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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader

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Word Explication Analysis
abandon [a3+band3+on]01  VCC 
abbreviation [ab1+brev+iat/e]+ion]1  V.V vd VCV db cb 
abdomen [ab1+dom2+en]04  VCC 
abdominal [ab1+dom2+inal]  VCC 3VR 
abolition [ab1+ol1+ition]+ism]  ION vd 
abominable [ab1+omin1+able]  3VR 
aborigine [ab1+origin+e]3  3VR CV# 
abortion [ab1+ort2+ion]1  vd orC 
abound [ab1+ound  vd cb 
absence [ab1+sence  VCC 
absent [ab1+sent3  VCC cb 
absenteeism [ab1+sent3+ee]1+ism]  vd VCC 
abundance [ab1+und1+ance]  VCC 
abundant [ab1+und1+ant]1  VCC cb 
acceleration [a/d+c+celer+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC 3VR VCV vd ASSIM 
accent [a/d+c+cent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
acceptance [a/d+c+cept+ance]  VCC ASSIM 
accident [a/d+c+cid1+ent]  VCC ASSIM cb 
accompany [a/d+c+[com+pan2+y]7  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i db 
accomplishment [a/d+c+[com+pl2+ish]2+ment]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
accordance [a/d+c+cord2+ance]  ASSIM orC db 
according [a/d+c+cord2+ing]1  ASSIM orC db 
accordingly [a/d+c+cord2+ing]1+ly]1  CV# ASSIM orC db 
account [a/d+c+count1  vd ASSIM db cb 
accounting [a/d+c+count1+ing]1  vd ASSIM db 
acculturation [a/d+c+cult1+ur/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd ASSIM db 
achievement [a3+chieve+ment]  vd c2 cb 
acknowledge [ac2+know+ledge]  vd cs c2 db 
acorn acorn  VCV orC cb 
acquaint [a/d+c+quaint2  vd ASSIM cb 
acquaintance [a/d+c+quaint2+ance]  vd ASSIM cb 
acronym acr1+onym  VCC CVC# 
acting act1+ing]1  VCC 
action act1+ion]1  VCC vd 
actions act1+ion]1+s]3  VCC vd 
acupuncture acu+punct+ure]  3VR VCC 
adaptation [ad+apt1+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
addend add+end]  VCC db cb 
addition add+ition]  ION vd db 
additional add+ition]+al]1  ION vd db 
adenoids aden+oid]+s]3  3VR vd 
adhesion [ad+hes+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
adjoin [ad+join  vd db 
adjourn [ad+journ  vd VCC db cb 
adjustment [ad+just2+ment]  VCC db cb 
administer [ad+mini3+ster]2  3VR VCC cb 
administration [ad+mini3+str]2+at/e]1+ion]1  vd VCC cb 
admiration [ad+mir/e2+ation]  VCV DELE vd VCC 
admission [ad+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
adoption [ad+opt2+ion]1  VCC vd 
adorn [ad+orn1  orC cb 
adrenal [ad+ren+al]1  VCV cb 
adrenaline [ad+ren+al]1+ine]2  3VR cb 
adsorption [ad+sorpt1+ion]1  VCC vd orC 
advance [ad+vance  VCC 
advanced [ad+vanc/e+ed]1  DELE VCC 
advantage [ad+vant+age]  VCC 
adventure [ad+vent1+ure]  VCC 
advertisement [ad+vert1+ise]1+ment]  VCV VCC cb 
advertising [ad+vert1+is/e]1+ing]1  DELE VCV VCC 
affection [a/d+f+fect+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
affectionate [a/d+f+fect+ion]1+ate]2  VCC vd ASSIM db 
affluent [a/d+f+flu1+ent]  V.V ASSIM db cb 
afternoon aft+er]02+noon  CMP VCC vd 
again [a2+gain2  vd 
against [a2+gain2+st]1  vd cb 
agency ag1+ency]  VCV CV# y>i 
agent ag1+ent]  VCV cb 
aggression [a/d+g+gress+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
agitation agit1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION 
agnosticism [a1+gnos+tic]+ism]  VCC 
agony ag7+on]01+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
agreement [a/d+gree1+ment]  vd ASSIM cb 
agribusiness agri+bus5+/y]1+i2+ness]  VCC SCV db 
ain't ai1+n't  vd CMP 
airplane air+plane  VCV vd CMP cb 
alderman ald1+er]01+man1  LCC 
alien ali1+en]04  V.V VCV 
alienation ali1+en]04+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V VCV vd 
alkaline al01+kal1+ine]1  VCC VCV 
allegiance [a/d+l+leg7+iance]  VCV vd ASSIM db 
alliance [a/d+l+l/y2+i+ance]  y>i V.V ASSIM db 
alliteration [a/d+l+liter2+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd ASSIM db 
allowance [a/d+l+low3+ance]  vd ASSIM db 
allusion [a/d+l+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd ASSIM db 
alone al05+one  VCV 
along [a2+long1  VCC CMP 
alongside [a2+long1+side1  VCC VCV CMP 
alternate alt2+ern]1+ate]1  VCV 
alternating alt2+ern]1+at/e]1+ing]1  VCV 
alternator alt2+ern]1+at/e]1+or]2  VCV 
aluminum al12+umin]+um]1  VCV 
amazement [a2+maze+ment]  VCV cb 
amazing [a2+maz/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
Amazon amazon  3VR CVC# 
ambition [amb+it2+ion]1  ION vd 
ambulance [ambul+ance]  VCC cb 
amendment [a5+mend1+ment]  VCC cb 
American Americ/a+an]1  DL1 
amino am1+in/e]2+o]3  VCV CV# 
amnesia [a1+mnes+ia]1  VCC VCV vd 
amnesty [a1+mnes+ty]  VCC CV# y>i 
amniocentesis amnio+cent3+esis]  VCC V.V VCV 
amniotic amni+otic]  VCC V.V IC 
among [a2+mong2  VCC 
amongst [a2+mong2+st]1  VCC cb 
amortization [a/d+mort1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
amount [a3+mount  vd cb 
ampersand am6+pers+and1  VCC cb 
amphibian [amphi+bi2+an]1  VCC V.V 3VR c2 
amusement [a3+muse2+ment]  VCV cb 
amusing [a3+mus/e2+ing]1  DELE VCV 
an an1  VC# 
anaerobic [an01+aer1+ob/e+ic]1  3VR vd LC 
anal an2+al]1  VCV 
analgesic [an01+alg1+esic]  3VR LC 
analog [ana+log1  3VR CVC# 
analogy [ana+log1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
analyze [ana+lyze  3VR VCV 
anarchism [an01+arch1+ism]  3VR c2 VCC 
anarchy [an01+arch1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i c2 
anatomy [ana+tom2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
ancestor [an08+cest1+or]2  VCC 
anchor anchor  VCC c2 
ancient anc2+ient]  LCC vd cb 
and and1  VCC cb 
andante and2+ant]1+e]3  CV# 
anemia [an01+em1+ia]1  VCV V.V 
anesthesia [an01+esth+esia]  3VR c2 VCV V.V vd 
anesthetic [an01+esthet+ic]1  3VR c2 IC 
angel angel  LCC 
anger anger  VCC 
angina ang2+ina]1  VCC VCV CR# 
angle ang1+le]3  VCC 
angles ang1+le]3+s]8  VCC 
angrily angr+/y]1+i2+ly]1  y>i VCC CV# PELE cb 
angry angr+y]1  VCC CV# PELE y>i cb 
anguish angu+ish]2  c2 VCC 
animal anim+al]1  VCV 3VR 
animals anim+al]1+s]3  VCV 3VR 
animism anim+ism]  3VR VCC 
ankle ank+le]3  VCC cb 
Ann Ann  VCC SWR db 
Anne Anne  VCC db 
announce [a/d+n+nounce  vd ASSIM db 
announcement [a/d+n+nounce+ment]  vd ASSIM db cb 
annoy [an07+noy  vd db 
annual ann1+ual]  VCC V.V db 
annually ann1+ual]+ly]1  VCC V.V CV# db 
annuity ann1+uity]  V.V CV# y>i db 
anon an3+on2  CVC# CMP 
anorexia [an01+orex+ia]1  3VR V.V VCC 
another an1+other  c2 CMP VCC 
answer [an04+swer  VCC cs c2 
ant ant1  VCC cb 
Antarctic [ant+arct1+ic]2  VCC cb 
antebellum [ante+bell3+um]1  VCC db 
anthem anthem2  c2 VCC 
anthropoid anthrop+oid]  VCC c2 cb 
anthropology anthrop+ology  VCC 3VR CV# y>i c2 cb 
anthropomorphism anthropo+morph1+ism]  VCC c2 orC cb 
antiballistic [anti1+ball2+ist]3+ic]1  VCC db 
antibiotic [anti1+biot+ic]1  VCC V.V IC 
antibody [anti1+body  VCC SCV CV# y>i 
anticipate [anti2+cip1+ate]1  3VR VCV VCC 
anticoagulant [anti1+[co+ag1+ul]1+ant]1  VCC V.V 3VR cb 
antidepressant [anti1+[de+press+ant]1  VCC db cb 
antigen [anti1+gen6  VCC 
antihistamine [anti1+hist2+am1+ine]2  VCC VCV 
antimatter [anti1+matter  VCC db 
antiparticle [anti1+parti+cle]1  VCC SCle 
antipodes [anti1+pod2+es]3  VCC SCV CLC# 
antiquity ant3+iqu/e]+ity]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
anti-Semitism [anti1+sem6+it/e]4+ic]1+ism]  VCC 3VR 
antiseptic [anti1+sept1+ic]1  VCC 
antitrust [anti1+trust  VCC cb 
antonym [ant+onym  VCC CVC# 
ants ant1+s]3  VCC cb 
anus an2+us]1  VCV 
anxiety anxi+ety]  V.V VCC CV# y>i 
anxious anxi+ous]  VCC vt 
anxiously anxi+ous]+ly]1  VCC vt CV# 
any an1+y]1  SCV CV# 
anybody an1+y]1+body  CMP SCV CV# 
anyhow an1+y]1+how  CMP vd 
anyone an1+y]1+one  CMP SCV 
anything an1+y]1+thing  CMP c2 VCC 
anyway an1+y]1+way1  CMP SCV vd 
anywhere an1+y]1+where  CMP c2 
apartment [a3+part1+ment]  cb 
apparent [a/d+p+par04+ent]  VCV ASSIM db cb 
apparently [a/d+p+par04+ent]+ly]1  VCV CV# ASSIM db cb 
appearance [a/d+p+pear2+ance]  vd ASSIM db 
appeasement [a/d+p+pease2+ment]  vd ASSIM db cb 
appendectomy [a/d+p+pend+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  ASSIM VCC CV# y>i db 
appendicitis [a/d+p+pend+ic]4+itis]  ASSIM VCC VCV db 
appendix [a/d+p+pend+ix]1  ASSIM CVC# VCC db 
application [a/d+p+plic1+ation]  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
appoint [a/d+p+point  vd ASSIM db cb 
appointment [a/d+p+point+ment]  vd ASSIM db cb 
apportionment [a/d+p+port4+ion]1+ment]  ASSIM vd orC db cb 
appreciation [a/d+p+preci+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCV V.V vd ION ASSIM db cb 
apprehension [a/d+p+[pre+hens+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
appropriation [a/d+p+propri+at/e]1+ion]1  ASSIM LCC V.V VCV vd db cb 
apron apr+on]04  VCr cb 
arbitration [a/d+r+bitr+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd cb 
arena aren+a]2  VCV CR# 
aren't are1+n't  CMP 
argument argu+ment]  CVe# DL1 cb 
Arizona Arizona  VCV CR# 
Arkansas Arkansas  CLC# 
around [a2+round1  vd cb 
arrange [a/d+r+range  LCC ASSIM db 
arranged [a/d+r+rang/e+ed]1  LCC DELE ASSIM db 
arrangement [a/d+r+range+ment]  LCC ASSIM db cb 
arson ars3+on]01   
ascend [a3+scend2  VCC cb 
ascent [a3+scent2  VCC cb 
ascertain [a/d+s+cert1+ain]  vd VCC ASSIM 
aspirin aspir+in]03  VCC 
assent [a/d+s+sent2  VCC ASSIM db cb 
assessment [a/d+s+sess+ment]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
assign [a/d+s+sign1  LCC ASSIM cs c2 db 
assimilation [a/d+s+simil+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd ASSIM db 
assistance [a/d+s+sist+ance]  VCC ASSIM db 
assistant [a/d+s+sist+ant]1  VCC ASSIM db cb 
association [a/d+s+soci+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V VCV vd ASSIM db 
assumption [a/d+s+sumpt1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
assurance [a/d+s+sur/e+ance]  DELE ASSIM VrV db 
astonish [as2+ton2+ish]2  c2 FLR SCV cb 
astonishing [as2+ton2+ish]2+ing]1  c2 FLR SCV cb 
astonishment [as2+ton2+ish]2+ment]  c2 FLR SCV cb 
astound [as2+tound  vd cb 
astronaut astro+naut1  VCC vd cb 
astronomer astro+nom2+er]01  3VR cb 
astronomy astro+nom2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i cb 
Athens Athens  c2 VCC 
Atlantic Atlantic  VCC 
atonement at1+one+ment]  VCV cb 
attain [a/d+t+tain2  vd ASSIM db 
attend [a/d+t+tend1  VCC ASSIM db cb 
attendance [a/d+t+tend1+ance]  VCC ASSIM db 
attendant [a/d+t+tend1+ant]1  VCC ASSIM db cb 
attention [a/d+t+tent1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
attentive [a/d+t+tent1+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
attorney [a/d+t+torn1+ey]2  ASSIM vd db 
attraction [a/d+t+tract+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
audience aud1+ience]  V.V vd 
aunt aunt1  vd cb 
automation auto+mat/e2+ion]1  vd VCV vd 
autonomic auto+nom2+ic]1  vd IC 
autonomy auto+nom2+y]3  vd 3VR CV# y>i 
autumn autumn  vd cs c2 
avenge [a3+venge  VCC 
avenue [a3+ven8+ue]2  CVe# 3VR 
awaken [a2+wak/e+en]03  VCV DELE 
backbone back1+bone  CMP VCC VCV db 
background back1+ground1  VCC CMP vd db cb 
bacon bacon  VCV 
baking bak/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
balance ba3+lance2  FLR SCV 
ballerina ball2+er]11+ina]2  VCC VCV CR# db 
balloon ball1+oon]2  vd db 
banana banan+a]2  SCV CR# 
band band1  VCC cb 
bandage band1+age]  VCC 
bandwagon band2+wagon  VCC SCV cb CMP 
bang bang1  VCC 
banish ban1+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
banjo banjo  VCC CV# 
bank bank2  VCC cb 
banker bank2+er]01  VCC 
bankruptcy bank2+rupt+cy]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
banner banner  VCC db 
banquet banqu+et]1  VCC cb 
bargain barg2+ain]  vd 
baritone bari+tone  VCV 
barn barn  cb 
baron bar5+on]01  FLR SCV 
barren barren  Vrr db 
basin bas2+in]01  VCV 
bassoon bass1+oon]2  vd db 
baton baton  CVC# 
bean bean  vd 
bearing bear1+ing]1  vd 
beaten beat1+en]02  vd 
beatnik beat1+nik]  vd CVC# 
beckon beck+on]07  VCC db 
been been  vd 
Beethoven Beethoven  vd VCV c2 
began [be+gan2  CVC# 
begin [be+gin3  CVC# NTR 
beginning [be+gin3+n+ing]1  CTR VCC db 
begun [be+gun2  CVC# 
behind [be+hind1  LCC cb 
being be1+ing]1  V.V 
belong [be+long1  VCC 
Ben Ben  CVC# 
bench bench  VCC c2 cb 
bend bend1  VCC cb 
beneath [be+neath  vd c2 
beneficial bene+fic1+ial]  3VR vd 
beneficiary bene+fic1+iary]  3VR V.V CV# y>i 
benefit bene+fit2  3VR 
benign beni+gn3  LCC cs c2 
bent bent  VCC cb 
Berlin berlin  CVC# 
between [be+tween  vd cb 
beyond [be+yond  VCC cb 
billion b/i1+illi+on]03  VCC db 
bin bin1  CVC# NTR 
binary bin2+ary]2  VCV CV# y>i 
bind bind  LCC cb 
bitten bit4+t+en]02  VCC db 
bitterness bitter+ness]  VCC db 
blank blank  VCC cb 
blanket blank+et]1  VCC cb 
blarney blarney  cb 
blend blend  VCC cb 
blessing bless+ing]1  VCC db cb 
blind blind  LCC cb 
blink blink  VCC cb 
blonde blond+e]1  VCC cb 
blunder blund+er]05  VCC cb 
bohemian bohemi/a+an]1  VCV V.V DL1 
boiling boil1+ing]1  vd 
bond bond1  VCC cb 
bone bone  VCV RDEL 
bonnet bonnet  VCC db 
bonus bon1+us]1  VCV 
boon boon1  vd 
born bor1+n]1  orC cb 
borne bor1+ne]  VrV orC cb 
Boston Boston  VCC 
botany botan+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
bottleneck bott1+le]3+neck  VCCle VCC db 
bounce bounce  vd 
bound bound1  vd cb 
boundary bound2+ary]2  vd CV# y>i 
bounty bount+y]3  CV# vd y>i 
brain brain  vd cb 
brainwashing brain+wash+ing]1  vd VCC c2 cb 
branch branch1  VCC c2 cb 
branches branch1+es]7  VCC c2 cb 
brand brand  VCC cb 
brethren brethr+en]05  VCC c2 cb 
brighten bright+en]03  cs c3 cb 
brightness bright+ness]  cs c3 db cb 
brilliant brill1+iant]  VCC db cb 
bring bring  VCC cb 
brinkmanship brink+man1+ship]  VCC CVC# c2 cb 
Britain Brit+ain]  vd SCV cb 
broken brok/e+en]02  VCV DELE cb 
bronchial bronchi+al]1  3VR V.V c2 VCC cb 
Brontosaurus bronto+saur1+us]1  VCC vd cb 
bronze bronze  VCC cb 
Brooklyn Brooklyn  vd CVC# cb 
brown brown  vd cb 
bubonic bub2+on]06+ic]1  VCV IC 
building build+ing]1  vd 
bulletin bull2+et]1+in]01  VCC db 
bun bun1  CVC# NTR 
bunch bunch  c2 VCC cb 
bundle bund3+le]2  VCCle 
bunny bun2+n+y]2  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
buoyancy buoy+ancy]  vd CV# 
burden burd1+en]13   
burn burn1  cb 
burned burn1+ed]1  cb 
burning burn1+ing]1   
business bus5+/y]1+i2+ness]  SCV y>i db 
button butt1+on]01  VCC db 
buying buy+ing]1  vd 
bygones by1+gone1+s]3  VCV SCV 
cabin cab3+in]09  FLR SCV 
cabinet cab3+in]09+et]1  FLR SCV 
Cajun Cajun  VCV 
calendar calend1+ar]4  3VR 
California California  3VR V#X V.V orC 
calling call1+ing]1  db 
campaign camp1+aign]  vd VCC cs c2 
can can1  CVC# NTR 
Canada Canada  CR# 
Canadian Canad+ian]  VCV V.V 
canal can4+al]5  CVC# 
cancel canc+el]1  VCC 
cancer cancer  VCC 
candidate cand+id]2+ate]3  VCC VCV 
candle cand+le]3  VCCle 
candy candy1  VCC CV# y>i 
cane cane  VCV 
canine can3+ine]1  VCV 
cannon cann1+on]03  VCC db 
cannot can1+not1  VCC CVC# CMP db 
canoe canoe  vd 
canon canon  FLR SCV 
canonization canon+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd DELE 
canst can1+st]2  VCC cb 
can't can1+'t1  CVV CMP 
cantata cant2+at]2+a]2  CR# 
canvas canv+as]4  CVV VCC 
captain capt2+ain]  VCC vd 
carbon carb1+on]01   
carbonic carb1+on]01+ic]1  IC 
carcinogenic carcin+ogen+ic]1  IC 3VR 
carcinoma carcin+oma]  VCV CR# 
cardinal cardin+al]1   
cardiopulmonary cardio+pulmon+ary]1  V.V CV# 
carnivore carn1+ivore  VrV 
carnivorous carn1+ivor/e+ous]  3VR vd DELE 
carpenter carpent+er]01   
caution caut+ion]1  vd 
cavern cav+ern]1  SCV cb 
ceiling ceil1+ing]1  vd 
celebration celebr+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV DELE vd ION cb 
cement ce2+ment]  VCC cb 
census cens+us]1  VCC 
cent cent6  VCC cb 
centaur centaur  VCC vd 
center center  VCC 
centigrade centi+grade  VCC VCV cb 
centimeter centi+meter  VCC 
central centr+al]1  VCC cb 
centrifugal centri+fug/e+al]1  VCC 3VR DELE cb 
cents cent6+s]3  VCC cb 
centuries cent1+ur/y]+i2+es]2  VCC y>i vd 
century cent1+ury]  VCC y>i 
ceremony cere2+mony]  VCV CV# y>i 
certain cert1+ain]  vd 
certainly cert1+ain]+ly]1  vd CV# 
certainty cert1+ain]+ty]  vd CV# y>i 
chain chain  c2 vd 
chairman chair+man1  CMP vd c2 
challenge chall1+enge]  VCC db 
champion champ1+ion]1  c2 VCC vd 
chance chance  VCC c2 RDEL 
chancellor chanc+ell]+or]2  VCC db 
change change  LCC c2 RDEL 
changing chang/e+ing]1  LCC c2 DELE 
channel chann+el]1  VCC db 
chant chant  c2 VCC cb 
Chanukah chanuk+ah]2  vd 
charming charm+ing]1  c2 
chauvinism chauvin+ism]  c2 vd VCC 
chestnut chest2+nut1  CMP VCC CVC# c2 cs c2 
Chicano chican+o]2  c2 CV# 
chicken chick1+en]07  VCC db 
chickens chick1+en]07+s]8  VCC db 
children child+ren]  VCC cb 
chimney chimn+ey]2  VCC vd 
chin chin1  c2 CVC# NTR 
China Chin2+a]2  VCV CR# c2 
Chinese Chin2+ese]1  VCV c2 
chosen chos/e1+en]02  VCV c2 DELE 
Christian Christ1+ian]1  VCC vd c2 cb 
Christianity Christ1+ian]1+ity]  VCC CV# c2 
chronic chron+ic]1  c2 IC cb 
chronicle chron+icle]1  3VR c2 cb 
Cincinnati Cincinnati  CV# VCC db 
circadian circ+a]2+di2+an]1  VCV V.V 
circulation circ+ul]1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
circumcision [circum+cis/e+ion]1  ION DELE vd 
circumference [circum+fer1+ence]  VCC 
circumlocution [circum+loc2+ut]+ion]1  ION vd 
circumstance [circum+stance1  VCC cb 
citizen citiz+en]04  3VR 
civilization civ+il]1+iz/e]+ation]  DELE vd 
clarinet clar+in]01+et]1  CVC# cb 
classification class1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db cb 
clean clean  vd cb 
cleanliness clean+l/y]1+i2+ness]  vd y>i db cb 
cleanse clean+se]1  vd cb 
Cleveland Cleve+land  VCV cb 
client cli+ent]  V.V cb 
cling cling  VCC cb 
clone clone  VCV cb 
clothing cloth/e+ing]1  DELE c2 LCC cb 
clung clung  VCC cb 
coalition [co+al07+ition]  V.V ION vd 
cocaine coc3+a]2+ine]2  VCV vd 
codeine cod4+eine]  VCV vd 
coexistence [co+[ex+/sist+ence]  V.V VCC EXS 
coffin coff+in]01  VCC db 
cognitive [co+gnit+ive]  VCC 
coherence [co+her/e2+ence]  VCV DELE VrV 
cohesion [co+hes+ion]1  VCV vd 
coin coin  vd 
collection [co/m+l+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
colon col7+on]01  VCV 
colonel colon2+el]1   
colonial colon1+ial]  V.V 
colonialism colon1+ial]+ism]  VCV V.V VCC 
colony colon11+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
colorblindness color+blind+ness]  SCV LCC db cb 
column column1  SCV cs c2 
combination [com+bin/e2+ation]  DELE vd VCC 
combine [com+bine2  VCV 
combustion [com+bust4+ion]1  VCC vd 
coming com/e1+ing]1  SCV DELE 
command [com+mand1  VCC db cb 
commander [com+mand1+er]01  VCC db 
commence [com+mence  VCC db 
commend [com+mend2  VCC db cb 
comment [com+ment1  VCC db cb 
commission [com+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
commissioner [com+miss3+ion]1+er]01  VCC vd db 
common [com+mon2  VCC db 
commonly [com+mon2+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
commonwealth [com+mon2+weal+th]2  vd VCC CMP db 
communicable [com+munic+able]  VCV db 
communicate [com+munic+ate]1  VCV db 
communication [com+munic+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION db 
communion [com+mun/e+ion]1  VCV vd DELE db 
communism [com+mun/e+ism]  VCC DELE db 
communist [com+mun/e+ist]1  DELE VCC db cb 
community [com+mun/e+ity]  VCV DELE TYX CV# y>i db 
companion [com+pan2+ion]1  SIO SCV 
companionship [com+pan2+ion]1+ship]  SIO c2 
company [com+pan2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
comparison [com+par/e2+ison]1  DELE 
compensation [com+pens+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCC vd 
competent [com+pet/e+ent]  DELE VCC cb 
competition [com+petit+ion]1  ION vd 
complain [com+plain2  vd cb 
complaint [com+plain2+t]3  vd cb 
complexion [com+plex3+ion]1  vd VCC cb 
compliment [com+pli3+ment]  y>i VCC cb 
composition [com+pos/e1+ition]  vd VCC ION 
compound [com+pound4  vd cb 
comprehend [com+[pre+hend  VCC cb 
compulsion [com+puls/e+ion]1  VCC vd DELE 
conceal [co/m+n+ceal  vd ASSIM 
conceive [co/m+n+ceive  vd ASSIM 
concentrate [co/m+n+centr+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
concentration [co/m+n+centr+at/e]1+ion]1  vd VCC ION VCV ASSIM cb 
conception [co/m+n+cept+ion]1  VCC ASSIM vd 
concern [co/m+n+cern1  ASSIM cb 
concerned [co/m+n+cern1+ed]1  ASSIM cb 
concerning [co/m+n+cern1+ing]1  ASSIM 
concert [co/m+n+cert2  VCC ASSIM cb 
concerto [co/m+n+cert2+o]2  CV# ASSIM 
concession [co/m+n+cess1+ion]1  VCC ASSIM vd db 
conciseness [co/m+n+cise+ness]  VCV ASSIM db 
concision [co/m+n+cis/e+ion]1  ION DELE ASSIM vd 
conclude [co/m+n+clude  VCV ASSIM cb 
conclusion [co/m+n+clus+ion]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM cb 
concord [co/m+n+cord2  VCC ASSIM orC cb 
concrete [co/m+n+crete2  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
condemn [co/m+n+demn  VCC ASSIM cs c2 
condensation [co/m+n+dens/e+at/e]3+ion]1  VCC VCC vd DELE ASSIM 
condense [co/m+n+dense  VCC ASSIM 
condition [co/m+n+dit3+ion]1  ION ASSIM vd 
conditions [co/m+n+dit3+ion]1+s]8  ION ASSIM vd 
conduct [co/m+n+duct  VCC ASSIM cb 
conduction [co/m+n+duct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conductor [co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCC ASSIM 
cone cone  VCV 
Confederacy [co/m+n+feder+acy]  3VR ASSIM CV# y>i 
confederate [co/m+n+feder+ate]1  3VR ASSIM 
confederation [co/m+n+feder+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE ASSIM ION vd 
confer [co/m+n+fer1  NTR ASSIM 
conference [co/m+n+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM 
confess [co/m+n+fess1  VCC ASSIM db 
confession [co/m+n+fess1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
confide [co/m+n+fide  VCV ASSIM 
confidence [co/m+n+fid/e+ence]  DELE VCC ASSIM 
confident [co/m+n+fid/e+ent]  DELE VCC ASSIM cb 
confiding [co/m+n+fid/e+ing]1  DELE VCV ASSIM 
confine [co/m+n+fine3  VCV ASSIM 
confirm [co/m+n+firm  ASSIM cb 
confirmation [co/m+n+firm+ation]  VCC VCC vd ASSIM 
confirmed [co/m+n+firm+ed]1  ASSIM cb 
conflict [co/m+n+flict  VCC ASSIM cb 
conformity [co/m+n+form1+ity]  ASSIM CV# orC y>i 
confound [co/m+n+found2  vd ASSIM cb 
confront [co/m+n+front  VCC ASSIM cb 
confuse [co/m+n+fuse2  VCV ASSIM 
confusion [co/m+n+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV DELE vd ION ASSIM 
congenital [co/m+n+genit+al]1  3VR ASSIM 
conglomerate [co/m+n+glomer+ate]1  3VR ASSIM cb 
congratulate [co/m+n+gratul+ate]1  SCV VCV ASSIM cb 
congress [co/m+n+gress  VCC ASSIM db cb 
conjugal [co/m+n+jug2+al]1  VCC ASSIM 
conjunction [co/m+n+junct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conjunctivitis [co/m+n+junct+iv/e]+itis]  VCC VCV DELE ASSIM 
connect [co/m+n+nect  VCC ASSIM db cb 
Connecticut Connecticut  CVC# VCC db 
connection [co/m+n+nect+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
connective [co/m+n+nect+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
connotation [co/m+n+not/e+ation]  VCC VCV DELE ASSIM ION vd db 
conquer [co/m+n+quer1  VCC ASSIM 
conqueror [co/m+n+quer1+or]2  VCC ASSIM 
conquest [co/m+n+quest1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conscience [co/m+n+sci1+ence]  VCC vd ASSIM c2 
conscientious [co/m+n+sci1+ent]+ious]  VCC V.V ASSIM vt c2 
conscious [co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
consciousness [co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt ASSIM db 
consent [co/m+n+sent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
consequence [co/m+n+sequ1+ence]  VCC ASSIM cb 
consequently [co/m+n+sequ1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM cb 
conservation [co/m+n+serv/e1+ation]  VCC VCV ASSIM DELE vd ION 
conservatism [co/m+n+serv/e1+atism]  VCC DELE ASSIM 
conservative [co/m+n+serv/e1+ative]  DELE ASSIM 
conserve [co/m+n+serve1  ASSIM 
consider [co/m+n+sider1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerable [co/m+n+sider1+able]  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerably [co/m+n+sider1+abl/e]+y]4  FLR SCV DELE CV# ASSIM 
consideration [co/m+n+sider1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCV vd DELE ION ASSIM 
considered [co/m+n+sider1+ed]1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
consist [co/m+n+sist  VCC ASSIM cb 
consistency [co/m+n+sist+ency]  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i 
consonant [co/m+n+son2+ant]1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conspicuous [co/m+n+spic1+uous]  vd ASSIM cb 
conspiracy [co/m+n+spir/e1+acy]  DELE CV# ASSIM y>i cb 
constable con5+sta+ble]2  VCC cb 
constant [co/m+n+stant  VCC ASSIM cb 
constantly [co/m+n+stant+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM cb 
constellation [co/m+n+stell+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV ASSIM vd ION db cb 
constituent [co/m+n+stit1+uent]  3VR V.V ASSIM cb 
constitute [co/m+n+stit1+ute]  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
constitution [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
constitutional [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1+al]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
construct [co/m+n+struct  VCC ASSIM cb 
construction [co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM cb 
consul [co/m+n+sul  CVC# VCC ASSIM 
consult [co/m+n+sult2  VCC ASSIM cb 
consume [co/m+n+sume  VCV ASSIM 
consumer [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01  VCV DELE ASSIM 
consumerism [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01+ism]  VCV VCC ASSIM 
consumption [co/m+n+sumpt1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
contact [co/m+n+tact1  VCC ASSIM cb 
contagious [co/m+n+tag4+ious]  VCV vt ASSIM 
contain [co/m+n+tain1  vd ASSIM 
containing [co/m+n+tain1+ing]1  vd ASSIM 
containment [co/m+n+tain1+ment]  vd ASSIM cb 
contemplate [co/m+n+templ1+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
contemporary [co/m+n+tempor+ary]1  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i 
contempt [co/m+n+tempt2  VCC ASSIM cb 
contend [co/m+n+tend1  VCC ASSIM cb 
content [co/m+n+tent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
contented [co/m+n+tent2+ed]1  VCC ASSIM 
contents [co/m+n+tent2+s]3  VCC ASSIM cb 
contest [co/m+n+test2  VCC ASSIM cb 
continent [co/m+n+tin2+ent]  VCC ASSIM cb 
continental [co/m+n+tin2+ent]+al]1  VCC ASSIM 
continual [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+al]1  V.V DELE FLR SCV ASSIM 
continually [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+al]1+ly]1  V.V DELE FLR SCV SCV CV# ASSIM db 
continue [co/m+n+tin2+ue]1  CVe# ASSIM 
continuous [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+ous]  FLR SCV SCV vd V.V DELE ASSIM 
contraband [contra+band3  VCC cb 
contraception [contra+cept+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
contract [co/m+n+tract  VCC ASSIM cb 
contraction [co/m+n+tract+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM cb 
contralto [contr/a+alt1+o]2  VCC CV# cb 
contrary contr+ary]1  CV# y>i cb 
contrast [contra+st  VCC ASSIM cb 
contribute [co/m+n+trib2+ute]  SCV ASSIM cb 
contribution [co/m+n+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  ION VCV DELE vd ASSIM cb 
contrive [co/m+n+trive  VCV ASSIM cb 
control [cont+rol  CVC# X NTR cb 
convection [co/m+n+vect+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
convenience [co/m+n+ven/e1+ience]  DELE ASSIM 
convenient [co/m+n+ven/e1+ient]  DELE ASSIM cb 
convent [co/m+n+vent1  VCC ASSIM cb 
convention [co/m+n+vent1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conversation [co/m+n+vers/e1+ation]  DELE vd ASSIM 
converse [co/m+n+verse1  ASSIM 
convert [co/m+n+vert1  ASSIM cb 
convey [co/m+n+vey2  vd ASSIM 
convict [co/m+n+vict1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conviction [co/m+n+vict1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
convince [co/m+n+vince  VCC ASSIM 
convulsion [co/m+n+vuls/e+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
cooperation [co+oper3+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V DELE vd ION VCV 
coordinate [co+ordin+ate]1  V.V VCV orC 
coordination [co+ordin+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V VCV orC vd ION 
copulation cop5+ul]1+at/e]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
corn corn1  orC cb 
cornea corne+a]2  V.V CR# orC 
corned corn1+ed]1  orC cb 
corner corn2+er]04  orC 
Cornwallis Cornwallis  VCC orC db cb 
coronary coron+ary]2  VrV CV# y>i 
corporation corpor+at/e]2+ion]1  DELE vd ION orC 
correspond [co/m+r+[re+spond  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondence [co/m+r+[re+spond+ence]  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondent [co/m+r+[re+spond+ent]  VCC ASSIM Vrr db cb 
cortisone cortis+one]3  VCV orC 
cosmonaut cosmo+naut1  VCC vd 
cotton cotton  VCC db 
couldn't could+n't  vd CMP cs c2 
council [coun+cil1  vd 
counsel [coun+sel1  vd 
counselor [coun+sel1+or]2  vd 
count count1  vd cb 
countenance [coun+ten2+ance]  vd 
counter count1+er]04  vd 
counterculture [counter+cult1+ure]  vd VCC 
counterfeit [counter+feit  vd 
counterinsurgency [counter+[in2+surg2+ency]  vd CV# y>i 
counterpoint [counter+point  vd cb 
countless count1+less]  vd db cb 
country countr+y]3  vd CV# y>i cb 
countrymen countr+y]3+men1  vd cb 
county count2+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
cousin cousin  vd 
covalent [co+val1+ent]  VCV cb 
covenant [co+ven8+ant]1  3VR cb 
coyness coy1+ness]  vd db 
cranium crani+um]2  VCV V.V cb 
creation cre1+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V DELE vd ION VCV cb 
creationism cre1+at/e]1+ion]1+ism]  V.V VCV vd VCC cb 
crescendo cresc+end]+o]2  VCC CV# cb 
criminal crimin+al]1  3VR cb 
crimson crimson  VCC cb 
Cro-Magnon Cro-Magnon  CV# VCC cb 
crossbones cross+bone+s]3  VCC VCV db cb 
crossing cross+ing]1  VCC db cb 
crown crown  vd cb 
crucifixion cruci+fix+ion]1  VCV 3VR vd VCC cb 
crustacean crust+acean]  VCC VCV V.V vd cb 
cultivation cultiv+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCC VCV vd ION 
cunning cunn+ing]1  VCC db 
currency curr1+ency]  CV# Vrr y>I db 
current curr1+ent]  Vrr cb db 
curtain curt2+ain]  vd 
cushion cush1+ion]4  c2 vd VCC 
cutting cut1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
cybernetics cybern+etic]+s]3  VCV IC 
cyclone cycl+one]1  LCC VCV cb 
cyclotron cyclo+tron]  LCC CVC# cb 
cylinder cylinder  3VR 
dainty daint+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
damn damn  VCC cs c2 
damnation damn+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
damned damn+ed]1  VCC cs c2 
Dan Dan  CVC# 
dance dance  VCC RDEL 
dancer danc/e+er]01  VCC DELE 
dancing danc/e+ing]1  VCC DELE 
dander dander  VCC 
danger danger  LCC 
dangerous danger+ous]  LCC vd 
darken dark+en]03   
darkness dark+ness]  db cb 
darling dar1+ling]1   
darn darn1  cb 
dawn dawn  vd 
dealing deal1+ing]1  vd 
dean dean  vd 
decadence [de+cad2+ence]  3VR 
decent dec2+ent]  VCV cb 
decision [de+cis+ion]1  ION vd 
declaration [de+clar/e+ation]  DELE VCV vd VCC 
decline [de+cline  VCV cb 
decoration decor+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV DELE vd ION 
deduction [de+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
deepen deep+en]03  vd 
defend [de+fend  VCC cb 
defendant [de+fend+ant]1  VCC cb 
defender [de+fend+er]01  VCC 
defense [de+fense  VCC 
defiance [de+f/y1+iance]  y>i V.V 
define [de+fine3  VCV 
definite [de+fin/e3+ite]2  DELE 3VR 
definitely [de+fin/e3+ite]2+ly]1  DELE 3VR CV# 
deflation [de+flat/e+ion]1  VCV vd cb 
dehydration [de+hydr1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV VCr vd ION cb 
delusion [de+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd 
demand [de+mand1  VCC cb 
demonstrate [de+mon1+str]1+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
demonstration [de+mon1+str]1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV cb 
demonstrative [de+mon1+str]1+at/e]1+ive]  VCC cb 
den den1  CVC# NTR 
Denmark Denmark  cb 
denominator [de+nomin+at/e]1+or]2  VCV 
denotation [de+not/e+ation]  VCV vd 
denouement [de+noue+ment]  vt cb 
denounce [de+nounce  vd 
dense dense  VCC 
density densit+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
dentin dent2+in]03  VCC 
dentist dent2+ist]1  VCC cb 
deny [de+ny1  CV# y>i 
deoxyribonucleic [de+oxy2+ribo+nuc+le]3+ic]1  V.V VCV VCle V.V VCC cb 
department [de+part1+ment]  cb 
depend [de+pend  VCC cb 
dependent [de+pend+ent]  VCC cb 
depends [de+pend+s]2  VCC cb 
depletion [de+plet/e+ion]1  VCV ION vd cb 
depreciation [de+preci+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd cb 
depression [de+press+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
deprivation [de+priv/e+ation]  3VR VCV vd cb 
desalinization [de+sal1+in/e]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
descend [de+scend2  VCC cb 
descendant [de+scend2+ant]1  VCC cb 
descent [de+scent2  VCC cb 
description [de+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
design [de+sign1  LCC cs c2 
desperation [de+sper1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
destination [de+stin/e+ation]  VCC DELE vd 
destine [de+stine  VCC 
destiny [de+stin/e+y]3  VCC DELE CV# y>i 
destruction [de+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
detain [de+tain1  vd 
determination [de+term1+in/e]3+ation]  DELE vd VCV 
determine [de+term1+ine]3   
determined [de+term1+in/e]3+ed]1  DELE 
determinism [de+term1+in/e]3+ism]  VCC 
deterrence [de+ter2+r+ence]  db 
devaluation [de+val1+u/e]2+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
developing [de+velop+ing]1  FLR SCV 
development [de+velop+ment]  FLR SCV cb 
deviation [de+vi1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd 
devotion [de+vot/e+ion]1  VCV DELE vd ION 
diagonal [dia+gon1+al]1  V.V 
diamond diam+ond]2  V.V cb 
diction dict1+ion]1  VCC vd 
dictionary dict1+ion]1+ary]2  VCC vd CV# y>i 
didn't did+n't  CMP VCC 
difference [di/s+f+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
differences [di/s+f+fer1+enc/e]+es]2  VCC DELE ASSIM db 
different [di/s+f+fer1+ent]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
differentiation [di/s+f+fer1+ent]+iat/e]+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd db 
differently [di/s+f+fer1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM db 
diffraction [di/s+f+fract+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
diffusion [di/s+f+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV vd db 
digestion [di1+gest+ion]1  VCV VCC vd 
dignified dign+if/y]+i2+ed]1  y>i VCC vd 
dignity dign+ity]  VCC CV# y>i 
dilettante [di3+lett+ant]1+e]2  3VR db cb 
dimension [di1+mens2+ion]1  VCC vd 
diminish [di1+min1+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
diminishing [di1+min1+ish]2+ing]1  FLR SCV c2 
din din  CVC# NTR 
dine dine1  VCV RDEL 
dining din/e1+ing]1  VCV DELE 
dinner dinn+er]04  VCC db 
dinosaur dino1+saur1  VCV vd 
direction [di1+rect+ion]1  VCC vd 
disadvantage [dis+[ad+vant+age]  3VR VCC 
disappoint [dis+[a/d+p+point  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
disappointment [dis+[a/d+p+point+ment]  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
discern [dis+cern1  VCC cb 
discipline [dis+cip1+l/e]3+ine]3  DELE VCC c2 
discontent [dis+[co/m+n+tent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
discount [dis+count1  VCC vd cb 
discretion [dis+cret/e1+ion]1  SIO vd cb 
discussion [dis+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
disdain [dis+dain  vd 
disenfranchise [dis+[en1+franch+ise]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
dismount [dis+mount  vd cb 
disobedience [dis+[ob+edi1+ence]  SCV VCV V.V 
disposition [dis+pos/e1+ition]  VCC vd ION SCV 
dissident [dis+sid2+ent]  VCC db cb 
distance [di1+stance1  VCC 
distant [di1+stant  VCC cb 
distillation [di1+still2+at/e]3+ion]1  VCC VCV vd db 
distinct [di1+stinct  VCC cb 
distinction [di1+stinct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
distinctly [di1+stinct+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
distinguish [di1+stingu+ish]2  VCC c2 cb 
distinguished [di1+stingu+ish]2+ed]1  VCC c2 cb 
distribution [dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  ION VCV DELE vd cb 
disturbance [dis+turb1+ance]   
dividend [di1+vid/e1+end]  3VR cb 
divine div+ine]3  VCV 
division [di1+vis3+ion]1  vd ION SCV 
doctrine doctr+ine]1  VCC cb 
document doc1+ument]  3VR cb 
doesn't do1+es]1+n't  CMP vd 
domain dom1+ain]  VCV vd 
dominant domin1+ant]1  3VR cb 
dominate domin1+ate]1  3VR VCV 
dominion domin1+ion]1  3VR ION SCV 
domino domin1+o]1  3VR CV# 
don don1  CVC# NTR 
done done1  SCV 
donkey don4+key]  VCC vd 
donnybrook donnybrook  vd db cb 
don't do1+n't  LCC CMP 
down down1  vd 
downstairs down1+stair+s]3  CMP vd cb 
downward down1+ward]  vd cb 
dozen do3+zen2  FLR SCV 
draconian dracon+ian]  VCV V.V cb 
dragon drag2+on]01  FLR SCV cb 
drain drain  vd cb 
drank drank  VCC cb 
drawing draw+ing]1  vd cb 
drawn draw+n]1  vd cb 
drink drink  VCC cb 
driven driv/e+en]02  SCV DELE cb 
driving driv/e+ing]1  DELE VCV cb 
drown drown  vd cb 
drunk drunk  VCC cb 
drunken drunk+en]02  VCC cb 
dumping dump+ing]1  VCC 
dungeon dungeon  VCC vd 
duodenum duo+den2+um]1  V.V 3VR 
during dur5+ing]1  VrV 
dwelling dwell+ing]1  VCC db 
dying d/i/e1+y4+ing]1  i>y DELE V.V 
dynamics dynam1+ics]  IC 
dysentery [dys+enter2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
dΘtente [de+tent1+e]1  VCV cb 
eagerness eager+ness]  vd db 
earn earn  vd cb 
earnest earnest  vd cb 
earnestly earnest+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
eastern east+ern]2  vd cb 
eaten eat+en]02  vd 
eating eat+ing]1  vd 
economic eco+nom2+ic]1  3VR IC 
economy eco+nom2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
ecumenism ec1+umen]+ism]  SCV VCC 
edition [e/x+dit1+ion]1  ION SCV vd 
education [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
educational [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1+al]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
efficiency [e/x+f+fic1+iency]  3VR vd CV# ASSIM y>i db 
efficient [e/x+f+fic1+ient]  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
egocentric ego+centr+ic]1  VCV VCC CVC# cb CMP 
egomania ego+man2+ia]1  VCV V.V CMP 
Egyptian Egypt+ian]  VCV vd 
eighteen eigh/t+teen1  vd cs c3 CMP 
eighteenth eigh/t+teen1+th]1  vd cs c2 cb 
election [e/x+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd 
electromagnet electro+magnet  VCC cb 
electron electr+on]08  VCC cb 
electronic electr+on]08+ic]1  VCC SCV IC cb 
electroplating electro+plat/e+ing]1  VCC VCV cb 
elegant [e/x+leg4+ant]1  3VR cb 
element element  3VR cb 
elementary element+ary]1  FLR SCV VCC CV# y>i 
elephant eleph+ant]3  3VR c2 cb 
elevation [e/x+lev1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV 
eleven eleven  SCV 
eleventh eleven+th]1  SCV c2 cb 
eliminate [e/x+limin+ate]1  3VR VCV 
embezzlement [e/n1+m1+bezz+le]1+ment]  VCCle db cb 
emergency [e/x+merg/e+enc/e]+y]3  DELE CV# y>i 
eminence [e/x+min2+ence]  3VR 
eminent [e/x+min2+ent]  3VR cb 
emotion [e/x+mot/e1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
employment [e/n1+m1+ploy1+ment]  vd ASSIM cb 
enable [en1+able  VCle 
enamel [en1+amel  FLR SCV 
encephalitis [en2+cephal1+itis]  c2 VCV VCC 
enchant [en1+chant  VCC c2 cb 
enclose [en1+close  VCV cb 
encounter [en1+counter1  vd 
encourage [en1+cour1+age]  vd 
encouragement [en1+cour1+age]+ment]  vd cb 
encyclical [en2+cycl+ic]1+al]1  IC cb 
encyclopedia [en2+cyclo+ped2+ia]1  cb V.V VCC LCC VCV 
end end1  VCC cb 
endeavor [en1+deav+or]1  vd 
ended end1+ed]1  VCC 
ending end1+ing]1  VCC 
endless end1+less]  VCC db cb 
endocrine [endo+crine  VCC cb 
endomorph [endo+morph1  VCC c2 orC 
endorphins endorph+in]03+s]3  c2 VCC orC 
endothermic [endo+therm+ic]1  VCC c2 LCC 
endow [en1+dow1  vd 
endurance [en1+dur/e1+ance]  DELE 
endure [en1+dure1  VCC 
enemy [en4+em7+y]3  3VR SCV CV# y>i 
energy [en2+erg1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
enforce [en1+force1  VCC orC 
engage [en1+gage1  VCV 
engagement [en1+gage1+ment]  VCV cb 
engine [en2+gine  VCC 
engineer [en2+gin/e+eer]1  DELE VCC vd 
engineering [en2+gin/e+eer]1+ing]1  DELE VCC vd 
engines [en2+gine+s]3  VCC 
England Eng/l+land  VCC cb 
English Engl+ish]1  c2 VCC cb 
Englishman Engl+ish]1+man1  VCC CMP c2 cb 
engraving [en1+grav/e3+ing]1  VCC VCV cb 
enjoy [en1+joy  vd 
enjoyed [en1+joy+ed]1  vd 
enlarge [en1+large  cb 
Enlightenment [en1+light1+en]03+ment]  VCC LCC cs c3 cb 
enlist [en1+list1  VCC cb 
enormous [e/x+norm+ous]  vd orC 
enough enough  vd c2 
enrich [en1+rich  c2 VCC 
ensue [en1+sue1  CVe# 
entangle [en1+tangle  VCC 
enter enter1  VCC 
entered enter1+ed]1  VCC 
enterprise [enter+prise  VCV VCC cb 
entertain [enter+tain1  vd VCC 
entertainment [enter+tain1+ment]  vd VCC cb 
enthusiasm [en2+thus/e+iasm]  DELE c2 V.V VCC 
enthusiastic [en2+thus/e+iast]+ic]1  DELE c2 IC V.V VCC 
entire [en4+tire3  VrV 
entirely [en4+tire3+ly]1  VrV CV# 
entitle [en1+title  VCle 
entourage [en1+tour+age]  vd 
entrance entr+ance]  VCC cb 
entrepreneur [entre+pren+eur]  vd VCC cb 
entropy [en2+trop1+y]3  VCC CV# y>i cb 
entry entr+y]3  VCC CV# y>i cb 
envelope [en1+velope  VCC VCV 
environment [en1+vir6+on]01+ment]  VCV cb 
environmental [en1+vir6+on]01+ment]+al]1  VCV VCC 
envy [en2+vy  VCC CV# y>i 
enzyme [en2+zyme  VCC VCV 
epinephrine [epi+nephr+ine]2  3VR c2 VCC 
epiphany [epi+phan+y]3  3VR c2 CV# y>i VCC 
equation equ1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd cb 
equipment equip+ment]  VCC cb 
equivalent equi+val1+ent]  3VR cb 
erosion [e/x+ros/e3+ion]1  vd VCV ION 
errand errand  Vrr cb db 
escalation e4+scal1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
essence ess2+ence]  VCC db 
essential ess2+ent]+ial]  VCC vd db 
establishment e4+sta+bl/e]1+ish]2+ment]  DELE c2 cb 
estrogen estr+ogen  VCC cb 
etching etch+ing]1  ct VCC db 
eternal et1+ern]1+al]1   
eternity et1+ern]1+ity]  CV# y>i 
ethanol eth3+an/e]3+ol]1  3VR c2 VCC 
ethnicity ethn+ic]1+ity]  VCC TY c2 CV# y>i 
ethnocentrism ethno+centr+ism]  VCC VCV c2 cb 
ethnology ethno+logy  VCC 3VR c2 CV# y>i 
eugenics eu1+gen6+ics]  vd IC 
European Europ/e+ean]  vd DELE 
euthanasia eu1+than2+asia]1  vd c2 VCV 
evangelist ev2+angel+ist]1  VCC cb 
evaporation [e1+vap+or]1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV ION vd 
even even1  VCV 
evening even2+ing]2  VCV 
event [e/x+vent1  VCC cb 
events [e/x+vent1+s]3  VCC cb 
everlasting ever+last2+ing]1  SCV CMP VCC 
everyone ever+y2+one  CMP 
everything ever+y2+thing  CMP c2 
eviction [e1+vict1+ion]1  VCC vd 
evidence [e/x+vid1+ence]  3VR 
evident [e/x+vid1+ent]  3VR 
evidently [e/x+vid1+ent]+ly]1  3VR CV# cb 
evolution [e1+vol3+ut]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
examination [ex+am3+in/e]3+ation]  DELE vd 3VR 
examine [ex+am3+ine]3  FLR SCV 
exceedingly [ex+ceed+ing]1+ly]1  vd CV# 
excellent [ex+cell2+ent]  VCC db cb 
exception [ex+cept+ion]1  VCC vd 
exchange [ex+change  c2 LCC 
excitement [ex+cite+ment]  VCV cb 
exciting [ex+cit/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
exclamation [ex+clam2+ation]  VCC VCV vd cb 
execution [ex+/sec3+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV EXS VCC 
exhibition [ex+hib+it]2+ion]1  ION SCV IT vd VCC 
existence [ex+/sist+ence]  VCC EXS 
existentialism [ex+/sist+ent]+ial]+ism]  VCC vd 
expand [ex+pand  VCC cb 
expanding [ex+pand+ing]1  VCC 
expansion [ex+pans2+ion]1  VCC vd 
expatriation [ex+patri+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCr V.V VCV vd cb 
expectation [ex+/spect+ation]  VCC vd EXS 
expedition [ex+ped5+it/e]2+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV 
expenditure [ex+pend+iture]  VCC 
expense [ex+pense  VCC 
expensive [ex+pens/e+ive]  VCC DELE 
experience [ex+peri1+ence]  V.V VrV 
experiment [ex+peri1+ment]  cb 
experiments [ex+peri1+ment]+s]8  cb 
explain [ex+plain1  vd cb 
explained [ex+plain1+ed]1  vd cb 
explanation [ex+plan2+ation]  VCV vd cb 
exploration [ex+plor/e+ation]  VCV DELE vd cb 
explosion [ex+plos1+ion]1  VCV vd ION cb 
exponent [ex+pon2+ent]  VCC VCV cb 
exponential [ex+pon2+ent]+ial]  VCC vd 
exposition [ex+pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  vd DELE 
expression [ex+press+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
expressionism [ex+press+ion]1+ism]  VCC vd db cb 
expropriation [ex+propri+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCr V.V VCV vd cb 
extend [ex+tend1  VCC cb 
extension [ex+tens1+ion]1  VCC vd 
extensive [ex+tens1+ive]  VCC 
extent [ex+tent1  VCC cb 
external extern+al]1  VCC 
extinct [ex+/stinct  VCC EXS cb 
extortion [ex+tort1+ion]1  vd orC 
extradition [extra+dit/e1+ion]1  VCC ION vd cb 
extraordinary [extra+ordin+ary]1  CV# orC y>i cb 
extrasensory [extra+sens/e+ory]  VCC CV# cb 
extravagant [extra+vag1+ant]1  3VR cb 
faction fact1+ion]1  VCC vd 
Fahrenheit Fahrenheit  vd 
fain fain  vd 
faint faint  vd cb 
faintly faint+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
fallen fall1+en]02  db 
falling fall1+ing]1  db 
famine fam+ine]1  FLR SCV 
fan fan1  CVC# NTR 
fancied fan5+c/y]+i2+ed]1  VCC y>i vd 
fancy fan5+cy]  VCC CV# y>i 
fantastic fant2+ast]1+ic]1  VCC IC 
farming farm+ing]1   
fascinating fascin+at/e]1+ing]1  VCC DELE VCV c2 
fashion fash+ion]1  VCC c2 vd 
fashionable fash+ion]1+able]  VCC c2 vd 
fasten fast1+en]03  VCC cs c2 
fastening fast1+en]03+ing]1  VCC cs c2 
fauna faun+a]2  vd CR# 
fawn fawn  vd 
featherbedding feather+bed+d2+ing]1  vd CTR VCC db 
federation feder+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE 3VR vd ION VCV 
feeling feel+ing]1  vd 
feelings feel+ing]1+s]3  vd 
felony fel4+on]01+y]3  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
feminism femin+ism]  3VR VCC 
fence fence  VCC RDEL 
fencing fenc/e+ing]1  VCC DELE 
fermentation fer6+ment]+ation]  VCV vd 
fern fern  cb 
fertilization fert+il/e]1+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd 
fiction fict+ion]1  VCC vd 
fifteen fif+teen1  VCC vd 
fighting fight+ing]1  cs c3 
filling fill1+ing]1  VCC db 
fin fin1  CVC# NTR 
final fin4+al]1  VCV 
finally fin4+al]1+ly]1  VCV CV# db 
finance fin3+ance]  VCV 
financial fin3+anc/e]+ial]  DELE VCV vd VCC 
find find  LCC cb 
finders find+er]01+s]3  LCC 
finding find+ing]1  LCC 
fine fine2  VCV RDEL 
finely fine1+ly]1  VCV CV# 
finger finger  VCC 
fingering finger+ing]1  VCC 
fingerprint finger+print  VCC cb CMP 
finish fin4+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
finished fin4+ish]2+ed]1  FLR SCV c2 
fisherman fish1+er]01+man1  CMP c2 VCC 
fishing fish1+ing]1  c2 VCC 
fission fiss+ion]1  VCC vd db 
flank flank  VCC cb 
flashing flash+ing]1  VCC c2 cb 
flattering flat2+t+er]08+ing]1  VCC db cb 
fling fling  VCC cb 
Florence Flor+ence]  VrV cb 
flung flung  VCC cb 
fluorescent fluor1+esc/e]+ent]  vd VCC cb 
fluorocarbons fluoro1+carb1+on]01+s]  vd cb 
following follow+ing]1  vd VCC db 
fond fond1  VCC cb 
fonder fond1+er]02  VCC 
footprint foot1+print  vd VCC cb CMP 
forbidden [for1+bid1+d2+en]02  CTR VCC db 
foreign for2+eign]  vd VrV cs c2 
foreigner for2+eign]+er]01  vd VrV cs c2 
forewarned [fore+warn+ed]1  VrV cb 
forging forg/e+ing]1  DELE orC 
forgiveness [for1+give+ness]  SCV orC db 
forgotten [for1+got1+t+en]02  CTR VCC orC db 
forlorn [for1+lor2+n]1  orC cb 
formation form1+ation]  VCV vd orC 
fornication fornic+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd orC 
forsaken [for1+sake1+n]1  VCV orC 
fortnight fort3+night  cs c3 CMP orC cb 
fortunate fort2+un/e]1+ate]2  DELE orC 
fortunately fort2+un/e]1+ate]2+ly]1  DELE CV# orC 
fortune fort2+une]1  orC 
found found1  vd cb 
foundation found1+ation]  vd 
founder found1+er]01  vd 
fountain fount+ain]  vd 
fourteen four1+teen1  vd CMP 
fraction fract+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
fragment frag1+ment]  VCC cb 
fragrance fragr+ance]  VCr cb 
fragrant fragr+ant]1  VCr cb 
franc franc  VCC cb 
France France  VCC cb 
franchise franch+ise]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
Francis Francis  VCC cb 
frank frank1  VCC cb 
frankincense frank1+[in2+cense  VCC CMP cb 
Franklin frank1+lin]1  VCC cb 
frankly frank1+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
frantic fran+tic]  VCC cb 
freeman free+man1  vd CVC# CMP cb 
freezing freez/e+ing]1  vd cb 
French French  VCC c2 cb 
Frenchman French+man  CMP VCC c2 cb 
frequency frequ+ency]  CV# y>i cb 
frequent frequ+ent]  LCC cb 
frequently frequ+ent]+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
friction frict+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
friend friend  vd cb 
friendly friend+ly]3  vd CV# y>i cb 
friendship friend+ship]  vd c2 cb 
frighten fright+en]03  cs c3 cb 
frightened fright+en]03+ed]1  cs c3 cb 
fringe fringe1  VCC cb 
front front  VCC cb 
frontier front+ier]1  VCC vd cb 
frown frown  vd cb 
frozen froz/e+en]02  DELE cb 
fun fun1  CVC# NTR 
function funct+ion]1  VCC vd 
functionalism funct+ion]1+al]1+ism]  VCC vd 
fund fund1  VCC cb 
fundamental fund1+ament]+al]1  VCC 
fundamentalism fund1+ament]+al]1+ism]  VCC 
funeral funer+al]1  VCV 
fungi fung1+i]1  VCC CV# 
fungus fung1+us]1  VCC 
funnel funnel  VCC db 
funny fun1+n+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
furnace furn2+ace]   
furnish furn1+ish]2  c2 
furniture furn1+iture]   
furring fur1+r+ing]1  CTR Vrr db 
fusion fus/e2+ion]1  VCV vd 
gain gain1  vd 
gallant gall03+ant]1  VCC db cb 
gallon gallon  VCC db 
gallstone gall01+stone  VCV CMP db cb 
galvanize galvan+ize]  VCC VCV 
gang gang1  VCC 
gangrene gangr+ene]2  VCV cb 
garden gard2+en]04   
gardener gard2+en]04+er]01   
garland garland  cb 
garment gar5+ment]  cb 
garnish garn1+ish]2  c2 
garrison garr1+ison]2  Vrr db 
gasoline gas1+ol]1+ine]2  SCV 
gastrointestinal gastro+intes+tin/e]+al]1  VCC 
gathering gather+ing]1  VCC c2 
gauntlet gaunt2+let]  vd cb 
gender gend+er]04  VCC 
gene gene  VCV 
general gener+al]1  3VR 
generally gener+al]1+ly]1  3VR CV# db 
generation gener+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV 
generator gener+at/e]1+or]2  3VR VCV 
generosity gener+os]2+ity]  3VR CV# TY y>i 
generous gener+ous]  3VR vd 
genesis gen6+esis]  3VR CVC# 
genetics gen6+etic]+s]3  IC 
Geneva Geneva  VCV CR# 
genitals genit+al]1  3VR 
genius geni+us]1  VCV 
genocide gen6+ocide  3VR VCV 
genre gen1+re]2  CR# 
Gentile gent1+ile]1  VCC VCV 
gentle gent1+le]2  VCC 
gentleman gent1+le]2+man1  CMP VCC 
gently gent1+l/e]2+y]4  VCC DELE CV# 
genuine genu1+ine]1  V.V 
genus gen1+us]1  VCV 
German Germ+an]1   
Germany Germ+an]1+y]3  CV# y>i 
gerontocracy ger2+ont]+ocrac+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
gerrymander gerry+mander  VCC Vrr cb db 
gerund ger1+und]2  cb 
getting get1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
giant gi1+ant]3  V.V cb 
gigantic gig3+ant]3+ic]1  VCC IC 
ginger ginger  VCC 
given give+n]1  SCV 
glance glance  VCC cb RDEL 
gland gland1  VCC cb 
glen glen1  CVC# cb 
glisten glist+en]10  VCC cs c2 cb 
gnat gnat  CVC# cs c2 
gnaw gnaw  vd cs c2 
goblin goblin  VCC 
godliness god1+l/y]3+i2+ness]  3VR db 
going go1+ing]1  V.V 
golden gold+en]01  LCC 
gonads gon2+ad]1+s]3  VCC VCV 
gone gone1  SCV 
gonorrhea gono+rrhe+a]2  3VR ct V.V ct 
goodness good1+ness]  vd db 
govern govern  FLR SCV cb 
government govern+ment]  FLR SCV cb 
governor govern+or]2  FLR SCV 
gown gown  vd 
grain grain  vd cb 
grand grand  VCC cb 
grandfather grand+father  VCC CMP c2 cb 
grandma grand+ma1  CMP VCC CR# cb 
grandmother grand+mother  CMP VCC c2 cb 
granite gran1+ite]1  SCV cb 
grant grant  VCC cb 
gravitation gravit+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd cb 
greatness great+ness]  vd db cb 
green green  vd cb 
greenhouse green+house  vd CMP cb 
greeting greet+ing]1  vd cb 
grind grind  LCC cb 
grindstone grind+stone  LCC VCV CMP cb 
gringo gring+o]2  VCC CV# cb 
groan groan  vd cb 
ground ground1  vd cb 
groundwater ground1+water  vd cb CMP 
grown grow+n]1  vd cb 
grunt grunt  VCC cb 
guarantee guar2+ant]3+ee]2  vd 
guardian guard+ian]  V.V 
guidance guid/e+ance]  VCV DELE 
guillotine guillotin+e]1  VCC VCV db 
gun gun1  CVC# NTR 
gunboat gun1+boat  vd CMP 
gung ho gung+ho  VCC CV# 
hadn't had1+n't  CMP VCC 
halcyon halcy+on]01  VCC V.V 
Halloween hall2+ow]+een  CMP VCC vd db 
hallucination hallucin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd db 
hallucinogen hallucin+ogen  VCV db 
Hamilton Hamilton  3VR 
hand hand  VCC cb 
handful hand+ful]  VCC cb 
handicap hand+i4+cap1  CMP VCC CVC# NTR 
handkerchief hand+ker1+chief1  VCC vd CMP c2 
handle hand+le]3  VCC 
handsome hand+some]1  VCC 
handwriting hand+writ/e+ing]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
handy hand+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
hang hang1  VCC 
hanging hang1+ing]1  VCC 
happen hap+p+en]03  VCC db 
happened hap+p+en]03+ed]1  VCC db 
happiness hap+p+/y]1+i2+ness]  VCC CTR y>i db 
harden hard+en]03   
hardening hard+en]03+ing]1   
harmony harmon+y]3  CV# y>i 
harness har2+ness2  db 
hasn't has1+n't  VCC CMP 
hasten hast/e+en]03  DELE cs c2 
haunt haunt  vd cb 
haunted haunt+ed]1  vd 
haven hav+en]13  VCV 
haven't have+n't  CMP SCV 
having hav/e+ing]1  SCV DELE 
headlong head+long]  vd CMP 
hearing hear+ing]1  vd 
heartburn heart+burn1  vd cb CMP 
heathen heath+en]13  vd c2 
heaven heav+en]13  vd 
heavenly heav+en]13+ly]3  vd CV# y>i 
hedonism hedon+ism]  3VR 
helping help+ing]1  VCC 
hemoglobin hemo+glob+in]03  3VR VCV cb 
hen hen1  CVC# 
hence hence  VCC 
henceforth hence+forth  c2 VCC CMP orC cb 
Henry henry  VCC CV# y>i 
hernia hern1+ia]1  V.V 
herring herring  Vrr db 
hesitation hesit+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV 
heterogeneity hetero+gen6+eity]  3VR V.V CV# y>i 
hexagon hexa1+gon1  VCC CVC# 
hibernate hibern+ate]1  VCV 
hibernation hibern+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd 
hidden hid1+d2+en]02  VCC CTR db 
highland high1+land  CMP cb c2 
highness high1+ness]  db 
hind hind1  LCC cb 
hinder hind3+er]03  VCC 
Hinduism hindu+ism]  VCC 
hinge hinge  VCC 
hinged hing/e+ed]1  VCC DELE 
hint hint1  VCC cb 
historian histor+ian]  y>i V.V VrV 
hoarding hoard+ing]1  vd 
hobgoblin hob2+goblin  CVC# VCC CMP? 
holding hold1+ing]1  LCC 
Holland holland  VCC db cb 
hominid homin+id]4  3VR CVC# 
homogeneity homo+gen6+eity]  VCV V.V CV# y>i 
homonym hom1+onym  3VR CVC# 
homophone homo1+phone1  3VR VCV c2 
honestly hon1+est]3+ly]1  FLR SCV CV# 
honesty hon1+est]3+y]3  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
honey honey  SCV vd 
honeyed honey+ed]1  SCV vd 
honor hon1+or]1  SCV 
honorable hon1+or]1+able]  SCV 
horizon horiz+on]01  VCV 
hormone horm+one]3  VCV orC 
horn horn1  orC cb 
horseman horse+man1  CMP orC 
hound hound1  vd cb 
Houston Houston  vd cb 
human human  VCV 
humanist human+ist]1  VCV cb 
humanitarianism human+it/y]+arian]+ism]  VCV 3VR V.V VCC VrV 
humanities human+it/y]+i2+es]2  VCV vd 
humanity human+ity]  VCV CV# y>i 
hundred hund1+red2  VCC cb 
hung hung  VCC 
hunger hung2+er]05  VCC 
hungry hung2+y]1  VCC CV# PELE y>i cb 
hunt hunt  VCC cb 
hunter hunt+er]01  VCC 
hunters hunt+er]01+s]3  VCC 
hunting hunt+ing]1  VCC 
hurricane hurricane  VCV Vrr db 
husband hus+band5  VCC cb 
hybridization hybrid+iz/e]+ation]  VCr VCV vd cb 
hydrocarbon hydro1+carb1+on]01  VCr cb 
hydrogen hydro1+gen6  VCr cb 
hydroponics hydro1+pon4+ics]  VCr IC cb 
hymen hymen  VCV 
hymn hymn  VCC cs c2 
hypersensitivity [hyper+sensit+iv/e]+ity]  VCV VCC TY CV# y>i 
hypertension [hyper+tens1+ion]1  VCV VCC vd 
hyphen [hyp1+hen2  c2 LCC 
hypnosis hypn+osis]  3VR VCV 
hypochondriac [hypo+chondri+ac]4  VCV c2 V.V cb 
hypotenuse [hypo+ten5+use]  3VR VCV 
icon icon1  VCV 
identical ident+ic]1+al]1  VCC IC 
identify ident+ify]  VCC CV# y>i 
identity ident+ity]  VCC CV# y>i 
igneous ign+eous]  VCC V.V vd 
ignorance [i+gnor/e+ance]  DELE VCC 
ignorant [i+gnor/e+ant]1  DELE VCC cb 
ignore [i+gnore  VCC VrV 
Illinois Illinois  VCC vd db 
illness ill+ness]  VCC db 
illuminate [i/n2+l+lum+in/e]3+ate]1  VCV ASSIM db 
illusion [i/n2+l+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM db 
illustration [i/n2+l+lustr+at/e]+ion]1  VCC DELE vd db cb 
imaginary im1+ag/e]+in/e]3+ary]1  FLR SCV DELE CV# 
imagination im1+ag/e]+in/e]3+ation]  FLR SCV DELE vd 
imagine im1+ag/e]+ine]3  FLR SCV DELE 
imitation imit+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE VCV vd ION 
immense [i/n1+m1+mense  VCC ASSIM db 
immigrant [i/n2+m1+migr+ant]1  VCC ASSIM db cb 
immigration [i/n2+m1+migr+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd db cb 
immune [i/n1+m1+mune  VCV db 
immunity [i/n1+m1+mun/e+ity]  TYX CV# y>i db 
immunization [i/n1+m1+mun/e+iz/e]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db 
impatient [i/n1+m1+pat2+ient]  VCV vd ASSIM cb 
impeachment [i/n2+m1+peach2+ment]  vd c2 cb 
impedance [i/n2+m1+ped/e2+ance]  VCV 
impediment [i/n2+m1+ped/e2+iment]  3VR cb 
implement [i/n2+m1+ple2+ment]  VCC ASSIM cb 
importance [i/n2+m1+port1+ance]  ASSIM orC 
important [i/n2+m1+port1+ant]1  ASSIM orC cb 
impression [i/n2+m1+press+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
impressionism [i/n2+m1+press+ion]1+ism]  VCC vd db cb 
imprison [i/n3+m1+pris1+on]01  FLR SCV ASSIM cb 
imprisonment [i/n3+m1+pris1+on]01+ment]  FLR SCV ASSIM cb 
improvement [i/n3+m1+prove+ment]  VCV ASSIM cb 
in in1  VC# NTR 
incarnation [in2+carn1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd 
incense [in2+cense  VCC 
incest [in1+cest2  VCC cb 
inch inch  VCC c2 cb 
incident [in2+cid+ent]  VCC cb 
incisors [in2+cis/e+or]2+s]3  VCV 
inclination [in2+clin/e+ation]  VCV DELE vd VCC cb 
incline [in2+cline  VCV cb 
inclose [in3+close  VCV cb 
include [in2+clude  VCV cb 
included [in2+clud/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
includes [in2+clude+s]2  VCV cb 
including [in2+clud/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
income in1+come1  VCC SCV CMP 
incorporate [in2+corpor+ate]1  VCV orC 
increase [in2+crease2  vd cb 
increased [in2+creas/e2+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
incredible [in1+cred+ible]  3VR cb 
incubation [in2+cub3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
incubator [in2+cub3+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
incumbent [in2+cumb1+ent]  VCC cb 
indeed in1+deed  vd CMP 
indefinite [in1+[de+fin/e3+ite]2  3VR 
indemnity [in1+demn+ity]  VCC CV# y>i 
indentation [in2+dent2+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
indentured [in2+dent2+ur/e]+ed]1  VCC 
independence [in1+[de+pend+ence]  VCC 
independent [in1+[de+pend+ent]  VCC cb 
index [in2+dex2  VCC VCC 
India Ind+ia]1  VCC V.V 
Indian Ind+ian]1  VCC V.V 
Indiana Ind+ian]1+a]2  VCC V.V SCV CR# 
indicate [in2+dic2+ate]1  VCC VCV 
indicated [in2+dic2+at/e]1+ed]1  VCC VCV DELE 
indication [in2+dic2+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV DELE vd ION 
indictment [in2+dict1+ment]  LCC cb 
Indies Ind+/y]3+i2+es]2  VCC vd y>i 
indifference [in1+[di/s+f+fer1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
indifferent [in1+[di/s+f+fer1+ent]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
indignation [in1+dign+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
indirect [in1+[di1+rect  VCC cb 
indispensable [in1+[dis+pens/e+able]  DELE VCC cb 
individual [in1+[di1+vid/e1+ual]  V.V 3VR VCC 
individualism [in1+[di1+vid/e1+ual]+ism]  VCC 3VR V.V 
indoors in1+door+s]3  CMP vd 
induce [in2+duce  VCV 
inductance [in2+duct+ance]  VCC 
induction [in2+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
indulge [in2+dulge  VCC 
industrial [indu+str/y+i2+al]1  y>i VCC V.V cb 
industrious [indu+str/y+ious]  y>i VCC V.V vd cb 
industry [indu+stry  VCC CV# y>i cb 
inelastic [in1+elast+ic]1  SCV VCC 
inert [in1+ert2  SCV cb 
inertia [in1+ert2+ia]1  vd 
inevitable [in1+[e/x+vit2+able]  3VR 
infallible [in1+fall2+ible]  VCC db 
infamy [in1+fam/e+y]3  SCV CV# y>i 
infant [in1+fant1  VCC cb 
infantry [in1+fant1+ry]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
infection [in2+fect+ion]1  VCC vd 
infectious [in2+fect+ious]  VCC vt 
inference [in2+fer1+ence]  VCC 
inferior inf2+erior]  V.V VrV 
infinite [in1+fin2+ite]2  VCC 
infinitive [in1+fin2+it/e]2+ive]  3VR 
inflammation [in2+flamm+ation]  VCC VCV vd db cb 
inflation [in2+flat/e+ion]1  VCV vd cb 
inflection [in2+flect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
inflict [in2+flict  VCC cb 
influence [in2+flu1+ence]  V.V VCC cb 
influenza [in2+flu1+enza]  VCC V.V CR# cb 
inform [in2+form1  orC cb 
information [in2+form1+ation]  VCV vd 
infrared [infra+red1  VCC CVC# cb 
ingenious [in2+geni+ous]  V.V vd VCV vd 
ingenuity [in2+genu1+ity]  V.V VCC CV# TYX y>i 
ingredient [in2+gred+ient]  VCV V.V cb 
inhabit [in2+hab1+it]2  SCV IT 
inhabitant [in2+hab1+it]2+ant]1  SCV IT cb 
inherit [in1+herit   
inheritance [in1+herit+ance]  SCV 
inhibition [in2+hib+it]2+ion]1  VCC ION vd 
initial [in2+it2+ial]  3SR vd 
initiative [in2+it2+iat/e]+ive]  DELE 3VR vd 
injunction [in2+junct+ion]1  VCC vd 
injure [in1+jure  VCC 
injury [in1+jur/e+y]3  VCC DELE CV# y>i 
injustice [in1+just1+ice]  VCC 
ink ink1  VCC cb 
inland in1+land  VCC cb 
inn inn  VCC SWR db 
inner in1+n+er]02  VCC CTR db 
inning in1+n+ing]2  CTR VCC db 
innocence [in1+noc+ence]  VCC db 
innocent [in1+noc+ent]  VCC db cb 
innumerable [in1+numer+able]  VCV db 
inoculation [in2+ocul+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
inorganic [in1+organ+ic]1  SCV IC 
inquire [in2+quire1  VrV cb 
inquiry [in2+quir/e1+y]3  VrV DELE CV# y>i cb 
inquisition [in2+quis+it]2+ion]1  VCC ION vd cb 
insane [in1+sane  VCV 
insanity [in1+san/e+ity]  DELE TY 
inscription [in2+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
insect [in2+sect1  VCC cb 
insects [in2+sect1+s]3  VCC cb 
insert [in2+sert1  cb 
inside in1+side1  VCV CMP 
insider in1+sid/e1+er]01  VCV 
insist [in2+sist  VCC cb 
insomnia [in1+somn+ia]1  VCC V.V 
inspect [in2+spect  VCC cb 
inspection [in2+spect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
inspector [in2+spect+or]2  VCC cb 
inspiration [in2+spir/e1+ation]  DELE VCV vd cb 
inspire [in2+spire1  VrV cb 
install [in2+stall2  db cb 
installment [in2+stall2+ment]  db cb 
instance [in2+stance1  VCC cb 
instant [in2+stant  VCC cb 
instantly [in2+stant+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
instead in1+stead  vd CMP cb 
instinct [in2+stinct  VCC cb 
institute [in2+stit1+ute]  VCC cb 
institution [in2+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV cb 
instruct [in2+struct  VCC cb 
instruction [in2+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
instrument [in2+stru+ment]  VCC cb 
instruments [in2+stru+ment]+s]3  VCC cb 
insulate insul+ate]1  VCC VCV 
insulator insul+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
insulin insul+in]03  VCC 
insult [in2+sult1  VCC cb 
insurance [in3+sur/e+ance]  DELE VrV 
insure [in3+sure  VrV 
integer [in1+teg1+er]04  VCC 
integrate [in1+tegr+ate]1  VCC VCV cb 
integration [in1+tegr+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
intellect [inte/r+l+lect5  VCC db cb 
intellectual [inte/r+l+lect5+ual]  VCC V.V ASSIM db 
intelligence [inte/r+l+lig1+ence]  VCC ASSIM db 
intelligent [inte/r+l+lig1+ent]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
intelligentsia [inte/r+l+lig1+ents]+ia]3  VCC V.V db 
intend [in2+tend1  VCC cb 
intense [in2+tense1  VCC 
intensity [in2+tens/e1+ity]  VCC DELE CV# y>i 
intensive [in2+tens/e1+ive]  VCC 
intent [in2+tent1  VCC cb 
intention [in2+tent1+ion]1  VCC vd 
intercontinental [inter+[co/m+n+tin2+ent]+al]1  VCC 
interdependence [inter+[de+pend+ence]  VCC 
interest [inter+est2  VCC cb 
interesting [inter+est2+ing]1  VCC 
interfere [inter+fere1  VrV VCC 
interference [inter+fer/e1+ence]  VrV DELE VCC 
interferon [inter+fer/e1+on]09  VCC VrV 
interior int+erior]  V.V VrV 
interjection [inter+ject+ion]1  VCC vd 
intermediate [inter+medi+ate]2  VCC VCV V.V 
internal intern1+al]1   
international [inter+nat1+ion]1+al]1  SIO SCV vd 
internationalism [inter+nat1+ion]1+al]1+ism]  VCC 3VR vd 
interpret [inter+pret  cb 
interpretation [inter+pret+ation]  VCV vd cb 
interrogative [inter+rog+at/e]1+ive]  3VR db 
interrupt [inter+rupt  VCC db cb 
intersect [inter+sect1  VCC cb 
interstate [inter+state  VCC VCV cb 
interval [inter+val4  VCC 
intervene [inter+vene1  VCV VCC 
interview [inter+view  vd VCC 
intestines intes+tine]+s]3  VCC 
intimate in1+tim]+ate]1  VCC 
into in1+to1  VCC CV# CMP 
intransitive [in1+[trans+it2+ive]  VCC cb 
intrauterine [intra+uter2+ine]1  V.VX VCV cb 
intravenous [intra+ven1+ous]  VCC VCV vd cb 
introduce [intro+duce  VCV VCC cb 
introduction [intro+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
introspection [intro+spect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
introvert [intro+vert1  VCC cb 
invade [in2+vade  VCV 
invalid [in1+val1+id]2  VCC 
invariably [in1+vari3+abl/e]+y]4  V.V CV# DELE VrV cb 
invasion [in2+vas2+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
invent [in2+vent1  VCC 
invented [in2+vent1+ed]1  VCC 
invention [in2+vent1+ion]1  VCC vd 
inventor [in2+vent1+or]2  VCC 
inventory [in2+vent1+ory]  VCC CV# VrV y>i 
inverse [in2+verse  cb 
inversion [in2+vers/e+ion]1  vd 
invertebrate [in1+vert2+ebr]+ate]2  cb 
invest [in2+vest1  VCC cb 
investigate [in2+vestig+ate]1  VCC VCV 
investigation [in2+vestig+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC DELE vd ION VCV 
investment [in2+vest1+ment]  VCC cb 
investor [in2+vest1+or]2  VCC 
invisible [in1+vis2+ible]  3VR 
invitation [in2+vit/e+ation]  VCV vd DELE VCC 
invite [in2+vite  VCV 
involve [in2+volve  VCC 
inward in1+ward]  VCC cb 
ion ion1  V.V 
ionic ion1+ic]1  V.V IC 
ionize ion1+ize]  V.V VCV 
ionosphere iono+sphere  V.V c2 VrV CMP cb 
Iran Iran  VCV 
Ireland Ire+land  VrV cb 
iron iron1  VCV 
irony iron2+y]3  VCV CV# y>i 
irrational [i/n1+r+rat4+ion]1+al]1  3VR Vrr vd SIO db 
irrelevant [i/n1+r+[re+lev1+ant]1  ASSIM 3VR cb db 
irrigation [i/n2+r+rig2+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd Vrr db 
island is4+land  LCC cs c2 
islands is4+land+s]3  LCC cb 
isn't is1+n't  CMP VCC 
isolationism isol+at/e]1+ion]1+ism]  VCV vd VCC 
Italian Ital+/y]3+i2+an]  y>i 
Jackson Jack+son  VCC CMP db 
Jane Jane  VCV 
January Jan+uary]2  3VR SCV CV# 
Japan Japan  CVC# 
Japanese Japan+ese]1  3VR VCV 
jargon jargon   
jaundice jaund+ice]  vd 
jeans jean+s]3  vd 
Jefferson Jeffer+son  VCC db 
jingoism jingo+ism]  VCC V.V 
John John1  vd 
Johnson John1+son  vd CMP 
join join  vd 
joint join+t]3  vd cb 
journal journ+al]1  vd 
journalism journ+al]1+ism]  vd VCC 
journey journ+ey]2  vd 
journeyman journ+ey]2+man1  vd 
judgement judge+ment]  VCC db cb 
juggernaut jugger+naut2  VCC vd db 
June June  VCV 
jungle jungle  VCC 
junior jun+ior]1  VCV 
junta junt+a]2  CR# 
jurisprudence juris+prud+ence]  VCV VrV cb 
justification just1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
kangaroo kangaroo  VCC vd 
Kansas Kansas  VCC 
keen keen1  vd 
keeping keep+ing]1  vd 
Kentucky Kentucky  VCC CV# db 
kidnap kid1+nap2  VCC CVC# CMP NTR 
kidney kid2+ney2  VCC vd 
kin kin1  CVC# 
kind kind1  LCC cb 
kindle kind3+le]1  VCCle 
kindly kind1+ly]3  LCC CV# y>i cb 
kindness kind1+ness]  LCC db cb 
kindred kind2+red]  VCC cb 
kinetic kinet+ic]1  IC 
king king  VCC 
kingdom king+dom]  VCC 
kings king+s]8  VCC 
kitchen kitch+en]04  VCC ct db 
kitten kit2+t+en]07  VCC db 
kleptomania klepto+man2+ia]1  VCC VCV V.V 
knave knave  VCV cs c2 
knee knee  vd cs c2 
kneel kneel  vd cs c2 
knelt knelt  VCC cs c2 cb 
knew knew  vd cs c2 
knife knife  VCV cs c2 RDEL 
knight knight  cs c2 c3 
knit knit  CVC# NTR cs c2 
knitting knit+t+ing]1  CTR VCC cs c2 db 
knock knock1  VCC cs c2 db 
knot knot  CVC# NTR cs c2 
know know  vd cs c2 
knowing know+ing]1  vd cs c2 
knowledge know+ledge]  vd cs c2 db 
known know+n]1  vd cs c2 
Koran Koran  CVC# 
labyrinth labyrinth  3VR VCC c2 cb 
laden lad/e+en]02  DELE 
lament lament  VCC cb 
lance lance1  VCC 
land land  VCC cb 
landlord land+lord1  CMP VCC orC cb 
landscape land+scape2  VCC VCV CMP cb 
lane lane  VCV 
language langu1+age]  VCC 
lantern lantern  VCC cb cb 
larceny larcen+y]3  CV# y>i 
larynx larynx  VCC 
lasting last2+ing]1  VCC 
latency lat3+ency]  VCV CV# y>i 
latent lat3+ent]  VCV cb 
Latin Latin  SCV 
laughing laugh+ing]1  vd c2 
launch launch  vd c2 cb 
lavender lavender  3VR 
lawn lawn  vd 
leading lead1+ing]1  vd 
lean lean1  vd 
leaning lean1+ing]1  vd 
learn learn  vd cb 
learned learn+ed]1  vd cb 
learning learn+ing]1  vd 
leaving leav/e1+ing]1  vd DELE 
left-wing left-wing  VCC cb 
legend leg4+end]  FLR SCV cb 
legion leg4+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
legionnaire leg4+ionn]+aire]  VCV vd db 
legislation legis+lat/e2+ion]1  DELE 3VR VCV vd ION cb 
lemon lemon  FLR SCV 
lend lend  VCC cb 
lender lend+er]01  VCC 
length leng+th]2  c2 VCC 
lens lens  VCC 
Lent lent1  VCC cb 
leprechaun leprechaun  SCr c2 vd 
lesbian lesb+ian]  VCC V.V 
lessen less1+en]03  VCC db 
lesson less3+on]01  VCC db 
lessons less3+on]01+s]3  VCC db 
liaison li2+aison]  V.V vd CVC# 
liberation liber2+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
license lic3+ense]  VCV 
lien li2+en]04  vd 
lieutenant lieu1+ten2+ant]1  vt FLR SCV cb 
ligament lig2+ament]  3VR cb 
lighten light1+en]  cs c3 
lightness light2+ness]  cs c3 db 
lightning light1+n]6+ing]1  cs c3 
likeness like2+ness]  VCV db 
limestone lime2+stone  CMP VCV cb 
limitation lim1+it]1+ation]  FLR SCV VCV vd IT ION 
limitations lim1+it]1+ation]+s]3  3VR VCV vd 
Lincoln Lincoln  VCC cs c2 
line line1  VCV RDEL 
linear line2+ar]1  3VR V.V 
linen lin1+en]01  SCV 
linger ling2+er]03  VCC 
lining lin/e1+ing]1  DELE VCV 
link link1  VCC cb 
lion lion  V.V 
liquidation liqu+id]2+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
listen list3+en]10  VCC cs c2 
listened list3+en]10+ed]1  VCC cs c2 
listening list3+en]10+ing1  VCC cs c2 
litany litan+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
living liv/e+ing]1  DELE SCV 
loan loan  vd 
location loc1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
lodestone lode+stone  VCV CMP cb 
lodging lodg/e+ing]1  DELE VCC db 
logrolling log3+roll+ing]1  CVC# LCC db 
loin loin1  vd 
London London  VCC 
lone lone  VCV 
loneliness lone+l/y]3+i2+ness]  VCV y>i db 
lonely lone+ly]3  VCV CV# y>i 
lonesome lone+some]1  VCV SCV 
long long1  VCC 
longer long1+er]02  VCC 
longing long1+ing]1  VCC 
longitude longi+tude]  VCC VCV 
loosen loos/e+en]03  vd DELE 
Louisiana Louis+ian]+a]2  vd CR# 
loving lov/e+ing]1  DELE SCV 
lowland low1+land  CMP vd cb 
lumbering lumb1+er]12+ing]1  VCC 
lunatic lun+atic]  VCV CVC# 
lunch lunch  VCC c2 cb 
luncheon lunch+eon]  VCC c2 vd 
lung lung  VCC 
lying l/i/e2+y4+ing]1  i>y V.V DELE 
lynch lynch1  VCC c2 cb 
machine mach1+ine]1  VCV c2 
machinery mach1+ine]1+ry]  VCV c2 CV# y>i 
macroeconomics macro1+eco+nom2+ics]  SCr V.V IC 
Madison Madison  3VR 
madness mad+ness]  VCC db 
magazine magazine  3VR VCV 
magician mag1+ician]  SCV vd 
magnet magnet  VCC 
magnetic magnet+ic]1  VCC IC 
magnetism magnet+ism]  VCC 
magnificent magni+fic]+ent]  VCC 3VR cb 
magnitude magni+tude]  VCC VCV 
maiden maid+en]07  vd 
main main1  vd 
Maine Maine  vd 
mainframe main1+frame  vd VCV CMP cb 
mainly main1+ly]1  vd CV# 
mainspring main1+spring  vd VCC cb CMP 
mainstream main1+stream  vd cb CMP 
maintain main2+tain1  vd 
maintenance main2+ten2+ance]  vd 
making mak/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
maladjustment mal1+[ad+just2+ment]  3VR VCC db cb 
malignancy mali+gn3+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i 
malignant mali+gn3+ant]1  VCC cb 
malnutrition mal1+nutr+ition]  3VR ION vd cb 
mammon mammon  VCC db 
man man1  CVC# NTR 
manage man4+age]  SCV 
management man4+age]+ment]  SCV cb 
manager man4+ag/e]+er]01  DELE SCV 
Manchester Manchester  VCC c2 
mandate mand1+ate]1  VCC VCV 
mane mane1  VCV 
maneuver man4+euv+er]08  vd 
Manhattan manhattan  VCC db 
manhood man1+hood]  VCC vd 
mania man2+ia]1  VCV V.V 
manic-depressive man2+ic]1+[de+press+ive]  IC VCC CMP db cb 
manifest mani1+fest1  3VR VCC cb 
mankind man1+kind2  CMP VCC cb 
manly man1+ly]3  CV# VCC y>i 
manna mann1+a]2  VCC CR# db 
manner mann4+er]04  VCC db 
mansion mans/e+ion]1  DELE vd VCC 
manslaughter man1+slaugh+ter]3  CVC# vd cs c3 cb 
mantle mant1+le]2  VCCle 
manufacture manu+fact1+ure]  3VR VCC 
manufacturer manu+fact1+ur/e]+er]01  3VR VCC DELE 
manumission manu+miss3+ion]1  3VR VCC vd db 
manuscript manu+script  3VR cb 
many many  SCV CV# 
marathon marathon  CVC# c2 
margin marg+in]01   
marginal marg+in]01+al]1   
marijuana mari+juan+a]2  CR# 
marine mar01+ine]1  VCV 
mariner mar01+in/e]1+er]01  DELE 
Martin martin   
Maryland Mary+land  CV# VCC VrV cb CMP 
mason mas2+on]01  VCV 
matrilineal matri+line2+al]1  SCr V.V SCV cb 
mean mean1  vd 
meaning mean1+ing]1  vd 
meanings mean1+ing]1+s]3  vd 
meant mean1+t]1  vd cb 
meantime mean3+time1  CMP vd VCV 
meanwhile mean3+while  vd VCV CMP c2 
measurement meas+ure]+ment]  vd cb 
mechanic mechan+ic]1  IC c2 
mechanical mechan+ic]1+al]1  IC c2 
mechanism mechan+ism]  c2 VCC 
median medi+an]1  VCV V.V 
mediation medi+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd 
medicine medic+ine]1  IC 
Mediterranean medi+terr1+an]1+ean]  V.V 3VR VCV db 
meeting meet1+ing]1  vd 
megalomania megalo+man2+ia]1  3VR VCV V.V 
melancholy melan+chol1+y]1  3VR CV# c2 y>i 
melanin melan+in]03  3VR CVC# 
melanoma melan+oma]  3VR VCV CR# 
meltdown melt+down1  VCC vd cb CMP 
membrane membr1+ane]1  VCC VCV cb 
men men1  CVC# 
menace men2+ace]  FLR SCV 
mend mend1  VCC cb 
meninges mening+es]3  VCC CLC# 
meningitis mening+itis]  3VR VCV 
menopause meno+pause  3VR vd 
menstrual menstru+al]1  VCC V.V cb 
menstruation menstru+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd cb 
mental ment1+al]1  VCC 
mention ment2+ion]1  VCC vd 
menu menu  FLR SCV CV# 
mercantilism merc+ant]1+il/e]1+ism]  VCV 
merchandise merch+and]+ise]1  VCV c2 cb 
merchant merch+ant]1  c2 cb 
meridian meri+di2+an]1  3VR V.V 
Merlin merlin   
meson mes1+on]08  VCV 
messenger mess2+eng]+er]01  VCC db 
methadone meth2+ad2+one]3  c2 VCV VCC 
metropolitan metro3+polit+an]1  SCr 3VR cb 
Mexican Mexic+an]1  VCC 
Michigan Michigan  c2 VCC 
microeconomics micro+eco+nom2+ics]  VCr V.V 3VR IC cb 
microorganism micro+organ+ism]  VCr V.V VCC orC cb 
midnight mid1+night  CMP cs c3 
military-industrial milit+ary]2-[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  3VR CV# VCC V.V cb 
millennium mill2+enn+ium]2  VCC V.V db db 
million mill2+ion]5  VCC db 
millionaire mill2+ion]5+aire]  VCC vd db 
millions mill2+ion]5+s]3  VCC db 
mind mind  LCC cb 
mine mine1  VCV RDEL 
miner min/e1+er]01  DELE VCV 
mineral miner+al]1  3VR 
minerals miner+al]1+s]3  3VR 
mingle ming1+le]1  VCCle 
miniature mini2+ature]  V.V 3VR 
minimum min1+im]3+um]1  3VR 
mining min/e1+ing]1  DELE VCV 
minister mini3+ster]2  3VR cb 
ministry mini3+str]2+y]3  CV# 3VR y>i cb 
Minnesota Minnesota  VCC VCV CR# db 
minor min1+or]3  VCV 
minority min1+or]3+ity]  VCV CV# VrV y>i 
minstrel min1+str]2+el]1  VCC cb 
mint mint1  VCC cb 
minus min1+us]1  VCV 
minute min1+ute]  FLR SCV 
misanthrope mis3+anthrope  3VR VCV c2 cb 
miscellaneous misc+ell]+an]1+eous]  vd VCV VCC V.V db 
misdemeanor [mis+[de+mean4+or]1  VCC vd 
misfortune [mis+fort2+une]1  VCC orC 
misogynist miso1+gyn+ist]1  3VR 3VR VCC cb 
missing miss1+ing]1  VCC db 
mission miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
missionary miss3+ion]1+ary]2  VCC vd CV# y>i db 
mistaken [mis+take1+n]1  VCV 
moan moan  vd 
modern mod4+ern]1  FLR SCV cb 
modulation mod4+ul/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
moisten moist+en]03  vd cs c2 
moment mo1+ment]  VCV cb 
momentum mo1+ment]+um]1  VCV VCC 
monarch mon3+arch1  FLR SCV c2 
monarchy mon3+arch1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i c2 
monastery monast+ery]1  3VR CV# y>i cb 
Monday Mon+day  VCC vd 
monetarism monet+ar/y]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
monetary monet+ary]1  3VR CV# 
money money  FLR SCV vd 
monism mon3+ism]  VCV 
monk monk  VCC cb 
monkey mon6+key]  VCC vd 
monogamy mono1+gam2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
mononucleosis mono1+nuc+le]3+osis]  V.V VCV 3VR cb 
monopoly mono1+pol3+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
monotheism mono1+the2+ism]  3VR c2 V.V 
monoxide mon3+ox1+ide]1  VCV VCC 
Monroe Monroe  CVe# 
monsieur mon5+sieur  vt 
monsoon monsoon  VCC vd 
monster mon1+ster]2  VCC cb 
monstrous mon1+str]1+ous]  VCC vd cb 
montage mont1+age]  VCC 
Montana Montana  VCC SCV 
month month  VCC c2 cb 
monthly month+ly]2  VCC CV# c2 cb 
monument mon1+ument]  3VR cb 
moon moon  vd 
moonlight moon+light1  CMP vd cs c3 
moraine mor03+ain]+e]1  vd 
morn morn  orC cb 
morning morn+ing]2  orC 
morphine morph2+ine]2  c2 VCV orC 
motion mot1+ion]1  ION VCV vd 
motionless mot1+ion]1+less]  VCV ION vd db 
mound mound  vd cb 
mount mount  vd cb 
mountain mount+ain]  vd 
mountains mount+ain]+s]3  vd 
mourn mourn  vd cb 
mourning mourn+ing]1  vd 
movement move+ment]  VCV cb 
multinational multi+nat1+ion]1+al]1  VCC 3VR vd 
multiplication multi+plic1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd DELE ION cb 
municipal muni1+cip1+al]1  3VR VCV 
musician mus3+ic]2+ian]  vd 
mutagen muta+gen6  VCV CVC# 
mutation mut1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd 
mutton mutton  VCC db 
nag nag  CVC# NTR 
nail nail  vd 
naked naked  VCV 
name name  VCV RDEL 
namely name+ly]1  VCV CV# 
nap nap1  CVC# NTR 
napalm napalm  VCV cs c2 
napkin nap3+kin]  VCC 
Napoleon napoleon  VCV V.V 
narcissism narciss+ism]  VCC db 
narcissus narciss+us]1  VCC db 
narcotic narc1+otic]  IC SCV 
narration narr1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd Vrr db 
narrative narr1+at/e]1+ive]  DELE Vrr db 
narrator narr1+at/e]1+or]2  Vrr db 
narrow narr2+ow]  VCC Vrr vd db 
nation nat1+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
national nat1+ion]1+al]1  3VR vd SIO SCV 
nationalism nat1+ion]1+al]1+ism]  3VR vd VCC 
nationalization nat1+ion]1+al]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
nations nat1+ion]1+s]3  VCV vd ION 
native nat1+ive]  VCV 
nativity nat1+iv/e]+ity]  TY CV# y>i 
natural nat1+ur/e]+al]1  3VR 
naturalism nat1+ur/e]+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
naturalization nat1+ur/e]+al]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
naturally nat1+ur/e]+al]1+ly]1  3VR CV# db 
nature nat1+ure]  VCV 
naught [n+aught2  vd cs c3 
naughty [n+aught2+y]1  vd cs c3 CV# y>i 
naval nav+al]1  VCV 
navigation nav+ig1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
navy nav+y]3  VCV CV# y>i 
nay [n+ay1  vd 
Nazism Nazi+sm]  VCC 
Neanderthal Neanderthal  V.V VCC c2 
near near  vd 
nearby near+by1  vd CMP CV# 
nearest near+est]1  vd cb 
nearly near+ly]1  vd CV# 
neat neat1  vd 
neatly neat1+ly]1  vd CV# 
Nebraska Nebraska  VCC CR# cb 
nebula nebul+a]2  3VR CR# 
necessarily [ne+cess1+ar/y]1+i2+ly]1  y>i 3VR CV# VrV db 
necessary [ne+cess1+ary]1  3VR CV# y>i db 
necessity [ne+cessit+y]3  VCC CV# y>i db 
neck neck  VCC db 
need need1  vd 
needle need2+le]3  vd 
needless need1+less]  vd db 
negative neg+at/e]1+ive]1  DELE 3VR 
neglect neg+lect5  VCC cb 
negotiation neg+oti+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV 
Negro negr+o]2  VCr CV# cb 
neighbor neigh2+bor5  vd 
neighborhood neigh2+bor5+hood]  vd 
neighboring neigh2+bor5+ing]1  vd 
neighbors neigh2+bor5+s]8  vd 
neither [n+either  vd c2 
neocolonialism neo+colon+ial]+ism]  V.V VCV V.V VCC 
nephew nephew  vd VCC c2 
nepotism nepot+ism]  3VR VCC 
nerve nerve  cb RDEL 
nervous nerv/e+ous]  DELE vd 
nest nest  VCC cb 
net net  CVC# NTR 
neurons neur+on]01+s]  vd VCC 
neurosis neur+osis]  vd VCV 
neutral [ne+utr1+al]1  vd cb 
neutron [ne+utr1+on]08  vd CVC# cb 
Nevada Nevada  SCV CR# 
never [n+ever  SCV 
nevertheless [n+ever+the1+less1  CMP 3VR db 
new new1  vd 
New Hampshire new1+hamp?+shire  vd VCC cb 
New Jersey new1+jersey  vd CMP 
New Mexico new1+mexic+o]2  vd CV# VCC 
New York new1+york  vd orC cb CMP 
newcomer new1+com/e1+er]01  CMP SCV DELE vd 
newly new1+ly]1  vd CV# 
news new1+s]3  vd 
newspaper new1+s]3+paper  vd VCV CMP 
next next  VCC 
nice nice  VCV 
nicely nice+ly]1  VCV CV# 
niche nich+e]1  c2 LCC 
Nicholas Nicholas  VCC c2 
nickel nickel1  VCC db 
nicotine nicot+ine]2  3VR VCV 
niece niece  vd 
nigh nigh   
night night  cs c3 
nihilism nihil+ism]  VCV VCC 
Nile Nile  VCV 
nimble nimb2+le]2  VCCle 
nimbus nimb1+us]1  VCC 
nine nine  VCV 
nineteen nine+teen1  VCV vd CMP 
ninety nine+ty1  VCV CV# y>i 
ninth nin1+th]1  c2 LCC cb 
nip nip1  CVC# NTR 
nirvana nirvana  CR# 
nitrogen nitro1+gen6  VCr cb 
nitrogenous nitro1+gen6+ous]  VCr 3VR vd cb 
no no1  CV# 
nobility no2+bil]+ity]  VCV TY CV# y>i 
noble no2+ble]1  VCle 
nobody no1+body  CMP CV# y>i 
nod nod  CVC# NTR 
no-fault no1+fault  CV# vd cb CMP 
noise noise  vd RDEL 
noisy nois/e+y]1  DELE CV# vd y>i 
nomad nom4+ad]1  VCV CVC# 
nominate nomin+ate]1  3VR VCV 
nomination nomin+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV VCV 
nominative nomin+at/e]1+ive]  3VR 
nonaligned [non+[a3+lign1+ed]1  CVC# LCC cs c2 
nonconformist [non+[co/m+n+form1+ist]1  CVC# orC cb 
noncontradiction [non+[contra+dict1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
none [n+one  SCV 
nonperson [non+person  CVC# 
nonsense [non+sense  VCC 
nonverbal [non+verb1+al]1  CVC# 
nonviolent [non+viol2+ent]  CVC# V.V cb 
nook nook  vd 
noon noon  vd 
nor [n+or1  CVC# X 
Norfolk nor(th)+folk  orC cs c2 
normal norm+al]1  orC 
normalcy norm+al]1+cy]  CV# orC y>i 
Norman nor(th)+man1  orC 
Normandy nor(th)+mandy  CV# orC 
north north  c2 orC cb 
North America North Americ+a]2  CR# CMP orC c2 cb 
North Carolina Carolina  CR# VCV CMP orC c2 cb 
North Dakota Dakota  VCV CR# CMP orC c2 cb 
northeast north+east  c2 vd CMP orC cb 
northern north+ern]2  c2 orC cb 
northward north+ward2  c2 orC cb 
northwest north+west  CMP VCC c2 orC cb 
Norway nor(th)+way  vd 
nose nose1  VCV RDEL 
nostril nos2+tril  VCC cb 
not not1  CVC# NTR 
notable not/e+able]  DELE VCV 
notch notch  VCC c3 db 
note note  VCV RDEL 
notes note+s]8  VCV 
nothing no1+thing  CMP VCC c2 
notice not4+ice]  VCV 
noticeable not4+ice]+able]  VCV 
noticed not4+ic/e]+ed]1  VCV DELE 
notify not4+ify]  VCV CV# y>i 
notion not4+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
notwithstanding not1+with+stand1+ing]1  CMP c2 VCC cb 
noun noun  vd 
nouns noun+s]3  vd 
nourish nour+ish]2  vd c2 
nova nov1+a]2  VCV CR# 
novel nov1+el]1  FLR SCV 
novelty nov1+el]1+ty]  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
November novem+ber]  VCC 
Novocain nov1+o4+cain  VCV vd 
now now  vd 
nowadays now+[a2+day+s]1  vd CMP 
nowhere no1+where  CMP c2 
nuance nu3+ance]  V.V 
nuclear nuc+le]3+ar]1  V.V VCle cb 
nucleic nuc+le]3+ic]1  VCle V.V cb 
nucleotide nuc+le]3+ot]4+ide]1  VCle V.V VCV cb 
nucleus nuc+le]3+us]1  V.V VCle cb 
nuisance nuis+ance]  vd 
nuke nuke  VCV 
nullification null1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db 
number number  VCC 
numeral numer+al]1  VCV 
numerator numer+at/e]1+or]2  VCV 
numerous numer+ous]  VCV vd 
nun nun1  CVC# NTR 
nurse nurse  cb RDEL 
nursery nurs/e+ery]1  DELE CV# y>i 
nurture nurt+ure]   
nut nut1  CVC# NTR 
nylon nyl+on]09  VCV 
nymph nymph  VCC c2 
nymphomania nympho+man2+ia]1  VCC c2 VCV V.V 
obedience [ob+edi1+ence]  VCV V.V 
objection [ob+ject+ion]1  VCC vd 
obligation [ob+lig/e+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCC VCV vd ION 
obscenity [ob+scen/e+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
observation [ob+serv/e1+ation]  DELE VCC vd 
obsession [ob+sess+ion]1  VCC vd db 
obsolescence [ob+sol05+esc]+ence]  VCC 
obtain [ob+tain1  vd 
occasion [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1  VCV ION ASSIM vd db 
occasional [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1+al]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM db 
occasionally [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1+al]1+ly]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM CV# db db 
occupation [o/b+c+cup4+ation]  VCC VCV vd ASSIM db 
occurrence [o/b+c+cur1+r+ence]  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
occurring [o/b+c+cur1+r+ing]1  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
ocean ocean  vd 
octagon octa+gon1  VCC 
offend [o/b+f1+fend  VCC ASSIM db cb 
offense [o/b+f1+fense  VCC ASSIM db 
offensive [o/b+f1+fens/e+ive]  DELE VCC db 
offering [o/b+f1+fer1+r+ing]1  VCC ASSIM db 
offspring off+spring  CMP VCC db cb 
often oft+en]15  VCC cs c2 
ointment oint+ment]  vd cb 
old-fashioned old1+fash+ion]1+ed]1  CMP LCC VCC vd cb 
ombudsman ombud+s]5+man1  VCC 
omnivore omni+vore  VCC VrV 
on on1  VC# 
once once  VCC 
one one  SCV 
onion on2+ion]1  FLR SCV SIO 
only on2+ly]3  LCC CV# 
onto on1+to1  CMP CV# VCC 
ontogeny ont+ogen+y]3  VCC 3VR CV# y>i 
onward on1+ward]  VCC cb 
open open  VCV 
opening open+ing]1  VCV 
openly open+ly]1  VCV CV# 
operation oper3+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd VCV ION 
opinion opin+ion]1  ION SCV 
opponent [o/b+p+pon2+ent]  VCV ASSIM db cb 
opportunistic [o/b+p+port3+un/e]1+ist]1+ic]1  VCC VCV db 
opportunity [o/b+p+port3+un/e]1+ity]  VCC VCV TYX CV# DELE ASSIM y>i db 
opposition [o/b+p+pos/e1+it/e]2+ion]1  VCC DELE vd ION SCV ASSIM db 
orange orange  VrV 
ordain ord1+ain]  vd orC 
ordinal ordin+al]1  orC 
ordinarily ordin+ar/y]1+i2+ly]1  y>i CV# VrV orC 
ordinary ordin+ary]1  CV# orC y>i 
Oregon oregon  VrV 
organ organ  orC 
organelle organ+elle]1  VCC orC db 
organic organ+ic]1  IC orC 
organism organ+ism]  VCC orC 
organization organ+iz/e]+ation]  DELE vd orC 
organize organ+ize]  VCV orC 
Orient ori1+ent]  V.V VrV cb 
Oriental ori1+ent]+al]1  V.V VrV 
orientation ori1+ent]+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V VCV vd VrV 
origin origin  VrV 
original origin+al]1  3VR 
originally origin+al]1+ly]1  3VR CV# db 
originate origin+ate]1  3VR VCV 
ornament orn1+ament]  orC cb 
orphan orphan  c2 orC 
ounce ounce  vd 
outline out+line1  VCV CMP vd 
outstanding out+stand1+ing]1  CMP VCC vd cb 
oven oven  SCV 
overtaken over1+take1+n]1  VCV CMP 
overthrown over1+throw+n]1  vd VCV CMP c2 cb 
ovulation ov1+ul/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
owing ow/e+ing]1  DELE vd 
own own  vd 
owner own+er]01  vd 
oxen ox2+en]05  VCC 
oxidation ox1+id]3+ation]  VCV vd VCC 
oxygen oxy1+gen6  VCC 
oxymoron oxy3+mor04+on]01  VCC VrV 
ozone oz+one]3  VCV 
pageant page1+ant]3  vd SCV cb 
pain pain  vd 
painful pain+ful]  vd 
paint paint  vd cb 
painter paint+er]01  vd 
painting paint+ing]1  vd 
paleontology pale3+ont+ology  VCV V.V 3VR CV# y>i 
pan pan1  CVC# NTR 
Panama panama  3VR SCV 
pancreas pan3+cre3+as]1  VCC V.V cb 
pandemonium pan3+demon+ium]2  VCC VCV V.V 
pane pane1  VCV 
panel pan8+el]1  FLR SCV 
pang pang  VCC 
panic pan4+ic]1  IC 
pant pant1  VCC cb 
pantheism pan3+the2+ism]  VCC V.V c2 
pantry pan2+try]1  CV# VCC y>i cb 
paranoia [para1+no4+ia]1  vd 
paranoid [para1+no4+id]1  vd 
pardon [par2+don3   
parent par02+ent]  VrV cb 
parentheses [par1+[en2+thes+es]3  c2 CLC# VCC 
parenthesis [par1+[en2+thes+is]1  c2 VCC 
parents par02+ent]+s]8  VrV cb 
parliament parl1+iament]  vd cb 
parson parson   
partition part1+it/e]2+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV 
partner partn+er]01  cb 
partnership partn+er]01+ship]  CVC# c2 cb 
passenger pass1+eng]+er]01  VCC db 
passing pass1+ing]1  VCC db 
passion pass2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
passionate pass2+ion]1+ate]2  VCC vd db 
pasteurization pasteur+iz/e]+ation]  vd VCV 
patent pat4+ent]  FLR SCV cb 
pathogen path2+ogen  c2 VCC 
patience pat2+ience]  vd 
patient pat2+ient]  VCV vd cb 
patiently pat2+ient]+ly]1  VCV CV# vd 
patrilineal patri+line2+al]1  SCr VCV V.V cb 
patron patr1+on]01  LCC cb 
patronage patr1+on]01+age]  VCr cb 
pattern pattern  VCC db cb 
pavement pave+ment]  VCV cb 
pavilion pav3+ilion]  FLR SCV 
paving pav/e+ing]1  DELE VCV 
pawn pawn1  vd 
payment pay+ment]  vd cb 
payments pay+ment]+s]3  vd cb 
peasant peas+ant]3  vd cb 
pen pen01  CVC# NTR 
penalty pen03+al]1+ty]  3VR CV# y>i 
penance pen06+ance]  FLR SCV 
pencil pen07+cil]  VCC 
penetrate penetr+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
penicillin pen07+icill]+in]03  3VR VCC db 
peninsula pen05+insul+a]2  VCC CR# 
penis pen07+is]2  VCV 
Pennsylvania penn+sylv1+an]1+ia]1  VCC VCV V#X db 
penny penny  VCC CV# y>i db 
pension pens+ion]1  VCC vd 
pentagon penta+gon1  VCC 
pentameter pent1+ameter  VCC 3VR 
peonage pe5+on]01+age]  V.V 
percent per1+cent1  CMP VCC cb 
percentage per1+cent1+age]  CMP 
percussion [per1+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
perfection [per1+fect+ion]1  VCC vd 
performance [per1+form5+ance]  orC 
permanent [per1+man5+ent]  cb 
permission [per1+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
Persian Persi/a+an]1  DL1 Vd 
persistent [per1+sist+ent]  VCC cb 
person person   
personal person+al]1   
personality person+al]1+ity]  TY CV# y>i 
personally person+al]1+ly]1  CV# db 
personnel personn+el]1  CVC# db 
persons person+s]3  cb 
petition petit+ion]1  SCV ION vd 
phenomenon phenomen+on]01  3VR c2 
phenylketonuria phen2+yl]1+ket1+on]09+ur2+ia]1  c2 3VR VCV V.V 
Philippines philipp+ine]1+s]3  3VR db 
phoenix phoen+ix]1  c2 vd 
phone phone2  c2 VCV RDEL 
phony phony  c2 VCV 
photon phot+on]08  c2 VCV 
photosynthesis photo+[syn+thes+is]1  c2 VCV VCC CVC# 
phylogeny phyl2+ogen+y]3  c2 3VR CV# y>i 
physician phys1+ic]1+ian]  c2 3VR vd 
pianissimo pian+issimo]  V.V VCC CV# db 
piano pian+o]2  V.V CV# SCV 
pianoforte pian+o]2+fort1+e]3  V.V CV# orC 
picnic pic7+nic2  VCC 
pigeon pig4+eon]  FLR SCV vd 
pin pin1  CVC# NTR 
pinch pinch  VCC c2 cb 
pine pine1  VCV 
pineapple pine1+apple  VCV VCCle CMP db 
pink pink1  VCC cb 
pint pint1  LCC cb 
pioneer pion1+eer]1  V.V vd 
pipeline pipe+line1  VCV CMP 
placenta placent+a]2  VCC CR# cb 
plain plain1  vd cb 
plainly plain1+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
plains plain1+s]3  vd cb 
plaintiff plain2+t]3+iff]  vd VCC db cb 
plan plan1  CVC# NTR cb 
plane plane  VCV cb RDEL 
planes plane+s]8  VCV cb 
planet plan3+et]2  FLR SCV cb 
planetarium plan3+et]2+ari]3+um]1  3VR V.V VrV cb 
planets plan3+et]2+s]3  FLR SCV cb 
plank plank1  VCC cb 
planned plan1+n+ed]1  VCC db cb 
plans plan1+s]8  VCC cb 
plant plant  VCC cb 
plantation plant+ation]  VCC VCV vd cb 
planted plant+ed]1  VCC cb 
plants plant+s]8  VCC cb 
Platonism platon+ism]  VCV VCC cb 
playground play1+ground1  CMP vd cb 
pleasant pleas+ant]1  vd cb 
pleasantly pleas+ant]1+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
pleasing pleas/e+ing]1  vd DELE cb 
plentiful plen+t/y]+i2+ful]  VCC y>i cb 
plenty plen+ty]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
plunder plunder  VCC cb 
plunge plunge  VCC cb RDEL 
plutonium plut2+on]01+ium]1  VCV V.V cb 
pneumonia pneumon+ia]1  vd VCV 
point point  vd cb 
pointed point+ed]1  vd 
poison pois1+on]01  vd 
poisoning pois1+on]01+ing]1  vd 
Poland Poland  VCV cb 
polarization polar+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd 
policeman pol1+ice]+man1  VCV CMP 
politician polit+ic]1+ian]  3VR vd LC 
pollen poll2+en]04  VCC db 
pollination pollin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd db 
pollution [po/r+l+lut/e2+ion]1  VCV vd db 
polyandry poly1+andr+y]3  3VR VCC CV# y>i cb 
polygon poly1+gon1  3VR 
polyunsaturated poly1+[un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
pond pond  VCC cb 
ponder ponder  VCC 
pontiff pont1+iff  VCC db 
pony pony  VCV CV# y>i 
population popul+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
pornography porn1+ograph+y]3  3VR c2 CV# orC y>i cb 
portion port4+ion]1  vd orC 
Portland port2+land  orC cb CMP 
position pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  ION SCV vd 
positron posi2+tron1  3VR CVC# cb 
possession pos1+sess+ion]1  VCC vd db 
postindustrial [post+[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  LCC VCC V.V cb 
potential pot2+ent]+ial]  VCC vd 
pound pound2  vd cb 
precaution [pre+caut+ion]1  vd cb 
precedent [pre+ced/e+ent]  3VR cb 
precipitation [pre+cipit+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd cb 
predestination [pre+[de+stin/e+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV VCC ION vd cb 
preference [pre+fer1+ence]  3VR cb 
pregnancy [pre+gn2+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
pregnant [pre+gn2+ant]1  VCC cb 
preliminary [pre+limin+ary]1  3VR CV# y>i cb 
prenatal [pre+nat1+al]1  VCV cb 
preparation [pre+par/e1+ation]  DELE VCV# vd cb 
preposition [pre+pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  3VR vd ION SCV cb 
prescription [pre+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
presence [pre+sence  FLR SCV cb 
present [pre+sent3  VCC FLR SCV cb 
presently [pre+sent3+ly]1  FLR SCV CV# cb 
presidency [pre+sid/e2+ency]  DELE 3VR CV# y>i cb 
president [pre+sid/e2+ent]  DELE 3VR cb 
presidential [pre+sid/e2+ent]+ial]  DELE 3VR vd cb 
pretend [pre+tend1  VCC cb 
pretense [pre+tense1  VCC cb 
prevalent [pre+val1+ent]  3VR cb 
prevent [pre+vent1  VCC cb 
prevention [pre+vent1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
preventive [pre+vent1+ive]  VCC cb 
primogeniture primo+genit+ure]  VCV 3VR VrV cb 
prince prince  VCC cb 
princess princ/e+ess]1  VCC DELE db cb 
principal prin+cip1+al]1  VCC cb 
principally prin+cip1+al]1+ly]1  VCC CV# db cb 
principle prin+cip1+le]2  VCC cb 
print print  VCC cb 
printed print+ed]1  VCC cb 
printing print+ing]1  VCC cb 
prison pris1+on]01  FLR SCV cb 
prisoner pris1+on]01+er]01  FLR SCV cb 
probation prob+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd cb 
proceeding [pro1+ceed+ing]1  vd cb 
procession [pro1+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
procrastination [pro1+crastin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCr VCC VCV vd cb 
production [pro1+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
profession [pro1+fess1+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
professional [pro1+fess1+ion]1+al]1  VCC vd db cb 
profound [pro1+found1  vd cb 
prognosis [pro1+gnos+is]1  VCC VCV cb 
prohibition [pro1+hib+it]2+ion]1  VCV SCV vd ION IT cb 
prolong [pro1+long1  VCC cb 
prominent [pro1+min2+ent]  3VR cb 
promising [pro1+mis/e+ing]1  SCV DELE cb 
promotion [pro1+mot/e1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV cb 
pronoun [pro1+noun  VCV vd cb 
pronounce [pro1+nounce  vd cb 
pronounced [pro1+nounc/e+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
pronunciation [pro1+nunci+ation]  vd VCC VCV 
propaganda [pro1+pag1+and]+a]2  3VR VCC CR# cb 
proportion [pro1+port4+ion]1  vd orC cb 
proposition [pro1+pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  3VR vd ION SCV cb 
prosecution [pro1+sec4+ut/e]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd cb 
protagonist prot1+ag7+on]01+ist]1  VCV 3VR cb 
protection [pro1+tect1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
protein prot1+ein]2  vd VCV cb 
Protestant [pro1+test2+ant]1  3VR cb 
proton prot1+on]08  VCV CVC# cb 
providence [pro1+vid/e2+ence]  3VR cb 
province [pro1+vince  FLR SCV cb 
provision [pro1+vis2+ion]1  ION SCV vd cb 
provisional [pro1+vis2+ion]1+al]1  3VR vd cb 
prune prune2  VCV cb 
pseudoscience pseudo+sci1+ence]  vd V.V c2 cs 
psychoanalysis psycho1+[ana+lys+is]1  c2 V.V 3VR LCC cs 
publication publ+ic]1+ation]  VCC VCV vd IC 
pudding pudding  VCC db 
pulling pull1+ing]1  VCC db 
pulmonary pulmon+ary]1  VCC CV# y>i 
pumpkin pump2+kin]  VCC CVC# cb 
pun pun1  CVC# NTR 
punch punch1  VCC c2 cb 
punctuated punct+uat/e]1+ed]1  VCC V.V VCV 
punish pun2+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
punishment pun2+ish]2+ment]  FLR SCV c2 cb 
puritan pur/e+itan]  VCV 
putting put1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
pyromania pyro+man2+ia]1  VCV V.V 
quaint quaint1  vd cb 
quanta quant1+a]3  VCC CR# cb 
quantity quant1+ity]  CV# y>i cb 
quantum quant1+um]1  VCC cb 
quarantine quar+ant]2+ine]1  VCV cb 
queen queen  vd cb 
quench quench  VCC cb 
question quest1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
quicken quick+en]03  VCC db cb 
quintet quint1+et]1  VCC CVC# cb 
quotation quot/e+ation]  VCV vd cb 
quotient quoti+ent]  vd VCV cb 
radiant radi+ant]1  V.V VCV cb 
radiation radi+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV V.V vd 
radiocarbon radio1+carb1+on]01  VCV V.V 
rain rain  vd 
rainbow rain+bow3  vd CMP 
rainy rain+y]1  vd CV# y>i 
ran ran1  CVC# 
ranch ranch  VCC c2 cb 
random rand2+om]1  VCC 
rang rang  VCC 
range range  LCC RDEL 
rank rank1  VCC cb 
ransom rans+om]1  VCC 
rapprochement [r+[a/d+p+proch+e]4+ment]  db 
ratification rat4+ific]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
rating rat/e1+ing]1  VCV 
ration rat/e1+ion]1  VCV ION vd 
rational rat/e1+ion]1+al]1  3VR vd 
raven raven1  VCV 
reaction [re+act1+ion]1  V.V VCC vd 
reactionary [re+act1+ion]1+ary]2  V.V VCC vd CV# y>i 
reading read1+ing]1  vd 
reason reas+on]01  vd 
reasonable reas+on]01+able]  vd 
reasoning reas+on]01+ing]1  vd 
reasons reas+on]01+s]8  vd 
rebellion [re+bel3+l+ion]1  CTR VCC db 
recent [re+cent4  VCV cb 
recently [re+cent4+ly]1  VCV CV# 
reception [re+cept+ion]1  VCC vd 
recession [re+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db 
reckon reck2+on]07  VCC db 
recognition [re+[co+gnit+ion]1  3VR vd ION SCV 
recognize [re+[co+gn1+ize]  3VR VCV 
recollection [re+[co/m+l+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
recombinant [re+[com+bin/e2+ant]1  VCV VCC cb 
recommend [re+[com+mend2  VCC 3VR db cb 
recommendation [re+[com+mend2+ation]  3VR vd db 
reconcile [re+[co/m+n+cile1  VCV ASSIM 
Reconstruction [re+[co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCV VCC vd cb 
recreation [re+cre1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V VCV vd ION SCr 
rectangle rect+ang1+le]3  VCC 
redistribution [re+[dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  VCV VCC VCV vd cb 
redneck red1+neck  CVC# VCC db CMP 
reduction [re+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
redundancy [red+und1+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i 
reference [re+fer1+ence]  3VR 
referendum [re+fer1+end]+um]1  3VR VCC 
referring [re+fer1+r+ing]1  CTR db 
reflection [re+flect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
reformation [re+form1+ation]  VCV vd 
refraction [re+fract+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
refrain [re+frain1  vd cb 
refreshment [re+fresh+ment]  c2 VCC cb 
regain [re+gain1  vd 
regarding [re+gard1+ing]1   
regiment reg2+iment]  3VR cb 
region reg2+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
regions reg2+ion]1+s]3  VCV vd ION 
regression [re+gress+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
regulation reg1+ul]1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR vd 
rehabilitation [re+habil+itat/e]1+ion]1  VCV 3VR vd 
reign reign  vd cs c2 
rein rein1  vd 
reincarnation [re+[in2+carn1+at/e]1+ion]1  V.V VCV vd 
rejoin [re+join  vd 
relation [re+lat/e2+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION 
relationship [re+lat/e2+ion]1+ship]  DELE vd VCV CVC# c2 ION 
religion [re+lig2+ion]1  FLR SCV vd ION 
remain [re+main3  vd 
remainder [re+main3+der]  vd 
remained [re+main3+ed]1  vd 
remembrance [re+membr2+ance]  VCC cb 
remind [re+mind  LCC cb 
remission [re+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
remnant [re+mn+ant]1  VCC cb 
renaissance [re+naiss1+ance]  3VR vd db 
renal ren+al]1  VCV 
render render  VCC 
renew [re+new1  vd 
renewable [re+new1+able]  vd 
renewal [re+new1+al]2  vd 
renown [re+nown  vd 
renowned [re+nown+ed]1  vd 
rent rent1  VCC cb 
reparation [re+par10+ation]  VCV vd 
repent [re+pent2  VCC cb 
repetition [re+petit+ion]1  3VR vd ION SCV 
represent [re+[pre+sent3  3VR VCC cb 
representation [re+[pre+sent3+ation]  VCC vd 
representative [re+[pre+sent3+ative]  VCC 
represented [re+[pre+sent3+ed]1  3VR VCC 
represents [re+[pre+sent3+s]2  VCC cb 
reproduction [re+[pro1+duct+ion]1  VCr VCC vd cb 
Republican re1+publ+ic]1+an]1  IC 
reputation [re+put/e+ation]  DELE vd 
requirement [re+quire1+ment]  VrV cb 
resemblance [re+sembl/e2+ance]  DELE VCC cb 
resent [re+sent2  VCC cb 
resentment [re+sent2+ment]  VCC cb 
reservation [re+serv/e1+ation]  VCV vd DELE 
residence [re+sid/e2+ence]  DELE 3VR 
resident [re+sid/e2+ent]  3VR DELE cb 
resign [re+sign1  LCC cs c2 
resignation [re+sign1+ation]  3VR SCV VCV vd 
resistance [re+sist+ance]  VCC 
resolution [re+sol01+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
respiration [re+spir/e1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
respond [re+spond  VCC cb 
response [re+sponse  VCC cb 
responsibility [re+spons/e+ibil]+ity]  DELE VCC TY CV# y>i cb 
responsible [re+spons/e+ible]  DELE VCC cb 
restaurant [re+staur+ant]1  vd VCC cb 
restoration [re+stor/e+ation]  VCV DELE vd 
restrain [re+strain  vd cb 
restraint [re+strain+t]3  vd cb 
restriction [re+strict1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
resurrection [re+[su/b+r+rect+ion]1  VCC vd db 
resuscitation [re+[su/b+s+cit1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd c2 
retain [re+tain1  vd 
retaliation [re+tali1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
retina retin+a]2  3VR CR# 
return [re+turn  cb 
returns [re+turn+s]8  cb 
revelation [re+vel3+ation]  VCV# 3VR vd 
revenge [re+venge  VCC 
revenue [re+ven8+ue]2  CVe# 
reverence [re+ver/e+ence]  DELE 3VR 
reverend [re+ver/e+end]  DELE 3VR cb 
revolution [re+vol3+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE 3VR vd ION VCV 
revolutionary [re+vol3+ut/e]+ion]1+ary]2  DELE vd ION VCV CV# y>i 
Rhine rhine  VCV c2 
Rhode Island rhode+is4+land  VCV LCC c2 cb 
ribbon ribbon  VCC db 
ribboned ribbon+ed]1  VCC db 
ribonucleic ribo+nuc+le]3+ic]1  VCV VCle V.V cb 
riding rid/e1+ing]1  VCV DELE 
ring ring1  VCC 
ripen rip/e+en]03  VCV DELE 
risen ris/e+en]02  SCV DELE 
rising ris/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
robin robin  FLR SCV 
Robin Hood robin+hood  FLR SCV vd 
rolling roll+ing]1  LCC db 
Roman rom/e+an]1  VCV DELE 
romance rom+ance]  VCC VCV 
romantic rom+ant]3+ic]1  VCC VCV IC 
romanticism rom+ant]3+ic]1+ism]  VCV VCC 
rotten rot1+t+en]02  CTR VCC db 
round round1  vd cb 
routine rout/e+ine]1  vd DELE 
ruin ruin  V.V 
run run1  CVC# NTR 
runner run1+n+er]01  CTR VCC db 
running run1+n+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
runs run1+s]8  VCC 
Russian russ2+ian]  VCC vd db 
sacking sack1+ing]2  VCC db 
sacrament sacr+ament]  SCr cb 
Sacramento sacr+ament]+o]2  SCr VCC CV# 
sadness sad1+ness]  VCC db 
saint saint  vd cb 
salesman sale+s]5+man1  VCV CMP 
salmon salmon1  VCC cs c2 
salmonella salmon2+ell]+a]2  VCC CR# db 
salon sal4+on]03  FLR SCV 
saloon sal4+oon]2  vd 
salvation salv/e2+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
San Francisco san1+francisc+o]2  CV# VCC cb 
sanction sanct+ion]1  VCC vd 
sanctions sanct+ion]1+s]8  VCC vd 
sand sand1  VCC cb 
sandstone sand1+stone  VCC VCV CMP cb 
sandwich sandwich  c2 VCC cb 
sandy sand1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
sane sane  VCV 
sang sang  VCC 
sank sank  VCC cb 
Santa Claus santa+claus  vd VCC cb CMP 
satin satin  FLR SCV 
satisfaction satis+fact1+ion]1  VCC 3VR vd 
savanna savann+a]2  VCC CR# db 
saving sav/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
savings sav/e+ing]1+s]3  VCV DELE 
saxophone sax2+ophone1  VCC VCV c2 
saying say1+ing]1  vd 
scandal scand3+al]4  VCC cb 
Scandinavia scandinav+ia]1  VCC VCV V.V cb 
scanty scant1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
scene scene  VCV 
scenery scen/e+ery]1  VCV DELE CV# y>i 
scent scent1  VCC cb 
scheming schem/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
schizophrenia schizo+phren/e+ia]1  ct 3VR VCV V.V cb 
schooner schoon+er]01  vd cb 
science sci1+ence]  V.V c2 cs 
scientific sci1+ent]+ific]  V.V IC c2 cs 
scientist sci1+ent]+ist]1  V.V cb c2 cs 
scorn scorn  orC cb 
Scotland scot+land  VCC CMP cb 
screen screen  vd cb 
season seas+on]01  vd 
secession [se+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db 
second sec1+ond]1  FLR SCV cb 
secondary sec1+ond]1+ary]1  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
seconds sec1+ond]1+s]8  FLR SCV cb 
section sect1+ion]1  VCC vd 
sections sect1+ion]1+s]8  VCC vd 
sedimentary sed1+iment]+ary]1  3VR VCC CV# y>i 
sedition [sed+it2+ion]1  ION vd 
seeing see1+ing]1  vd 
seen see1+n]1  vd 
segment seg+ment]  VCC cb 
segregation [se+greg+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd 
selection [se+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd 
self-determination self+[de+term1+in/e]3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
self-incrimination self-[in2+crimin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC 3VR VCV vd cb 
semantics sem2+ant]3+ics]  VCC 
semen sem1+en]04  VCV 
semicolon semi1+col7+on]01  3VR VCV 
semiconductor semi1+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  3VR VCV 
senate sen1+ate]3  SCV 
senator sen1+at/e]3+or]2  DELE SCV 
send send1  VCC cb 
senior sen1+ior]1  VCV 
seniority sen1+ior]1+ity]  VrV CV# y>i 
sensation sens/e+at/e]2+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION 
sense sense  VCC RDEL 
sensible sens/e+ible]  VCC 
sensitive sensit+ive]  VCC 
sensory sens/e+ory]  VCC CV# y>i 
sent sent1  VCC cb 
sentence sent2+ence]  VCC 
sentiment senti+ment]  VCC cb 
sentinel sentin+el]1  VCC 
separation [se+par03+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 3VR 
sequence sequ1+ence]  LCC VCC cb 
serene serene  VCV 
sergeant serge2+ant]1  vd cb 
sermon serm+on]01   
serpent serp+ent]  cb 
servant serv/e2+ant]1  DELE cb 
session sess+ion]1  VCC vd db 
setting set1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
settlement settle+ment]  VCCle db cb 
seven seven  SCV 
seventeen seven+teen1  vd SCV CMP 
seventh seven+th]1  c2 SCV cb 
seventy seven+ty1  SCV CV# y>i 
sewing sew1+ing]1  vd 
shaken shak/e+en]02  VCV c2 DELE 
sharecropping share1+crop+p+ing]1  VCC VrV CTR db cb 
sharpen sharp+en]03  c2 
sheen sheen  c2 vd 
shilling shilling  VCC db 
shin shin1  c2 CVC# NTR 
shine shine1  VCV c2 RDEL 
shining shin/e1+ing]1  VCV c2 DELE 
shipping ship+p+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
shogun shogun  c2 VCV 
shone shone  VCV c2 
shouldn't should1+n't  CMP vd c2 cs 
showing show+ing]1  c2 vd 
shown show+n]1  c2 vd 
shrine shrine  c2 VCV cb 
shrink shrink  c2 cb 
shun shun  c2 CVC# NTR 
sickness sick1+ness]  VCC db 
sign sign1  LCC cs c2 
signal sign1+al]1  VCC 
signature sign1+ature]  VCC 
significance sign1+ific]+ance]  VCC IC 
significant sign1+ific]+ant]1  VCC IC cb 
signify sign1+ify]  CV# VCC y>i 
signs sign1+s]8  LCC cs c2 
silence sil1+ence]  VCV 
silent sil1+ent]  VCV cb 
silently sil1+ent]+ly]1  VCV CV# 
silicon silic1+on]09  3VR 
silken silk+en]01  VCC 
sin sin1  CVC# NTR 
since since  VCC 
sincere sin6+cere3  VrV 
sincerely sin6+cere3+ly]1  CV# VrV 
sincerest sin6+cer/e3+est]1  VCC VrV cb 
sing sing1  VCC 
singer sing1+er]01  VCC 
singing sing1+ing]1  VCC 
single sing2+le]2  VCCle 
singular sing2+ul]4+ar]1  VCC 
sink sink  VCC cb 
sit-in sit1+in1  CVC# CMP 
situation sit4+uat/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V 3VR vd ION VCV 
sixteen six+teen1  vd VCC CMP 
skeleton skelet+on]01  3VR cb 
skiing ski+ing]1  V.V cb 
skin skin  CVC# NTR cb 
skunk skunk  VCC cb 
slain sla/y+i2+n]1  vd y>i cb 
slang slang  VCC cb 
slant slant  VCC cb 
sleeping sleep+ing]1  vd cb 
slender slender  VCC cb 
snake snake  VCV cb RDEL 
snap snap  CVC# NTR cb 
snare snare  VrV cb 
snarl snar1+l]1  cb 
snatch snatch  VCC c3 db cb 
sneak sneak  vd cb 
sneer sneer  vd cb 
sniff sniff  VCC db cb 
snort snort  orC cb 
snow snow  vd cb 
snowman snow+man1  vd cb CMP 
snowy snow+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
socialization soci+al]1+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd VCV 
soften soft+en]03  VCC cs c2 
softener soft+en]03+er]01  VCC cs c2 
solemn solemn  FLR SCV cs c2 
solemnly solemn+ly]1  FLR SCV CV# cs c2 
Solomon solomon  3VR 
solution sol01+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION 
solvent solv/e+ent]  VCC cb 
someone some1+one  CMP SCV 
something some1+thing  CMP SCV VCC c2 
son son1  CVC# NTR 
sonata sonat+a]2  CR# 
song song  VCC 
songs song+s]3  VCC 
sonic son2+ic]1  IC 
sonnet sonn+et]1  VCC db 
soon soon  vd 
soprano sopr+an]1+o]2  SCV CV# cb 
sound sound1  vd cb 
sounded sound1+ed]  vd 
sousaphone sousa+phone  vd c2 VCV CMP 
South Carolina south+carol+in]01+a]2  vd c2 VCV CR# CMP 
southern south+ern]2  vd c2 cb 
sovereign [sove+reign  3VR FLR SCV vd cs c2 
sovereignty [sove+reign+ty]  vd CV# 3VR y>i cs c2 
sown sow1+n]1  vd 
spacing spac/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
Spain spain  vd cb 
span span1  CVC# NTR cb 
Spaniard span2+iard]  FLR SCV cb 
Spanish span2+ish]  SCV c2 cb 
speaking speak+ing]1  vd cb 
specimen speci+men]  3VR cb 
speculation spec1+ul]3+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE 3VR VCV vd ION cb 
spelling spell1+ing]1  VCC db cb 
spend spend  VCC cb 
spent spent  VCC cb 
sphinx sphinx  c2 VCC cb 
spin spin1  CVC# NTR cb 
spinal spin/e+al]1  VCV DELE cb 
spine spine  VCV cb 
spinning spin1+n+ing]1  VCC CTR db cb 
spleen spleen  vd cb 
splendid splend+id]2  VCC cb 
splendor splend+or]1  VCC cb 
spoken spoke2+n]1  VCV cb 
sponge sponge  VCC cb 
spontaneous spont1+ane]2+ous]  VCC VCV V.V vd cb 
spoon spoon1  vd cb 
spoonerism spooner+ism]  vd VCC cb 
sprang sprang  VCC cb 
spring spring  VCC cb 
sprinkle sprink+le]1  VCCle cb 
sprung sprung  VCC cb 
spun spun  CVC# cb 
sputnik sput2+nik]  VCC CVC# cb 
squadron squadr+on]03  VCC cb 
squint squint  VCC cb 
stagflation stag2+flation  CVC# VCV vd cb 
staging stag/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
stain stain  vd cb 
stamen stam2+en]04  VCV cb 
stand stand1  VCC cb 
standard stand2+ard3  VCC cb 
standing stand1+ing]1  VCC cb 
stanza stanz+a]2  VCC CR# cb 
starting start1+ing]1  cb 
startling start1+l/e]1+ing]1  DELE cb 
statement state+ment]  VCV cb 
statements state+ment]+s]3  VCV cb 
statesman state+s]5+man1  CMP CVC# cb 
station stat1+ion]1  VCV vd ION cb 
stationary stat1+ion]1+ary]1  VCV vd ION CV# VrV cb 
stent stent  VCC 
stern stern1  cb 
sternly stern1+ly]1  CV# cb 
stillness still1+ness]  VCC db cb 
sting sting1  VCC cb 
stocking stock1+ing]2  VCC db cb 
stolen stole1+n]1  VCV cb 
stone stone  VCV cb RDEL 
stones stone+s]8  VCV cb 
stony ston/e+y]1  VCV DELE CV# y>i cb 
straighten straight1+en]03  vd cs c3 cb 
strain strain  vd cb 
strand strand  VCC cb 
strange strange  LCC cb 
strangely strange+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
stranger strang/e+er]04  LCC DELE cb 
stratification strat2+ific]+ation]  3VR VCV vd cb 
streamline stream+line1  vd VCV CMP cb 
strength streng+th]2  c2 VCC cb 
strengthen streng+th]2+en]03  c2 VCC cb 
stricken strick1+en]02  VCC db cb 
striking strik/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
string string1  VCC cb 
strong strong  VCC cb 
strongly strong+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
stubborn stubborn  VCC db cb 
student stud3+ent]  VCV cb 
students stud3+ent]+s]3  VCV cb 
studying stud3+y]8+ing]1  FLR SCV cb 
stung stung  VCC cb 
subconsciousness [sub+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt db c2 
subjunctive [sub+junct+ive]  VCC 
sublimation [sub+lim/e3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
submarine [sub+mar01+ine]1  VCV VCC 
subpoena [sub+poen+a]2  VCC vd CR# c2 cs c2 
subsequent [sub+sequ1+ent]  VCC cb 
subsequently [sub+sequ1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
subsistence [sub+sist+ence]  VCC 
substance [sub+stance1  VCC cb 
substantial [sub+stant+ial]  VCC vd cb 
suburbanization [sub+urb+an]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
succession [su/b+c+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
sudden sudden  VCC db 
suddenly sudden+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
suffering [su/b+f+fer1+ing]1  VCC ASSIM db 
sufficient [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]  DELE vd ASSIM db cb 
sufficiently [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]+ly]1  DELE vd CV# ASSIM db 
suggestion [su/b+g+gest+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
sullen sull2+en]04  VCC db 
sultan sult3+an]4  VCC 
summon [su/b+m1+mon1  VCC ASSIM db 
sun sun1  CVC# NTR 
Sunday sun1+day  vd VCC CMP 
sung sung  VCC 
sunk sunk  VCC cb 
sunlight sun1+light1  CMP cs c3 VCC 
sunny sun1+n+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
sunrise sun1+rise  CMP VCV VCC 
sunset sun1+set1  CMP CVC# VCC 
sunshine sun1+shine1  CMP V VCV c2 VC# 
sunspot sun1+spot  CVC# cb CMP 
superconductor [super+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCV VCC 
superintendent [super+[in2+tend1+ent]  VCV VCC 
supernova [super+nov1+a]2  VCV CR# 
supersonic [super+son2+ic]1  VCV IC 
superstition [super+stit1+ion]1  VCV vd SCV cb 
supervision [super+vis/e2+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV 
surgeon surg1+eon]  vd 
surprising [sur2+pris/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
surrender [sur2+render  VCC db 
surround [sur2+round2  vd Vrr db cb 
surrounded [sur2+round2+ed]1  vd Vrr db 
surroundings [sur2+round2+ing]1+s]3  vd Vrr db 
suspend [su/b+s+pend  VCC ASSIM cb 
suspicion [su/b+spic1+ion]1  ION SCV vd ASSIM cb 
sustain [su/b+s+tain1  vd ASSIM cb 
swan swan  CVC# cb 
Sweden sweden  VCV cb 
sweeping sweep+ing]1  vd cb 
sweetness sweet+ness]  vd db cb 
swimming swim+m+ing]1  CTR db cb 
swine swine  VCV cb 
swing swing  VCC cb 
Switzerland switz+er]07+land  VCC CMP cb 
swung swung  VCC cb 
symphony [sy/n+m1+phon+y]3  VCC c2 CV# y>i 
synagogue [syn+agogue  3VR SCV 
syndrome [syn+drome  VCC VCV cb 
synfuels syn2+fuel+s]3  VCC V.V 
synonym [syn+onym  3VR CVC# 
syntax [syn+tax2  VCC 
synthetic [syn+thet1+ic]1  IC 3VR c2 
tablespoon table+spoon1  vd CMP VCle cb 
tailoring tail2+or]2+ing]1  vd 
taken take1+n]1  VCV 
talent talent  FLR SCV cb 
talented talent+ed]2  FLR SCV 
tan tan1  CVC# NTR 
tangent tang2+ent]  VCC cb 
tangle tangle  VCCle 
tango tang3+o]2  VCC CV# 
tank tank  VCC cb 
tanned tan1+n+ed]1  CTR VCC db 
tavern tavern  FLR SCV cb 
taxation tax1+ation]  VCV vd VCC 
taxonomy taxo+nom2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
teaching teach+ing]1  c2 vd 
teaspoon tea1+spoon1  vd CMP cb 
teaspoonful tea1+spoon1+ful]  vd CMP cb 
technical techn+ic]1+al]1  VCC c2 IC 
technique techn+ique]  VCC 
technocracy techn+ocrac+y]3  c2 3VR CV# y>i VCC 
technology techn+ology  c2 3VR CV# y>i VCC 
tectonic tecton+ic]1  VCC IC 
teen teen1  vd 
teenybopper teen1+y]1+bop+p+er]01  db CMP VCC 
telephone tele1+phone1  3VR VCV c2 
television tele1+vis/e2+ion]1  DELE 3VR vd ION SCV 
telling tell1+ing]1  VCC db 
temperament temp1+er]04+ament]  VCC cb 
temperance temp1+er]04+ance]  VCC 
temptation tempt1+ation]  VCV vd VCC 
ten ten1  CVC# 
tenant ten2+ant]1  FLR SCV cb 
tend tend1  VCC cb 
tendency tend1+ency]  VCC CV# y>i 
tender tend2+er]04  VCC 
tenderfoot tend2+er]04+foot1  VCC vd 
tenderly tend2+er]04+ly]1  VCC CV# 
tenderness tend2+er]04+ness]  VCC db 
tendon tend3+on]01  VCC 
Tennessee tennessee  VCC vd db 
tennis tennis  VCC db 
tenor ten2+or]1  FLR SCV 
tension tens1+ion]1  VCC vd 
tent tent1  VCC cb 
tenterhooks tent1+er]13+hook1+s]3  VCC vd 
tenth ten1+th]1  VCC c2 cb 
tenure ten2+ure]  FLR SCV 
testament test2+ament]  VCC cb 
testimony test2+imony]  VCC VCV CV# y>i 
testosterone test4+o]4+ster2+one]3  VCC VCV 
tetanus tetan+us]1  3VR 
than than1  CVC# c2 
thank thank  VCC c2 cb 
thankful thank+ful]  VCC c2 cb 
thankless thank+less]  VCC db cb 
Thanksgiving thank+s]3+giv/e+ing]1  CMP DELE c2 cb 
then then1  CVC# c2 
thence thence  VCC c2 
theologian the2+olog+ian]  c2 V.V VCV vd 
therein there1+in1  c2 CMP 
thereupon there1+up+on1  CMP c2 
thermodynamics thermo1+dynam+ics]  c2 VCV IC 
thermonuclear thermo1+nuc+le]3+ar]1  c2 VCle cb 
thiamine thi+am1+ine]2  c2 V.V 
thickness thick+ness]  VCC db 
thin thin  CVC# c2 NTR 
thine thine  c2 VCV 
thing thing  VCC c2 
think think  VCC c2 cb 
thinking think+ing]1  VCC c2 cb 
thinks think+s]2  VCC c2 cb 
thirteen thir+teen1  vd c2 
thorn thorn  c2 orC cb 
thousand thousand  c2 vd cb 
threaten threat+en]03  vd c2 cb 
throne throne  c2 VCV cb RDEL 
throng throng  c2 VCC cb 
thrown throw+n]1  c2 vd cb 
thunder thunder  c2 VCC 
tidings tid/e2+ing]1+s]3  DELE 
tighten tight+en]03  cs c3 
tiling til/e1+ing]1  DELE 
timpani timpan+i]1  VCC CV# 
tin tin1  CVC# NTR 
tint tint  VCC cb 
tiny tin4+y]1  VCV CV# y>i 
titration titr+at/e]1+ion]1  VCr VCV vd cb 
token tok1+en]13  VCV 
ton ton1  CVC# NTR 
tone tone  VCV RDEL 
tongue tongue  VCC RDEL 
tonight to1+night  cs c3 CMP 
tonsillitis tons1+ill]1+itis]  VCC VCV db 
tonsils tons1+il]3+s]3  VCC 
torment tor2+ment]  orC cb 
torn tor8+n]1  orC cb 
tornado torn2+ad]1+o]2  VCV CV# orC 
Toronto toronto  VCC CV# 
torrent torr1+ent]  Vrr cb db 
totalitarianism tot1+al]1+itarian]+ism]  3VR V.V VCC VrV 
touchstone touch+stone  vd c2 VCV CMP 
tournament tourn+ament]  vd cb 
town town  vd 
towns town+s]3  vd 
toxin tox1+in]03  VCC 
tradition [tra+dit1+ion]1  ION SCV vd cb 
train train  vd cb 
trainer train+er]01  vd cb 
training train+ing]1  vd cb 
transcendentalism [tran/s+scend2+ent]+al]1+ism]  VCC cb 
transcontinental [trans+[co/m+n+tin2+ent]+al]1  VCC cb 
transfer [trans+fer1  VCC NTR cb 
transferred [trans+fer1+r+ed]1  VCC CTR cb db 
transform [trans+form1  VCC orC cb 
transfusion [trans+fus/e2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
transistor [trans+ist+or]2  VCC cb 
transitive [trans+it2+ive]  VCC cb 
translate [trans+late2  VCV VCC cb 
translation [trans+lat/e2+ion]1  VCC DELE VCV vd ION cb 
transmitted [trans+mit1+t+ed]1  VCC db cb 
transparent [trans+par04+ent]  VCC VrV cb 
transport [trans+port1  VCC orC cb 
transportation [trans+port1+ation]  VCC VCV vd cb 
transubstantiation [tran/s+[sub+stant+iat/e]+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd cb 
transvestite [trans+vest1+ite]4  VCC VCV cb 
traveling tra2+vel4+ing]1  FLR SCV cb 
treason treas+on]01  vd cb 
treatment treat+ment]  vd cb 
tremendous trem+end]+ous]  vd VCC cb 
trench trench  c2 VCC cb 
trend trend  VCC cb 
triangle tri1+ang1+le]3  VCCle V.V cb 
trichinosis trichin+osis]  VCV VCC c2 cb 
trifling trif+l/e]3+ing]1  VCle DELE cb 
trinity trin/e+ity]  TY CV# y>i cb 
trombone tromb1+one]1  VCC VCV cb 
trunk trunk  VCC cb 
trying try+ing]1  V.V cb 
tundra tundr+a]2  VCC CV# 
tune tune  VCV RDEL 
tunnel tunn1+el]1  VCC db 
turbine turb1+ine]1   
turn turn  cb 
turned turn+ed]1  cb 
turnip tur4+nip3  CVC# 
Twain twain  vd cb 
twenty twen+ty1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
twin twin  CVC# NTR cb 
twine twine  VCV cb 
twinkle twink+le]1  VCCle cb 
tycoon ty2+coon2  VCV vd 
tying t/i/e+y4+ing]1  DELE i>y V.V 
typhoon ty2+phoon  c2 vd LCC 
Tyrannosaurus tyranno+saur+us]1  VCC vd db 
tyranny tyrann+y]3  CV# y>i db 
tyrant tyrant  VCV cb 
ultrasound [ultra+sound1  VCC vd cb 
unable [un1+able  VCle 
unbowed [un1+bow2+ed]1  VCC vd 
uncertain [un1+cert1+ain]  vd 
uncertainty [un1+cert1+ain]+ty]  VCC vd CV# y>i 
uncle uncle  VCCle 
uncomfortable [un1+[com+fort1+able]  VCC 
unconscious [un1+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
uncover [un2+[co+ver9  FLR SCV 
under under  VCC 
underdog [under+dog1  VCC 
undergo [under+go1  CV# 
underground [under+ground1  vd cb 
underline [under+line1  VCC VCV 
underneath under+neath  vd c2 VCC 
understand [under2+stand  VCC cb 
understanding [under2+stand+ing]1  VCC cb 
understatement [under1+state+ment]  VCC VCV cb 
understood [under2+stood  VCC vd cb 
undertake [under+take1  VCC VCV 
undertaking [under+tak/e1+ing]1  DELE VCC VCV 
undoubtedly [un1+doubt1+ed]1+ly]1  CV# vd 
uneasy [un1+eas/e+y]1  vd DELE CV# y>i 
unemployment [un1+[e/n1+m1+ploy1+ment]  3VR vd cb 
unequal [un1+equ1+al]1  LCC cb 
unexpected [un1+[ex+/spect+ed]1  VCC EXS 
unfit [un1+fit1  CVC# NTR 
unfold [un2+fold1  LCC cb 
unfortunate [un1+fort2+un/e]1+ate]2  DELE orC 
unfortunately [un1+fort2+un/e]1+ate]2+ly]1  DELE CV# orC 
unhappy [un1+hap+p+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
unicorn uni+corn2  VCV orC cb 
uniform uni+form1  VCV orC cb 
unilateral uni+lat1+eral]  VCV 3VR 
union un1+ion]1  VCV ION 
unique un1+ique]  VCV LCC 
unison uni+son2  VCV 
unit un1+it]1  VCV LT 
unite un1+ite]2  VCV 
united un1+it/e]2+ed]1  VCV 
United States un1+it/e]2+ed]1+state1+s]3  VCV DELE cb 
units un1+it]1+s]3  VCV LT 
unity un1+ity]  VCV TYX CV# y>i 
universal uni+vers/e+al]1  DELE VCV 
universe uni+verse  VCV 
university uni+vers/e+ity]  VCV DELE CV# y>i 
unjust [un1+just1  VCC cb 
unknown [un1+know+n]1  vd cs c2 
unless un3+less1  VCC db 
unlike [un1+like2  VCV 
unnecessary [un1+[ne+cess1+ary]1  CV# y>i db 
unpleasant [un1+pleas/e+ant]1  vd DELE cb 
unsaturated [un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
unseen [un1+see1+n]1  vd 
until un2+til1  CVC# 
unto un2+to1  CV# 
unusual [un1+us/e+ual]  VCV V.V 
unusually [un1+us/e+ual]+ly]1  V.V VCV CV# db 
unwilling [un1+will1+ing]1  VCC db 
unworthy [un1+wor1+th]2+y]1  CV# c2 y>i VCC 
upon up+on1  VC# CMP 
uranium uran1+ium]1  VCV V.V 
urban urb+an]1   
urbanization urb+an]1+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd 
urgent urg/e1+ent]  cb 
urinary ur1+in/e]1+ary]1  CV# 
urine ur1+ine]1   
urn urn  cb 
utilitarianism ut1+il/e]1+itarian]+ism]  VCV V.V VCC VrV 
utterance utt+er]02+ance]  VCC db 
vacant vac1+ant]1  VCV cb 
vacation vac1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
vaccination vacc+in/e]1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd db 
vaccine vacc+ine]1  VCC VCV db 
vagina vag3+in]03+a]2  VCV CR# 
vain vain  vd 
valence val1+ence]  VCV 
valiant val1+iant]  FLR SCV 3VR cb 
van van1  CVC# NTR 
vandal vandal  VCC 
vanish van4+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
vanity van4+ity]  TY CV# y>i 
vaporization vap+or]1+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd 
variation var/y+i2+ation]  y>i vd VrV 
vegetation veget+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV 
vein vein  vd 
venereal vener+eal]  VrV V.V 
vengeance venge+ance]  VCC vd 
venial ven6+ial]  VCV V.V 
Venice venice  FLR SCV 
ventricle ventric+le]1  VCC cb 
venture vent1+ure]  VCC 
Venus venus  VCV 
Vermont ver5+mont1  cb 
version vers1+ion]1  vd 
veteran veter+an]1  3VR 
vibration vibr1+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd VCr ION VCV cb 
vicinity vicin+ity]  TY CV# y>i 
Vienna vienna  V.V VCC CR# db 
Vietnam viet2+nam  V.V CVC# CMP 
vigilante vig1+il]1+ant]1+e]3  3VR 
Viking vik+ing]4  VCV 
villain vill1+ain]  vd VCC db 
vine vine  VCV 
vinegar vin4+egar  3VR 
violence viol2+ence]  V.V 
violent viol2+ent]  V.V cb 
violently viol2+ent]+ly]1  V.V CV# 
violin viol1+in]01  V.V CVC# 
virgin virg2+in]01   
Virginia virg2+in]01+ia]1  3VR V#X 
Virginian virg2+in]01+ian]1  3VR 
virulence vir2+ulence]  cb 
vision vis2+ion]1  vd ION SCV 
vitamin vit1+am1+in]03  VCV 
vivisection vivi+sect1+ion]1  3VR VCC vd 
volcano volcan+o]2  VCC VCV CV# 
volunteer volunt+eer]1  vd FLR SCV 
vulcanize vulcan+ize]  VCC VCV 
wagon wagon  SCV 
waiting wait+ing]1  vd 
waken wak/e+en]03  DELE VCV 
walnut wal2+nut1  CVC# 
wand wand1  VCC cb 
wander wand2+er]03  VCC 
want want  VCC cb 
wanting want+ing]1  VCC 
wanton wan2+ton3  VCC 
wants want+s]8  VCC cb 
warn warn  cb 
warning warn+ing]1   
warrant warr1+ant]1  cb db 
warranty warr1+ant]1+y]3  CV# y>I db 
washing wash+ing]1  c2 VCC 
Washington washington  VCC c2 
wasn't was1+n't  CMP VCC 
wavelength wave+leng+th]2  VCV c2 VCC 
weaken weak+en]03  vd 
weakness weak+ness]  vd db 
weapon weap+on]7  vd 
weariness wear2+/y]1+i2+ness]  y>i vd db 
wearing wear1+ing]1  vd 
wedding wed+d2+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
Wednesday wedne+s]5+day  vd VCC CMP 
weekend week+end1  CMP vd cb 
well-known well2+know+n]1  CMP vd VCC cs c2 db 
went went1  VCC cb 
weren't were1+n't  CMP 
West Virginia west+virg2+in]01+ia]1  CR# cb 
western west+ern]2  VCC cb 
when when  CVC# c2 
whence whence  VCC c2 
whenever when+ever  CMP c2 
wherein where+in1  CMP c2 
whereupon where+up+on1  CMP CVC# c2 
whine whine  VCV c2 
whooping whoop+ing]1  c2 vd 
widen wid/e+en]03  DELE VCV 
wilderness wil2+der2+ness]  VCC db 
willing will1+ing]1  VCC db 
willingly will1+ing]1+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
Wilson wil+son  VCC 
win win1  CVC# NTR 
wind wind1  VCC cb 
windfall wind1+fall1  VCC db cb CMP 
window wind1+ow]  vd VCC 
windows wind1+ow]+s]3  vd VCC 
winds wind1+s]3  VCC cb 
wine wine  VCV RDEL 
wing wing1  VCC 
winged wing1+ed]1  VCC 
wink wink1  VCC cb 
winner win1+n+er]01  VCC CTR db 
winning win1+n+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
winter winter  VCC 
wiretapping wire+tap2+p+ing]1  VrV CMP db 
Wisconsin wisconsin  VCC 
wishbone wish+bone  c2 VCC VCV CMP 
witch-hunt witch+hunt  VCC ct cb db CMP 
withdrawn with+draw+n]1  vd CMP c2 CVC# cb 
withholding with+hold1+ing]1  LCC VCC 
within with+in1  CMP c2 VCC 
witness wit1+ness]  VCC db 
woman woman  SCV 
women women  SCV 
won won1   
wonder wond+er]05  VCC 
wondered wond+er]05+ed]1  VCC 
wonderful wond+er]05+ful]  VCC 
wondrous wondr+ous]  vd VCC PELE cb 
wont wont  cb 
won't wo+n't  LCC CMP 
wooden wood+en]01  vd 
woodland wood+land  CMP vd cb 
woodwind wood+wind1  vd VCC cb CMP 
woolen wool+en]01  vd 
working work+ing]1   
workman work+man1  CMP cb 
workmen work+men1  CMP cb 
worn wor/e+en]02  orC cb 
wouldn't would+n't  vd CMP cs c2 
wound wound1  vd cb 
woven wove+n]1  VCV 
wren wren  CVC# c2 
wrench wrench  VCC c2 cb 
wrinkle wrink+le]3  VCCle c2 
write-in write-in1  VCV c2 
writing writ/e+ing]1  DELE VCV c2 
written writt+en]02  VCC db 
wrong wrong  VCC c2 
Wyoming wyoming  V.V VCV 
xenophobia xeno1+phob/e+ia]1  3VR VCV V.V c2 
Yankee yankee  vd VCC 
yarn yarn  cb 
yawn yawn  vd 
yearn yearn  vd cb 
yeoman yeo+man1  vd 
yon yon1  CVC# 
yonder yond+er]05  VCC 
Yorktown york+town  orC cb vd CMP 
young young1  vd 
youngster young1+ster]1  vd cb 
zinc zinc1  VCC 
Zionism zion+ism]  V.V VCC 
zone zone  RDEL 
zoning zon/e+ing]1  VCV 
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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader