital capit+al]1  3VR 
capitalism capit+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
capitalist capit+al]1+ist]1  3VR VCC cb 
capitol capit+ol]2  3VR 
captain capt2+ain]  VCC vd 
captive capt1+ive]  VCC 
captivity capt1+iv/e]+ity]  VCC DELE TY CV# 
capture capt1+ure]  VCC 
car car1  CVC# 
carbohydrate carbo+hydr1+ate]3  VCr VCV cb 
carbon carb1+on]01   
carbonic carb1+on]01+ic]1  IC 
carcinogenic carcin+ogen+ic]1  IC 3VR 
carcinoma carcin+oma]  VCV CR# 
card card1  cb 
cardiac cardi+ac]4  V.V 
cardinal cardin+al]1   
cardiopulmonary cardio+pulmon+ary]1  V.V CV# 
cardiovascular cardio+vas1+cul]1+ar]1  V.V VCC 
care care  VrV RDEL 
career car2+eer]3  vd 
careful care+ful]  VrV 
carefully care+ful]+ly]1  CV# VrV db 
careless care+less]  VrV db 
carelessly care+less]+ly]1  CV# VrV db 
caress car7+ess]2  VCC db 
cargo carg+o]2  CV# 
caricature caric+ature]  VrV 
Carl carl  cb 
carnivore carn1+ivore  VrV 
carnivorous carn1+ivor/e+ous]  3VR vd DELE 
carol carol  VrVX 
carpenter carpent+er]01   
carpet carp5+et]1   
carpetbagger carp5+et]1+bag1+g+er]01  VCC CTR db 
carriage carr+/y]7+i2+age]  y>i vd Vrr db 
carrier carr+/y]7+i2+er]01  y>i V.V Vrr db 
carry carr+y]7  CV# y>I db 
cart cart1  cb 
cartel cart2+el]1  CVC# 
cartilage cartil+age]   
carve carve  cb RDEL 
case case2  VCV RDEL 
cases cas/e2+es]7  VCV DELE 
cash cash1  c2 VCC 
cast cast1  VCC cb 
caste cast3+e]1  VCC cb 
castle cast2+le]3  VCCle cs c2 
castles cast2+le]3+s]8  VCCle cs c2 
casual casu+al]1  V.V 
casuistry casu+ist]1+ry]  V.V CV# VCC y>i cb 
cat cat1  CVC# NTR 
catalog [cata+log1  3VR CVC# 
catalogue [cata+logue1  3VR 
catalyst [cata+ly1+st]3  3VR VCC cb 
cataract [cat+aract  3VR VCC cb 
catch catch  c3 VCC db 
caterpillar cat1+er]04+pill5+ar]1  3VR VCC db 
catharsis cathar+sis]  CVC# c2 
cathedral [cat+hedr+al]1  c2 VCr cb 
catheter [cat+he2+ter]2  VCC c2 
cathode [cat+hode  c2 VCV VCC 
catholic [cat+hol1+ic]1  c2 LCCVCC 
cats cat1+s]8  VCC 
cattle catt1+le]2  VCCle db 
caucus cauc+us]1  vd 
caught caught  cs c3 vd 
cause cause1  vd RDEL 
caused caus/e1+ed]1  vd DELE 
causes caus/e1+es]7  vd DELE 
caution caut+ion]1  vd 
cautiously caut+ious]+ly]1  vd CV# vt 
cavalry caval+ry]  3VR CV# y>i 
cave cave1  VCV RDEL 
cavern cav+ern]1  SCV cb 
cavity cav+ity]  TY y>i 
cease cease1  vd RDEL 
cedar cedar  VCV 
ceiling ceil1+ing]1  vd 
celebrate celebr+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
celebrated celebr+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV DELE cb 
celebration celebr+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV DELE vd ION cb 
celestial celest+ial]  VCC vd 
cell cell1  VCC db 
cellar cell1+ar]4  VCC db 
cello cell4+o]2  VCC CV# db 
cells cell1+s]8  VCC db 
cellulose cell1+ul/e]+ose]2  VCC VCV DELE db 
celsius celsius  VCC V.V 
cement ce2+ment]  VCC cb 
cemetery cemet+ery]1  3VR y>i 
census cens+us]1  VCC 
cent cent6  VCC cb 
centaur centaur  VCC vd 
center center  VCC 
centigrade centi+grade  VCC VCV cb 
centimeter centi+meter  VCC 
central centr+al]1  VCC cb 
centrifugal centri+fug/e+al]1  VCC 3VR DELE cb 
cents cent6+s]3  VCC cb 
centuries cent1+ur/y]+i2+es]2  VCC y>i vd 
century cent1+ury]  VCC y>i 
cereal cere3+al]1  V.V VrV 
cerebellum cereb+ell]+um]1  VCC db 
cerebral cerebr+al]1  VCr cb 
cerebrum cerebr+um]1  cb 
ceremony cere2+mony]  VCV CV# y>i 
certain cert1+ain]  vd 
certainly cert1+ain]+ly]1  vd CV# 
certainty cert1+ain]+ty]  vd CV# y>i 
certificate cert1+ific]+ate]1  SCV 
cervix cerv1+ix]1  VCC 
chain chain  c2 vd 
chair chair  vd c2 
chairman chair+man1  CMP vd c2 
chalk chalk  c2 cs c2 
challenge chall1+enge]  VCC db 
chamber chamber  LCC 
champion champ1+ion]1  c2 VCC vd 
chance chance  VCC c2 RDEL 
chancellor chanc+ell]+or]2  VCC db 
change change  LCC c2 RDEL 
changing chang/e+ing]1  LCC c2 DELE 
channel chann+el]1  VCC db 
chant chant  c2 VCC cb 
Chanukah chanuk+ah]2  vd 
chaos cha1+os]1  V.V 
chap chap1  c2 CVC# NTR 
chapel chap5+el]1  FLR SCV c2 
chapter chapt+er]04  VCC c2 
character charact1+er]04  c2 
characteristic charact1+er]04+istic]  VCC c2 
charcoal char1+coal  vd CMP c2 
charge charge  c2 RDEL 
chariot char7+iot]2  V.V c2 
charisma char3+ism]+a]1  VCC c2 CR# 
charismatic char3+ism]+atic]  c2 IC 
charity char2+ity]  c2 CV# TY y>i 
Charles Charles  c2 cb 
Charlie Charlie  c2 vd 
charm charm  c2 cb 
charming charm+ing]1  c2 
chart chart  c2 cb 
charter chart+er]04  c2 
chase chase1  VCV c2 RDEL 
chat chat1  c2 CVC# NTR 
chatter chat1+t+er]03  VCC db 
chauvinism chauvin+ism]  c2 vd VCC 
cheap cheap  vd c2 
cheat cheat  vd c2 
check check  VCC db 
cheek cheek  vd c2 
cheer cheer  vd c2 
cheerful cheer+ful]  c2 vd 
cheerfully cheer+ful]+ly]1  vd CV# db 
cheese cheese  c2 vd RDEL 
chemical chem1+ic]1+al]1  IC c2 
chemist chem1+ist]1  FLR SCV c2 cb 
chemistry chem1+ist]1+ry]  FLR SCV CV# c2 y>i cb 
chemotherapy chemo+therap+y]3  c2 VCV CV# y>i LCC 
cherish cher1+ish]2  c2 
cherry cherry  CV# y>i Vrr db 
cherubim cherub+im]2  c2 CVC# 
chest chest1  c2 VCC cb 
chestnut chest2+nut1  CMP VCC CVC# c2 cs c2 
chew chew  vd c2 
Chicago Chicago  CV# c2 SCV 
Chicano chican+o]2  c2 CV# 
chick chick1  VCC db 
chicken chick1+en]07  VCC db 
chickens chick1+en]07+s]8  VCC db 
chief chief1  vd c2 
chiefly chief1+ly]1  c2 vd CV# 
child child  LCC cb 
childhood child+hood]  LCC vd cb 
childish child+ish]1  LCC 
children child+ren]  VCC cb 
chill chill  VCC db 
chime chime  c2 VCV 
chimera chimer+a]2  c2 VCV CR# VrV 
chimney chimn+ey]2  VCC vd 
chin chin1  c2 CVC# NTR 
China Chin2+a]2  VCV CR# c2 
Chinese Chin2+ese]1  VCV c2 
chip chip1  c2 CVC# NTR 
chiropractic chiro+practic  c2 VCV VCC cb 
chivalry chivalr+y]3  3VR c2 CV# y>i 
chloroform chloro2+form3  c2 VrV orC cb 
chlorophyll chloro1+phyll  VCC VrV db 
chocolate chocolate  3VR c2 
choice choice  c2 vd 
choir choir  vd c2 
choke choke  c2 VCV RDEL 
cholera chol1+er]04+a]2  3VR c2 CR# 
cholesterol chole+ster1+ol]1  c2 VCC 
choose choose  vd c2 
chop chop1  CVC# c2 NTR 
chord chord1  c2 orC cb 
chordate chord2+ate]3  c2 VCV orC 
choreography choreo+graph+y]3  c2 V.V CV# VrV y>i cb 
chorus chor1+us]1  c2 VrV 
chose chose1  VCV c2 
chosen chos/e1+en]02  VCV c2 DELE 
chow chow  c2 vd 
Christ Christ1  LCC c2 cb 
Christian Christ1+ian]1  VCC vd c2 cb 
Christianity Christ1+ian]1+ity]  VCC CV# c2 
Christmas Christ1+mas  VCC c2 CMP cs c2 cb 
chromosome chrom+osome  c2 VCV cb 
chronic chron+ic]1  c2 IC cb 
chronicle chron+icle]1  3VR c2 cb 
chuckle chuck2+le]1  VCC db 
chug chug  CVC# c2 NTR 
chum chum1  CVC# c2 NTR 
church church  c2 VCC cb 
chutzpah chutzp+ah]2  vd cb 
cigar cigar 
cigarette cigar+ett]+e]1  VCC 3VR db 
Cincinnati Cincinnati  CV# VCC db 
circadian circ+a]2+di2+an]1  VCV V.V 
circle circ+le]3   
circuit [circu+it2  vd 
circular circ+ul]1+ar]1   
circulate circ+ul]1+ate]1  VCV 
circulation circ+ul]1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
circulatory circ+ul]1+at/e]1+ory]  VrV CV# 
circumcision [circum+cis/e+ion]1  ION DELE vd 
circumference [circum+fer1+ence]  VCC 
circumlocution [circum+loc2+ut]+ion]1  ION vd 
circumstance [circum+stance1  VCC cb 
circus circ+us]1   
cirrhosis cirrh+osis]  ct VCV 
cirrus cirr+us]1  Vrr Vrr db 
cite cite  VCV 
citizen citiz+en]04  3VR 
city cit2+y]3  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
civil civ+il]1  SCV 
civilization civ+il]1+iz/e]+ation]  DELE vd 
civilized civ+il]1+iz/e]+ed]1  SCV DELE 
clad clad1  CVC# cb 
claim claim  vd cb 
clamor clam2+or]1  FLR SCV cb 
clap clap  CVC# NTR cb 
clarinet clar+in]01+et]1  CVC# cb 
clash clash  c2 VCC cb 
clasp clasp  VCC cb 
class class1  VCC db cb 
classic class1+ic]1  VCC IC db cb 
classical class1+ic]1+al]1  VCC db cb 
classicism class1+ic]1+ism]  VCC db cb 
classification class1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db cb 
clatter clatt+er]03  VCC db cb 
clause clause  vd cb 
claustrophobia claustro+phob/e+ia]1  vd VCV DELE c2 cb 
claw claw  vd cb 
clay clay1  vd cb 
clean clean  vd cb 
cleanliness clean+l/y]1+i2+ness]  vd y>i db cb 
cleanse clean+se]1  vd cb 
clear clear  vd cb 
clearly clear+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
clerk clerk  cb 
Cleveland Cleve+land  VCV cb 
clever clever  SCV cb 
clichΘ clich+Θ]2  c2 LCC cb 
click click  VCC db db cb 
client cli+ent]  V.V cb 
cliff cliff  VCC db cb 
climate clim2+ate]3  VCV cb 
climb climb  LCC cs c2 cb 
climbed climb+ed]1  LCC cs c2 cb 
cling cling  VCC cb 
clip clip1  CVC# NTR cb 
cloak cloak  vd cb 
clock clock  VCC db cb 
clockwork clock+work  VCC db cb CMP 
clone clone  VCV cb 
close close  VCV cb 
closely close+ly]1  VCV CV# cb 
closer "more close" clos/e+er]02  VCV DELE cb 
closet clos/e+et]1  FLR SCV DELE cb 
cloth cloth  c2 VCC cb 
clothe clothe  c2 LCC cb RDEL 
clothes clothe+s]8  LCC c2 cb 
clothing cloth/e+ing]1  DELE c2 LCC cb 
cloture clot2+ure]  VCV cb 
cloud cloud  vd cb 
cloudy cloud+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
clover clover  VCV cb 
club club  CVC# NTR cb 
cluck cluck  VCC db cb 
clue clue  CVe# 
clumsy clums+y]1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
clung clung  VCC cb 
cluster clust+er]05  VCC cb 
clutch clutch  VCC c3 db cb 
coach coach  vd c2 
coal coal  vd 
coalition [co+al07+ition]  V.V ION vd 
coarse coarse  vd 
coast coast  vd cb 
coat coat  vd 
coax coax  vd 
cobalt cobalt  VCV cb 
cocaine coc3+a]2+ine]2  VCV vd 
cock cock1  VCC db 
cocktail cock1+tail1  VCC vd db CMP 
coda cod3+a]2  VCV CR# 
code code  VCV RDEL 
codeine cod4+eine]  VCV vd 
coexistence [co+[ex+/sist+ence]  V.V VCC EXS 
coffee coffee  VCC vd db 
coffin coff+in]01  VCC db 
cognitive [co+gnit+ive]  VCC 
coherence [co+her/e2+ence]  VCV DELE VrV 
cohesion [co+hes+ion]1  VCV vd 
coin coin  vd 
cold cold  LCC cb 
cold-blooded cold+blood+ed]2  LCC vd cb 
coldly cold+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
colitis col2+itis]  VCV 
collapse [co/m+l+lapse  VCC ASSIM db 
collar coll2+ar]1  VCC db 
collateral [co/m+l+lat1+eral]  3VR ASSIM db 
collect [co/m+l+lect5  VCC ASSIM db cb 
collection [co/m+l+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
collective [co/m+l+lect5+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
college [co/m+l+lege2  VCC ASSIM db 
colloid coll1+oid]  VCC vd db 
colon col7+on]01  VCV 
colonel colon2+el]1   
colonial colon1+ial]  V.V 
colonialism colon1+ial]+ism]  VCV V.V VCC 
colony colon11+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
color color  FLR SCV 
Colorado Color+ado]  CV# SCV 
coloratura color+atur]+a]2  VrV CR# 
colorblindness color+blind+ness]  SCV LCC db cb 
colored color+ed]1  FLR SCV 
colors color+s]8  FLR SCV 
colt colt  LCC cb 
Columbia Columb+ia]1  VCC V.V 
Columbus Columb+us]1  VCC 
column column1  SCV cs c2 
coma com3+a]2  VCV CR# 
combat [com+bat1  CVC# NTR VCC 
combination [com+bin/e2+ation]  DELE vd VCC 
combine [com+bine2  VCV 
combustion [com+bust4+ion]1  VCC vd 
come come1  SCV 
comedy com1+ed1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
comestible [com+est1+ible]  VCC 
comet com2+et]2  SCV 
comfort [com+fort1  VCC cb 
comfortable [com+fort1+able]  VCC 
comfortably [com+fort1+abl/e]+y]4  VCC DELE CV# 
comic com1+ic]1  IC 
coming com/e1+ing]1  SCV DELE 
comma comm2+a]2  VCC CR# db 
command [com+mand1  VCC db cb 
commander [com+mand1+er]01  VCC db 
commence [com+mence  VCC db 
commend [com+mend2  VCC db cb 
comment [com+ment1  VCC db cb 
commerce [com+merce1  VCC db 
commercial [com+merc/e1+ial]  vd DELE db 
commission [com+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
commissioner [com+miss3+ion]1+er]01  VCC vd db 
commit [com+mit1  CVC# NTR db 
committee [com+mit1+t+ee]1  VCC vd db 
commodity [com+mod4+ity]  TY CV# y>i db 
common [com+mon2  VCC db 
commonly [com+mon2+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
commonwealth [com+mon2+weal+th]2  vd VCC CMP db 
communicable [com+munic+able]  VCV db 
communicate [com+munic+ate]1  VCV db 
communication [com+munic+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION db 
communion [com+mun/e+ion]1  VCV vd DELE db 
communism [com+mun/e+ism]  VCC DELE db 
communist [com+mun/e+ist]1  DELE VCC db cb 
community [com+mun/e+ity]  VCV DELE TYX CV# y>i db 
compact [com+pact2  VCC cb 
companion [com+pan2+ion]1  SIO SCV 
companionship [com+pan2+ion]1+ship]  SIO c2 
company [com+pan2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
comparatively [com+par/e2+ative]+ly]1  DELE CV# 
compare [com+pare2  VrV 
comparison [com+par/e2+ison]1  DELE 
compass [com+pass1  VCC db 
compel [com+pel1  CVC# NTR 
compensation [com+pens+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCC vd 
compete [com+pete  VCV 
competent [com+pet/e+ent]  DELE VCC cb 
competition [com+petit+ion]1  ION vd 
competitor [com+petit+or]2  3VR 
complain [com+plain2  vd cb 
complaint [com+plain2+t]3  vd cb 
complete [com+plete  VCV cb 
completely [com+plete+ly]1  VCV CV# cb 
complex [com+plex3  VCC cb 
complexion [com+plex3+ion]1  vd VCC cb 
complexity [com+plex3+ity]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
complicated [com+plic1+at/e]1+ed]1  VCC VCV DELE cb 
compliment [com+pli3+ment]  y>i VCC cb 
compose [com+pose1  VCV 
composite [com+pos/e1+ite]2  SCV 
composition [com+pos/e1+ition]  vd VCC ION 
compound [com+pound4  vd cb 
comprehend [com+[pre+hend  VCC cb 
comprise [com+prise  VCV cb 
compromise [com+[pro1+mise  VCC VCV cb 
compulsion [com+puls/e+ion]1  VCC vd DELE 
computer [com+put/e+er]01  dele VCV 
comrade comr+ade]2  VCC SCV 
conceal [co/m+n+ceal  vd ASSIM 
conceive [co/m+n+ceive  vd ASSIM 
concentrate [co/m+n+centr+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
concentration [co/m+n+centr+at/e]1+ion]1  vd VCC ION VCV ASSIM cb 
conception [co/m+n+cept+ion]1  VCC ASSIM vd 
concern [co/m+n+cern1  ASSIM cb 
concerned [co/m+n+cern1+ed]1  ASSIM cb 
concerning [co/m+n+cern1+ing]1  ASSIM 
concert [co/m+n+cert2  VCC ASSIM cb 
concerto [co/m+n+cert2+o]2  CV# ASSIM 
concession [co/m+n+cess1+ion]1  VCC ASSIM vd db 
conciseness [co/m+n+cise+ness]  VCV ASSIM db 
concision [co/m+n+cis/e+ion]1  ION DELE ASSIM vd 
conclude [co/m+n+clude  VCV ASSIM cb 
conclusion [co/m+n+clus+ion]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM cb 
concord [co/m+n+cord2  VCC ASSIM orC cb 
concrete [co/m+n+crete2  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
condemn [co/m+n+demn  VCC ASSIM cs c2 
condensation [co/m+n+dens/e+at/e]3+ion]1  VCC VCC vd DELE ASSIM 
condense [co/m+n+dense  VCC ASSIM 
condition [co/m+n+dit3+ion]1  ION ASSIM vd 
conditions [co/m+n+dit3+ion]1+s]8  ION ASSIM vd 
conduct [co/m+n+duct  VCC ASSIM cb 
conduction [co/m+n+duct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conductor [co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCC ASSIM 
cone cone  VCV 
Confederacy [co/m+n+feder+acy]  3VR ASSIM CV# y>i 
confederate [co/m+n+feder+ate]1  3VR ASSIM 
confederation [co/m+n+feder+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE ASSIM ION vd 
confer [co/m+n+fer1  NTR ASSIM 
conference [co/m+n+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM 
confess [co/m+n+fess1  VCC ASSIM db 
confession [co/m+n+fess1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
confide [co/m+n+fide  VCV ASSIM 
confidence [co/m+n+fid/e+ence]  DELE VCC ASSIM 
confident [co/m+n+fid/e+ent]  DELE VCC ASSIM cb 
confiding [co/m+n+fid/e+ing]1  DELE VCV ASSIM 
confine [co/m+n+fine3  VCV ASSIM 
confirm [co/m+n+firm  ASSIM cb 
confirmation [co/m+n+firm+ation]  VCC VCC vd ASSIM 
confirmed [co/m+n+firm+ed]1  ASSIM cb 
conflict [co/m+n+flict  VCC ASSIM cb 
conformity [co/m+n+form1+ity]  ASSIM CV# orC y>i 
confound [co/m+n+found2  vd ASSIM cb 
confront [co/m+n+front  VCC ASSIM cb 
confuse [co/m+n+fuse2  VCV ASSIM 
confusion [co/m+n+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV DELE vd ION ASSIM 
congenital [co/m+n+genit+al]1  3VR ASSIM 
conglomerate [co/m+n+glomer+ate]1  3VR ASSIM cb 
congratulate [co/m+n+gratul+ate]1  SCV VCV ASSIM cb 
congress [co/m+n+gress  VCC ASSIM db cb 
conjugal [co/m+n+jug2+al]1  VCC ASSIM 
conjunction [co/m+n+junct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conjunctivitis [co/m+n+junct+iv/e]+itis]  VCC VCV DELE ASSIM 
connect [co/m+n+nect  VCC ASSIM db cb 
Connecticut Connecticut  CVC# VCC db 
connection [co/m+n+nect+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
connective [co/m+n+nect+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
connotation [co/m+n+not/e+ation]  VCC VCV DELE ASSIM ION vd db 
conquer [co/m+n+quer1  VCC ASSIM 
conqueror [co/m+n+quer1+or]2  VCC ASSIM 
conquest [co/m+n+quest1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conscience [co/m+n+sci1+ence]  VCC vd ASSIM c2 
conscientious [co/m+n+sci1+ent]+ious]  VCC V.V ASSIM vt c2 
conscious [co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
consciousness [co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt ASSIM db 
consent [co/m+n+sent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
consequence [co/m+n+sequ1+ence]  VCC ASSIM cb 
consequently [co/m+n+sequ1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM cb 
conservation [co/m+n+serv/e1+ation]  VCC VCV ASSIM DELE vd ION 
conservatism [co/m+n+serv/e1+atism]  VCC DELE ASSIM 
conservative [co/m+n+serv/e1+ative]  DELE ASSIM 
conserve [co/m+n+serve1  ASSIM 
consider [co/m+n+sider1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerable [co/m+n+sider1+able]  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerably [co/m+n+sider1+abl/e]+y]4  FLR SCV DELE CV# ASSIM 
consideration [co/m+n+sider1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCV vd DELE ION ASSIM 
considered [co/m+n+sider1+ed]1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
consist [co/m+n+sist  VCC ASSIM cb 
consistency [co/m+n+sist+ency]  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i 
consonant [co/m+n+son2+ant]1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conspicuous [co/m+n+spic1+uous]  vd ASSIM cb 
conspiracy [co/m+n+spir/e1+acy]  DELE CV# ASSIM y>i cb 
constable con5+sta+ble]2  VCC cb 
constant [co/m+n+stant  VCC ASSIM cb 
constantly [co/m+n+stant+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM cb 
constellation [co/m+n+stell+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV ASSIM vd ION db cb 
constituent [co/m+n+stit1+uent]  3VR V.V ASSIM cb 
constitute [co/m+n+stit1+ute]  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
constitution [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
constitutional [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1+al]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
construct [co/m+n+struct  VCC ASSIM cb 
construction [co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM cb 
consul [co/m+n+sul  CVC# VCC ASSIM 
consult [co/m+n+sult2  VCC ASSIM cb 
consume [co/m+n+sume  VCV ASSIM 
consumer [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01  VCV DELE ASSIM 
consumerism [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01+ism]  VCV VCC ASSIM 
consumption [co/m+n+sumpt1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
contact [co/m+n+tact1  VCC ASSIM cb 
contagious [co/m+n+tag4+ious]  VCV vt ASSIM 
contain [co/m+n+tain1  vd ASSIM 
containing [co/m+n+tain1+ing]1  vd ASSIM 
containment [co/m+n+tain1+ment]  vd ASSIM cb 
contemplate [co/m+n+templ1+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
contemporary [co/m+n+tempor+ary]1  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i 
contempt [co/m+n+tempt2  VCC ASSIM cb 
contend [co/m+n+tend1  VCC ASSIM cb 
content [co/m+n+tent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
contented [co/m+n+tent2+ed]1  VCC ASSIM 
contents [co/m+n+tent2+s]3  VCC ASSIM cb 
contest [co/m+n+test2  VCC ASSIM cb 
continent [co/m+n+tin2+ent]  VCC ASSIM cb 
continental [co/m+n+tin2+ent]+al]1  VCC ASSIM 
continual [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+al]1  V.V DELE FLR SCV ASSIM 
continually [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+al]1+ly]1  V.V DELE FLR SCV SCV CV# ASSIM db 
continue [co/m+n+tin2+ue]1  CVe# ASSIM 
continuous [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+ous]  FLR SCV SCV vd V.V DELE ASSIM 
contraband [contra+band3  VCC cb 
contraception [contra+cept+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
contract [co/m+n+tract  VCC ASSIM cb 
contraction [co/m+n+tract+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM cb 
contralto [contr/a+alt1+o]2  VCC CV# cb 
contrary contr+ary]1  CV# y>i cb 
contrast [contra+st  VCC ASSIM cb 
contribute [co/m+n+trib2+ute]  SCV ASSIM cb 
contribution [co/m+n+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  ION VCV DELE vd ASSIM cb 
contrive [co/m+n+trive  VCV ASSIM cb 
control [cont+rol  CVC# X NTR cb 
convection [co/m+n+vect+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
convenience [co/m+n+ven/e1+ience]  DELE ASSIM 
convenient [co/m+n+ven/e1+ient]  DELE ASSIM cb 
convent [co/m+n+vent1  VCC ASSIM cb 
convention [co/m+n+vent1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conversation [co/m+n+vers/e1+ation]  DELE vd ASSIM 
converse [co/m+n+verse1  ASSIM 
convert [co/m+n+vert1  ASSIM cb 
convey [co/m+n+vey2  vd ASSIM 
convict [co/m+n+vict1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conviction [co/m+n+vict1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
convince [co/m+n+vince  VCC ASSIM 
convulsion [co/m+n+vuls/e+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
cook cook1  vd 
cookies cook2+ie]1+s]3  vd 
cool cool  vd 
coop coop  vd 
cooperate [co+oper3+ate]1  V.V VCV 
cooperation [co+oper3+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V DELE vd ION VCV 
coordinate [co+ordin+ate]1  V.V VCV orC 
coordination [co+ordin+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V VCV orC vd ION 
copper copper  VCC db 
cops cop1+s]8  VCC 
copula cop5+ul]1+a]2  3VR CR# 
copulation cop5+ul]1+at/e]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
copy cop2+y]7  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
copyright cop2+y]3+right  SCV cs c3 
coral coral  VrV 
cord cord1  orC cb 
core core1  VrV 
corn corn1  orC cb 
cornea corne+a]2  V.V CR# orC 
corned corn1+ed]1  orC cb 
corner corn2+er]04  orC 
Cornwallis Cornwallis  VCC orC db cb 
coronary coron+ary]2  VrV CV# y>i 
corporation corpor+at/e]2+ion]1  DELE vd ION orC 
corpse corpse  orC 
correct [co/m+r+rect  VCC ASSIM db cb 
correctly [co/m+r+rect+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM db cb 
correspond [co/m+r+[re+spond  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondence [co/m+r+[re+spond+ence]  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondent [co/m+r+[re+spond+ent]  VCC ASSIM Vrr db cb 
corridor corrid+or]1  Vrr db 
corrupt [co/m+r+rupt  VCC ASSIM db cb 
cortex cort1+ex]  VCC orC 
cortisone cortis+one]3  VCV orC 
cosmic cosm+ic]1  VCC 
cosmology cosm+ology  VCC CV# 3VR y>i 
cosmonaut cosmo+naut1  VCC vd 
cost cost1  VCC cb 
costly cost1+ly]3  VCC CV# y>i 
costume cost5+ume]  VCC VCV 
cot cot1  CVC# 
cottage cot2+t+age]  VCC CTR db 
cotton cotton  VCC db 
couch couch  c2 vd 
cough cough1  vd c2 
could could  vd cs c2 
couldn't could+n't  vd CMP cs c2 
couldst could+st]2  vd cs c2 cb 
council [coun+cil1  vd 
counsel [coun+sel1  vd 
counselor [coun+sel1+or]2  vd 
count count1  vd cb 
countenance [coun+ten2+ance]  vd 
counter count1+er]04  vd 
counterculture [counter+cult1+ure]  vd VCC 
counterfeit [counter+feit  vd 
counterinsurgency [counter+[in2+surg2+ency]  vd CV# y>i 
counterpoint [counter+point  vd cb 
countless count1+less]  vd db cb 
country countr+y]3  vd CV# y>i cb 
countrymen countr+y]3+men1  vd cb 
county count2+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
coup coup1  vd 
couple coup2+le]3  vd 
couplet coup2+l/e]3+et]1  vd 
courage cour1+age]  vd 
course course  vd RDEL 
court court  vd cb 
courteous court+eous]  V.V vd 
courtesy courtes+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
courtier court+ier]1  vd V.V 
courtly court+ly]3  vd CV# 
courtyard court+yard1  CMP vd cb 
cousin cousin  vd 
covalent [co+val1+ent]  VCV cb 
covenant [co+ven8+ant]1  3VR cb 
cover [co+ver9  FLR SCV 
covered [co+ver9+ed]1  SCV 
cow cow1  vd 
coward cow2+ard]1  vd cb 
cows cow1+s]8  vd 
coyness coy1+ness]  vd db 
crab crab  CVC# NTR cb 
crack crack  VCC db cb 
cracker crack+er]01  VCC db cb 
cradle crad+le]3  VCle cb 
craft craft  VCC cb 
cranium crani+um]2  VCV V.V cb 
crash crash  c2 VCC cb 
crater crat2+er]04  VCV cb 
crave crave  VCV cb 
crawl crawl  vd cb 
crazy craz/e+y]1  VCV DELE CV# y>i cb 
cream cream  vd cb 
create cre1+ate]1  V.V VCV cb 
created cre1+at/e]1+ed]1  V.V DELE cb 
creation cre1+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V DELE vd ION VCV cb 
creationism cre1+at/e]1+ion]1+ism]  V.V VCV vd VCC cb 
creature cre1+at/e]1+ure]  vd DELE cb 
creatures cre1+at/e]1+ure]+s]3  vd DELE cb 
credit cred+it]2  FLF SCV IT cb 
creditor cred+it]2+or]2  FLF SCV IT cb 
creed creed  vd cb 
creek creek  vd cb 
creep creep  vd cb 
crept crep2+t]1  VCC cb 
crescendo cresc+end]+o]2  VCC CV# cb 
crest crest  VCC cb 
crew crew  vd cb 
cricket crick3+et]1  VCC db cb 
cried cr/y1+i2+ed]1  y>i vd cb 
crime crime  VCV cb 
criminal crimin+al]1  3VR cb 
crimson crimson  VCC cb 
cripple cripp+le]3  VCCle db cb 
crisis cris+is]1  VCV cb 
crisp crisp  VCC cb 
critic crit+ic]2  IC cb 
critical crit+ic]2+al]1  IC cb 
criticism crit+ic]2+ism]  IC cb 
criticize crit+ic]2+ize]  VCV IC cb 
crocodile croco1+dile  3VR VCV cb 
Cro-Magnon Cro-Magnon  CV# VCC cb 
crook crook  vd cb 
crooked crook+ed]2  vd cb 
crop crop  CVC# NTR cb 
crops crop+s]3  VCC cb 
cross cross  VCC db cb 
crossbones cross+bone+s]3  VCC VCV db cb 
crossed cross+ed]1  VCC db cb 
crossing cross+ing]1  VCC db cb 
crouch crouch  c2 vd cb 
crow crow  vd cb 
crowd crowd  vd cb 
crowded crowd+ed]1  vd cb 
crown crown  vd cb 
crucifixion cruci+fix+ion]1  VCV 3VR vd VCC cb 
crude crude  VCV cb 
cruel cru3+el]1  V.V cb 
cruelty cru3+el]1+ty]  CV# V.V y>i cb 
cruise cruise  vd cb 
crumb crumb  VCC cs c2 cb 
crumble crumb+le]1  VCCle cb 
crusade crus1+ade]1  VCV cb 
crusades crus1+ade]1+s]8  VCV cb 
crush crush  c2 VCC cb 
crust crust  VCC cb 
crustacean crust+acean]  VCC VCV V.V vd cb 
crutch crutch  c3 VCC db cb 
cry cry1  CV# y>i cb 
crystal cryst1+al]4  VCC cb 
cub cub1  CVC# NTR 
cube cube  VCV 
cubism cub/e+ism]  VCV 
cuff cuff2  VCC db 
cult cult1  VCC cb 
cultivate cultiv+ate]1  VCC VCV 
cultivation cultiv+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCC VCV vd ION 
cultural cult1+ur]4+al]1  VCC 
culture cult1+ure]  VCC 
cultured cult1+ur/e]+ed]1  VCC DELE 
cumulus cumul+us]1  VCV 
cunning cunn+ing]1  VCC db 
cup cup1  CVC# NTR 
cupboard cup1+board  CMP vd VCC cs c2 cb 
cupful cup1+ful]  CVC# 
curb curb  cb 
cure cure  VCV RDEL 
curiosity cur6+ios]+ity]  TY CV# V.V y>i 
curious cur6+ious]  vd 
curiously cur6+ious]+ly]1  vd CV# 
curl curl  cb 
curly curl+y]1  CV# y>i 
currency curr1+ency]  CV# Vrr y>I db 
current curr1+ent]  Vrr cb db 
curse curse1  cb RDEL 
curtain curt2+ain]  vd 
curve curve  cb RDEL 
cushion cush1+ion]4  c2 vd VCC 
custom cust1+om]1  VCC 
customary cust1+om]1+ary]1  VCC CV# y>i 
customer cust1+om]1+er]01  VCC 
cut cut1  CVC# NTR 
cutting cut1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
cybernetics cybern+etic]+s]3  VCV IC 
cycle cycle  VCle 
cyclone cycl+one]1  LCC VCV cb 
cyclotron cyclo+tron]  LCC CVC# cb 
cylinder cylinder  3VR 
cymbal cymb+al]4  FLR SCV 
cyst cyst  VCC cb 
cytoplasm cyto+plas+m]  VCV VCC cb 
czar czar   
dance dance  VCC RDEL 
dancer danc/e+er]01  VCC DELE 
dancing danc/e+ing]1  VCC DELE 
decade dec1+ade]1  FLR SCV VCV 
decadence [de+cad2+ence]  3VR 
decay [de+cay2  vd 
deceive [de+ceive  vd 
December Decem+ber]  VCC 
decent dec2+ent]  VCV cb 
decibel deci+bel1  3VR CVC# 
decide [de+cide1  VCV 
decided [de+cid/e1+ed]1  VCV DELE 
decidedly [de+cid/e1+ed]1+ly]1  VCV DELE CV# 
deciduous [de+cidu+ous]  3VR vd V.V 
decimal decim+al]1  3VR 
decision [de+cis+ion]1  ION vd 
deck deck1  VCC db 
declaration [de+clar/e+ation]  DELE VCV vd VCC 
declarative [de+clar/e+ative]  VrV cb 
declare [de+clare  VrV cb 
decline [de+cline  VCV cb 
decorate decor+ate]1  3VR VCV 
decoration decor+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV DELE vd ION 
decrease [de+crease2  vd cb 
decree [de+cree  vd cb 
dedicate [de+dic1+ate]1  3VR VCV 
deduction [de+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
defect [de+fect  VCC cb 
defiance [de+f/y1+iance]  y>i V.V 
deficit [de+fic1+it]2  3VR CVC# 
delicacy [de+lic1+acy]  3VR CV# y>i 
delicate [de+lic1+ate]2  3VR 
delicious [de+lic1+ious]  vt 
democracy demo+ocrac+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
democrat dem1+ocrat1  3VR CVC# cb 
Democrat dem1+ocrat1  3VR VC# cb 
democratic dem1+ocrat1+ic]1  3VRIC cb 
denounce [de+nounce  vd 
deoxyribonucleic [de+oxy2+ribo+nuc+le]3+ic]1  V.V VCV VCle V.V VCC cb 
depreciation [de+preci+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd cb 
descend [de+scend2  VCC cb 
descendant [de+scend2+ant]1  VCC cb 
descent [de+scent2  VCC cb 
describe [de+scribe  VCV cb 
described [de+scrib/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
description [de+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
destruction [de+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
destructive [de+struct+ive]  VCC cb 
detect [de+tect1  VCC cb 
detective [de+tect1+ive]  VCC 
deterrence [de+ter2+r+ence]  db 
device [de+vice4  VCV 
dialectic [dia+lect1+ic]1  V.V VCC 
Dick dick  VCC db 
dictate dict1+ate]1  VCC VCV 
dictator dict1+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
dictatorship dict1+at/e]1+or]2+ship]  VCC VCV CVC# c2 
diction dict1+ion]1  VCC vd 
dictionary dict1+ion]1+ary]2  VCC vd CV# y>i 
dielectric [di2+electr+ic]1  V.V VCC CVC# cb 
difference [di/s+f+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
differences [di/s+f+fer1+enc/e]+es]2  VCC DELE ASSIM db 
difficult [di/s+f+ficult  VCC ASSIM db cb 
difficulty [di/s+f+ficult+y]3  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i db 
diffraction [di/s+f+fract+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
diplomacy di1+plo+ma]+cy]  VCV CV# 
diplomatic di1+plo+mat]+ic]1  VCC IC 
direct [di1+rect  VCC cb 
direction [di1+rect+ion]1  VCC vd 
directly [di1+rect+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
director [di1+rect+or]2  VCC 
discard [dis+card1  cb 
discern [dis+cern1  VCC cb 
discharge [dis+charge  c2 
disciple [dis+cip1+le]3  VCle c2 
discipline [dis+cip1+l/e]3+ine]3  DELE VCC c2 
disclose [dis+close  VCV cb 
discontent [dis+[co/m+n+tent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
discount [dis+count1  VCC vd cb 
discourage [dis+cour1+age]  vd 
discourse [dis+course  vd 
discover [dis+[co+ver9  FLR SCV 
discovery [dis+[co+ver9+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
discretion [dis+cret/e1+ion]1  SIO vd cb 
discuss [dis+cuss2  VCC db 
discussion [dis+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
disenfranchise [dis+[en1+franch+ise]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
disgrace [dis+grace  VCV cb 
disobedience [dis+[ob+edi1+ence]  SCV VCV V.V 
dispatch [dis+patch2  VCC ct db 
distance [di1+stance1  VCC 
distinct [di1+stinct  VCC cb 
distinction [di1+stinct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
distinctly [di1+stinct+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
distract [dis+tract  VCC cb 
district [di1+strict1  VCC cb 
disturbance [dis+turb1+ance]   
ditch ditch  VCC c3 db 
diuretic [di2+ur2+etic]  V.V IC 
divorce [di1+vorce  ASSIM orC 
dock dock1  VCC db 
doctor doc1+tor]  VCC 
doctrine doctr+ine]1  VCC cb 
document doc1+ument]  3VR cb 
domestic domest+ic]1  VCC IC 
draconian dracon+ian]  VCV V.V cb 
dramatic dramat+ic]1  IC cb 
duchess duch+ess]1  VCC db 
duck duck  VCC db 
duct duct  VCC cb 
Dutch dutch  VCC c3 db 
dynamics dynam1+ics]  IC 
each each  vd c2 
echo echo1  CV# c2 VCC 
eclecticism ec2+lect5+ic]1+ism]  VCC cb 
eclipse [e/x+c+lipse  VCC ASSIM cb 
ecological eco+log1+ic]1+al]1  IC SCV 
ecology eco+logy  SCV CV# y>i 
economic eco+nom2+ic]1  3VR IC 
economy eco+nom2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
ecosystem eco+[sy+stem2  VCV VCC 
ecstasy [e/x+c+stas+y]3  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i cb 
ectomorph [ecto+morph1  VCC c2 orC 
ecumenism ec1+umen]+ism]  SCV VCC 
educate [e/x+duc+ate]1  3VR VCV 
education [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
educational [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1+al]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
effect [e/x+f+fect  VCC ASSIM db cb 
effective [e/x+f+fect+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
efficiency [e/x+f+fic1+iency]  3VR vd CV# ASSIM y>i db 
efficient [e/x+f+fic1+ient]  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
egocentric ego+centr+ic]1  VCV VCC CVC# cb CMP 
elastic elast+ic]1  VCC IC 
elasticity elast+ic]1+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
elect [e/x+lect5  VCC cb 
election [e/x+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd 
electoral [e1+lect5+or]2+al]1  VCC 
electric electr+ic]1  VCC IC cb 
electrical electr+ic]1+al]1  VCC IC cb 
electricity electr+ic]1+ity]  VCC CV# TY y>i cb 
electrocardiogram electro+cardio+gram1  VCC V.V CVC# cb 
electrocardiograph electro+cardio+graph  VCC V.V c2 cb 
electrolysis electro+lys+is]1  VCC 3VR cb 
electrolyte electro+lyte  VCC VCV cb 
electromagnet electro+magnet  VCC cb 
electron electr+on]08  VCC cb 
electronic electr+on]08+ic]1  VCC SCV IC cb 
electroplating electro+plat/e+ing]1  VCC VCV cb 
embrace [e/n1+m1+brace  VCV ASSIM cb 
emergency [e/x+merg/e+enc/e]+y]3  DELE CV# y>i 
eminence [e/x+min2+ence]  3VR 
empirical [e/n2+m1+pir1+ic]1+al]1  VCC 
empiricism [e/n2+m1+pir1+ic]1+ism]  VCC 
encephalitis [en2+cephal1+itis]  c2 VCV VCC 
enchant [en1+chant  VCC c2 cb 
enclose [en1+close  VCV cb 
encounter [en1+counter1  vd 
encourage [en1+cour1+age]  vd 
encouragement [en1+cour1+age]+ment]  vd cb 
encyclical [en2+cycl+ic]1+al]1  IC cb 
encyclopedia [en2+cyclo+ped2+ia]1  cb V.V VCC LCC VCV 
endocrine [endo+crine  VCC cb 
endothermic [endo+therm+ic]1  VCC c2 LCC 
endurance [en1+dur/e1+ance]  DELE 
enforce [en1+force1  VCC orC 
enrich [en1+rich  c2 VCC 
enthusiastic [en2+thus/e+iast]+ic]1  DELE c2 IC V.V VCC 
entrance entr+ance]  VCC cb 
epic ep1+ic]1  IC 
epidemic [epi+dem1+ic]1  3VR IC 
erect [e/x+rect  VCC cb 
escalation e4+scal1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
escape [e/x+s+cape1  VCV ASSIM 
escort [e/x+s+cort3  VCC ASSIM orC cb 
escrow e4+scrow  VCC vd cb 
especially e4+speci+al]1+ly]1  VCC FLR SCV CV# vd db 
essence ess2+ence]  VCC db 
etching etch+ing]1  ct VCC db 
ethical eth2+ic]2+al]1  IC c2 VCC 
ethics eth2+ic]2+s]3  IC c2 VCC 
ethnicity ethn+ic]1+ity]  VCC TY c2 CV# y>i 
ethnocentrism ethno+centr+ism]  VCC VCV c2 cb 
eugenics eu1+gen6+ics]  vd IC 
eviction [e1+vict1+ion]1  VCC vd 
evidence [e/x+vid1+ence]  3VR 
exact [ex+act1  VCC cb 
exactly [ex+act1+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
exceed [ex+ceed  vd 
exceedingly [ex+ceed+ing]1+ly]1  vd CV# 
excel [ex+cel2  CVC# NTR 
excellent [ex+cell2+ent]  VCC db cb 
except [ex+cept  VCC cb 
exception [ex+cept+ion]1  VCC vd 
excess [ex+cess1  VCC db 
excessive [ex+cess1+ive]  VCC db 
exchange [ex+change  c2 LCC 
excise [ex+cise  VCV 
excite [ex+cite  VCV 
excited [ex+cit/e+ed]1  VCV DELE 
excitement [ex+cite+ment]  VCV cb 
exciting [ex+cit/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
exclaim [ex+claim  vd cb 
exclamation [ex+clam2+ation]  VCC VCV vd cb 
exclude [ex+clude  VCV cb 
exclusive [ex+clus+ive]  VCV cb 
excretory [ex+cret/e1+ory]  VCC CV# VrV cb 
excuse [ex+cuse  VCV 
execute [ex+/sec3+ute]  VCC VCV EXS 
execution [ex+/sec3+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV EXS VCC 
executive [ex+/sec3+ut/e]+ive]  3VR DELE EXS 
exercise [ex+erc+ise]1  VCV VCC 
existence [ex+/sist+ence]  VCC EXS 
exothermic [exo+therm+ic]1  VCC VCC c2 
expect [ex+/spect  VCC EXS cb 
expectation [ex+/spect+ation]  VCC vd EXS 
expected [ex+/spect+ed]1  VCC EXS 
experience [ex+peri1+ence]  V.V VrV 
extinct [ex+/stinct  VCC EXS cb 
extract [ex+tract  VCC cb 
fabric fabric  SCr FLR SCV IC 
face face1  VCV RDEL 
faces fac/e1+es]7  VCV DELE 
facility fac3+il/e]1+ity]  TY SCV CV# y>i 
fact fact1  VCC cb 
faction fact1+ion]1  VCC vd 
factor fact1+or]2  VCC 
factories fact1+or/y]+i2+es]2  VCC vd y>i 
factors fact1+or]2+s]8  VCC 
factory fact1+ory]  VCC CV# y>i 
faculty facult+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
fallacy fall2+acy]  VCC CV# y>i db 
fancied fan5+c/y]+i2+ed]1  VCC y>i vd 
fancy fan5+cy]  VCC CV# y>i 
fantastic fant2+ast]1+ic]1  VCC IC 
fascinating fascin+at/e]1+ing]1  VCC DELE VCV c2 
fascism fasc+ism]  c2 VCC 
feces fec+es]3  VCV 
feedback feed+back1  vd VCC db CMP 
fence fence  VCC RDEL 
fencing fenc/e+ing]1  VCC DELE 
fetch fetch  c3 VCC db 
fiction fict+ion]1  VCC vd 
fierce fierce  vd 
fiercely fierce+ly]1  vd CV# 
finance fin3+ance]  VCV 
financial fin3+anc/e]+ial]  DELE VCV vd VCC 
fireplace fire+place  VCV CMP VrV cb 
fiscal fisc+al]1  VCC 
fleece fleece  vd cb 
flicker flick+er]03  VCC db cb 
flock flock  VCC db cb 
Florence Flor+ence]  VrV cb 
fluorescent fluor1+esc/e]+ent]  vd VCC cb 
fluorocarbons fluoro1+carb1+on]01+s]  vd cb 
focal foc1+al]1  VCV 
focus foc1+us]1  VCV 
force force1  orC RDEL 
forced forc/e1+ed]1  DELE orC 
forces forc/e1+es]7  DELE orC 
foreclosure [fore+clos/e+ure]  VCV VrV cb 
fornication fornic+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd orC 
fraction fract+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
fragrance fragr+ance]  VCr cb 
franc franc  VCC cb 
France France  VCC cb 
franchise franch+ise]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
Francis Francis  VCC cb 
frankincense frank1+[in2+cense  VCC CMP cb 
frantic fran+tic]  VCC cb 
Frederic Frederic  3VR cb 
French French  VCC c2 cb 
Frenchman French+man  CMP VCC c2 cb 
frequency frequ+ency]  CV# y>i cb 
friction frict+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
frock frock  VCC db cb 
frolic fro2+lic]  SCV IC cb 
fulcrum fulcr+um]1  VCC CVC# cb 
function funct+ion]1  VCC vd 
functionalism funct+ion]1+al]1+ism]  VCC vd 
furnace furn2+ace]   
gastric gastr+ic]1  VCC cb 
genetics gen6+etic]+s]3  IC 
genocide gen6+ocide  3VR VCV 
geological ge+olog1+ic]1+al]1  V.V IC 
geometric ge+ometr1+ic]1  V.V SCr 
geophysics geo+phys1+ics]  V.V IC c2 LCC 
gerontocracy ger2+ont]+ocrac+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
gigantic gig3+ant]3+ic]1  VCC IC 
glacier glaci+er]01  vd VCV cb 
glance glance  VCC cb RDEL 
glaucoma glauc+oma]  vd VCV CR# cb 
glucose gluc+ose]2  VCV cb 
gothic goth+ic]1  c2 IC VCC 
grace grace  VCV cb RDEL 
graceful grace+ful]  VCV cb 
gracious grac/e+ious]  DELE vt cb 
Greece Greece  vd cb 
grocer groc+er]01  VCV cb 
groceries groc+er/y]1+i2+es]2  VCV vd y>i cb 
grocery groc+ery]1  VCV CV# y>i cb 
guidance guid/e+ance]  VCV DELE 
halcyon halcy+on]01  VCC V.V 
hallucination hallucin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd db 
hallucinogen hallucin+ogen  VCV db 
handicap hand+i4+cap1  CMP VCC CVC# NTR 
handkerchief hand+ker1+chief1  VCC vd CMP c2 
harpsichord harpsi+chord2  orC cb 
hatch hatch2  VCC c3 db 
hatchet hatch4+et]1  VCC ct db 
headache head+ache  vd CMP c2 LCC 
hence hence  VCC 
henceforth hence+forth  c2 VCC CMP orC cb 
herbaceous herb+aceous]  VCV vt 
Hercules Hercules  CLC# 
heretic her3+etic]  CVC# 
heroic her4+o]1+ic]1  V.V LC 
hierarchy hier+arch1+y]3  V.V c2 CV# y>i 
hieroglyphics hiero+glyph+ic]1+s]3  V.V IC c2 VCC cb 
historic histor+ic]1  VCC VrV 
historical histor+ic]1+al]1  VCC VrV 
hi-tech high1-tech1  c2 
holistic hol1+ist]1+ic]1  VCV VCC 
Holocaust holo+caust  3VR vd cb 
homicide hom2+icide  3VR VCV 
horseback horse+back1  VCC CMP orC db 
horticulture hort1+icult+ure]  orC 
huckleberry huckle+berry  VCC CV# y>i Vrr db 
hurricane hurricane  VCV Vrr db 
hydraulic hydr1+aul+ic]1  VCr vd cb 
hydrocarbon hydro1+carb1+on]01  VCr cb 
hydroelectric hydro1+electr+ic]1  VCr VCC cb 
hydroponics hydro1+pon4+ics]  VCr IC cb 
hypochondriac [hypo+chondri+ac]4  VCV c2 V.V cb 
hysterectomy hyster+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
iambic iamb+ic]1  V.V VCC 
ice ice1  VCV RDEL 
iceberg ice1+berg1  CMP VCV 
icon icon1  VCV 
icy ic/e1+y]1  VCV DELE CV# y>i 
identical ident+ic]1+al]1  VCC IC 
ignorance [i+gnor/e+ance]  DELE VCC 
illegitimacy [i/n1+l+legitim+acy]  VCC 3VR CV# y>i db 
immaculate [i/n1+m1+mac3+ul]1+ate]2  3VR db 
impeach [i/n2+m1+peach2  vd c2 
impeachment [i/n2+m1+peach2+ment]  vd c2 cb 
impedance [i/n2+m1+ped/e2+ance]  VCV 
importance [i/n2+m1+port1+ance]  ASSIM orC 
incarnation [in2+carn1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd 
incense [in2+cense  VCC 
incest [in1+cest2  VCC cb 
inch inch  VCC c2 cb 
incident [in2+cid+ent]  VCC cb 
incisors [in2+cis/e+or]2+s]3  VCV 
inclination [in2+clin/e+ation]  VCV DELE vd VCC cb 
incline [in2+cline  VCV cb 
inclose [in3+close  VCV cb 
include [in2+clude  VCV cb 
included [in2+clud/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
includes [in2+clude+s]2  VCV cb 
including [in2+clud/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
income in1+come1  VCC SCV CMP 
incorporate [in2+corpor+ate]1  VCV orC 
increase [in2+crease2  vd cb 
increased [in2+creas/e2+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
incredible [in1+cred+ible]  3VR cb 
incubation [in2+cub3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
incubator [in2+cub3+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
incumbent [in2+cumb1+ent]  VCC cb 
independence [in1+[de+pend+ence]  VCC 
indicate [in2+dic2+ate]1  VCC VCV 
indicated [in2+dic2+at/e]1+ed]1  VCC VCV DELE 
indication [in2+dic2+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV DELE vd ION 
indictment [in2+dict1+ment]  LCC cb 
indifference [in1+[di/s+f+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
indirect [in1+[di1+rect  VCC cb 
induce [in2+duce  VCV 
inductance [in2+duct+ance]  VCC 
induction [in2+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
inelastic [in1+elast+ic]1  SCV VCC 
infection [in2+fect+ion]1  VCC vd 
infectious [in2+fect+ious]  VCC vt 
inference [in2+fer1+ence]  VCC 
inflection [in2+flect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
inflict [in2+flict  VCC cb 
influence [in2+flu1+ence]  V.V VCC cb 
inheritance [in1+herit+ance]  SCV 
injunction [in2+junct+ion]1  VCC vd 
injustice [in1+just1+ice]  VCC 
innocence [in1+noc+ence]  VCC db 
innocent [in1+noc+ent]  VCC db cb 
inoculation [in2+ocul+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
inorganic [in1+organ+ic]1  SCV IC 
inscription [in2+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
insect [in2+sect1  VCC cb 
insects [in2+sect1+s]3  VCC cb 
inspect [in2+spect  VCC cb 
inspection [in2+spect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
inspector [in2+spect+or]2  VCC cb 
instance [in2+stance1  VCC cb 
instinct [in2+stinct  VCC cb 
instruct [in2+struct  VCC cb 
instruction [in2+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
insurance [in3+sur/e+ance]  DELE VrV 
intellect [inte/r+l+lect5  VCC db cb 
intellectual [inte/r+l+lect5+ual]  VCC V.V ASSIM db 
intelligence [inte/r+l+lig1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
intercontinental [inter+[co/m+n+tin2+ent]+al]1  VCC 
interdependence [inter+[de+pend+ence]  VCC 
interference [inter+fer/e1+ence]  VrV DELE VCC 
interjection [inter+ject+ion]1  VCC vd 
intersect [inter+sect1  VCC cb 
introduce [intro+duce  VCV VCC cb 
introduction [intro+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
introspection [intro+spect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
ionic ion1+ic]1  V.V IC 
italics ital+ic]1+s]3  IC 
jack jack  VCC db 
jacket jack+et]1  VCC db 
Jackson Jack+son  VCC CMP db 
jaundice jaund+ice]  vd 
judicial judic+ial]  VCV vd 
juice juice  vd 
jurisprudence juris+prud+ence]  VCV VrV cb 
justice just1+ice]  VCC 
justification just1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
Kentucky Kentucky  VCC CV# db 
kick kick1  VCC db 
kinetic kinet+ic]1  IC 
kitchen kitch+en]04  VCC ct db 
kitsch kitsch  VCC c3 
knock knock1  VCC cs c2 db 
lace lace  VCV 
lack lack1  VCC db 
lance lance1  VCC 
landscape land+scape2  VCC VCV CMP cb 
larceny larcen+y]3  CV# y>i 
latency lat3+ency]  VCV CV# y>i 
lattice latt1+ice]  VCC db 
launch launch  vd c2 cb 
lecture lect1+ure]  VCC 
leech leech1  vd c2 
leprechaun leprechaun  SCr c2 vd 
lettuce lettuce  VCC db 
license lic3+ense]  VCV 
lick lick1  VCC db 
limerick limerick  3VR db 
Lincoln Lincoln  VCC cs c2 
local loc1+al]1  VCV 
locality loc1+al]1+ity]  TY SCV CV# VCV y>i 
locate loc1+ate]1  VCV 
located loc1+at/e]1+ed]1  VCV DELE 
location loc1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
lock lock1  VCC db 
lockjaw lock1+jaw  VCC vd db CMP 
lockout lock1+out  VCC vd db CMP 
locomotive loc1+o]1+mot/e1+ive]  DELE 
locus loc1+us]1  VCV 
logic log1+ic]1  IC 
lowercase low1+er]02+case2  vd VCV CMP 
luck luck  VCC db 
lucky luck+y]1  VCC CV# y>i db 
lunatic lun+atic]  VCV CVC# 
lunch lunch  VCC c2 cb 
luncheon lunch+eon]  VCC c2 vd 
lymphatic lymph+atic]  VCC IC c2 
lynch lynch1  VCC c2 cb 
lyric lyr+ic]1  FLR SCV 
machine mach1+ine]1  VCV c2 
machinery mach1+ine]1+ry]  VCV c2 CV# y>i 
macho mach4+o]2  c2 CV# 
macrocosm macro1+cosm  SCr VCC 
macroeconomics macro1+eco+nom2+ics]  SCr V.V IC 
magic mag1+ic]1  IC 
magician mag1+ician]  SCV vd 
magnetic magnet+ic]1  VCC IC 
magnificent magni+fic]+ent]  VCC 3VR cb 
maintenance main2+ten2+ance]  vd 
majestic majes+tic]  VCC IC 
malice mal1+ice]  FLR SCV 
malignancy mali+gn3+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i 
malpractice mal1+pract+ice]  3VR VCC cb 
Manchester Manchester  VCC c2 
manic-depressive man2+ic]1+[de+press+ive]  IC VCC CMP db cb 
manufacture manu+fact1+ure]  3VR VCC 
manufacturer manu+fact1+ur/e]+er]01  3VR VCC DELE 
manuscript manu+script  3VR cb 
march march1  c2 cb 
March March  c2 cb 
masochism masoch+ism]  3VR c2 VCC 
Massachusetts Massachusetts  VCC VCV db 
massacre massac+re]2  VCC db 
mastectomy mast3+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
match match1  VCC c3 db 
mathematics math1+emat]+ics]  c2 IC VCC 
matriarchy matri+arch1+y]3  VCr V.V c2 CV# y>i cb 
Mecca mecca  db VCC CR# 
mechanic mechan+ic]1  IC c2 
mechanical mechan+ic]1+al]1  IC c2 
mechanism mechan+ism]  c2 VCC 
medical medic+al]1  IC 
Medicare med2+i1+care  3VR VrV 
medicine medic+ine]1  IC 
melancholy melan+chol1+y]1  3VR CV# c2 y>i 
menace men2+ace]  FLR SCV 
mercantilism merc+ant]1+il/e]1+ism]  VCV 
merchandise merch+and]+ise]1  VCV c2 cb 
merchant merch+ant]1  c2 cb 
mercury mercur+y]3  CV# y>i 
mercy merc+y]3  CV# y>i 
meritocracy merit+ocrac+y]3  SCr CV# y>i 
metallic metall+ic]1  VCC IC db 
metamorphic [meta+morph1+ic]1  c2 CVC# orC 
metaphysics [meta+phys1+ics]  3VR IC c2 
metric metr1+ic]1  IC cb 
Mexican Mexic+an]1  VCC 
Mexico Mexic+o]2  CV# VCC 
mice mice  VCV 
Michigan Michigan  c2 VCC 
microbe micr+obe  VCr VCV cb 
microchip micro+chip1  VCr c2 CVC# cb 
microclimate micro+clim2+ate]3  VCr VCV cb 
microcosm micro+cosm  VCr VCC cb 
microeconomics micro+eco+nom2+ics]  VCr V.V 3VR IC cb 
microfiche micro+fich+e]1  VCr c2 LCC cb 
microfilm micro+film  VCr VCC cb 
microorganism micro+organ+ism]  VCr V.V VCC orC cb 
microscope micro+scope  VCV VCr cb 
microwave micro+wave  VCr VCV cb 
miracle mir4+acle]1   
miscarriage [mis+carr+/y]7+i2+age]  VCC vd Vrr db 
miscellaneous misc+ell]+an]1+eous]  vd VCV VCC V.V db 
mischief [mis+chief2  vd VCC c2 
mock mock  VCC db 
molecular mole1+cul/e]1+ar]1  3VR 
molecule mole1+cule]1  3VR VCV 
molecules mole1+cule]1+s]3  3VR VCV 
monarch mon3+arch1  FLR SCV c2 
monarchy mon3+arch1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i c2 
mononucleosis mono1+nuc+le]3+osis]  V.V VCV 3VR cb 
mosaic mos1+aic]  VCV V.V 
Moscow Moscow  VCC vd 
much much  c2 VCC VC# 
muckraker muck1+rak/e+er]01  VCC VCV db 
mucous muc+ous]  VCV vd 
mucus muc+us]1  VCV 
multiplication multi+plic1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd DELE ION cb 
municipal muni1+cip1+al]1  3VR VCV 
muscle mus1+cle]1  VCCle cs c2 
muscles mus1+cle]1+s]8  VCC cs c2 
muscular mus1+cul]1+ar]1  VCC 
music mus3+ic]2  VCV 
musical mus3+ic]2+al]1  VCV 
musician mus3+ic]2+ian]  vd 
mysticism myst+ic]1+ism]  VCC 
narcissism narciss+ism]  VCC db 
narcissus narciss+us]1  VCC db 
narcotic narc1+otic]  IC SCV 
necessarily [ne+cess1+ar/y]1+i2+ly]1  y>i 3VR CV# VrV db 
necessary [ne+cess1+ary]1  3VR CV# y>i db 
necessity [ne+cessit+y]3  VCC CV# y>i db 
neck neck  VCC db 
neglect neg+lect5  VCC cb 
neocolonialism neo+colon+ial]+ism]  V.V VCV V.V VCC 
New Mexico new1+mexic+o]2  vd CV# VCC 
newcomer new1+com/e1+er]01  CMP SCV DELE vd 
nice nice  VCV 
nicely nice+ly]1  VCV CV# 
niche nich+e]1  c2 LCC 
Nicholas Nicholas  VCC c2 
nickel nickel1  VCC db 
nicotine nicot+ine]2  3VR VCV 
niece niece  vd 
nonconformist [non+[co/m+n+form1+ist]1  CVC# orC cb 
noncontradiction [non+[contra+dict1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
normalcy norm+al]1+cy]  CV# orC y>i 
North America North Americ+a]2  CR# CMP orC c2 cb 
North Carolina Carolina  CR# VCV CMP orC c2 cb 
notch notch  VCC c3 db 
notice not4+ice]  VCV 
noticeable not4+ice]+able]  VCV 
noticed not4+ic/e]+ed]1  VCV DELE 
Novocain nov1+o4+cain  VCV vd 
nuance nu3+ance]  V.V 
nuclear nuc+le]3+ar]1  V.V VCle cb 
nucleic nuc+le]3+ic]1  VCle V.V cb 
nucleotide nuc+le]3+ot]4+ide]1  VCle V.V VCV cb 
nucleus nuc+le]3+us]1  V.V VCle cb 
nuisance nuis+ance]  vd 
nullification null1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db 
obedience [ob+edi1+ence]  VCV V.V 
object [ob+ject  VCC cb 
objection [ob+ject+ion]1  VCC vd 
obscenity [ob+scen/e+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
obscure [ob+scure  VCV cb 
obsolescence [ob+sol05+esc]+ence]  VCC 
obstacle [ob+sta+cle]2  VCC cb 
obstetrics [ob+stetr+ics]  VCC SCr IC cb 
occasion [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1  VCV ION ASSIM vd db 
occasional [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1+al]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM db 
occasionally [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1+al]1+ly]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM CV# db db 
occupation [o/b+c+cup4+ation]  VCC VCV vd ASSIM db 
occupy [o/b+c+cup4+y]7  CV# VCC ASSIM y>i db 
occur [o/b+c+cur1  NTR ASSIM db 
occurred [o/b+c+cur1+r+ed]1  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
occurrence [o/b+c+cur1+r+ence]  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
occurring [o/b+c+cur1+r+ing]1  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
ocean ocean  vd 
o'clock o'+clock  VCC db cb 
octagon octa+gon1  VCC 
octave oct+ave]  VCC VCV 
October octo+ber]  VCV VCC 
office of2+fice1  VCC ASSIM db 
officer of2+fic/e1+er]01  VCC DELE ASSIM db 
official of2+fic/e1+ial]  DELE vd ASSIM db 
olfactory ol2+fact1+ory]  VCC CV# 
oligarchy olig+arch1+y]3  3VR c2 CV# y>i 
once once  VCC 
ophthalmic ophthalm+ic]1  VCC c2 c2 
opportunistic [o/b+p+port3+un/e]1+ist]1+ic]1  VCC VCV db 
optics opt1+ics]  VCC 
oracle or8+acle]1  VrV 
orchard orchard  c2 orC cb 
orchestra orchestr+a]2  c2 CR# orC cb 
organic organ+ic]1  IC orC 
ostracism ostrac+ism]  VCC cb 
ouch ouch1  vd c2 
ounce ounce  vd 
overcoat over1+coat  vd VCV CMP 
overcome [over+come1  VCV SCV 
pace pace  VCV RDEL 
pacemaker pace+mak/e+er]01  VCV 
Pacific paci+fic]  SCV IC 
pacific paci+fic]  SCV IC 
pacifism paci+f/y]+ism]  3VR VCC 
pack pack1  VCC db 
package pack1+age]  VCC db 
palace pal3+ace]  FLR SCV 
pancreas pan3+cre3+as]1  VCC V.V cb 
panic pan4+ic]1  IC 
papacy pap3+acy]  VCV CV# y>i 
parapsychology [para1+psych1+ology  3VR CV# y>i LCC c2 cs 
parcel par07+cel]   
participle parti+cip1+le]2  SCle 
particle parti+cle]1   
particles parti+cle]1+s]3   
particular parti+cul]1+ar]1  3VR 
particularly parti+cul]1+ar]1+ly]1  CV# 
patch patch1  VCC c3 db 
patience pat2+ience]  vd 
patriarchy patri+arch1+y]3  VCr V.V c2 CV# y>i cb 
patriotic patri+ot]2+ic]1  VCr V.V IC cb 
peace peace  vd 
peaceable peace+able]  vd 
peaceful peace+ful]  vd 
peach peach1  vd c2 
peacock pea2+cock1  vd VCC CMP db 
peck peck1  VCC db 
peculiar pec2+ul]1+iar]  VCV 
peculiarity pec2+ul]1+iar]+ity]  V.V CV# VCV TY y>i 
pediatrics ped2+iatr+ics]  VCV V.V IC 
penance pen06+ance]  FLR SCV 
pencil pen07+cil]  VCC 
penicillin pen07+icill]+in]03  3VR VCC db 
perceive [per1+ceive  vd 
percent per1+cent1  CMP VCC cb 
percentage per1+cent1+age]  CMP 
perch perch1  c2 cb 
percussion [per1+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
perfect [per1+fect  VCC cb 
perfectibility [per1+fect+ibil]+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
perfection [per1+fect+ion]1  VCC vd 
perfectly [per1+fect+ly]1  CV# cb 
performance [per1+form5+ance]  orC 
periodic [peri+od1+ic]1  V.V IC VrV 
perspective [per1+spect+ive]  VCC cb 
pesticide pesti+cide  VCC VCV 
petrochemical petro2+chem1+ical]  SCr c2 IC LCC cb 
phallic phall+ic]1  VCC db 
photoelectric photo+electr+ic]1  c2 VCV VCC cb 
photovoltaic photo+volta+ic]1  c2 VCV VCC V.V 
physical phys1+ic]1+al]1  3VR c2 IC 
physician phys1+ic]1+ian]  c2 3VR vd 
physics phys1+ics]  SCV c2 IC 
piccolo piccol+o]2  VCC CV# db 
pick pick  VCC db 
pickle pick+le]2  VCCle db 
picnic pic7+nic2  VCC 
picture pict+ure]  VCC 
picturesque pict+ur/e]+esque]  DELE VCC 
piece piece  vd RDEL 
pierce pierce  vd RDEL 
pinch pinch  VCC c2 cb 
pitch pitch1  VCC c3 db 
pitcher pitch3+er]04  VCC ct db 
place place  VCV cb RDEL 
placenta placent+a]2  VCC CR# cb 
plastic plast+ic]2  VCC cb 
plebiscite pleb+i1+scite  3VR VCV cb c2 cs 
pluck pluck  VCC db cb 
plutocracy plut1+ocrac+y]3  VCV 3VR CV# y>i cb 
pocket pock2+et]1  VCC db 
police pol1+ice]  VCV 
policeman pol1+ice]+man1  VCV CMP 
policy pol1+icy]  3VR CV# y>i 
political polit+ic]1+al]1  IC 
politician polit+ic]1+ian]  3VR vd LC 
politics polit+ic]1+s]3  3VR LC 
pooch pooch1  vd c2 
porch porch  c2 orC cb 
potluck pot1+luck  CVC# VCC db CMP 
pouch pouch  vd c2 
practical practic+al]1  VCC cb 
practically practic+al]1+ly]1  VCC CV# db cb 
practice pract+ice]  VCC cb 
preach preach  vd c2 cb 
preacher preach+er]01  vd c2 cb 
precaution [pre+caut+ion]1  vd cb 
precede [pre+cede  VCV cb 
precedent [pre+ced/e+ent]  3VR cb 
precious preci+ous]  vt FLR SCV cb 
precipitate [pre+cipit+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
precipitation [pre+cipit+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd cb 
precisely [pre+cise+ly]1  VCV CV# cb 
predicate [pre+dic1+ate]1  3VR cb 
predict [pre+dict1  VCC cb 
preface [pre+face2  FLR SCV cb 
preference [pre+fer1+ence]  3VR cb 
pregnancy [pre+gn2+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
prejudice [pre+jud+ice]  3VR cb 
prescribe [pre+scribe  VCV cb 
prescription [pre+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
presence [pre+sence  FLR SCV cb 
presidency [pre+sid/e2+ency]  DELE 3VR CV# y>i cb 
price price  VCV cb RDEL 
prick prick  VCC db cb 
prince prince  VCC cb 
princess princ/e+ess]1  VCC DELE db cb 
principal prin+cip1+al]1  VCC cb 
principally prin+cip1+al]1+ly]1  VCC CV# db cb 
principle prin+cip1+le]2  VCC cb 
procedure [pro1+ced3+ure]  VCV cb 
proceed [pro1+ceed  vd cb 
proceeding [pro1+ceed+ing]1  vd cb 
process [pro1+cess1  VCC db cb 
procession [pro1+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
processor [pro1+cess1+or]2  VCC FLR SCV db cb 
proclaim [pro1+claim  vd cb 
procrastination [pro1+crastin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCr VCC VCV vd cb 
procure [pro1+cure  VCV cb 
produce [pro1+duce  VCV cb 
producer [pro1+duc/e+er]01  DELE cb 
product [pro1+duct  SCV cb 
production [pro1+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
productive [pro1+duct+ive]  VCC cb 
productivity [pro1+duct+iv/e]+ity]  3VR TY CV# y>i cb 
project [pro1+ject  VCC cb 
pronounce [pro1+nounce  vd cb 
pronounced [pro1+nounc/e+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
pronunciation [pro1+nunci+ation]  vd VCC VCV 
prophecy [pro1+phec+y]3  VCC CV# y>i c2 cb 
prosecution [pro1+sec4+ut/e]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd cb 
prospect [pro1+spect  VCC cb 
protect [pro1+tect1  VCC cb 
protection [pro1+tect1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
protectorate [pro1+tect1+or]2+ate]3  VCC cb 
protractor [pro1+tract+or]2  LCC VCC cb 
providence [pro1+vid/e2+ence]  3VR cb 
province [pro1+vince  FLR SCV cb 
pseudoscience pseudo+sci1+ence]  vd V.V c2 cs 
psyche psych1+e]3  c2 CV# LCC cs 
psychedelic psych1+e]3+del1+ic]1  c2 IC LCC cs 
psychiatry psych1+iatr+y]3  c2 V.V CV# y>i VCC cs cb 
psychic psych1+ic]1  c2 LCC cs 
psychoanalysis psycho1+[ana+lys+is]1  c2 V.V 3VR LCC cs 
psychology psych1+ology  3VR c2 VCV SCV CV# y>i LCC cs 
psychopath psycho1+path2  c2 VCC LCC cs 
psychosis psych1+osis]  c2 LCC cs 
psychosomatic psycho1+somat+ic]1  c2 IC LCC cs 
psychotherapy psycho1+therap+y]3  c2 CV# y>i LCC cs 
public publ+ic]1  VCC IC 
publication publ+ic]1+ation]  VCC VCV vd IC 
publicity publ+ic]1+ity]  VCC TY IC CV# y>i cb 
pumice pum+ice]  FLR SCV 
punch punch1  VCC c2 cb 
punctuated punct+uat/e]1+ed]1  VCC V.V VCV 
purchase [pur1+chase1  c2 
quench quench  VCC cb 
quick quick  VCC db cb 
quicken quick+en]03  VCC db cb 
quickly quick+ly]1  VCC CV# db cb 
quixotic quixot/e+ic]1  IC VCC cb 
race race1  VCV RDEL 
racism rac/e1+ism]  VCV 
rack rack  VCC db 
racket racket  VCC db 
radical radic+al]1  3VR 
radioactive radio1+act1+ive]  VCV V.V VCC 
radioactivity radio1+act1+iv/e]+ity]  VCV V.V VCC TY CV# y>i 
radiocarbon radio1+carb1+on]01  VCV V.V 
ranch ranch  VCC c2 cb 
rapprochement [r+[a/d+p+proch+e]4+ment]  db 
rascal rascal  VCC 
ratification rat4+ific]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
reach reach  vd c2 
reaction [re+act1+ion]1  V.V VCC vd 
reactionary [re+act1+ion]1+ary]2  V.V VCC vd CV# y>i 
reactor [re+act1+or]2  V.V VCC 
recall [re+call1  db 
receipt [re+ceipt  vd 
receive [re+ceive  vd 
received [re+ceiv/e+ed]1  vd DELE 
receiver [re+ceiv/e+er]01  vd DELE 
recent [re+cent4  VCV cb 
recently [re+cent4+ly]1  VCV CV# 
reception [re+cept+ion]1  VCC vd 
recess [re+cess1  VCC db 
recession [re+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db 
recessive [re+cess1+ive]  VCC db 
recipe [re+cip1+e]3  3VR CV# 
reciprocal reci+proc+al]1  3VR cb 
recitative [re+cit/e+ative]  3VR 
recite [re+cite  VCV 
reckless reck1+less]  VCC db 
reckon reck2+on]07  VCC db 
recognition [re+[co+gnit+ion]1  3VR vd ION SCV 
recognize [re+[co+gn1+ize]  3VR VCV 
recollection [re+[co/m+l+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
recombinant [re+[com+bin/e2+ant]1  VCV VCC cb 
recommend [re+[com+mend2  VCC 3VR db cb 
recommendation [re+[com+mend2+ation]  3VR vd db 
reconcile [re+[co/m+n+cile1  VCV ASSIM 
Reconstruction [re+[co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCV VCC vd cb 
record [re+cord2  FLR SCV cb 
recorder [re+cord2+er]01  orC 
records [re+cord2+s]8  FLR SCV cb 
recover [re+cover  FLR SCV 
recovery [re+cover+y]3  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
recreation [re+cre1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V VCV vd ION SCr 
recruit [re+cruit  vd cb 
rectangle rect+ang1+le]3  VCC 
rectum rect+um]1  VCC 
recycle [re+cycle  VCV VCle 
redneck red1+neck  CVC# VCC db CMP 
reduce [re+duce  VCV 
reduction [re+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
redundancy [red+und1+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i 
reference [re+fer1+ence]  3VR 
reflect [re+flect  VCC cb 
reflection [re+flect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
refraction [re+fract+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
reincarnation [re+[in2+carn1+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V VCV vd 
reject [re+ject  VCC cb 
rejoice [re+joice  vd 
relic [re+lic4  FLR SCV 
remembrance [re+membr2+ance]  VCC cb 
renaissance [re+naiss1+ance]  3VR vd db 
replace [re+place  VCV cb 
reproach [re+proach  vd c2 cb 
reproduce [re+[pro1+duce  VCV cb 
reproduction [re+[pro1+duct+ion]1  VCr VCC vd cb 
reproductive [re+[pro1+duct+ive]  VCr VCC cb 
republic re1+publ+ic]1  IC 
Republican re1+publ+ic]1+an]1  IC 
rescue [re+scue  CVe# VCC 
research [re+search  vd c2 cb 
resemblance [re+sembl/e2+ance]  DELE VCC cb 
residence [re+sid/e2+ence]  DELE 3VR 
resistance [re+sist+ance]  VCC 
resource [re+source  vd 
respect [re+spect  VCC cb 
respectable [re+spect+able]  VCC cb 
restriction [re+strict1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
resurrection [re+[su/b+r+rect+ion]1  VCC vd db 
resuscitation [re+[su/b+s+cit1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd c2 
reverence [re+ver/e+ence]  DELE 3VR 
rhetoric rhet+or]2+ic]1  c2 3VR 
rheumatic rheumat+ic]1  c2 vd IC 
ribonucleic ribo+nuc+le]3+ic]1  VCV VCle V.V cb 
rice rice1  VCV RDEL 
rich rich  c2 VCC 
Richard richard  c2 VCC cb 
riches rich+es]2  c2 VCC 
rickets ricket+s]3  VCC db 
ridiculous rid4+icul/e]2+ous]  DELE 3VR vd 
rock rock1  VCC db 
rocket rock4+et]1  VCC db 
rocky rock1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i db 
rococo rococo  VCV CV# 
romance rom+ance]  VCC VCV 
romantic rom+ant]3+ic]1  VCC VCV IC 
romanticism rom+ant]3+ic]1+ism]  VCV VCC 
rustic rust2+ic]1  VCC IC 
sac sac  CVC# 
sack sack1  VCC db 
sacking sack1+ing]2  VCC db 
sacrament sacr+ament]  SCr cb 
Sacramento sacr+ament]+o]2  SCr VCC CV# 
sacred sacr+ed]1  VCr cb 
sacrifice sacri+fice1  VCV SCr 3VR 
San Francisco san1+francisc+o]2  CV# VCC cb 
sanction sanct+ion]1  VCC vd 
sanctions sanct+ion]1+s]8  VCC vd 
sandwich sandwich  c2 VCC cb 
Santa Claus santa+claus  vd VCC cb CMP 
sarcasm sarc+asm]  VCC 
satisfaction satis+fact1+ion]1  VCC 3VR vd 
satisfactory satis+fact1+ory]  VCC 3VR CV# y>i 
sauce sauce  vd RDEL 
saucer sauc/e+er]01  vd DELE 
scab scab1  CVC# cb 
scale scale2  VCV cb RDEL 
scalp scalp1  VCC cb 
scandal scand3+al]4  VCC cb 
Scandinavia scandinav+ia]1  VCC VCV V.V cb 
scanty scant1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
scapegoat scape3+goat  VCV vd cb 
scar scar1  NTR cb 
scarce scarce  cb 
scarcely scarce+ly]1  CV# cb 
scarcity scarc/e+ity]  cb 
scare scare  VrV cb RDEL 
scarf scarf  cb 
scarlet scarlet  cb 
scatter scatt1+er]03  VCC db cb 
scene scene  VCV 
scenery scen/e+ery]1  VCV DELE CV# y>i 
scent scent1  VCC cb 
schedule sched+ule]  FLR SCV cb 
scheme scheme  VCV cb RDEL 
scheming schem/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
schism schis+m]  ct VCC cb 
schizophrenia schizo+phren/e+ia]1  ct 3VR VCV V.V cb 
scholar schol+ar]1  FLR SCV cb 
scholasticism scholast+ic]1+ism]  VCC cb 
school school1  vd cb 
schoolhouse school1+house  CMP vd cb 
schools school1+s]8  vd cb 
schooner schoon+er]01  vd cb 
sciatica sci2+atic]+a]2  c2 V.V IC CR# cs 
science sci1+ence]  V.V c2 cs 
scientific sci1+ent]+ific]  V.V IC c2 cs 
scientist sci1+ent]+ist]1  V.V cb c2 cs 
sclerosis scler+osis]  VCV cb 
scold scold  LCC cb 
scope scope  VCV cb 
score score  VrV cb RDEL 
scorn scorn  orC cb 
Scot scot1  CVC# NTR cb 
Scotch scotch  c3 VCC db cb 
Scotland scot+land  VCC CMP cb 
scourge scourge  vd cb 
scout scout  vd cb 
scouts scout+s]8  vd cb 
scowl scowl  vd cb 
scramble scramb+le]1  VCCle cb 
scrap scrap1  CVC# NTR cb 
scrape scrape  VCV cb 
scratch scratch  VCC c3 db cb 
scream scream  vd cb 
screen screen  vd cb 
screw screw  vd cb 
scrotum scrot+um]1  VCV cb 
scrub scrub1  CVC# NTR cb 
sculpture sculpt+ure]  VCC cb 
search search  c2 vd cb 
sebaceous seb+aceous]  VCV vt 
secession [se+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db 
second sec1+ond]1  FLR SCV cb 
secondary sec1+ond]1+ary]1  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
seconds sec1+ond]1+s]8  FLR SCV cb 
secret [se+cret1  VCr cb 
secretary [se+cret1+ary]2  3VR CV# y>i 
secretly [se+cret1+ly]1  VCr CV# cb 
sect sect2  VCC cb 
section sect1+ion]1  VCC vd 
sections sect1+ion]1+s]8  VCC vd 
sector sect1+or]2  VCC 
secular secul+ar]1  3VR 
secure [se+cure  VCV 
security [se+cur/e+ity]  DELE CV# y>i 
seismic sei4+sm]+ic]1  vd 
select [se+lect5  VCC cb cb 
selection [se+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd 
selective [se+lect5+ive]  VCC 
self-incrimination self-[in2+crimin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC 3VR VCV vd cb 
semantics sem2+ant]3+ics]  VCC 
semicolon semi1+col7+on]01  3VR VCV 
semiconductor semi1+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  3VR VCV 
Semitic sem+it/e]4+ic]1  IC 
sentence sent2+ence]  VCC 
sequence sequ1+ence]  LCC VCC cb 
service serv/e2+ice]  DELE 
sharecropping share1+crop+p+ing]1  VCC VrV CTR db cb 
shock shock  VCC db 
sick sick1  VCC db 
sickle sick3+le]3  VCCle db 
sickness sick1+ness]  VCC db 
significance sign1+ific]+ance]  VCC IC 
significant sign1+ific]+ant]1  VCC IC cb 
silence sil1+ence]  VCV 
silicates silic1+ate]3+s]3  3VR 
silicon silic1+on]09  3VR 
simplicity sim1+plic1+ity]  CV# TY y>i 
since since  VCC 
sincere sin6+cere3  VrV 
sincerely sin6+cere3+ly]1  CV# VrV 
sincerest sin6+cer/e3+est]1  VCC VrV cb 
skepticism skept+ic]1+ism]  VCC cb 
sketch sketch  VCC c3 db cb 
skyscraper sky+scrap/e+er]01  CV# VCV cb 
slice slice  VCV cb RDEL 
snatch snatch  VCC c3 db cb 
so-called so1+call1+ed]1  CMP CV# db 
social soci+al]1  VCV vd 
socialism soci+al]1+ism]  VCV vd VCV 
socialist soci+al]1+ist]1  VCV vd cb 
socialization soci+al]1+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd VCV 
society soci+ety]  V.V CV# y>i 
sociobiology socio+bio2+log1+y]3  VCV V.V 3VR CV# y>i 
sociology soci+ology  VCV V.V 3VR CV# y>i 
sociopath socio+path2  VCV V.V c2 VCC 
sock sock2  VCC db 
Socrates socrates  3VR CLC# 
solstice sol03+stice  FLR SCV cb 
somatic somat+ic]1  VCV IC 
sonic son2+ic]1  IC 
source source  vd RDEL 
South America south+americ+a]2  vd c2 CR# CMP 
South Carolina south+carol+in]01+a]2  vd c2 VCV CR# CMP 
space space  VCV cb RDEL 
spacing spac/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
spacious spac/e+ious]  DELE vt cb 
special speci+al]1  FLR SCV vd cb 
specially speci+al]1+ly]1  FLR SCV vd CV# db cb 
species speci+es]4  VCV vd cb 
specific speci+fic]  IC cb 
specimen speci+men]  3VR cb 
speck speck  VCC db cb 
spectacle spect+acle]1  VCC cb 
spectacles spect+acle]1+s]3  VCC cb 
spectator spect+at/e]1+or]2  DELE VCC VCV cb 
spectroscopy spectr+oscop/e+y]3  VCC CV# y>i cb 
spectrum spectr+um]1  VCC cb 
speculation spec1+ul]3+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE 3VR VCV vd ION cb 
speech speech  vd c2 cb 
spice spice1  VCV cb 
spruce spruce1  VCV cb 
staccato stacc+ato]  CV# db cb 
stack stack  VCC db cb 
stalactite stal4+act]+ite]1  VCC VCV cb 
staphylococcus staph1+yl]3+o4+cocc1+us]1  VCC VCV db cb 
starch starch  c2 cb 
static stat1+ic]1  IC cb 
statistical stat1+ist]1+ic]+al]1  VCC cb 
statistics stat1+ist]1+ic]1+s]3  VCC IC cb 
stethoscope steth+oscope  c2 VCV VCC cb 
stick stick1  VCC db cb 
sticks stick1+s]8  VCC db cb 
stitch stitch  VCC c3 db cb 
stock stock1  VCC db cb 
stockholder stock1+hold1+er]01  VCC LCC db cb 
stocking stock1+ing]2  VCC db cb 
stoicism sto+ic]1+ism]  V.V VCC cb 
stomach stom+ach]  FLR SCV c2 cb 
strategic strat1+eg1+ic]1  LCC cb 
stratification strat2+ific]+ation]  3VR VCV vd cb 
streptococcus strepto+cocc1+us]1  VCC db cb 
stretch stretch  VCC c3 db cb 
stretched stretch+ed]1  VCC c3 db cb 
stricken strick1+en]02  VCC db cb 
strict strict1  VCC cb 
strictly strict1+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
struck struck  VCC db cb 
structure struct+ure]  VCC cb 
stuck stuck  VCC db cb 
subatomic [sub+[a1+tom2  3VR IC 
subconsciousness [sub+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt db c2 
subculture [sub+cult1+ure]  VCC 
subject [sub+ject  VCC cb 
subjects [sub+ject+s]8  VCC cb 
subjunctive [sub+junct+ive]  VCC 
subsistence [sub+sist+ence]  VCC 
substance [sub+stance1  VCC cb 
subtract [sub+tract  VCC cb 
succeed [su/b+c+ceed  vd ASSIM 
success [su/b+c+cess1  VCC ASSIM db 
successful [su/b+c+cess1+ful]  VCC ASSIM db 
successfully [su/b+c+cess1+ful]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM db 
succession [su/b+c+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
successive [su/b+c+cess1+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
successor [su/b+c+cess1+or]2  VCC ASSIM db 
such such  c2 VCC 
suck suck  VCC db 
sucker suck+er]01  VCC db 
suffice [su/b+f+fice1  VCV ASSIM db 
sufficient [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]  DELE vd ASSIM db cb 
sufficiently [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]+ly]1  DELE vd CV# ASSIM db 
suicide sui+cide1  V.V VCV 
superconductor [super+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCV VCC 
supersonic [super+son2+ic]1  VCV IC 
surface [sur2+face1   
susceptible [su/b+s+cept+ible]  VCC ASSIM 
suspect [su/b+spect  VCC ASSIM cb 
suspicion [su/b+spic1+ion]1  ION SCV vd ASSIM cb 
suspicious [su/b+spic1+ious]  vt ASSIM cb 
switch switch  VCC c3 db cb 
symmetrical [sy/n+m1+metr1+ic]1+al]1  VCC IC ASSIM db 
sympathetic [sy/n+m1+path2+etic]  VCC c2 IC ASSIM 
synthetic [syn+thet1+ic]1  IC 3VR c2 
tack tack1  VCC db 
tackle tack4+le]3  VCCle db 
tactics tact2+ics]  VCC 
tax-deductible tax+ [de+duct+ible]  VCC CMP 
teach teach  c2 vd 
teacher teach+er]01  c2 vd 
teaching teach+ing]1  c2 vd 
technical techn+ic]1+al]1  VCC c2 IC 
technique techn+ique]  VCC 
technocracy techn+ocrac+y]3  c2 3VR CV# y>i VCC 
technology techn+ology  c2 3VR CV# y>i VCC 
tectonic tecton+ic]1  VCC IC 
telescope tele1+scope  3VR VCV cb 
temperance temp1+er]04+ance]  VCC 
tendency tend1+ency]  VCC CV# y>i 
terrace terr1+ace]  Vrr db 
terrific terr2+ific]  IC db 
thence thence  VCC c2 
theocracy the2+ocrac+y]3  c2 V.V CV# y>i 
thermocouple thermo2+coup2+le]3  c2 vd 
thermodynamics thermo1+dynam+ics]  c2 VCV IC 
thermonuclear thermo1+nuc+le]3+ar]1  c2 VCle cb 
thick thick  VCC db 
thicket thick+et]7  VCC db 
thickly thick+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
thickness thick+ness]  VCC db 
thrice thrice  c2 VCV cb 
tick tick1  VCC db 
ticket tick3+et]1  VCC db 
tickle tick1+le]1  VCCle db 
tobacco tobacc+o]2  VCC CV# db 
topic top3+ic]2  IC 
torch torch  c2 orC cb 
touch touch  vd c2 
touchstone touch+stone  vd c2 VCV CMP 
trace trace  VCV cb RDEL 
trachea trache+a]2  V.V LCC c2 cb 
track track1  VCC db cb 
tract tract  VCC cb cb 
tractor tract+or]2  VCC cb 
traffic [traf+fic3  VCC db cb 
tragic trag+ic]1  IC cb 
transcendentalism [tran/s+scend2+ent]+al]1+ism]  VCC cb 
transcontinental [trans+[co/m+n+tin2+ent]+al]1  VCC cb 
treacherous treach+erous]  c2 vd cb 
treachery treach+ery]1  c2 vd CV# y>i cb 
trench trench  c2 VCC cb 
trichinosis trichin+osis]  VCV VCC c2 cb 
trick trick1  VCC db cb 
tropic trop1+ic]1  IC cb 
tropical trop1+ic]1+al]1  IC cb 
truck truck  VCC db cb 
tuberculosis tuber+cul/e]1+osis]  VCV 
tuck tuck1  VCC db 
twice twice  VCV cb 
tycoon ty2+coon2  VCV vd 
ulcer ulc+er]04  VCC 
umbilical umbilic+al]1  VCC IC 
uncertain [un1+cert1+ain]  vd 
uncertainty [un1+cert1+ain]+ty]  VCC vd CV# y>i 
uncle uncle  VCCle 
uncomfortable [un1+[com+fort1+able]  VCC 
unconscious [un1+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
uncover [un2+[co+ver9  FLR SCV 
unexpected [un1+[ex+/spect+ed]1  VCC EXS 
unicorn uni+corn2  VCV orC cb 
unnecessary [un1+[ne+cess1+ary]1  CV# y>i db 
uppercase up+p+er]02+case2  VCC VCV CMP db 
utterance utt+er]02+ance]  VCC db 
vacant vac1+ant]1  VCV cb 
vacation vac1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
vaccination vacc+in/e]1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd db 
vaccine vacc+ine]1  VCC VCV db 
vacuum vacu+um]1  vd 
valence val1+ence]  VCV 
vasectomy vas1+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
vector vect+or]2  VCC 
vehicle veh+icle]2  VCV 
velocity veloc+ity]  TY CV# y>i 
vengeance venge+ance]  VCC vd 
Venice venice  FLR SCV 
ventricle ventric+le]1  VCC cb 
verdict ver1+dict1  VCC cb 
vertical vertic+al]1   
vice vice1  VCV 
vicinity vicin+ity]  TY CV# y>i 
vicious vic/e1+ious]  FLR SCV vt 
victim vict3+im]4  VCC 
victimless vict3+im]4+less]  VCC db 
victor vict1+or]2  VCC 
Victoria victoria  VCC V.V VrV 
victorious vict1+or]2+ious]  vd VCC VrV 
victory vict1+or]2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
violence viol2+ence]  V.V 
virulence vir2+ulence]  cb 
viscosity visc2+os]2+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
vivisection vivi+sect1+ion]1  3VR VCC vd 
vocal voc+al]1  VCV 
voice voice1  vd RDEL 
voices voic/e1+es]7  vd DELE 
volcano volcan+o]2  VCC VCV CV# 
voucher vouch+er]08  c2 vd 
vulcanize vulcan+ize]  VCC VCV 
watch watch  VCC c3 db 
watchful watch+ful]  ct VCC db 
welcome wel+come1  VCC 
whence whence  VCC c2 
which which  c2 VCC 
wicked wick2+ed]2  VCC db 
wildcat wild+cat1  LCC CVC# cb CMP 
Wisconsin wisconsin  VCC 
witch witch  VCC c3 db 
witchcraft witch+craft  VCC ct db cb CMP 
witch-hunt witch+hunt  VCC ct cb db CMP 
wreck wreck  VCC db 
wrench wrench  VCC c2 cb 
wretch wretch  VCC c3 db 
wretched wretch+ed]2  VCC ct db 
yacht yacht  cs c3 
zinc zinc1  VCC 
zodiac zod+iac]  VCV V.V 
  cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader