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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader

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Word Explication Analysis
abandon [a3+band3+on]01  VCC 
abdomen [ab1+dom2+en]04  VCC 
abdominal [ab1+dom2+inal]  VCC 3VR 
abide [a2+bide  VCV 
aboard [a2+board  vd cb 
abode [a2+bode2  VCV 
abound [ab1+ound  vd cb 
abroad [a2+broad  vd cb 
absurd [ab1+surd  cb 
abundance [ab1+und1+ance]  VCC 
abundant [ab1+und1+ant]1  VCC cb 
academic academ/e+ic]1  3VR IC 
academy academ/e+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
accident [a/d+c+cid1+ent]  VCC ASSIM cb 
accommodate [a/d+c+[com+mod4+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM db 
accord [a/d+c+cord2  ASSIM orC db cb 
accordance [a/d+c+cord2+ance]  ASSIM orC db 
according [a/d+c+cord2+ing]1  ASSIM orC db 
accordingly [a/d+c+cord2+ing]1+ly]1  CV# ASSIM orC db 
acid ac1+id]1  FLR SCV? 
acids ac1+id]1+s]3  SCV 
acknowledge [ac2+know+ledge]  vd cs c2 db 
adagio [ad+ag5+io]2  SCV V.V 
Adams Adam+s]5  SCV 
adapt [ad+apt1  VCC cb 
adaptation [ad+apt1+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
add add  VCC SWR db 
addend add+end]  VCC db cb 
addict [ad+dict1  VCC db cb 
addition add+ition]  ION vd db 
additional add+ition]+al]1  ION vd db 
address [ad+dress  VCC db cb 
adenoids aden+oid]+s]3  3VR vd 
adequate [ad+equ1+ate]2  3VR cb 
adhesion [ad+hes+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
adieu [a3+dieu  vt 
adipose adip+ose]1  3VR VCV 
adjective [ad+ject+ive]  VCC db 
adjoin [ad+join  vd db 
adjourn [ad+journ  vd VCC db cb 
adjust [ad+just2  VCC db cb 
adjustment [ad+just2+ment]  VCC db cb 
administer [ad+mini3+ster]2  3VR VCC cb 
administration [ad+mini3+str]2+at/e]1+ion]1  vd VCC cb 
admirable [ad+mir/e2+able]  DELE VCC 
admiral admir+al]1  VCC 
admiration [ad+mir/e2+ation]  VCV DELE vd VCC 
admire [ad+mire2  VrV VCC 
admission [ad+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
admit [ad+mit1  CVC# NNTR VCC 
adopt [ad+opt2  VCC cb 
adoption [ad+opt2+ion]1  VCC vd 
adore [ad+ore2  VrV 
adorn [ad+orn1  orC cb 
adrenal [ad+ren+al]1  VCV cb 
adrenaline [ad+ren+al]1+ine]2  3VR cb 
adsorption [ad+sorpt1+ion]1  VCC vd orC 
adult [ad+ult2  VCC cb 
adultery [ad+ulter+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
advance [ad+vance  VCC 
advanced [ad+vanc/e+ed]1  DELE VCC 
advantage [ad+vant+age]  VCC 
adventure [ad+vent1+ure]  VCC 
adverb [ad+verb1  VCC 
advertise [ad+vert1+ise]1  VCV VCC 
advertisement [ad+vert1+ise]1+ment]  VCV VCC cb 
advertising [ad+vert1+is/e]1+ing]1  DELE VCV VCC 
advice [ad+vice3  VCV VCC 
advise [ad+vise2  VCV VCC 
adviser [ad+vis/e2+er]01  VCV DELE VCC 
advisor [ad+vis/e2+or]2  VCV DELE VCC 
advocate [ad+voc+ate]1  VCV VCC 
afford [a/d+f+ford2  ASSIM orC db cb 
afraid [a2+fraid  vd cb 
afterward aft+er]02+ward]  VCC cb 
afterwards aft+er]02+ward]+s]1  VCC cb 
aged ag/e1+ed]1  VCV DELE 
agreed [a/d+gre/e1+ed]1  vd ASSIM cb 
ahead [a2+head  vd 
aid aid  vd 
alderman ald1+er]01+man1  LCC 
allied [a/d+l+l/y]2+i2+ed]1  y>i vd VCC ASSIM db 
allowed [a/d+l+low3+ed]1  vd ASSIM db 
alongside [a2+long1+side1  VCC VCV CMP 
aloud [a2+loud  vd 
already al05+read2+y]1  vd CV# 
altitude alt1+itude]  VCC VCV 
ambassador [amb+ass3+ador]  VCC db 
amendment [a5+mend1+ment]  VCC cb 
amid [a2+mid1  CVC# 
ampersand am6+pers+and1  VCC cb 
amplitude ampl1+itude]  VCC VCV cb 
and and1  VCC cb 
andante and2+ant]1+e]3  CV# 
anthropoid anthrop+oid]  VCC c2 cb 
antibody [anti1+body  VCC SCV CV# y>i 
antidepressant [anti1+[de+press+ant]1  VCC db cb 
antipodes [anti1+pod2+es]3  VCC SCV CLC# 
anybody an1+y]1+body  CMP SCV CV# 
apartheid [a3+part1+heid]  vd 
aphrodisiac aphrodis+iac]  c2 3VR CVC# VCC 
appeared [a/d+p+pear2+ed]1  vd ASSIM db 
appendectomy [a/d+p+pend+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  ASSIM VCC CV# y>i db 
appendicitis [a/d+p+pend+ic]4+itis]  ASSIM VCC VCV db 
appendix [a/d+p+pend+ix]1  ASSIM CVC# VCC db 
armada arm2+ada]  SCV CR# 
around [a2+round1  vd cb 
arranged [a/d+r+rang/e+ed]1  LCC DELE ASSIM db 
arrived [a/d+r+riv/e1+ed]1  VCV DELE ASSIM db 
arthropod arthro+pod2  CVC# c2 cb 
ascend [a3+scend2  VCC cb 
ashamed [a3+sham/e+ed]1  DELE c2 VCV 
aside [a2+side1  VCV 
asked ask+ed]1  VCC cb 
asteroid aster+oid]  VCC vd 
astound [as2+tound  vd cb 
attached [a/d+t+tach1+ed]1  VCC ASSIM db 
attend [a/d+t+tend1  VCC ASSIM db cb 
attendance [a/d+t+tend1+ance]  VCC ASSIM db 
attendant [a/d+t+tend1+ant]1  VCC ASSIM db cb 
attitude att1+itude]  VCV VCC db 
audience aud1+ience]  V.V vd 
audit aud1+it]2  vd 
auditory aud1+it]2+ory]  vd CV# VrV 
avoid [a4+void  vd 
award [a4+ward  cb 
awkward awk+ward]  vd cb 
background back1+ground1  VCC CMP vd db cb 
backward back1+ward]  VCC db cb 
bad bad1  CVC# 
bade bade  SCV 
badger badg/e+er]01  VCC DELE db 
Baghdad Baghdad  VCC CVC# c2 
ballad ball2+ad]1  VCC db 
band band1  VCC cb 
bandage band1+age]  VCC 
bandwagon band2+wagon  VCC SCV cb CMP 
bard bard1  cb 
based bas/e1+ed]1  VCV DELE 
bead bead1  vd 
beard beard  vd cb 
beatitudes beat2+itude]+s]3  V.V VCV 
bed bed  CVC# NNTR 
bedfellow bed+fel5+low1  VCC vd db CMP 
bedroom bed+room  CMP vd 
beheld [be+held1  VCC cb 
behind [be+hind1  LCC cb 
behold [be+hold1  LCC cb 
believed [be+liev/e1+ed]1  vd DELE 
beloved [be+lov/e+ed]2  DELE 
bend bend1  VCC cb 
beside [be+side1  VCV 
besides [be+side1+s]1  VCV 
bewilder [be+wilder  VCC 
beyond [be+yond  VCC cb 
bid bid1  CVC# NTR 
bind bind  LCC cb 
biofeedback bio2+feed+back1  V.V vd VCC db CMP 
bird bird  cb 
birthday bir1+th]2+day  vd CMP c2 VCC cb 
blackbody black+body  VCC SCV CV# CMP y>i db cb 
bladder bladder  VCC db cb 
blade blade  VCV cb RDEL 
bleed bleed  vd cb 
blend blend  VCC cb 
blessed bless+ed]1  VCC db cb 
blind blind  LCC cb 
blonde blond+e]1  VCC cb 
blood blood  vd cb 
bloody blood+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
blunder blund+er]05  VCC cb 
board board  vd cb 
bodies bod/y+i2+es]2  SCV y>i vd 
body body  SCV CV# y>i 
bold bold  LCC cb 
boldly bold+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
bond bond1  VCC cb 
border bord1+er]13  orC 
bound bound1  vd cb 
boundary bound2+ary]2  vd CV# y>i 
boyhood boy1+hood]  vd 
braid braid  vd cb 
brand brand  VCC cb 
bread bread1  vd cb 
breadth bread2+th]2  vd c2 cb 
bred bred  CVC# cb 
breed breed  vd cb 
bride bride  VCV cb 
bridge bridge1  VCC db RDEL 
bridle brid+le]3  VCle cb 
broad broad  vd cb 
broadcast broad+cast1  vd CMP VCC cb 
Broadway Broad+way  vd CMP cb 
brood brood  vd cb 
brotherhood brother+hood]  vd c2 VCC cb 
bud bud1  CVC# NTR 
Buddhism buddh+ism]  LCC ct 
budget budg1+et]1  VCC db 
build build  vd cb 
builder build+er]01  vd 
building build+ing]1  vd 
bundle bund3+le]2  VCCle 
burden burd1+en]13   
burned burn1+ed]1  cb 
by-product by3-[pro1+duct  SCV cb 
cadre cadre  SCr 
calendar calend1+ar]4  3VR 
called call1+ed]1  db 
Canada Canada  CR# 
Canadian Canad+ian]  VCV V.V 
candidate cand+id]2+ate]3  VCC VCV 
candle cand+le]3  VCCle 
candy candy1  VCC CV# y>i 
carbohydrate carbo+hydr1+ate]3  VCr VCV cb 
card card1  cb 
cardiac cardi+ac]4  V.V 
cardinal cardin+al]1   
cardiopulmonary cardio+pulmon+ary]1  V.V CV# 
cardiovascular cardio+vas1+cul]1+ar]1  V.V VCC 
cathedral [cat+hedr+al]1  c2 VCr cb 
cathode [cat+hode  c2 VCV VCC 
caused caus/e1+ed]1  vd DELE 
cedar cedar  VCV 
celebrated celebr+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV DELE cb 
centigrade centi+grade  VCC VCV cb 
child child  LCC cb 
childhood child+hood]  LCC vd cb 
childish child+ish]1  LCC 
children child+ren]  VCC cb 
chord chord1  c2 orC cb 
chordate chord2+ate]3  c2 VCV orC 
circadian circ+a]2+di2+an]1  VCV V.V 
civilized civ+il]1+iz/e]+ed]1  SCV DELE 
clad clad1  CVC# cb 
Cleveland Cleve+land  VCV cb 
climbed climb+ed]1  LCC cs c2 cb 
cloud cloud  vd cb 
cloudy cloud+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
coda cod3+a]2  VCV CR# 
code code  VCV RDEL 
codeine cod4+eine]  VCV vd 
cold cold  LCC cb 
cold-blooded cold+blood+ed]2  LCC vd cb 
coldly cold+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
colloid coll1+oid]  VCC vd db 
Colorado Color+ado]  CV# SCV 
colorblindness color+blind+ness]  SCV LCC db cb 
colored color+ed]1  FLR SCV 
comedy com1+ed1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
command [com+mand1  VCC db cb 
commander [com+mand1+er]01  VCC db 
commend [com+mend2  VCC db cb 
commodity [com+mod4+ity]  TY CV# y>i db 
complicated [com+plic1+at/e]1+ed]1  VCC VCV DELE cb 
compound [com+pound4  vd cb 
comprehend [com+[pre+hend  VCC cb 
comrade comr+ade]2  VCC SCV 
concerned [co/m+n+cern1+ed]1  ASSIM cb 
conclude [co/m+n+clude  VCV ASSIM cb 
concord [co/m+n+cord2  VCC ASSIM orC cb 
condemn [co/m+n+demn  VCC ASSIM cs c2 
condensation [co/m+n+dens/e+at/e]3+ion]1  VCC VCC vd DELE ASSIM 
condense [co/m+n+dense  VCC ASSIM 
condition [co/m+n+dit3+ion]1  ION ASSIM vd 
conditions [co/m+n+dit3+ion]1+s]8  ION ASSIM vd 
conduct [co/m+n+duct  VCC ASSIM cb 
conduction [co/m+n+duct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conductor [co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCC ASSIM 
Confederacy [co/m+n+feder+acy]  3VR ASSIM CV# y>i 
confederate [co/m+n+feder+ate]1  3VR ASSIM 
confederation [co/m+n+feder+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE ASSIM ION vd 
confide [co/m+n+fide  VCV ASSIM 
confidence [co/m+n+fid/e+ence]  DELE VCC ASSIM 
confident [co/m+n+fid/e+ent]  DELE VCC ASSIM cb 
confiding [co/m+n+fid/e+ing]1  DELE VCV ASSIM 
confirmed [co/m+n+firm+ed]1  ASSIM cb 
confound [co/m+n+found2  vd ASSIM cb 
consider [co/m+n+sider1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerable [co/m+n+sider1+able]  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerably [co/m+n+sider1+abl/e]+y]4  FLR SCV DELE CV# ASSIM 
consideration [co/m+n+sider1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCV vd DELE ION ASSIM 
considered [co/m+n+sider1+ed]1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
contend [co/m+n+tend1  VCC ASSIM cb 
contented [co/m+n+tent2+ed]1  VCC ASSIM 
contraband [contra+band3  VCC cb 
coordinate [co+ordin+ate]1  V.V VCV orC 
coordination [co+ordin+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V VCV orC vd ION 
cord cord1  orC cb 
corned corn1+ed]1  orC cb 
correspond [co/m+r+[re+spond  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondence [co/m+r+[re+spond+ence]  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondent [co/m+r+[re+spond+ent]  VCC ASSIM Vrr db cb 
corridor corrid+or]1  Vrr db 
could could  vd cs c2 
couldn't could+n't  vd CMP cs c2 
couldst could+st]2  vd cs c2 cb 
courtyard court+yard1  CMP vd cb 
covered [co+ver9+ed]1  SCV 
coward cow2+ard]1  vd cb 
cradle crad+le]3  VCle cb 
created cre1+at/e]1+ed]1  V.V DELE cb 
credit cred+it]2  FLF SCV IT cb 
creditor cred+it]2+or]2  FLF SCV IT cb 
creed creed  vd cb 
crescendo cresc+end]+o]2  VCC CV# cb 
cried cr/y1+i2+ed]1  y>i vd cb 
crocodile croco1+dile  3VR VCV cb 
crooked crook+ed]2  vd cb 
crossed cross+ed]1  VCC db cb 
crowd crowd  vd cb 
crowded crowd+ed]1  vd cb 
crude crude  VCV cb 
crusade crus1+ade]1  VCV cb 
crusades crus1+ade]1+s]8  VCV cb 
cultured cult1+ur/e]+ed]1  VCC DELE 
cupboard cup1+board  CMP vd VCC cs c2 cb 
cylinder cylinder  3VR 
dab dab1  CVC# NTR 
dad dad1  CVC# NTR 
daddy dad1+d2+y]2  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
daily dai3+ly]2  vd CV# y>i 
dainty daint+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
dairy dai1+ry]  vd CV# y>i 
daisy daisy  vd CV# y>i 
dale dale  VCV 
dam dam1  CVC# NTR 
damage dam2+age]  FLR SCV 
dame dam3+e]1  VCV 
damn damn  VCC cs c2 
damnation damn+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
damned damn+ed]1  VCC cs c2 
damp damp  VCC cb 
damsel dam3+sel]  VCC 
Dan Dan  CVC# 
dance dance  VCC RDEL 
dancer danc/e+er]01  VCC DELE 
dancing danc/e+ing]1  VCC DELE 
dander dander  VCC 
danger danger  LCC 
dangerous danger+ous]  LCC vd 
dare dare  VrV RDEL 
dark dark  cb 
darken dark+en]03   
darkness dark+ness]  db cb 
darling dar1+ling]1   
darn darn1  cb 
dart dart  cb 
dash dash  c2 VCC 
data dat+a]3  VCV CR# 
date date1  VCV RDEL 
daughter daughter  vd cs c3 
David David  VCV 
dawn dawn  vd 
day day  vd 
daylight day+light1  vd cs c3 CMP 
dazzle dazz+le]1  VCCle db 
de de  CR# 
dead dead  vd 
deadly dead+ly]1  vd CV# y>i 
deaf deaf  vd 
deal deal1  vd 
dealer deal1+er]01  vd 
dealing deal1+ing]1  vd 
dean dean  vd 
dear dear  vd 
death death  vd c2 
debate [de+bate1  VCV 
debt debt  VCC 
debtor debt+or]2  VCC 
decade dec1+ade]1  FLR SCV VCV 
decadence [de+cad2+ence]  3VR 
decay [de+cay2  vd 
deceive [de+ceive  vd 
December Decem+ber]  VCC 
decent dec2+ent]  VCV cb 
decibel deci+bel1  3VR CVC# 
decide [de+cide1  VCV 
decided [de+cid/e1+ed]1  VCV DELE 
decidedly [de+cid/e1+ed]1+ly]1  VCV DELE CV# 
deciduous [de+cidu+ous]  3VR vd V.V 
decimal decim+al]1  3VR 
decision [de+cis+ion]1  ION vd 
deck deck1  VCC db 
declaration [de+clar/e+ation]  DELE VCV vd VCC 
declarative [de+clar/e+ative]  VrV cb 
declare [de+clare  VrV cb 
decline [de+cline  VCV cb 
decorate decor+ate]1  3VR VCV 
decoration decor+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV DELE vd ION 
decrease [de+crease2  vd cb 
decree [de+cree  vd cb 
dedicate [de+dic1+ate]1  3VR VCV 
deduction [de+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
deed deed  vd 
deem deem  vd 
deep deep  vd 
deepen deep+en]03  vd 
deer deer  vd 
default [de+fault  vd cb 
defeat [de+feat  vd 
defect [de+fect  VCC cb 
defend [de+fend  VCC cb 
defendant [de+fend+ant]1  VCC cb 
defender [de+fend+er]01  VCC 
defense [de+fense  VCC 
defiance [de+f/y1+iance]  y>i V.V 
deficit [de+fic1+it]2  3VR CVC# 
define [de+fine3  VCV 
definite [de+fin/e3+ite]2  DELE 3VR 
definitely [de+fin/e3+ite]2+ly]1  DELE 3VR CV# 
deflation [de+flat/e+ion]1  VCV vd cb 
defy [de+fy1  CV# y>i 
degree [de+gree2  vd cb 
degrees [de+gree2+s]3  vd cb 
dehydration [de+hydr1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV VCr vd ION cb 
deism de5+ism]  V.V VCC 
Delaware Delaware  3VR VrV 
delay [de+lay3  vd 
delegate [de+leg3+ate]1  3VR 
deliberate [de+liber1+ate]1  3VR 
deliberately [de+liber1+ate]1+ly]1  3VR CV# 
delicacy [de+lic1+acy]  3VR CV# y>i 
delicate [de+lic1+ate]2  3VR 
delicious [de+lic1+ious]  vt 
delight [de+light3  cs c3 
delightful [de+light3+ful]  cs c3 
deliver [de+liver2  SCV 
delivery [de+liver2+y]3  SCV CV# y>i 
dell dell  VCC db 
delta delt+a]2  VCC CR# 
delusion [de+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd 
demagogue dem1+agogue  3VR SCV 
demand [de+mand1  VCC cb 
democracy demo+ocrac+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
democrat dem1+ocrat1  3VR CVC# cb 
Democrat dem1+ocrat1  3VR VC# cb 
democratic dem1+ocrat1+ic]1  3VRIC cb 
demography dem1+ograph+y]3  3VR c2 CV# y>i cb 
demonstrate [de+mon1+str]1+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
demonstration [de+mon1+str]1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV cb 
demonstrative [de+mon1+str]1+at/e]1+ive]  VCC cb 
den den1  CVC# NTR 
Denmark Denmark  cb 
denominator [de+nomin+at/e]1+or]2  VCV 
denotation [de+not/e+ation]  VCV vd 
denouement [de+noue+ment]  vt cb 
denounce [de+nounce  vd 
dense dense  VCC 
density densit+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
dentin dent2+in]03  VCC 
dentist dent2+ist]1  VCC cb 
deny [de+ny1  CV# y>i 
deoxyribonucleic [de+oxy2+ribo+nuc+le]3+ic]1  V.V VCV VCle V.V VCC cb 
depart [de+part1  cb 
department [de+part1+ment]  cb 
departure [de+part1+ure]   
depend [de+pend  VCC cb 
dependent [de+pend+ent]  VCC cb 
depends [de+pend+s]2  VCC cb 
depletion [de+plet/e+ion]1  VCV ION vd cb 
deposit [de+pos/e1+it]2  IT SCV 
depreciation [de+preci+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd cb 
depression [de+press+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
deprivation [de+priv/e+ation]  3VR VCV vd cb 
depth dep+th]2  VCC c2 
deputy [de+put/e+y]3  DELE SCV CV# y>i 
derive [de+rive2  VCV 
dermatitis dermat+itis]  VCV 
desalinization [de+sal1+in/e]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
descend [de+scend2  VCC cb 
descendant [de+scend2+ant]1  VCC cb 
descent [de+scent2  VCC cb 
describe [de+scribe  VCV cb 
described [de+scrib/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
description [de+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
desert [de+sert1  FLR SCV cb 
deserve [de+serve2  cb 
design [de+sign1  LCC cs c2 
desirability [de+sir/e2+abil]+ity]  VrV DELE CV# TY 
desirable [de+sir/e2+able]  VrV 
desire [de+sire2  VrV 
desk desk  VCC cb 
desolate [de+sol11+ate]1  3VR 
despair [de+spair  vd cb 
desperate [de+sper1+ate]2  VCC 
desperately [de+sper1+ate]2+ly]1  VCC CV# 
desperation [de+sper1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
despise [de+spise  VCV cb 
despite [de+spite1  VCV cb 
despotism des+pot2+ism]  VCC 
dessert [des2+sert2  db cb 
destination [de+stin/e+ation]  VCC DELE vd 
destine [de+stine  VCC 
destiny [de+stin/e+y]3  VCC DELE CV# y>i 
destroy [de+stroy  vd cb 
destruction [de+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
destructive [de+struct+ive]  VCC cb 
detail [de+tail2  vd 
details [de+tail2+s]8  vd 
detain [de+tain1  vd 
detect [de+tect1  VCC cb 
detective [de+tect1+ive]  VCC 
determination [de+term1+in/e]3+ation]  DELE vd VCV 
determine [de+term1+ine]3   
determined [de+term1+in/e]3+ed]1  DELE 
determinism [de+term1+in/e]3+ism]  VCC 
deterrence [de+ter2+r+ence]  db 
Detroit Detroit  vd cb 
devaluation [de+val1+u/e]2+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
develop [de+velop  FLR SCV 
developing [de+velop+ing]1  FLR SCV 
development [de+velop+ment]  FLR SCV cb 
deviation [de+vi1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd 
device [de+vice4  VCV 
devil devil  SCV 
devise [de+vise3  VCV 
devote [de+vote  VCV 
devotion [de+vot/e+ion]1  VCV DELE vd ION 
devour [de+vour  vd 
dew dew  vd 
diabetes [dia+bet3+es]4  V.V 3VR CLC# 
diagonal [dia+gon1+al]1  V.V 
diagram [dia+gram1  V.V CVC# NTR cb 
dialectic [dia+lect1+ic]1  V.V VCC 
dialysis [dia+lys+is]1  V.V 3VR 
diameter [di2+ameter  V.V 
diamond diam+ond]2  V.V cb 
diaphragm [dia+phragm  V.V c2 
diarrhea [dia+rrhe+a]2  V.V ct CR# ct 
Dick dick  VCC db 
dictate dict1+ate]1  VCC VCV 
dictator dict1+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
dictatorship dict1+at/e]1+or]2+ship]  VCC VCV CVC# c2 
diction dict1+ion]1  VCC vd 
dictionary dict1+ion]1+ary]2  VCC vd CV# y>i 
did did  CVC# 
didn't did+n't  CMP VCC 
die die1  CVe# vd SWR 
diehard die1+hard  vd cb CMP 
dielectric [di2+electr+ic]1  V.V VCC CVC# cb 
diesel diesel  vd 
diet diet  V.V 
differ [di/s+f+fer1  VCC ASSIM db 
difference [di/s+f+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
differences [di/s+f+fer1+enc/e]+es]2  VCC DELE ASSIM db 
different [di/s+f+fer1+ent]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
differentiation [di/s+f+fer1+ent]+iat/e]+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd db 
differently [di/s+f+fer1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM db 
difficult [di/s+f+ficult  VCC ASSIM db cb 
difficulty [di/s+f+ficult+y]3  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i db 
diffraction [di/s+f+fract+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
diffusion [di/s+f+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV vd db 
dig dig1  CVC# NTR 
digest [di1+gest  VCC cb 
digestion [di1+gest+ion]1  VCV VCC vd 
digit digit  SCV IT 
digital digit+al]1  3VR 
dignified dign+if/y]+i2+ed]1  y>i VCC vd 
dignity dign+ity]  VCC CV# y>i 
dilate [di1+late3  VCV 
dilemma di1+lemm1+a]2  VCC CR# db 
dilettante [di3+lett+ant]1+e]2  3VR db cb 
dim dim  CVC# NTR 
dime dime  VCV 
dimension [di1+mens2+ion]1  VCC vd 
diminish [di1+min1+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
diminishing [di1+min1+ish]2+ing]1  FLR SCV c2 
dimly dim+ly]1  VCC CV# 
din din  CVC# NTR 
dine dine1  VCV RDEL 
dining din/e1+ing]1  VCV DELE 
dinner dinn+er]04  VCC db 
dinosaur dino1+saur1  VCV vd 
dioxide di1+ox1+ide]1  V.V VCV VCC 
dip dip  CVC# NTR 
diphtheria diphther+ia]1  c2 V.V VrV 
diplomacy di1+plo+ma]+cy]  VCV CV# 
diplomatic di1+plo+mat]+ic]1  VCC IC 
dipper dip+p+er]01  VCC CTR db 
direct [di1+rect  VCC cb 
direction [di1+rect+ion]1  VCC vd 
directly [di1+rect+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
director [di1+rect+or]2  VCC 
dirt dirt  cb 
dirty dirt+y]1  CV# y>i 
disadvantage [dis+[ad+vant+age]  3VR VCC 
disagreeable [dis+[a3+gree1+able]  vd 3VR cb 
disappear [dis+[a/d+p+pear2  vd 3VR ASSIM db 
disappeared [dis+[a/d+p+pear2+ed]1  vd 3VR ASSIM db 
disappoint [dis+[a/d+p+point  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
disappointment [dis+[a/d+p+point+ment]  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
disaster [dis+aster  VCC 
disastrous [dis+astr1+ous]  VCC vd cb 
discard [dis+card1  cb 
discern [dis+cern1  VCC cb 
discharge [dis+charge  c2 
disciple [dis+cip1+le]3  VCle c2 
discipline [dis+cip1+l/e]3+ine]3  DELE VCC c2 
disclose [dis+close  VCV cb 
discontent [dis+[co/m+n+tent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
discount [dis+count1  VCC vd cb 
discourage [dis+cour1+age]  vd 
discourse [dis+course  vd 
discover [dis+[co+ver9  FLR SCV 
discovery [dis+[co+ver9+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
discretion [dis+cret/e1+ion]1  SIO vd cb 
discuss [dis+cuss2  VCC db 
discussion [dis+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
disdain [dis+dain  vd 
disease [dis+ease  vd 
disenfranchise [dis+[en1+franch+ise]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
disgrace [dis+grace  VCV cb 
disguise [dis+guise  VCV 
disgust [dis+gust2  VCC cb 
dish dish  c2 VCC 
dishes dish+es]7  c2 VCC 
dislike [dis+like1  VCV 
dismal dis1+mal1  VCC 
dismay [dis+may1  vd 
dismiss [dis+miss3  VCC db 
dismount [dis+mount  vd cb 
disobedience [dis+[ob+edi1+ence]  SCV VCV V.V 
disorder [dis+ord1+er]04  orC 
dispatch [dis+patch2  VCC ct db 
disperse [di1+sperse  ASSIM cb 
display [dis+play2  vd cb 
displease [dis+please  vd cb 
disposable [dis+pos/e1+able]  VCV cb 
disposal [dis+pos/e1+al]2  DELE cb 
dispose [dis+pose1  VCV cb 
disposition [dis+pos/e1+ition]  VCC vd ION SCV 
dispute [dis+pute  VCV cb 
dissatisfied [dis+satis+f/y]+i2+ed]1  3VR y>i vd db 
dissident [dis+sid2+ent]  VCC db cb 
dissolve [dis+solve  VCC db 
distance [di1+stance1  VCC 
distant [di1+stant  VCC cb 
distillation [di1+still2+at/e]3+ion]1  VCC VCV vd db 
distinct [di1+stinct  VCC cb 
distinction [di1+stinct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
distinctly [di1+stinct+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
distinguish [di1+stingu+ish]2  VCC c2 cb 
distinguished [di1+stingu+ish]2+ed]1  VCC c2 cb 
distract [dis+tract  VCC cb 
distress [di1+stress  VCC db cb 
distribute [dis+trib2+ute]  SCV VCV cb 
distribution [dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  ION VCV DELE vd cb 
district [di1+strict1  VCC cb 
distrust [dis+trust  VCC cb 
disturb [dis+turb1  cb 
disturbance [dis+turb1+ance]   
ditch ditch  VCC c3 db 
diuretic [di2+ur2+etic]  V.V IC 
dive dive  VCV RDEL 
divert [di1+vert1  ASSIM cb 
divestiture [di1+vest1+iture]  VCC 
divide [di1+vide1  VCV 
dividend [di1+vid/e1+end]  3VR cb 
divine div+ine]3  VCV 
division [di1+vis3+ion]1  vd ION SCV 
divisor [di1+vis3+or]2  VCV 
divorce [di1+vorce  ASSIM orC 
dizzy dizz+y]1  VCC CV# y>i db 
do do1  CV# 
dock dock1  VCC db 
doctor doc1+tor]  VCC 
doctrine doctr+ine]1  VCC cb 
document doc1+ument]  3VR cb 
dodge dodge  VCC db 
dodger dodg/e+er]01  VCC db 
doe doe  SWR 
does do1+es]1  vd 
doesn't do1+es]1+n't  CMP vd 
dog dog1  CVC# NTR 
doghouse dog1+house  vd CMP 
dogma dog5+ma]  VCC CR# 
doll doll  VCC db 
dollar dollar  VCC db 
dollars dollar+s]3  VCC db 
domain dom1+ain]  VCV vd 
dome dome  VCV 
domestic domest+ic]1  VCC IC 
dominant domin1+ant]1  3VR cb 
dominate domin1+ate]1  3VR VCV 
dominion domin1+ion]1  3VR ION SCV 
domino domin1+o]1  3VR CV# 
don don1  CVC# NTR 
done done1  SCV 
donkey don4+key]  VCC vd 
donnybrook donnybrook  vd db cb 
don't do1+n't  LCC CMP 
doom doom  vd 
door door  vd 
doors door+s]3  vd 
doorway door+way1  CMP vd 
Doppler doppler  VCC db 
Dorothy Dorothy  c2 CV# VrV 
dost do1+st]2  VCC cb 
dot dot1  CVC# NTR 
doth do1+th]3  c2 VCC 
double dou+ble1  vd 
doubt doubt1  vd 
doubtful doubt1+ful]  vd 
doubtless doubt1+less]  vd db 
dough dough  c2 vd 
dove dove1  SCV 
doves dove1+s]3  SCV 
down down1  vd 
downstairs down1+stair+s]3  CMP vd cb 
downward down1+ward]  vd cb 
dowry dow1+ry]  vd CV# y>i 
dozen do3+zen2  FLR SCV 
Dr. Dr   
draconian dracon+ian]  VCV V.V cb 
draft draft  VCC cb 
drag drag1  CVC# NTR cb 
dragon drag2+on]01  FLR SCV cb 
drain drain  vd cb 
drama dram2+a]2  SCV V#X CR# cb 
dramatic dramat+ic]1  IC cb 
drank drank  VCC cb 
draw draw  vd cb 
drawer draw+er]01  vd cb 
drawing draw+ing]1  vd cb 
drawn draw+n]1  vd cb 
dread dread  vd cb 
dreadful dread+ful]  vd cb 
dream dream  vd cb 
dreary drear+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
dress dress  VCC db cb 
dressed dress+ed]1  VCC db cb 
drew drew  vd cb 
dried dr/y1+i2+ed]1  y>i vd cb 
drift drift  VCC cb 
drill drill1  VCC db cb 
drink drink  VCC cb 
drip drip  CVC# NTR cb 
drive drive  VCV cb 
driven driv/e+en]02  SCV DELE cb 
driver driv/e+er]01  DELE VCV cb 
driving driv/e+ing]1  DELE VCV cb 
droop droop  vd cb 
drop drop  CVC# NTR cb 
drops drop+s]8  VCC cb 
drove drove1  VCV cb 
drown drown  vd cb 
drowsy drows/e+y]1  DELE vd CV# y>i cb 
drug drug  CVC# NTR cb 
drum drum  CVC# NTR cb 
drunk drunk  VCC cb 
drunken drunk+en]02  VCC cb 
dry dry1  CV# y>i cb 
dualism du1+al]1+ism]  V.V VCC 
duchess duch+ess]1  VCC db 
duck duck  VCC db 
duct duct  VCC cb 
dud dud1  CVC# 
due due1  CVe# SWR 
duel duel  V.V 
dug dug  CVC# 
duke duke  VCV 
dull dull  VCC db 
dumb dumb  VCC cs c2 
dummy dumm1+y]2  VCC CV# y>i db 
dump dump  VCC cb 
dumping dump+ing]1  VCC 
dungeon dungeon  VCC vd 
duodenum duo+den2+um]1  V.V 3VR 
durable dur5+able]  VrV 
during dur5+ing]1  VrV 
dusk dusk  VCC cb 
dust dust  VCC cb 
dusty dust+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
Dutch dutch  VCC c3 db 
duty du3+ty]  VCV CV# y>i 
dwarf dwarf  cb 
dwell dwell  VCC db 
dwelling dwell+ing]1  VCC db 
dwelt dwel/l+t]1  VCC cb 
dye dye  CVe# SWR RDEL 
dying d/i/e1+y4+ing]1  i>y DELE V.V 
dynamics dynam1+ics]  IC 
dysentery [dys+enter2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
dyslexia [dys+lex1+ia]1  VCC V.V CR# VCC 
dystrophy [dys+troph1+y]3  VCC c2 CV# y>i cb 
dΘtente [de+tent1+e]1  VCV cb 
eardrum ear1+drum  vd CVC# cb CMP 
edge edge  VCC db RDEL 
edition [e/x+dit1+ion]1  ION SCV vd 
editor [e/x+dit1+or]2  3VR 
editorial [e/x+dit1+or]2+ial]  3VR V.V VrV 
educate [e/x+duc+ate]1  3VR VCV 
education [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
educational [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1+al]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
Edward Edward  VCC cb 
elder eld1+er]02  VCC 
eldest eld1+est]1  VCC cb 
electrocardiogram electro+cardio+gram1  VCC V.V CVC# cb 
electrocardiograph electro+cardio+graph  VCC V.V c2 cb 
embroider [e/n1+m1+broid+er]08  vd ASSIM cb 
encyclopedia [en2+cyclo+ped2+ia]1  cb V.V VCC LCC VCV 
end end1  VCC cb 
endeavor [en1+deav+or]1  vd 
ended end1+ed]1  VCC 
ending end1+ing]1  VCC 
endless end1+less]  VCC db cb 
endocrine [endo+crine  VCC cb 
endomorph [endo+morph1  VCC c2 orC 
endorphins endorph+in]03+s]3  c2 VCC orC 
endothermic [endo+therm+ic]1  VCC c2 LCC 
endow [en1+dow1  vd 
endurance [en1+dur/e1+ance]  DELE 
endure [en1+dure1  VCC 
England Eng/l+land  VCC cb 
enjoyed [en1+joy+ed]1  vd 
entered enter1+ed]1  VCC 
epidemic [epi+dem1+ic]1  3VR IC 
epidermis [epi+derm+is]1  3VR 
errand errand  Vrr cb db 
established e4+sta+bl/e]1+ish]2+ed]1  DELE c2 cb 
everybody ever+y2+body  CMP CV# 
everyday ever+y2+day  CMP vd 
evidence [e/x+vid1+ence]  3VR 
evident [e/x+vid1+ent]  3VR 
evidently [e/x+vid1+ent]+ly]1  3VR CV# cb 
exceed [ex+ceed  vd 
exceedingly [ex+ceed+ing]1+ly]1  vd CV# 
excited [ex+cit/e+ed]1  VCV DELE 
exclude [ex+clude  VCV cb 
expand [ex+pand  VCC cb 
expanding [ex+pand+ing]1  VCC 
expected [ex+/spect+ed]1  VCC EXS 
expedition [ex+ped5+it/e]2+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV 
expenditure [ex+pend+iture]  VCC 
explained [ex+plain1+ed]1  vd cb 
explode [ex+plode  VCC VCV cb 
extend [ex+tend1  VCC cb 
extradition [extra+dit/e1+ion]1  VCC ION vd cb 
extraordinary [extra+ordin+ary]1  CV# orC y>i cb 
fad fad1  CVC# NTR 
fade fade  VCV RDEL 
falsehood false+hood]  vd 
famed fam/e+ed]2  VCV DELE 
fancied fan5+c/y]+i2+ed]1  VCC y>i vd 
favored fav1+or]1+ed]1  VCV 
featherbedding feather+bed+d2+ing]1  vd CTR VCC db 
feathered feather+ed]1  vd c2 
fed fed  CVC# 
federal feder+al]1  3VR 
federalism feder+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
Federalist feder+al]1+ist]1  3VR cb 
federation feder+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE 3VR vd ION VCV 
feed feed  vd 
feedback feed+back1  vd VCC db CMP 
feudalism feud2+al]1+ism]  vd VCC 
fiddle fiddle  CCle db 
field field  vd cb 
find find  LCC cb 
finders find+er]01+s]3  LCC 
finding find+ing]1  LCC 
finished fin4+ish]2+ed]1  FLR SCV c2 
fireside fire+side1  VCV VrV CMP 
fixed fix+ed]1  VCC 
fjord fjord  cb 
fled fled  CVC# cb 
flood flood  vd cb 
Florida Flor+ida]  CR# VrV cb 
fluid flu1+id]2  V.V cb 
fold fold1  LCC cb 
fond fond1  VCC cb 
fonder fond1+er]02  VCC 
food food  vd 
foods food+s]3  vd 
forbid [for1+bid1  CVC# NTR 
forbidden [for1+bid1+d2+en]02  CTR VCC db 
forced forc/e1+ed]1  DELE orC 
ford ford1  orC cb 
forearmed [fore+arm1+ed]1  VrV cb 
forehead [fore+head  vd VrV 
forewarned [fore+warn+ed]1  VrV cb 
formidable formid+able]  SCV orC 
forward for1+ward]  cb 
found found1  vd cb 
foundation found1+ation]  vd 
founder found1+er]01  vd 
fraud fraud  vd cb 
Fred Fred  cb 
Frederic Frederic  3VR cb 
freedom free+dom]  vd cb 
fretted fret1+t+ed]1  CTR VCC db cb 
Friday Fri+day  vd cb 
friend friend  vd cb 
friendly friend+ly]3  vd CV# y>i cb 
friendship friend+ship]  vd c2 cb 
frightened fright+en]03+ed]1  cs c3 cb 
fund fund1  VCC cb 
fundamental fund1+ament]+al]1  VCC 
fundamentalism fund1+ament]+al]1+ism]  VCC 
furred fur1+r+ed]1  CTR Vrr db 
gallbladder gall01+bladder  VCC db cb CMP 
garden gard2+en]04   
gardener gard2+en]04+er]01   
garland garland  cb 
gathered gather+ed]1  VCC c2 
gender gend+er]04  VCC 
genocide gen6+ocide  3VR VCV 
gerrymander gerry+mander  VCC Vrr cb db 
gerund ger1+und]2  cb 
gild gild1  VCC cb 
girdle gird+le]3   
glad glad  CVC# NTR cb 
gladly glad+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
gland gland1  VCC cb 
glide glide  VCV cb 
god god1  CVC# NTR 
goddess god1+d2+ess]1  CTR VCC db 
godliness god1+l/y]3+i2+ness]  3VR db 
gold gold  LCC cb 
golden gold+en]01  LCC 
gonads gon2+ad]1+s]3  VCC VCV 
good good1  vd 
good-by good2+by2  CV# vd CMP 
goodly good1+ly]3  vd CV# y>i 
goodness good1+ness]  vd db 
goods good1+s]3  vd 
grade grade  VCV cb RDEL 
gradual grad1+ual]  3VR V.V cb 
gradualism grad1+ual]+ism]  3VR 
gradually grad1+ual]+ly]1  3VR V.V CV# db cb 
graduate grad1+uate]1  3VR V.V VCV cb 
grand grand  VCC cb 
grandfather grand+father  VCC CMP c2 cb 
grandma grand+ma1  CMP VCC CR# cb 
grandmother grand+mother  CMP VCC c2 cb 
gratitude grat+itude]  VCV# 3VR cb 
greedy greed+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
grid grid  CVC# NTR cb 
grind grind  LCC cb 
grindstone grind+stone  LCC VCV CMP cb 
ground ground1  vd cb 
groundwater ground1+water  vd cb CMP 
grudge grudge  VCC db 
guard guard  cb 
guardian guard+ian]  V.V 
guidance guid/e+ance]  VCV DELE 
guide guide  VCV RDEL 
guild guild1  VCC cb 
had had1  CVC# 
hadn't had1+n't  CMP VCC 
hadst had1+st]2  VCC cb 
hand hand  VCC cb 
handful hand+ful]  VCC cb 
handicap hand+i4+cap1  CMP VCC CVC# NTR 
handkerchief hand+ker1+chief1  VCC vd CMP c2 
handle hand+le]3  VCC 
handsome hand+some]1  VCC 
handwriting hand+writ/e+ing]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
handy hand+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
happened hap+p+en]03+ed]1  VCC db 
hard hard  cb 
harden hard+en]03   
hardening hard+en]03+ing]1   
harder hard+er]2   
hardly hard+ly]1  CV# cb 
hardship hard+ship]  CVC# c2 
hardware hard+ware1  CMP VrV cb 
hardwired hard+wir/e+ed]1  VrV CMP cb 
hardy hard+y]1  CV# y>i 
harpsichord harpsi+chord2  orC cb 
Harvard harvard   
hatred hat2+red]  DL1 VCr cb 
haunted haunt+ed]1  vd 
hazard hazard  FLR SCV cb 
head head  vd 
headache head+ache  vd CMP c2 LCC 
headlong head+long]  vd CMP 
headquarters head+quart+er]01+s]8  vd CMP cb 
heads head+s]8  vd 
heard hear+d]1  vd cb 
he'd he1+'d1  CMP 
hedge hedge  VCC db 
hedonism hedon+ism]  3VR 
heed heed  vd 
held held1  VCC cb 
herald her2+ald]  cb 
herd herd  cb 
hereditary heredit+ary]1  CV# 3VR 
heredity heredit+y]3  CV# TY y>i 
hid hid1  CVC# NTR 
hidden hid1+d2+en]02  VCC CTR db 
hide hide1  VCV 
hideous hid2+eous]  3VR vd 
highland high1+land  CMP cb c2 
hillside hill+side1  VCC VCV CMP db 
hind hind1  LCC cb 
hinder hind3+er]03  VCC 
Hinduism hindu+ism]  VCC 
hinged hing/e+ed]1  VCC DELE 
hoard hoard  vd cb 
hoarding hoard+ing]1  vd 
hold hold1  LCC cb 
holder hold1+er]01  LCC 
holding hold1+ing]1  LCC 
holds hold1+s]8  LCC cb 
holiday hol2+/y]1+i2+day  CMP 3VR vd y>i 
Holland holland  VCC db cb 
homeward home1+ward]  VCV cb 
homicide hom2+icide  3VR VCV 
hominid homin+id]4  3VR CVC# 
honeyed honey+ed]1  SCV vd 
hood hood1  vd 
hooked hook1+ed]1  vd 
horrid horr+id]2  Vrr db 
hound hound1  vd cb 
household house+hold1  CMP vd cb 
huddle hudd+le]3  VCCle db 
humidity hum3+id]2+ity]  VCV TY CV# y>i 
hundred hund1+red2  VCC cb 
hurried hurr/y+i2+ed]1  y>i vd Vrr db 
husband hus+band5  VCC cb 
hybridization hybrid+iz/e]+ation]  VCr VCV vd cb 
hydraulic hydr1+aul+ic]1  VCr vd cb 
hydrocarbon hydro1+carb1+on]01  VCr cb 
hydroelectric hydro1+electr+ic]1  VCr VCC cb 
hydrogen hydro1+gen6  VCr cb 
hydroponics hydro1+pon4+ics]  VCr IC cb 
hydropower hydro1+power  VCr vd cb 
hypochondriac [hypo+chondri+ac]4  VCV c2 V.V cb 
id id1  VC# 
I'd I+'d1  CMP 
Idaho Idaho  VCV CV# 
idea ide1+a]2  VCV V.V V#X 
ideal ide1+al]1  VCV vd 
idealism ide1+al]1+ism]  vd VCV 
identical ident+ic]1+al]1  VCC IC 
identify ident+ify]  VCC CV# y>i 
identity ident+ity]  VCC CV# y>i 
ideology ide1+ology  3VR V.V CV# y>i 
ides ide2+s]3  VCV 
idiom idi+om]1  3VR V.V 
idle idle  VCle 
idol id2+ol]2  VCV 
immediate [i/n1+m1+medi+ate]2  VCV V.V ASSIM db 
immediately [i/n1+m1+medi+ate]2+ly]1  VCV V.V ASSIM CV# db 
impedance [i/n2+m1+ped/e2+ance]  VCV 
impediment [i/n2+m1+ped/e2+iment]  3VR cb 
incident [in2+cid+ent]  VCC cb 
include [in2+clude  VCV cb 
included [in2+clud/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
includes [in2+clude+s]2  VCV cb 
including [in2+clud/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
increased [in2+creas/e2+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
incredible [in1+cred+ible]  3VR cb 
indeed in1+deed  vd CMP 
indefinite [in1+[de+fin/e3+ite]2  3VR 
indemnity [in1+demn+ity]  VCC CV# y>i 
indentation [in2+dent2+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
indentured [in2+dent2+ur/e]+ed]1  VCC 
independence [in1+[de+pend+ence]  VCC 
independent [in1+[de+pend+ent]  VCC cb 
index [in2+dex2  VCC VCC 
India Ind+ia]1  VCC V.V 
Indian Ind+ian]1  VCC V.V 
Indiana Ind+ian]1+a]2  VCC V.V SCV CR# 
indicate [in2+dic2+ate]1  VCC VCV 
indicated [in2+dic2+at/e]1+ed]1  VCC VCV DELE 
indication [in2+dic2+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV DELE vd ION 
indictment [in2+dict1+ment]  LCC cb 
Indies Ind+/y]3+i2+es]2  VCC vd y>i 
indifference [in1+[di/s+f+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
indifferent [in1+[di/s+f+fer1+ent]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
indignation [in1+dign+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
indirect [in1+[di1+rect  VCC cb 
indispensable [in1+[dis+pens/e+able]  DELE VCC cb 
individual [in1+[di1+vid/e1+ual]  V.V 3VR VCC 
individualism [in1+[di1+vid/e1+ual]+ism]  VCC 3VR V.V 
indoors in1+door+s]3  CMP vd 
induce [in2+duce  VCV 
inductance [in2+duct+ance]  VCC 
induction [in2+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
indulge [in2+dulge  VCC 
industrial [indu+str/y+i2+al]1  y>i VCC V.V cb 
industrious [indu+str/y+ious]  y>i VCC V.V vd cb 
industry [indu+stry  VCC CV# y>i cb 
infrared [infra+red1  VCC CVC# cb 
ingredient [in2+gred+ient]  VCV V.V cb 
inland in1+land  VCC cb 
inside in1+side1  VCV CMP 
insider in1+sid/e1+er]01  VCV 
instead in1+stead  vd CMP cb 
intend [in2+tend1  VCC cb 
interdependence [inter+[de+pend+ence]  VCC 
intermediate [inter+medi+ate]2  VCC VCV V.V 
introduce [intro+duce  VCV VCC cb 
introduction [intro+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
invade [in2+vade  VCV 
invalid [in1+val1+id]2  VCC 
invented [in2+vent1+ed]1  VCC 
inward in1+ward]  VCC cb 
Ireland Ire+land  VrV cb 
island is4+land  LCC cs c2 
islands is4+land+s]3  LCC cb 
itemized item+iz/e]+ed]1  VCV 
jaundice jaund+ice]  vd 
jeopardy jeo+pard2+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
jeremiad jeremi+ad]1  v.v 
jihad jihad  SCV 
Judaism Juda+ism]  V.V VCC 
judge judge  VCC db RDEL 
judgement judge+ment]  VCC db cb 
judicial judic+ial]  VCV vd 
jurisprudence juris+prud+ence]  VCV VrV cb 
kettledrum kett+le]3+drum  VCCle CVC# db cb 
kid kid1  CVC# NTR 
kidnap kid1+nap2  VCC CVC# CMP NTR 
kidney kid2+ney2  VCC vd 
kind kind1  LCC cb 
kindle kind3+le]1  VCCle 
kindly kind1+ly]3  LCC CV# y>i cb 
kindness kind1+ness]  LCC db cb 
kindred kind2+red]  VCC cb 
kingdom king+dom]  VCC 
knowledge know+ledge]  vd cs c2 db 
lad lad  CVC# NTR 
ladder ladd+er]01  VCC db 
laden lad/e+en]02  DELE 
lady lady  VCV CV# y>i 
laid la/y1+i2+d]1  vd y>i 
land land  VCC cb 
landlord land+lord1  CMP VCC orC cb 
landscape land+scape2  VCC VCV CMP cb 
latitude lati+tude]  3VR VCV 
lavender lavender  3VR 
lead lead1  vd 
leader lead1+er]01  vd 
leadership lead1+er]01+ship]  vd CVC# c2 
leading lead1+ing]1  vd 
learned learn+ed]1  vd cb 
led led  CVC# 
ledge ledge  VCC db 
legend leg4+end]  FLR SCV cb 
lend lend  VCC cb 
lender lend+er]01  VCC 
leopard leo+pard1  vd cb 
libido libid+o]1  3VR CV# 
lid lid1  CVC# NTR 
lifted lift+ed]1  VCC 
like1 "admire" like1  VCV 
limited lim1+it]1+ed]1  FLR SCV IT 
lipid lip2+id]3  FLR SCV 
liquid liqu+id]2  VCC cb 
liquidation liqu+id]2+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
liquidity liqu+id]2+ity]  TY CV# y>i cb 
listed list1+ed]1  VCC 
listened list3+en]10+ed]1  VCC cs c2 
lived liv/e+ed]1  VCV SCV DELE 
load load1  vd 
located loc1+at/e]1+ed]1  VCV DELE 
lodestar lode+star1  VCV cb CMP 
lodestone lode+stone  VCV CMP cb 
lodge lodge  VCC db 
lodging lodg/e+ing]1  DELE VCC db 
loggerheads log3+g+er]01+head+s]3  VCC vd db 
London London  VCC 
longitude longi+tude]  VCC VCV 
lord lord1  orC cb 
lordship lord1+ship]  CVC# c2 orC cb 
loud loud  vd 
louder loud+er]02  vd 
loudly loud+ly]1  CV# vd 
loved lov/e+ed]1  SCV DELE 
lowland low1+land  CMP vd cb 
mad mad  CVC# NTR 
madam ma2+dam3  FLR SCV 
madame ma2+dam3+e]1  FLR SCV 
made made  VCV 
Madison Madison  3VR 
madness mad+ness]  VCC db 
magnitude magni+tude]  VCC VCV 
maid maid  vd 
maiden maid+en]07  vd 
maladjustment mal1+[ad+just2+ment]  3VR VCC db cb 
mandate mand1+ate]1  VCC VCV 
manhood man1+hood]  VCC vd 
manic-depressive man2+ic]1+[de+press+ive]  IC VCC CMP db cb 
mankind man1+kind2  CMP VCC cb 
marked mark1+ed]1  cb 
married marr/y+i2+ed]1  y>i vd Vrr db 
Maryland Mary+land  CV# VCC VrV cb CMP 
mead mead2  vd 
meadow mead1+ow]  vd 
medal med4+al]6  FLR SCV 
meddle medd+le]1  VCCle db 
media medi+a]3  VCV V.V 
median medi+an]1  VCV V.V 
mediation medi+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd 
medical medic+al]1  IC 
Medicare med2+i1+care  3VR VrV 
medicine medic+ine]1  IC 
medieval medi+ev1+al]1  VCV vd 
Mediterranean medi+terr1+an]1+ean]  V.V 3VR VCV db 
medium medi+um]1  VCV V.V 
melodrama melo1+dram2+a]2  3VR CR# cb 
melody mel1+od6+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
meltdown melt+down1  VCC vd cb CMP 
mend mend1  VCC cb 
merchandise merch+and]+ise]1  VCV c2 cb 
meridian meri+di2+an]1  3VR V.V 
methadone meth2+ad2+one]3  c2 VCV VCC 
method [met+hod2  VCC c2 
methods [met+hod2+s]3  VCC c2 
mid mid1  CVC# NTR 
middle midd+le]2  VCCle db 
midnight mid1+night  CMP cs c3 
midst mid1+st]1  VCC cb 
midstream mid1+stream  VCC vd cb CMP 
midsummer mid1+summer1  CVC# VCC db CMP 
Midwest mid1+west  CVC# VCC cb CMP 
midwife mid4+wife  CVC# VCV CMP 
mild mild  LCC cb 
military-industrial milit+ary]2-[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  3VR CV# VCC V.V cb 
mind mind  LCC cb 
misdemeanor [mis+[de+mean4+or]1  VCC vd 
mixed mix+ed]1  VCC 
mode mode  VCV 
model mod4+el]1  FLR SCV 
moderate moder+ate]1  3VR 
modern mod4+ern]1  FLR SCV cb 
modest mod4+est]3  SCV cb 
modifier mod4+if/y]+i2+er]01  3VR V.V 
modify mod4+ify]  3VR CV# y>i 
modulation mod4+ul/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
Mohammed Mohammed  VCV VCC db 
mold mold1  LCC cb 
Monday Mon+day  VCC vd 
monoxide mon3+ox1+ide]1  VCV VCC 
mood mood  vd 
moped mo2+ped6  VCV CVC# CMP 
mound mound  vd cb 
mud mud1  CVC# NTR 
muddy mud1+d2+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
Muhammad muhammad  VCC 
multitude mult+itude]  VCC VCV 
murder murd+er]05   
murderer murd+er]05+er]01   
naked naked  VCV 
Neanderthal Neanderthal  V.V VCC c2 
need need1  vd 
needle need2+le]3  vd 
needless need1+less]  vd db 
neighborhood neigh2+bor5+hood]  vd 
Nevada Nevada  SCV CR# 
nobody no1+body  CMP CV# y>i 
nod nod  CVC# NTR 
nomad nom4+ad]1  VCV CVC# 
nonaligned [non+[a3+lign1+ed]1  CVC# LCC cs c2 
noncontradiction [non+[contra+dict1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
Normandy nor(th)+mandy  CV# orC 
North Dakota Dakota  VCV CR# CMP orC c2 cb 
northward north+ward2  c2 orC cb 
noticed not4+ic/e]+ed]1  VCV DELE 
notwithstanding not1+with+stand1+ing]1  CMP c2 VCC cb 
nowadays now+[a2+day+s]1  vd CMP 
nucleotide nuc+le]3+ot]4+ide]1  VCle V.V VCV cb 
obedience [ob+edi1+ence]  VCV V.V 
occurred [o/b+c+cur1+r+ed]1  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
odd odd  VCC SWR db 
odds odd+s]3  VCC db 
ode ode1  VCV 
odor odor  VCV 
offend [o/b+f1+fend  VCC ASSIM db cb 
offered [o/b+f1+fer1+ed]1  VCC ASSIM db 
old old1  LCC cb 
old-fashioned old1+fash+ion]1+ed]1  CMP LCC VCC vd cb 
ombudsman ombud+s]5+man1  VCC 
onward on1+ward]  VCC cb 
orchard orchard  c2 orC cb 
ordain ord1+ain]  vd orC 
order ord1+er]04  orC 
ordered ord1+er]04+ed]1  orC 
ordinal ordin+al]1  orC 
ordinarily ordin+ar/y]1+i2+ly]1  y>i CV# VrV orC 
ordinary ordin+ary]1  CV# orC y>i 
orthodox ortho+dox2  c2 VCC orC 
outdoor out+door  CMP vd 
outside out+side1  CMP VCV vd 
outstanding out+stand1+ing]1  CMP VCC vd cb 
outward out+ward]  vd cb 
overdraft [over+draft  VCV VCC cb 
overhead over1+head  vd VCV CMP 
Oxford ox2+ford1  CMP VCC cb 
oxidation ox1+id]3+ation]  VCV vd VCC 
pad pad1  CVC# NTR 
paddle paddle  VCCle db 
pagoda pagod+a]2  VCV CR# 
paid pa/y+i2+d]1  vd y>i 
pandemonium pan3+demon+ium]2  VCC VCV V.V 
parade par03+ade]1  VCV 
paradigm [para1+digm  LCC 
paradise para2+dise  VCV SCV 
paradox [para1+dox2  VCC 
paranoid [para1+no4+id]1  vd 
parathyroid [para1+thyr1+oid]  c2 VCV vd 
pardon [par2+don3   
parody [par1+od6+y]3  CV# y>i 
partridge partridge  db cb 
pasteurized pasteur+iz/e]+ed]1  vd VCV 
paved pav/e+ed]1  VCV 
pedal ped1+al]1  FLR SCV 
pediatrics ped2+iatr+ics]  VCV V.V IC 
period [peri+od1  V.V VrV 
periodic [peri+od1+ic]1  V.V IC VrV 
persuade [per1+suade  VCV 
pesticide pesti+cide  VCC VCV 
petard pet6+ard]1  cb 
Philadelphia phil+adelph+ia]1  3VR VCC V.V c2 
planned plan1+n+ed]1  VCC db cb 
planted plant+ed]1  VCC cb 
playground play1+ground1  CMP vd cb 
plead plead  vd cb 
pledge pledge  VCC db cb RDEL 
plunder plunder  VCC cb 
pod pod1  CVC# 
pointed point+ed]1  vd 
Poland Poland  VCV cb 
polyandry poly1+andr+y]3  3VR VCC CV# y>i cb 
polyunsaturated poly1+[un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
pond pond  VCC cb 
ponder ponder  VCC 
Portland port2+land  orC cb CMP 
portrayed [por+tray3+ed]1  vd orC cb 
postindustrial [post+[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  LCC VCC V.V cb 
pound pound2  vd cb 
powder powder  vd 
precede [pre+cede  VCV cb 
precedent [pre+ced/e+ent]  3VR cb 
predator pred1+ator]  3VR cb 
predestination [pre+[de+stin/e+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV VCC ION vd cb 
predicate [pre+dic1+ate]1  3VR cb 
predict [pre+dict1  VCC cb 
preferred [pre+fer1+r+ed]1  CTR cb db 
prejudice [pre+jud+ice]  3VR cb 
prepared [pre+par/e1+ed]1  DELE VrV cb 
preside [pre+side2  VCV cb 
presidency [pre+sid/e2+ency]  DELE 3VR CV# y>i cb 
president [pre+sid/e2+ent]  DELE 3VR cb 
presidential [pre+sid/e2+ent]+ial]  DELE 3VR vd cb 
pretend [pre+tend1  VCC cb 
pride pride  VCV cb RDEL 
printed print+ed]1  VCC cb 
procedure [pro1+ced3+ure]  VCV cb 
proceed [pro1+ceed  vd cb 
proceeding [pro1+ceed+ing]1  vd cb 
produce [pro1+duce  VCV cb 
producer [pro1+duc/e+er]01  DELE cb 
product [pro1+duct  SCV cb 
production [pro1+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
productive [pro1+duct+ive]  VCC cb 
productivity [pro1+duct+iv/e]+ity]  3VR TY CV# y>i cb 
profound [pro1+found1  vd cb 
pronounced [pro1+nounc/e+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
propaganda [pro1+pag1+and]+a]2  3VR VCC CR# cb 
proud proud  vd cb 
proudly proud+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
proved prov/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
provide [pro1+vide2  VCV cb 
provided [pro1+vid/e2+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
providence [pro1+vid/e2+ence]  3VR cb 
pseudoscience pseudo+sci1+ence]  vd V.V c2 cs 
psychedelic psych1+e]3+del1+ic]1  c2 IC LCC cs 
pudding pudding  VCC db 
pulpwood pulp+wood  VCC vd CMP 
punctuated punct+uat/e]1+ed]1  VCC V.V VCV 
pushed push+ed]1  VCC c2 
pyramid pyram+id]1  3VR CLC# 
qualified qual1+if/y]+i2+ed]1  3VR y>i vd cb 
rad rad4  CVC# 
radar radar  VCV 
radiant radi+ant]1  V.V VCV cb 
radiation radi+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd 
radical radic+al]1  3VR 
radio radio2  VCV V.V 
radioactive radio1+act1+ive]  VCV V.V VCC 
radioactivity radio1+act1+iv/e]+ity]  VCV V.V VCC TY CV# y>i 
radiocarbon radio1+carb1+on]01  VCV V.V 
radium rad1+ium]1  VCV V.V 
radius radi+us]1  VCV V.V 
ragged rag1+g+ed]1  CTR VCC db 
raid raid  vd 
railroad rail1+road  CMP vd 
random rand2+om]1  VCC 
rapid rap3+id]2  SCV 
rapidly rap3+id]2+ly]1  SCV CV# 
rapids rap3+id]2+s]3  SCV 
read read1  vd 
read read1  vd 
reader read1+er]01  vd 
readily read2+/y]1+i2+ly]1  vd y>i CV# 
reading read1+ing]1  vd 
ready read2+y]1  vd CV# y>i 
realized re1+al]1+iz/e]+ed]1  V.V VCV DELE 
received [re+ceiv/e+ed]1  vd DELE 
recommend [re+[com+mend2  VCC 3VR db cb 
recommendation [re+[com+mend2+ation]  3VR vd db 
record [re+cord2  FLR SCV cb 
recorder [re+cord2+er]01  orC 
records [re+cord2+s]8  FLR SCV cb 
red red1  CVC# NTR 
redeem [red+eem  vd 
redistribution [re+[dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  VCV VCC VCV vd cb 
redneck red1+neck  CVC# VCC db CMP 
reduce [re+duce  VCV 
reduction [re+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
redundancy [red+und1+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i 
reed reed  vd 
referendum [re+fer1+end]+um]1  3VR VCC 
regard [re+gard1  cb 
regarding [re+gard1+ing]1   
regardless [re+gard1+less]  db cb 
related [re+lat/e2+ed]1  DELE VCV 
remainder [re+main3+der]  vd 
remained [re+main3+ed]1  vd 
remedy [re+med1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
remembered [re+memb2+er]08+ed]1  VCC 
remind [re+mind  LCC cb 
removed [re+mov/e+ed]1  VCV DELE 
render render  VCC 
renowned [re+nown+ed]1  vd 
repeated [re+peat2+ed]1  vd 
replied [re+pl/y1+i2+ed]1  y>i vd cb 
represented [re+[pre+sent3+ed]1  3VR VCC 
reproduce [re+[pro1+duce  VCV cb 
reproduction [re+[pro1+duct+ion]1  VCr VCC vd cb 
reproductive [re+[pro1+duct+ive]  VCr VCC cb 
required [re+quir/e1+ed]1  VrV DELE cb 
reside [re+side2  VCV 
residence [re+sid/e2+ence]  DELE 3VR 
resident [re+sid/e2+ent]  3VR DELE cb 
respond [re+spond  VCC cb 
reverend [re+ver/e+end]  DELE 3VR cb 
reward [re+ward1  cb 
Rhode Island rhode+is4+land  VCV LCC c2 cb 
ribbed rib1+b+ed]1  CTR VCC db 
ribboned ribbon+ed]1  VCC db 
Richard richard  c2 VCC cb 
rid rid2  CVC# NTR 
riddle ridd+le]3  VCCle db 
ride ride1  VCV 
rider rid/e1+er]01  DELE VCV 
ridge ridge  VCC db RDEL 
ridiculous rid4+icul/e]2+ous]  DELE 3VR vd 
riding rid/e1+ing]1  VCV DELE 
rigid rig4+id]2  SCV 
road road  vd 
roads road+s]3  vd 
Robin Hood robin+hood  FLR SCV vd 
rod rod1  CVC# NTR 
rode rode1  VCV 
rolled roll+ed]1  LCC db 
rosebuds rose1+bud1+s]3  VCV VCC 
round round1  vd cb 
rude rude  VCV 
rugged rugg1+ed]2  CTR VCC db 
sacred sacr+ed]1  VCr cb 
sad sad1  CVC# NTR 
saddle saddle  VCCle db 
sadism sad2+ism]  3VR 
sadly sad1+ly]1  VCC CV# 
sadness sad1+ness]  VCC db 
safeguard safe+guard  CMP VCV cb 
said sa/y1+i2+d]1  vd 
sailed sail1+ed]1  vd 
salad sal1+ad]5  FLR SCV 
sand sand1  VCC cb 
sandstone sand1+stone  VCC VCV CMP cb 
sandwich sandwich  c2 VCC cb 
sandy sand1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
saturated satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
Saturday satur+day  3VR vd 
scandal scand3+al]4  VCC cb 
Scandinavia scandinav+ia]1  VCC VCV V.V cb 
schedule sched+ule]  FLR SCV cb 
scold scold  LCC cb 
Scotland scot+land  VCC CMP cb 
second sec1+ond]1  FLR SCV cb 
secondary sec1+ond]1+ary]1  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
seconds sec1+ond]1+s]8  FLR SCV cb 
sedimentary sed1+iment]+ary]1  3VR VCC CV# y>i 
sedition [sed+it2+ion]1  ION vd 
seed seed  vd 
seldom seldom  VCC 
self-determination self+[de+term1+in/e]3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
semiconductor semi1+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  3VR VCV 
send send1  VCC cb 
separated [se+par03+at/e]1+ed]1  DELE 3VR 
served serv/e2+ed]1  DELE 
settled settl/e+ed]1  VCCle DELE db 
shade shade  VCV c2 RDEL 
shadow shad1+ow]  SCV c2 vd 
shadowy shad1+ow]+y]1  SCV c2 vd CV# y>i 
shady shad/e+y]1  DELE VCV c2 CV# y>i 
shed shed1  c2 CVC# NTR 
she'd she1+'d2  CMP c2 LCC 
shepherd shep+herd  c2 VCC CMP cs cb 
shield shield  vd cb 
should should1  c2 vd cs 
shoulder should2+er]01  vd 
shoulders should2+er]01+s]8  vd 
shouldn't should1+n't  CMP vd c2 cs 
shrewd shrew+d]2  c2 vd cb 
shudder shudd+er]03  VCC db 
side side1  VCV RDEL 
sidewalk side1+walk  CMP VCV cs c2 
situated sit4+uat/e]1+ed]1  V.V VCV DELE 3VR 
skilled skill1+ed]1  VCC db cb 
sledge sledge1  VCC db cb 
slender slender  VCC cb 
slid slid  CVC# cb 
slide slide  VCV cb 
smiled smil/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
so-called so1+call1+ed]1  CMP CV# db 
sod sod1  CVC# NTR 
soda sod3+a]2  VCV CR# 
sodomy sodom+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
sold sold1  LCC cb 
soldier sold2+ier]1  vd LCC 
solid sol04+id]2  FLR SCV 
solitude solit+ude]  3VR SCV VCV 
somebody some1+body  CMP CV# y>i 
sound sound1  vd cb 
sounded sound1+ed]  vd 
South Dakota south+dakota  vd c2 VCV CR# CMP 
southward south+ward]  vd c2 cb 
spade spade  VCV cb 
Spaniard span2+iard]  FLR SCV cb 
sped sped  CVC# cb 
speed speed  vd cb 
spelled spell1+ed]1  VCC db cb cb 
spend spend  VCC cb 
spider spider  VCV cb 
splendid splend+id]2  VCC cb 
splendor splend+or]1  VCC cb 
spread spread  vd cb 
spurred spur1+r+ed]1  CTR Vrr cb db 
squadron squadr+on]03  VCC cb 
squid squid  CVC# cb 
stand stand1  VCC cb 
standard stand2+ard3  VCC cb 
standing stand1+ing]1  VCC cb 
starred star1+r+ed]1  CTR cb db 
stayed stay1+ed]1  vd cb 
steadily stead+/y]1+i2+ly]1  vd y>i CV# cb 
steady stead+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
steed steed  vd cb 
stepped step1+p+ed]1  VCC CTR db cb 
steward ste1+ward1  vd cb 
stockholder stock1+hold1+er]01  VCC LCC db cb 
stood stood  vd cb 
strand strand  VCC cb 
stretched stretch+ed]1  VCC c3 db cb 
stride stride  VCV cb 
strode strode  VCV cb 
student stud3+ent]  VCV cb 
students stud3+ent]+s]3  VCV cb 
studied stud3+/y]8+i2+ed]1  FLR SCV y>i vd cb 
studio stud3+io]2  VCV V.V cb 
study stud3+y]8  FLR SCV CV# y>i cb 
studying stud3+y]8+ing]1  FLR SCV cb 
stupid stup1+id]2  VCV cb 
sturdy sturd+y]1  CV# y>i cb 
subdue [sub+due2  CVe# 
subsidiary [sub+sid2+/y]3+iary]  VCC 3VR V.V CV# y>i 
subsidy [sub+sid2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
succeed [su/b+c+ceed  vd ASSIM 
sudden sudden  VCC db 
suddenly sudden+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
suggested [su/b+g+gest+ed]1  VCC ASSIM 
suicide sui+cide1  V.V VCV 
Sunday sun1+day  vd VCC CMP 
superconductor [super+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCV VCC 
superintendent [super+[in2+tend1+ent]  VCV VCC 
supposed [su/b+p+pos/e1+ed]1  DELE VCV ASSIM db 
surprised [sur2+pris/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
surrender [sur2+render  VCC db 
surround [sur2+round2  vd Vrr db cb 
surrounded [sur2+round2+ed]1  vd Vrr db 
surroundings [sur2+round2+ing]1+s]3  vd Vrr db 
suspend [su/b+s+pend  VCC ASSIM cb 
Sweden sweden  VCV cb 
Switzerland switz+er]07+land  VCC CMP cb 
sword sword  orC cs c2 cb 
syndrome [syn+drome  VCC VCV cb 
tad tad2  CVC# 
talented talent+ed]2  FLR SCV 
talked talk+ed]1  cs c2 
Talmud talmud  LCC 
tanned tan1+n+ed]1  CTR VCC db 
tax-deductible tax+ [de+duct+ible]  VCC CMP 
tend tend1  VCC cb 
tendency tend1+ency]  VCC CV# y>i 
tender tend2+er]04  VCC 
tenderfoot tend2+er]04+foot1  VCC vd 
tenderly tend2+er]04+ly]1  VCC CV# 
tenderness tend2+er]04+ness]  VCC db 
tendon tend3+on]01  VCC 
thalidomide thal+ido2+mide  c2 3VR VCV 
thermodynamics thermo1+dynam+ics]  c2 VCV IC 
they'd they+'d2  vd c2 CMP 
third third  c2 cb 
thousand thousand  c2 vd cb 
thread thread  vd c2 cb 
threshold thresh+old2  VCC cb 
thud thud  c2 CVC# NTR 
thunder thunder  c2 VCC 
Thursday thur+s]5+day  vd c2 CMP 
thyroid thyr1+oid]  c2 vd VCV 
tide tide1  VCV RDEL 
tides tide1+s]3  VCV 
tidings tid/e2+ing]1+s]3  DELE 
tied ti/e+ed]1  DELE vd 
timid tim1+id]2  SCV 
tired tir/e1+ed]1  VrV DELE 
toad toad  vd 
today to1+day  vd CMP 
told told  LCC cb 
tornado torn2+ad]1+o]2  VCV CV# orC 
torpedos torp+edo]+s]8  VCV CLC# orC 
toward to1+ward]  cb 
towards to1+ward]+s]1  cb 
trade trade  VCV cb RDEL 
tradeoff trade+off  VCV VCC db cb CMP 
trader trad/e+er]01  DELE VCV cb 
tradition [tra+dit1+ion]1  ION SCV vd cb 
tragedy trag+ed1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i cb 
transcendentalism [tran/s+scend2+ent]+al]1+ism]  VCC cb 
transferred [trans+fer1+r+ed]1  VCC CTR cb db 
transmitted [trans+mit1+t+ed]1  VCC db cb 
trapezoid tra1+pez+oid]  3VR vd cb 
traveled tra2+vel4+ed]1  FLR SCV cb 
tread tread  vd cb 
tremendous trem+end]+ous]  vd VCC cb 
trend trend  VCC cb 
tried tr/y+i2+ed]1  y>i vd cb 
trod trod  CVC# NTR cb 
troubadour troub2+ador]  vd cb 
troubled troub1+l/e]3+ed]1  vd cb 
Tuesday tue+s]5+day  vd CMP 
tundra tundr+a]2  VCC CV# 
turned turn+ed]1  cb 
ultrasound [ultra+sound1  VCC vd cb 
unbowed [un1+bow2+ed]1  VCC vd 
under under  VCC 
underdog [under+dog1  VCC 
undergo [under+go1  CV# 
underground [under+ground1  vd cb 
underline [under+line1  VCC VCV 
underneath under+neath  vd c2 VCC 
understand [under2+stand  VCC cb 
understanding [under2+stand+ing]1  VCC cb 
understatement [under1+state+ment]  VCC VCV cb 
understood [under2+stood  VCC vd cb 
undertake [under+take1  VCC VCV 
undertaking [under+tak/e1+ing]1  DELE VCC VCV 
undoubtedly [un1+doubt1+ed]1+ly]1  CV# vd 
unexpected [un1+[ex+/spect+ed]1  VCC EXS 
unfold [un2+fold1  LCC cb 
united un1+it/e]2+ed]1  VCV 
United States un1+it/e]2+ed]1+state1+s]3  VCV DELE cb 
unsaturated [un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
upward up+ward]  VCC cb 
used us/e+ed]1  VCV DELE 
vandal vandal  VCC 
varied var/y+i2+ed]1  y>i vd VrV 
vaudeville vau2+de2+vill1+e]1  vd VCC db 
verdict ver1+dict1  VCC cb 
video vid2+e]4+o]5  3VR V.V 
visited vis2+it]2+ed]1  FLR SCV IT 
vivid viv1+id]2  SCV 
void void  vd 
voodoo voodoo  vd 
wade wade  VCV 
waited wait+ed]1  vd 
walked walk+ed]1  cs c2 
wand wand1  VCC cb 
wander wand2+er]03  VCC 
ward ward  cb 
wardrobe ward+robe1  VCV CMP cb 
warhead war1+head  vd CMP 
warm-blooded warm+blood+ed]2  vd cb 
washed wash+ed]1  c2 VCC 
watershed water+shed2  CVC# c2 CMP 
wed wed  CVC# NTR 
we'd we+'d3  CMP 
wedding wed+d2+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
wedge wedge  VCC db 
Wednesday wedne+s]5+day  vd VCC CMP 
weed weed  vd 
weekend week+end1  CMP vd cb 
weird weird  vd 
westward west+ward]  VCC cb 
wheeled wheel+ed]1  vd c2 
whispered whisp+er]03+ed]1  VCC c2 
wicked wick2+ed]2  VCC db 
wide wide  VCV 
widely wide+ly]1  VCV CV# 
widen wid/e+en]03  DELE VCV 
widow wid1+ow]  vd SCV 
width wid2+th]2  VCC c2 
wild wild  LCC cb cb 
wildcat wild+cat1  LCC CVC# cb CMP 
wilderness wil2+der2+ness]  VCC db 
wildly wild+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
wind wind1  VCC cb 
windfall wind1+fall1  VCC db cb CMP 
window wind1+ow]  vd VCC 
windows wind1+ow]+s]3  vd VCC 
winds wind1+s]3  VCC cb 
winged wing1+ed]1  VCC 
wisdom wis+dom]  VCC 
wished wish+ed]1  c2 VCC 
withdraw with+draw  c2 vd CMP CVC# cb 
withdrawal with+draw+al]2  c2 vd CVC# cb 
withdrawn with+draw+n]1  vd CMP c2 CVC# cb 
withdrew with+drew  vd CMP c2 VCC cb 
withholding with+hold1+ing]1  LCC VCC 
wonder wond+er]05  VCC 
wondered wond+er]05+ed]1  VCC 
wonderful wond+er]05+ful]  VCC 
wondrous wondr+ous]  vd VCC PELE cb 
wood wood  vd 
wooden wood+en]01  vd 
woodland wood+land  CMP vd cb 
woodwind wood+wind1  vd VCC cb CMP 
word word  cb 
words word+s]8  cb 
world world  cb 
would would  vd cs c2 
wouldn't would+n't  vd CMP cs c2 
wouldst would+st]2  vd cs c2 cb 
wound wound1  vd cb 
wretched wretch+ed]2  VCC ct db 
yard yard2  cb 
yards yard2+s]3  cb 
yesterday yester+day  VCC vd 
yield yield  vd cb 
yonder yond+er]05  VCC 
you'd you1+'d3  CMP vd 
zodiac zod+iac]  VCV V.V 
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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader