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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader

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Word Explication Analysis
abolish [ab1+ol1+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
abscess [abs+cess1  VCC db 
absence [ab1+sence  VCC 
absent [ab1+sent3  VCC cb 
absenteeism [ab1+sent3+ee]1+ism]  vd VCC 
absolute [ab1+sol01+ute]  VCC VCV 
absolutely [ab1+sol01+ute]+ly]1  VCC VCV CV# 
absorb [ab1+sorb1  orC 
abstract [abs+tract  VCC cb 
absurd [ab1+surd  cb 
abuse [ab1+use  VCV 
access [a/d+c+cess1  VCC ASSIM db 
accomplish [a/d+c+[com+pl2+ish]2  VCC ASSIM db cb 
accomplishment [a/d+c+[com+pl2+ish]2+ment]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
accuse [a/d+c+cuse  VCV ASSIM db 
accustom [a/d+c+cust1+om]1  VCC ASSIM db 
acids ac1+id]1+s]3  SCV 
across [a2+cross1  VCC db cb 
actions act1+ion]1+s]3  VCC vd 
activism act1+iv/e]+ism]  VCC 
activities act1+iv/e]+it/y]+i2+es]2  DELE y>i vd VCC TY 
actress act1+ress]1  VCC db cb 
Adams Adam+s]5  SCV 
address [ad+dress  VCC db cb 
adenoids aden+oid]+s]3  3VR vd 
adhesion [ad+hes+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
adipose adip+ose]1  3VR VCV 
adjust [ad+just2  VCC db cb 
adjustment [ad+just2+ment]  VCC db cb 
administer [ad+mini3+ster]2  3VR VCC cb 
administration [ad+mini3+str]2+at/e]1+ion]1  vd VCC cb 
admission [ad+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
adsorption [ad+sorpt1+ion]1  VCC vd orC 
advertise [ad+vert1+ise]1  VCV VCC 
advertisement [ad+vert1+ise]1+ment]  VCV VCC cb 
advertising [ad+vert1+is/e]1+ing]1  DELE VCV VCC 
advise [ad+vise2  VCV VCC 
adviser [ad+vis/e2+er]01  VCV DELE VCC 
advisor [ad+vis/e2+or]2  VCV DELE VCC 
Aesop Aesop  CVC# 
aesthetics aesthet+ics]  IC vd c2 
afterwards aft+er]02+ward]+s]1  VCC cb 
against [a2+gain2+st]1  vd cb 
aggression [a/d+g+gress+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
agnosticism [a1+gnos+tic]+ism]  VCC 
agribusiness agri+bus5+/y]1+i2+ness]  VCC SCV db 
aisle aisl+e]1  vd 
alas a13+las  CVC# 
Alaska Alaska  VCC CR# 
albatross al01+batross  VCC db cb 
alcoholism al01+cohol+ism]  VCC SCV 
alias ali1+as]6  VCV V.V 
allies [a/d+l/y]2+i2+es]7  y>i vd VCC ASSIM db 
allusion [a/d+l+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd ASSIM db 
almost al05+mo3+st]5  LCC cb 
alongside [a2+long1+side1  VCC VCV CMP 
also al05+so1  CV# 
altruism altru+ism]  VCC V.V cb 
always al05+way1+s]1  vd 
ambassador [amb+ass3+ador]  VCC db 
ambitious [amb+it]2+ious]  vt 
ambrosia [a1+mbros+ia]1  VCC VCV CR# vd cb 
amnesia [a1+mnes+ia]1  VCC VCV vd 
amnesty [a1+mnes+ty]  VCC CV# y>i 
amniocentesis amnio+cent3+esis]  VCC V.V VCV 
amongst [a2+mong2+st]1  VCC cb 
ampersand am6+pers+and1  VCC cb 
amuse [a3+muse2  VCV 
amusement [a3+muse2+ment]  VCV cb 
amusing [a3+mus/e2+ing]1  DELE VCV 
analgesic [an01+alg1+esic]  3VR LC 
anarchism [an01+arch1+ism]  3VR c2 VCC 
ancestor [an08+cest1+or]2  VCC 
anesthesia [an01+esth+esia]  3VR c2 VCV V.V vd 
anesthetic [an01+esthet+ic]1  3VR c2 IC 
angles ang1+le]3+s]8  VCC 
anguish angu+ish]2  c2 VCC 
animals anim+al]1+s]3  VCV 3VR 
animism anim+ism]  3VR VCC 
answer [an04+swer  VCC cs c2 
anthropomorphism anthropo+morph1+ism]  VCC c2 orC cb 
antiballistic [anti1+ball2+ist]3+ic]1  VCC db 
antidepressant [anti1+[de+press+ant]1  VCC db cb 
antihistamine [anti1+hist2+am1+ine]2  VCC VCV 
antipodes [anti1+pod2+es]3  VCC SCV CLC# 
anti-Semitism [anti1+sem6+it/e]4+ic]1+ism]  VCC 3VR 
antiseptic [anti1+sept1+ic]1  VCC 
antitrust [anti1+trust  VCC cb 
ants ant1+s]3  VCC cb 
anus an2+us]1  VCV 
anxious anxi+ous]  VCC vt 
anxiously anxi+ous]+ly]1  VCC vt CV# 
aphorism [ap2+hor3+ism]  c2 VCC 
aphrodisiac aphrodis+iac]  c2 3VR CVC# VCC 
apocalypse [apo+calypse  3VR VCC 
apostle [apo+stle  VCC VCCle cs c2 
apostrophe [apo+stroph+e]3  VCC c2 CV# cb 
apparatus [a/d+p+parat+us]1  VCC SCV ASSIM db 
appears [a/d+p+pear2+s]2  vd ASSIM db 
appeasement [a/d+p+pease2+ment]  vd ASSIM db cb 
appendicitis [a/d+p+pend+ic]4+itis]  ASSIM VCC VCV db 
applause [a/d+p+plause  vd ASSIM db cb 
apples apple+s]3  VCCle db 
appraisal [a/d+p+prais/e+al]2  ASSIM vd db cb 
apprehension [a/d+p+[pre+hens+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
apropos [a3+[pro1+pos2  VCC 
archbishop arch3+bishop  c2 VCC cb 
arise [a2+rise  VCV 
aristocracy arist+ocrac+y]3  VCC CV# VrV y>i 
Arkansas Arkansas  CLC# 
arose [a2+rose2  VCV 
arouse [a2+rouse  vd 
arrest [a/d+r+rest2  VCC ASSIM db cb 
arson ars3+on]01   
arteriosclerosis arterio+scler+osis]  V.V VCV VrV cb 
arthritis arthr+itis]  VCV c2 cb 
artist art1+ist]1  cb 
artistic art1+ist]1+ic]1  VCC IC 
as as1  VC# 
ascend [a3+scend2  VCC cb 
ascent [a3+scent2  VCC cb 
ascertain [a/d+s+cert1+ain]  vd VCC ASSIM 
asceticism asc2+etic]+ism]  3VR VCC 
ascorbic [a1+scorb1+ic]1  orC cb 
asexual [a1+sex1+ual]  VCV V.V VCC 
ash ash  c2 VCC 
ashamed [a3+sham/e+ed]1  DELE c2 VCV 
ashore [a2+shore1  c2 VrV 
Asia Asia  VCV V#X vd 
aside [a2+side1  VCV 
ask ask  VCC cb 
asked ask+ed]1  VCC cb 
asleep [a2+sleep  vd cb 
aspect [a3+spect  VCC cb 
aspirin aspir+in]03  VCC 
ass ass1  VCC db 
assail [a/d+s+sail2  vd ASSIM db 
assault [a/d+s+sault  vd ASSIM db cb 
assemble [a/d+s+semble1  VCCle ASSIM db 
assembly [a/d+s+sembl/e1+y]3  VCCle DELE CV# ASSIM y>i db 
assent [a/d+s+sent2  VCC ASSIM db cb 
assert [a/d+s+sert1  ASSIM db cb 
assessment [a/d+s+sess+ment]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
asset [a/d+s+set3  VCC CVC# ASSIM db 
assign [a/d+s+sign1  LCC ASSIM cs c2 db 
assimilation [a/d+s+simil+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd ASSIM db 
assist [a/d+s+sist  VCC ASSIM db cb 
assistance [a/d+s+sist+ance]  VCC ASSIM db 
assistant [a/d+s+sist+ant]1  VCC ASSIM db cb 
associate [a/d+s+soci+ate]1  V.V VCV ASSIM db 
association [a/d+s+soci+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V VCV vd ASSIM db 
assume [a/d+s+sume  VCV ASSIM db 
assumption [a/d+s+sumpt1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
assurance [a/d+s+sur/e+ance]  DELE ASSIM VrV db 
assure [a/d+s+sure  ASSIM VrV db 
asteroid aster+oid]  VCC vd 
asthma asthm+a]2  VCC CR# 
astonish [as2+ton2+ish]2  c2 FLR SCV cb 
astonishing [as2+ton2+ish]2+ing]1  c2 FLR SCV cb 
astonishment [as2+ton2+ish]2+ment]  c2 FLR SCV cb 
astound [as2+tound  vd cb 
astrology astro+logy  3VR CV# y>i cb 
astronaut astro+naut1  VCC vd cb 
astronomer astro+nom2+er]01  3VR cb 
astronomy astro+nom2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i cb 
astrophysics astro+phys1+ics]  VCC c2 IC LCC cb 
asymmetry [a1+[sy/n+m1+metr1+y]3  VCV VCC CV# y>i db cb 
atheism [a1+the2+ism]  V.V VCC c2 
atheist [a1+the2+ist]1  V.V VCC c2 cb 
Athens Athens  c2 VCC 
atherosclerosis athero+scler+osis]  LCC VCV cb 
atlas atl+as]1  VCC 
atmosphere atmo+sphere  VCC c2 VrV cb 
atmospheric atmo+spher/e+ic]1  VCC c2 VrV cb 
August august  vd cb 
Australia Austr+al]1+ia]1  vd VCV V.V cb 
Austria Austr+ia]1  vd V.V V#X cb 
autistic aut1+ist]1+ic]1  vd VCC 
axis ax1+is]1  VCC 
bacillus bac+ill]1+us]1  VCC db 
ballistic ball2+ist]3+ic]1  VCC CVC# db 
banish ban1+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
baptism bapt+ism]  VCC 
barbershop barb1+er]01+shop  CVC# c2 
basal bas/e1+al]1  VCV DELE 
basalt basalt  LCC cb 
base base1  VCV RDEL 
baseball base1+ball1  VCV CMP db 
based bas/e1+ed]1  VCV DELE 
bases bas/e1+es]7  VCV DELE 
basic bas/e1+ic]1  VCV DELE LC 
basilica basil+ic]1+a]2  3VR CR# 
basin bas2+in]01  VCV 
basis bas/e1+is]1  VCV DELE 
basket basket  VCC 
bass bass1  LCC db 
bassoon bass1+oon]2  vd db 
bathyscaph bathy+scaph  VCC cb 
bathysphere bathy+sphere  c2 VrV VCC cb 
beast beast1  vd cb 
beatitudes beat2+itude]+s]3  V.V VCV 
because be3+cause1  vd 
beggars beg+g+ar]2+s]8  VCC CCTR db 
behaviorism [be+hav/e+ior]2+ism]  VCV VCC 
beseech [be+seech  vd c2 
beside [be+side1  VCV 
besides [be+side1+s]1  VCV 
besiege [be+siege  vd 
best best1  VCC cb 
bestow [be+stow  vd 
bilateralism bi1+lat1+eral]+ism]  VCV 3VR VCC 
biochemistry bio2+chem1+ist]1+ry]  V.V c2 3VR CV# y>i LCC cb 
biomass bio2+mass1  V.V VCV VCC db 
biophysics bio2+phys1+ics]  V.V c2 IC LCC 
biosphere bio2+sphere  V.V c2 VrV cb 
biscuit bis1+cuit  vd VCC 
bisexuality bi1+sex1+ual]+ity]  VCV V.V TY VCC CV# 
bishop bishop  c2 VCC 
bitterness bitter+ness]  VCC db 
blacklist black+list1  VCC db cb CMP 
blacksmith black+smith  VCC CMP db cb 
blast blast1  VCC cb 
bless bless  VCC db cb 
blessed bless+ed]1  VCC db cb 
blessing bless+ing]1  VCC db cb 
bliss bliss  VCC db cb 
blocks block+s]8  VCC db cb 
blossom blossom  VCC db cb 
bluegrass blue+grass  VCC db cb CMP 
blues blue+s]3  cb 
blush blush  c2 VCC cb 
boast boast  vd cb 
boats boat+s]8  vd 
bodies bod/y+i2+es]2  SCV y>i vd 
Bolshevik bolshev+ik]1  CVC# c2 
bonus bon1+us]1  VCV 
boost boost  vd cb 
bosom bosom  SCV 
boss boss1  VCC db 
Boston Boston  VCC 
botulism botul+ism]  3VR VCC 
bourgeoisie bourg+eois]+ie]2  vd 
boxes box1+es]7  VCC 
boys boy1+s]3  vd 
brackets brack1+et]1+s]8  VCC db cb 
brainwashing brain+wash+ing]1  vd VCC c2 cb 
branches branch1+es]7  VCC c2 cb 
brass brass1  VCC db cb 
breakfast break+fast2  vd CMP cb 
breast breast  vd cb 
breathless breath+less]  vd db cb 
brightness bright+ness]  cs c3 db cb 
brinkmanship brink+man1+ship]  VCC CVC# c2 cb 
bristle brist+le]2  VCCle cs c2 cb 
British Brit+ish]1  SCV c2 cb 
broadcast broad+cast1  vd CMP VCC cb 
Brontosaurus bronto+saur1+us]1  VCC vd cb 
brothers brother+s]8  c2 VCC cb 
bruise bruise  vd cb 
brush brush1  c2 VCC cb 
Buddhism buddh+ism]  LCC ct 
bursa burs+a]2  CR# 
bursitis burs+itis]  VCV 
burst burst  cb 
bus bus1  CVC# NTR 
bush bush1  VCC c2 
bushel bush3+el]1  c2 VCC 
business bus5+/y]1+i2+ness]  SCV y>i db 
bust bust2  VCC cb 
bustle bust3+le]1  VCC VCCle cs c2 
busy bus5+y]1  SCV CV# y>i 
buttress butt1+ress]2  VCC db cb 
bygones by1+gone1+s]3  VCV SCV 
bypass by1+pass1  VCV VCC db CMP 
Caesar caesar  vd 
calculus calc1+ul]1+us]1  VCC 
calls call1+s]8  db 
canst can1+st]2  VCC cb 
canvas canv+as]4  CVV VCC 
capitalism capit+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
capitalist capit+al]1+ist]1  3VR VCC cb 
cardiovascular cardio+vas1+cul]1+ar]1  V.V VCC 
careless care+less]  VrV db 
carelessly care+less]+ly]1  CV# VrV db 
caress car7+ess]2  VCC db 
carnivorous carn1+ivor/e+ous]  3VR vd DELE 
case case2  VCV RDEL 
cases cas/e2+es]7  VCV DELE 
cash cash1  c2 VCC 
cast cast1  VCC cb 
caste cast3+e]1  VCC cb 
castle cast2+le]3  VCCle cs c2 
castles cast2+le]3+s]8  VCCle cs c2 
casual casu+al]1  V.V 
casuistry casu+ist]1+ry]  V.V CV# VCC y>i cb 
catalyst [cata+ly1+st]3  3VR VCC cb 
catharsis cathar+sis]  CVC# c2 
cats cat1+s]8  VCC 
caucus cauc+us]1  vd 
cause cause1  vd RDEL 
caused caus/e1+ed]1  vd DELE 
causes caus/e1+es]7  vd DELE 
cautiously caut+ious]+ly]1  vd CV# vt 
cease cease1  vd RDEL 
celestial celest+ial]  VCC vd 
cells cell1+s]8  VCC db 
cellulose cell1+ul/e]+ose]2  VCC VCV DELE db 
celsius celsius  VCC V.V 
census cens+us]1  VCC 
cents cent6+s]3  VCC cb 
centuries cent1+ur/y]+i2+es]2  VCC y>i vd 
chaos cha1+os]1  V.V 
characteristic charact1+er]04+istic]  VCC c2 
charisma char3+ism]+a]1  VCC c2 CR# 
charismatic char3+ism]+atic]  c2 IC 
Charles Charles  c2 cb 
chase chase1  VCV c2 RDEL 
chauvinism chauvin+ism]  c2 vd VCC 
cheese cheese  c2 vd RDEL 
chemist chem1+ist]1  FLR SCV c2 cb 
chemistry chem1+ist]1+ry]  FLR SCV CV# c2 y>i cb 
cherish cher1+ish]2  c2 
chest chest1  c2 VCC cb 
chestnut chest2+nut1  CMP VCC CVC# c2 cs c2 
chickens chick1+en]07+s]8  VCC db 
childish child+ish]1  LCC 
Chinese Chin2+ese]1  VCV c2 
cholesterol chole+ster1+ol]1  c2 VCC 
choose choose  vd c2 
chorus chor1+us]1  c2 VrV 
chose chose1  VCV c2 
chosen chos/e1+en]02  VCV c2 DELE 
Christ Christ1  LCC c2 cb 
Christian Christ1+ian]1  VCC vd c2 cb 
Christianity Christ1+ian]1+ity]  VCC CV# c2 
Christmas Christ1+mas  VCC c2 CMP cs c2 cb 
chromosome chrom+osome  c2 VCV cb 
circumcision [circum+cis/e+ion]1  ION DELE vd 
circumstance [circum+stance1  VCC cb 
circus circ+us]1   
cirrhosis cirrh+osis]  ct VCV 
cirrus cirr+us]1  Vrr Vrr db 
clash clash  c2 VCC cb 
clasp clasp  VCC cb 
class class1  VCC db cb 
classic class1+ic]1  VCC IC db cb 
classical class1+ic]1+al]1  VCC db cb 
classicism class1+ic]1+ism]  VCC db cb 
classification class1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db cb 
clause clause  vd cb 
claustrophobia claustro+phob/e+ia]1  vd VCV DELE c2 cb 
cleanliness clean+l/y]1+i2+ness]  vd y>i db cb 
cleanse clean+se]1  vd cb 
close close  VCV cb 
closely close+ly]1  VCV CV# cb 
closer "more close" clos/e+er]02  VCV DELE cb 
closet clos/e+et]1  FLR SCV DELE cb 
clothes clothe+s]8  LCC c2 cb 
clumsy clums+y]1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
cluster clust+er]05  VCC cb 
coarse coarse  vd 
coast coast  vd cb 
coexistence [co+[ex+/sist+ence]  V.V VCC EXS 
cohesion [co+hes+ion]1  VCV vd 
colitis col2+itis]  VCV 
collapse [co/m+l+lapse  VCC ASSIM db 
colonialism colon1+ial]+ism]  VCV V.V VCC 
colorblindness color+blind+ness]  SCV LCC db cb 
colors color+s]8  FLR SCV 
Columbus Columb+us]1  VCC 
combustion [com+bust4+ion]1  VCC vd 
comestible [com+est1+ible]  VCC 
commission [com+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
commissioner [com+miss3+ion]1+er]01  VCC vd db 
communism [com+mun/e+ism]  VCC DELE db 
communist [com+mun/e+ist]1  DELE VCC db cb 
companionship [com+pan2+ion]1+ship]  SIO c2 
comparison [com+par/e2+ison]1  DELE 
compass [com+pass1  VCC db 
compensation [com+pens+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCC vd 
compose [com+pose1  VCV 
composite [com+pos/e1+ite]2  SCV 
composition [com+pos/e1+ition]  vd VCC ION 
comprise [com+prise  VCV cb 
compromise [com+[pro1+mise  VCC VCV cb 
compulsion [com+puls/e+ion]1  VCC vd DELE 
concession [co/m+n+cess1+ion]1  VCC ASSIM vd db 
conciseness [co/m+n+cise+ness]  VCV ASSIM db 
concision [co/m+n+cis/e+ion]1  ION DELE ASSIM vd 
conclusion [co/m+n+clus+ion]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM cb 
condensation [co/m+n+dens/e+at/e]3+ion]1  VCC VCC vd DELE ASSIM 
condense [co/m+n+dense  VCC ASSIM 
conditions [co/m+n+dit3+ion]1+s]8  ION ASSIM vd 
confess [co/m+n+fess1  VCC ASSIM db 
confession [co/m+n+fess1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
confuse [co/m+n+fuse2  VCV ASSIM 
confusion [co/m+n+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV DELE vd ION ASSIM 
congress [co/m+n+gress  VCC ASSIM db cb 
conjunctivitis [co/m+n+junct+iv/e]+itis]  VCC VCV DELE ASSIM 
conquest [co/m+n+quest1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conscience [co/m+n+sci1+ence]  VCC vd ASSIM c2 
conscientious [co/m+n+sci1+ent]+ious]  VCC V.V ASSIM vt c2 
conscious [co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
consciousness [co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt ASSIM db 
consent [co/m+n+sent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
consequence [co/m+n+sequ1+ence]  VCC ASSIM cb 
consequently [co/m+n+sequ1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM cb 
conservation [co/m+n+serv/e1+ation]  VCC VCV ASSIM DELE vd ION 
conservatism [co/m+n+serv/e1+atism]  VCC DELE ASSIM 
conservative [co/m+n+serv/e1+ative]  DELE ASSIM 
conserve [co/m+n+serve1  ASSIM 
consider [co/m+n+sider1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerable [co/m+n+sider1+able]  FLR SCV ASSIM 
considerably [co/m+n+sider1+abl/e]+y]4  FLR SCV DELE CV# ASSIM 
consideration [co/m+n+sider1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCV vd DELE ION ASSIM 
considered [co/m+n+sider1+ed]1  FLR SCV ASSIM 
consist [co/m+n+sist  VCC ASSIM cb 
consistency [co/m+n+sist+ency]  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i 
consonant [co/m+n+son2+ant]1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conspicuous [co/m+n+spic1+uous]  vd ASSIM cb 
conspiracy [co/m+n+spir/e1+acy]  DELE CV# ASSIM y>i cb 
constable con5+sta+ble]2  VCC cb 
constant [co/m+n+stant  VCC ASSIM cb 
constantly [co/m+n+stant+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM cb 
constellation [co/m+n+stell+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV ASSIM vd ION db cb 
constituent [co/m+n+stit1+uent]  3VR V.V ASSIM cb 
constitute [co/m+n+stit1+ute]  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
constitution [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
constitutional [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1+al]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
construct [co/m+n+struct  VCC ASSIM cb 
construction [co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM cb 
consul [co/m+n+sul  CVC# VCC ASSIM 
consult [co/m+n+sult2  VCC ASSIM cb 
consume [co/m+n+sume  VCV ASSIM 
consumer [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01  VCV DELE ASSIM 
consumerism [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01+ism]  VCV VCC ASSIM 
consumption [co/m+n+sumpt1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
contagious [co/m+n+tag4+ious]  VCV vt ASSIM 
contents [co/m+n+tent2+s]3  VCC ASSIM cb 
contest [co/m+n+test2  VCC ASSIM cb 
continuous [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+ous]  FLR SCV SCV vd V.V DELE ASSIM 
contrast [contra+st  VCC ASSIM cb 
conversation [co/m+n+vers/e1+ation]  DELE vd ASSIM 
converse [co/m+n+verse1  ASSIM 
convulsion [co/m+n+vuls/e+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
cookies cook2+ie]1+s]3  vd 
cops cop1+s]8  VCC 
Cornwallis Cornwallis  VCC orC db cb 
corpse corpse  orC 
correspond [co/m+r+[re+spond  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondence [co/m+r+[re+spond+ence]  VCC ASSIM Vrr cb db 
correspondent [co/m+r+[re+spond+ent]  VCC ASSIM Vrr db cb 
cortisone cortis+one]3  VCV orC 
cosmic cosm+ic]1  VCC 
cosmology cosm+ology  VCC CV# 3VR y>i 
cosmonaut cosmo+naut1  VCC vd 
cost cost1  VCC cb 
costly cost1+ly]3  VCC CV# y>i 
costume cost5+ume]  VCC VCV 
couldst could+st]2  vd cs c2 cb 
counsel [coun+sel1  vd 
counselor [coun+sel1+or]2  vd 
counterinsurgency [counter+[in2+surg2+ency]  vd CV# y>i 
countless count1+less]  vd db cb 
course course  vd RDEL 
courteous court+eous]  V.V vd 
courtesy courtes+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
cousin cousin  vd 
cows cow1+s]8  vd 
coyness coy1+ness]  vd db 
crash crash  c2 VCC cb 
creationism cre1+at/e]1+ion]1+ism]  V.V VCV vd VCC cb 
creatures cre1+at/e]1+ure]+s]3  vd DELE cb 
crescendo cresc+end]+o]2  VCC CV# cb 
crest crest  VCC cb 
crimson crimson  VCC cb 
crisis cris+is]1  VCV cb 
crisp crisp  VCC cb 
criticism crit+ic]2+ism]  IC cb 
crops crop+s]3  VCC cb 
cross cross  VCC db cb 
crossbones cross+bone+s]3  VCC VCV db cb 
crossed cross+ed]1  VCC db cb 
crossing cross+ing]1  VCC db cb 
cruise cruise  vd cb 
crusade crus1+ade]1  VCV cb 
crusades crus1+ade]1+s]8  VCV cb 
crush crush  c2 VCC cb 
crust crust  VCC cb 
crustacean crust+acean]  VCC VCV V.V vd cb 
crystal cryst1+al]4  VCC cb 
cubism cub/e+ism]  VCV 
cumulus cumul+us]1  VCV 
curiosity cur6+ios]+ity]  TY CV# V.V y>i 
curious cur6+ious]  vd 
curiously cur6+ious]+ly]1  vd CV# 
curse curse1  cb RDEL 
cushion cush1+ion]4  c2 vd VCC 
custom cust1+om]1  VCC 
customary cust1+om]1+ary]1  VCC CV# y>i 
customer cust1+om]1+er]01  VCC 
cybernetics cybern+etic]+s]3  VCV IC 
cyst cyst  VCC cb 
cytoplasm cyto+plas+m]  VCV VCC cb 
daisy daisy  vd CV# y>i 
damsel dam3+sel]  VCC 
dangerous danger+ous]  LCC vd 
darkness dark+ness]  db cb 
dash dash  c2 VCC 
deciduous [de+cidu+ous]  3VR vd V.V 
decision [de+cis+ion]1  ION vd 
decrease [de+crease2  vd cb 
defense [de+fense  VCC 
degrees [de+gree2+s]3  vd cb 
deism de5+ism]  V.V VCC 
delicious [de+lic1+ious]  vt 
delusion [de+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd 
demonstrate [de+mon1+str]1+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
demonstration [de+mon1+str]1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV cb 
demonstrative [de+mon1+str]1+at/e]1+ive]  VCC cb 
dense dense  VCC 
density densit+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
dentist dent2+ist]1  VCC cb 
depends [de+pend+s]2  VCC cb 
deposit [de+pos/e1+it]2  IT SCV 
depression [de+press+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
dermatitis dermat+itis]  VCV 
desalinization [de+sal1+in/e]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
descend [de+scend2  VCC cb 
descendant [de+scend2+ant]1  VCC cb 
descent [de+scent2  VCC cb 
describe [de+scribe  VCV cb 
described [de+scrib/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
description [de+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
desert [de+sert1  FLR SCV cb 
deserve [de+serve2  cb 
design [de+sign1  LCC cs c2 
desirability [de+sir/e2+abil]+ity]  VrV DELE CV# TY 
desirable [de+sir/e2+able]  VrV 
desire [de+sire2  VrV 
desk desk  VCC cb 
desolate [de+sol11+ate]1  3VR 
despair [de+spair  vd cb 
desperate [de+sper1+ate]2  VCC 
desperately [de+sper1+ate]2+ly]1  VCC CV# 
desperation [de+sper1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
despise [de+spise  VCV cb 
despite [de+spite1  VCV cb 
despotism des+pot2+ism]  VCC 
dessert [des2+sert2  db cb 
destination [de+stin/e+ation]  VCC DELE vd 
destine [de+stine  VCC 
destiny [de+stin/e+y]3  VCC DELE CV# y>i 
destroy [de+stroy  vd cb 
destruction [de+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
destructive [de+struct+ive]  VCC cb 
details [de+tail2+s]8  vd 
determinism [de+term1+in/e]3+ism]  VCC 
devise [de+vise3  VCV 
diabetes [dia+bet3+es]4  V.V 3VR CLC# 
dialysis [dia+lys+is]1  V.V 3VR 
dictatorship dict1+at/e]1+or]2+ship]  VCC VCV CVC# c2 
diesel diesel  vd 
differences [di/s+f+fer1+enc/e]+es]2  VCC DELE ASSIM db 
diffusion [di/s+f+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV vd db 
digest [di1+gest  VCC cb 
digestion [di1+gest+ion]1  VCV VCC vd 
dimension [di1+mens2+ion]1  VCC vd 
diminish [di1+min1+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
diminishing [di1+min1+ish]2+ing]1  FLR SCV c2 
dinosaur dino1+saur1  VCV vd 
disadvantage [dis+[ad+vant+age]  3VR VCC 
disagreeable [dis+[a3+gree1+able]  vd 3VR cb 
disappear [dis+[a/d+p+pear2  vd 3VR ASSIM db 
disappeared [dis+[a/d+p+pear2+ed]1  vd 3VR ASSIM db 
disappoint [dis+[a/d+p+point  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
disappointment [dis+[a/d+p+point+ment]  3VR vd ASSIM db cb 
disaster [dis+aster  VCC 
disastrous [dis+astr1+ous]  VCC vd cb 
discard [dis+card1  cb 
discern [dis+cern1  VCC cb 
discharge [dis+charge  c2 
disciple [dis+cip1+le]3  VCle c2 
discipline [dis+cip1+l/e]3+ine]3  DELE VCC c2 
disclose [dis+close  VCV cb 
discontent [dis+[co/m+n+tent2  VCC ASSIM cb 
discount [dis+count1  VCC vd cb 
discourage [dis+cour1+age]  vd 
discourse [dis+course  vd 
discover [dis+[co+ver9  FLR SCV 
discovery [dis+[co+ver9+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
discretion [dis+cret/e1+ion]1  SIO vd cb 
discuss [dis+cuss2  VCC db 
discussion [dis+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
disdain [dis+dain  vd 
disease [dis+ease  vd 
disenfranchise [dis+[en1+franch+ise]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
disgrace [dis+grace  VCV cb 
disguise [dis+guise  VCV 
disgust [dis+gust2  VCC cb 
dish dish  c2 VCC 
dishes dish+es]7  c2 VCC 
dislike [dis+like1  VCV 
dismal dis1+mal1  VCC 
dismay [dis+may1  vd 
dismiss [dis+miss3  VCC db 
dismount [dis+mount  vd cb 
disobedience [dis+[ob+edi1+ence]  SCV VCV V.V 
disorder [dis+ord1+er]04  orC 
dispatch [dis+patch2  VCC ct db 
disperse [di1+sperse  ASSIM cb 
display [dis+play2  vd cb 
displease [dis+please  vd cb 
disposable [dis+pos/e1+able]  VCV cb 
disposal [dis+pos/e1+al]2  DELE cb 
dispose [dis+pose1  VCV cb 
disposition [dis+pos/e1+ition]  VCC vd ION SCV 
dispute [dis+pute  VCV cb 
dissatisfied [dis+satis+f/y]+i2+ed]1  3VR y>i vd db 
dissident [dis+sid2+ent]  VCC db cb 
dissolve [dis+solve  VCC db 
distance [di1+stance1  VCC 
distant [di1+stant  VCC cb 
distillation [di1+still2+at/e]3+ion]1  VCC VCV vd db 
distinct [di1+stinct  VCC cb 
distinction [di1+stinct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
distinctly [di1+stinct+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
distinguish [di1+stingu+ish]2  VCC c2 cb 
distinguished [di1+stingu+ish]2+ed]1  VCC c2 cb 
distract [dis+tract  VCC cb 
distress [di1+stress  VCC db cb 
distribute [dis+trib2+ute]  SCV VCV cb 
distribution [dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  ION VCV DELE vd cb 
district [di1+strict1  VCC cb 
distrust [dis+trust  VCC cb 
disturb [dis+turb1  cb 
disturbance [dis+turb1+ance]   
divestiture [di1+vest1+iture]  VCC 
division [di1+vis3+ion]1  vd ION SCV 
divisor [di1+vis3+or]2  VCV 
does do1+es]1  vd 
doesn't do1+es]1+n't  CMP vd 
doghouse dog1+house  vd CMP 
dollars dollar+s]3  VCC db 
domestic domest+ic]1  VCC IC 
doors door+s]3  vd 
dost do1+st]2  VCC cb 
doubtless doubt1+less]  vd db 
doves dove1+s]3  SCV 
downstairs down1+stair+s]3  CMP vd cb 
dress dress  VCC db cb 
dressed dress+ed]1  VCC db cb 
drops drop+s]8  VCC cb 
drowsy drows/e+y]1  DELE vd CV# y>i cb 
dualism du1+al]1+ism]  V.V VCC 
duchess duch+ess]1  VCC db 
dusk dusk  VCC cb 
dust dust  VCC cb 
dusty dust+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
dynamics dynam1+ics]  IC 
dysentery [dys+enter2+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
dyslexia [dys+lex1+ia]1  VCC V.V CR# VCC 
dystrophy [dys+troph1+y]3  VCC c2 CV# y>i cb 
eagerness eager+ness]  vd db 
earnest earnest  vd cb 
earnestly earnest+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
ease ease  vd RDEL 
easier eas/e+/y]1+i2+er]2  vd DELE y>i 
easily eas/e+/y]1+i2+ly]1  DELE y>i vd CV# 
east east  vd cb 
Easter Easter  vd 
eastern east+ern]2  vd cb 
easy eas/e+y]1  vd DELE CV# y>i 
eclecticism ec2+lect5+ic]1+ism]  VCC cb 
eclipse [e/x+c+lipse  VCC ASSIM cb 
ecosystem eco+[sy+stem2  VCV VCC 
ecstasy [e/x+c+stas+y]3  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i cb 
ecumenism ec1+umen]+ism]  SCV VCC 
egotism egot+ism]  VCV VCC 
elastic elast+ic]1  VCC IC 
elasticity elast+ic]1+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
eldest eld1+est]1  VCC cb 
electrolysis electro+lys+is]1  VCC 3VR cb 
ellipse [e/n2+l+lipse  VCC db 
ellipsis [e/n2+l+lips/e+is]1  VCC CVC# db 
else else  VCC 
elsewhere else+where  CMP VCC c2 
embarrass [e/n1+m1+barr3+ass]  VCC ASSIM Vrr db 
emphasis [e/n2+m1+phas1+is]1  VCC ASSIM c2 
emphasize [e/n2+m1+phas1+ize]  VCC VCV ASSIM c2 
emphysema [e/n2+m1+phys2+ema]  VCC c2 VCV CR# 
empiricism [e/n2+m1+pir1+ic]1+ism]  VCC 
encephalitis [en2+cephal1+itis]  c2 VCV VCC 
enclose [en1+close  VCV cb 
endless end1+less]  VCC db cb 
endorphins endorph+in]03+s]3  c2 VCC orC 
engines [en2+gine+s]3  VCC 
English Engl+ish]1  c2 VCC cb 
Englishman Engl+ish]1+man1  VCC CMP c2 cb 
enlist [en1+list1  VCC cb 
enormous [e/x+norm+ous]  vd orC 
ensue [en1+sue1  CVe# 
enterprise [enter+prise  VCV VCC cb 
enthusiasm [en2+thus/e+iasm]  DELE c2 V.V VCC 
enthusiastic [en2+thus/e+iast]+ic]1  DELE c2 IC V.V VCC 
epidermis [epi+derm+is]1  3VR 
epilepsy [epi+leps+y]3  3VR VCC CV# y>i 
epistemology [epi+stem2+ology  VCC SCV CV# y>i 
erosion [e/x+ros/e3+ion]1  vd VCV ION 
escalation e4+scal1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
escape [e/x+s+cape1  VCV ASSIM 
escort [e/x+s+cort3  VCC ASSIM orC cb 
escrow e4+scrow  VCC vd cb 
Eskimo Eskimo  VCC CV# 
esophagus eso1+phag+us]1  3VR c2 VCC 
especially e4+speci+al]1+ly]1  VCC FLR SCV CV# vd db 
esquire e4+squire  VrV VCC cb 
essay [e/x+s+say2  VCC vd ASSIM db 
essence ess2+ence]  VCC db 
essential ess2+ent]+ial]  VCC vd db 
establish e4+sta+bl/e]1+ish]2  DELE c2 cb 
established e4+sta+bl/e]1+ish]2+ed]1  DELE c2 cb 
establishment e4+sta+bl/e]1+ish]2+ment]  DELE c2 cb 
estate e4+state  VCV cb 
esteem esteem  vd cb 
estimate estim+ate]1  VCC VCV 
estrogen estr+ogen  VCC cb 
estuary est3+uary]2  VCC V.V CV# y>i 
ethics eth2+ic]2+s]3  IC c2 VCC 
ethnocentrism ethno+centr+ism]  VCC VCV c2 cb 
ethos eth2+os]1  CVC# c2 LCC 
eugenics eu1+gen6+ics]  vd IC 
euphemism eu1+phem+ism]  vd c2 VCC 
euthanasia eu1+than2+asia]1  vd c2 VCV 
evangelist ev2+angel+ist]1  VCC cb 
events [e/x+vent1+s]3  VCC cb 
everlasting ever+last2+ing]1  SCV CMP VCC 
excess [ex+cess1  VCC db 
excessive [ex+cess1+ive]  VCC db 
excise [ex+cise  VCV 
exclusive [ex+clus+ive]  VCV cb 
excuse [ex+cuse  VCV 
exercise [ex+erc+ise]1  VCV VCC 
exhaust [ex+haust  vd cb 
exist [ex+/sist  VCC EXS cb 
existence [ex+/sist+ence]  VCC EXS 
existentialism [ex+/sist+ent]+ial]+ism]  VCC vd 
expansion [ex+pans2+ion]1  VCC vd 
expense [ex+pense  VCC 
expensive [ex+pens/e+ive]  VCC DELE 
experiments [ex+peri1+ment]+s]8  cb 
explosion [ex+plos1+ion]1  VCV vd ION cb 
explosive [ex+plos1+ive]  VCV cb 
expose [ex+pose1  VCV 
exposition [ex+pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  vd DELE 
exposure [ex+pos/e1+ure]  DELE VCV 
express [ex+press  VCC db cb 
expression [ex+press+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
expressionism [ex+press+ion]1+ism]  VCC vd db cb 
exquisite [ex+quis+ite]2  VCC cb 
extension [ex+tens1+ion]1  VCC vd 
extensive [ex+tens1+ive]  VCC 
extrasensory [extra+sens/e+ory]  VCC CV# cb 
extraterrestrial [extra+terrestr+ial]  VCC V.V db cb 
faces fac/e1+es]7  VCV DELE 
factories fact1+or/y]+i2+es]2  VCC vd y>i 
factors fact1+or]2+s]8  VCC 
falls fall1+s]8  db 
false false  LCC 
falsehood false+hood]  vd 
families famil+/y]3+i2+es]2  3VR y>i V.V vd 
famous fam/e+ous]  vd VCV DELE 
fantastic fant2+ast]1+ic]1  VCC IC 
farmhouse farm+house  CMP vd cb 
farms farm+s]8  cb 
fascinating fascin+at/e]1+ing]1  VCC DELE VCV c2 
fascism fasc+ism]  c2 VCC 
fashion fash+ion]1  VCC c2 vd 
fashionable fash+ion]1+able]  VCC c2 vd 
fast fast1  VCC cb 
fasten fast1+en]03  VCC cs c2 
fastening fast1+en]03+ing]1  VCC cs c2 
fatalism fat/e+al]1+ism]  VCV VCC 
fearless fear+less]  vd db 
feast feast  vd cb 
feathers feather+s]8  vd c2 
feces fec+es]3  VCV 
federalism feder+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
Federalist feder+al]1+ist]1  3VR cb 
feelings feel+ing]1+s]3  vd 
feminism femin+ism]  3VR VCC 
festival fest2+iv/e]+al]1  DELE VCC 
fetish fet3+ish]3  FLR SCV c2 
fetus fet1+us]1  VCV 
feudalism feud2+al]1+ism]  vd VCC 
fibrosis fibr+osis]  VCr VCV cb 
fiesta fiest+a]2  V.V VCC CR# 
figures fig2+ure]+s]8  FLR SCV 
filibuster filibust+er]01  3VR VCC 
finders find+er]01+s]3  LCC 
finish fin4+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
finished fin4+ish]2+ed]1  FLR SCV c2 
fireside fire+side1  VCV VrV CMP 
first fir3+st]5  cb 
fiscal fisc+al]1  VCC 
fish fish1  c2 VCC 
fisherman fish1+er]01+man1  CMP c2 VCC 
fishing fish1+ing]1  c2 VCC 
fission fiss+ion]1  VCC vd db 
fist fist  VCC cb 
flash flash  VCC c2 cb 
flashing flash+ing]1  VCC c2 cb 
flesh flesh  VCC c2 cb 
flies fl/y1+i2+es]7  y>i CV# vd cb 
flourish flour+ish]2  c2 vd cb 
flowers flower+s]8  vd cb 
fluorescent fluor1+esc/e]+ent]  vd VCC cb 
fluorocarbons fluoro1+carb1+on]01+s]  vd cb 
flush flush  c2 VCC cb 
focus foc1+us]1  VCV 
follows follow+s]4  vd VCC db 
foods food+s]3  vd 
foolish fool+ish]1  c2 vd 
footstep foot1+step1  vd CMP CVC# cb 
forces forc/e1+es]7  DELE orC 
foreclosure [fore+clos/e+ure]  VCV VrV cb 
foremost fore+mo3+st]5  CMP LCC VrV cb 
forest for2+est]3  VrV cb 
forests for2+est]3+s]3  VrV cb 
forgiveness [for1+give+ness]  SCV orC db 
forsaken [for1+sake1+n]1  VCV orC 
fortissimo fort1+issimo]  VCC CV# db 
fortress fort1+ress]2  orC db cb 
fossil foss+il]1  VCC db 
foster foster  VCC 
franchise franch+ise]1  VCC VCV c2 cb 
Francis Francis  VCC cb 
frankincense frank1+[in2+cense  VCC CMP cb 
fresh fresh  VCC c2 cb 
friendship friend+ship]  vd c2 cb 
frost frost  VCC cb 
functionalism funct+ion]1+al]1+ism]  VCC vd 
fundamentalism fund1+ament]+al]1+ism]  VCC 
fungus fung1+us]1  VCC 
furious fur4+/y]+i+ous]  vd 
furiously fur4+/y]+i+ous]+ly]1  vd CV# 
furnish furn1+ish]2  c2 
fusion fus/e2+ion]1  VCV vd 
fuss fuss  VCC db 
gallstone gall01+stone  VCV CMP db cb 
games game+s]8  VCV 
garnish garn1+ish]2  c2 
garrison garr1+ison]2  Vrr db 
gas gas1  CVC# NTR 
gash gash  c2 VCC 
gasohol gas1+ohol  CVC# 
gasoline gas1+ol]1+ine]2  SCV 
gasp gasp  VCC cb 
gastric gastr+ic]1  VCC cb 
gastrointestinal gastro+intes+tin/e]+al]1  VCC 
geese geese  vd 
geisha gei+sha2  vd CR# c2 
generosity gener+os]2+ity]  3VR CV# TY y>i 
generous gener+ous]  3VR vd 
genesis gen6+esis]  3VR CVC# 
genetics gen6+etic]+s]3  IC 
genitals genit+al]1  3VR 
genius geni+us]1  VCV 
genus gen1+us]1  VCV 
geophysics geo+phys1+ics]  V.V IC c2 LCC 
gestalt [ge+stalt  LCC cb 
Gestapo gestapo  CV# 
gesture gest+ure]  VCC 
Gettysburg getty+s]5+burg1  VCC db cb 
geyser geys+er]01  vd 
ghastly ghast+ly]3  VCC CV# y>i c2 cb 
ghost ghost  LCC c2 cb 
glass glass1  VCC db cb 
glimpse glimpse  VCC cb 
glisten glist+en]10  VCC cs c2 cb 
glitters glitt+er]03+s]8  VCC db cb 
glorious glor+ious]  y>i vd VrV cb 
glucose gluc+ose]2  VCV cb 
goddess god1+d2+ess]1  CTR VCC db 
godliness god1+l/y]3+i2+ness]  3VR db 
goes go1+es]1  vd 
gonads gon2+ad]1+s]3  VCC VCV 
goodness good1+ness]  vd db 
goods good1+s]3  vd 
goose goose  vd 
gorgeous gorg+eous]  vt orC 
gospel go2+spel1  VCC 
gossip gos2+sip5  VCC db 
gracious grac/e+ious]  DELE vt cb 
gradualism grad1+ual]+ism]  3VR 
grasp grasp  VCC cb 
grass grass  VCC db cb 
grasshopper grass+hop1+p+er]01  VCC CTR CMP db cb 
grease grease  vd cb 
greatest great+est]1  vd cb 
greatness great+ness]  vd db cb 
greenhouse green+house  vd CMP cb 
grindstone grind+stone  LCC VCV CMP cb 
groceries groc+er/y]1+i2+es]2  VCV vd y>i cb 
gross gross  LCC db cb 
grows grow+s]2  vd 
guess guess  VCC db 
guest guest1  VCC cb 
gush gush  c2 VCC 
hadst had1+st]2  VCC cb 
handsome hand+some]1  VCC 
happiness hap+p+/y]1+i2+ness]  VCC CTR y>i db 
harass har1+ass]  db 
hardship hard+ship]  CVC# c2 
harmless harm1+less]  db cb 
harness har2+ness2  db 
harpsichord harpsi+chord2  orC cb 
harsh harsh  c2 
harvest harvest  cb 
has has1  CVC# 
hasn't has1+n't  VCC CMP 
hast ha2+st]2  VCC cb 
haste haste  LCC cb 
hasten hast/e+en]03  DELE cs c2 
hastily hast/e+/y]1+i2+ly]1  LCC DELE y>i CV# cb 
hasty hast/e+y]1  LCC DELE CV# y>i cb 
headquarters head+quart+er]01+s]8  vd CMP cb 
heads head+s]8  vd 
hearsay hear+say1  vd CMP 
hedonism hedon+ism]  3VR 
helpless help+less]  VCC db cb 
hemisphere hemi+sphere  3VR VCV VrV c2 cb 
hepatitis hepat+itis]  3VR VCV 
herbaceous herb+aceous]  VCV vt 
Hercules Hercules  CLC# 
here's here1+'s1  VrV CMP 
heresy her3+esy]  CV# y>i 
heroes her4+o]1+es]2  VrV 
herpes herp+es]4  CLC# 
hers her1+s]5  cb 
herself her1+self  CMP cb 
he's he1+'s1  CMP 
hesitate hesit+ate]1  3VR VCV 
hesitation hesit+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR DELE vd ION VCV 
heterosexuality hetero+sex1+ual]+ity]  VCC V.V TY VCC CV# y>i 
hideous hid2+eous]  3VR vd 
hieroglyphics hiero+glyph+ic]1+s]3  V.V IC c2 VCC cb 
highest high1+est]1  cb c2 
highness high1+ness]  db 
hillside hill+side1  VCC VCV CMP db 
himself him1+self  VCC CMP cb 
Hinduism hindu+ism]  VCC 
his his  CVC# 
hiss hiss  VCC db 
historian histor+ian]  y>i V.V VrV 
historic histor+ic]1  VCC VrV 
historical histor+ic]1+al]1  VCC VrV 
history histor+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
hives hive2+s]3  VCV 
hoist hoist  vd cb 
holds hold1+s]8  LCC cb 
holes hole+s]8  VCV 
holistic hol1+ist]1+ic]1  VCV VCC 
Holocaust holo+caust  3VR vd cb 
homeless home1+less]  VCV db 
homeostasis homeo+stas+is]1  VCV V.V cb 
homosexuality homo1+sex1+ual]+ity]  VCV V.V TY VCC CV# y>i 
honestly hon1+est]3+ly]1  FLR SCV CV# 
honesty hon1+est]3+y]3  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
hopeless hope+less]  VCV db 
horse horse  orC RDEL 
horseback horse+back1  VCC CMP orC db 
horseman horse+man1  CMP orC 
horsepower horse+power  orC vd CMP 
hospital hospit+al]1  VCC 
hospitality hospit+al]1+ity]  VCC CV# TY y>i 
host host1  LCC cb 
hostess host1+ess]1  LCC db cb 
hostile host2+ile]1  VCC 
hostility host2+il/e]1+ity]  VCC DELE TY CV# y>i 
house house  vd RDEL 
household house+hold1  CMP vd cb 
housekeeper house+keep+er]01  vd CMP 
housewife house+wife  VCV CMP vd 
Houston Houston  vd cb 
hubris hubr+is]1  VCr cb 
humanist human+ist]1  VCV cb 
humanitarianism human+it/y]+arian]+ism]  VCV 3VR V.V VCC VrV 
humanities human+it/y]+i2+es]2  VCV vd 
hunters hunt+er]01+s]3  VCC 
husband hus+band5  VCC cb 
hush hush  c2 VCC 
hydroponics hydro1+pon4+ics]  VCr IC cb 
hypersensitivity [hyper+sensit+iv/e]+ity]  VCV VCC TY CV# y>i 
hypertension [hyper+tens1+ion]1  VCV VCC vd 
hypnosis hypn+osis]  3VR VCV 
hypotenuse [hypo+ten5+use]  3VR VCV 
hypothalamus [hypo+thalam+us]1  VCV 3VR LCC c2 
hypothesis [hypo+thes+is]1  3VR c2 VCC 
hysterectomy hyster+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
hysteria hyster+ia]1  VCC V.V 
idealism ide1+al]1+ism]  vd VCV 
ides ide2+s]3  VCV 
igneous ign+eous]  VCC V.V vd 
Illinois Illinois  VCC vd db 
illness ill+ness]  VCC db 
illusion [i/n2+l+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM db 
illustrate [i/n2+l+lustr+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM db cb 
illustration [i/n2+l+lustr+at/e]+ion]1  VCC DELE vd db cb 
illustrious [i/n2+l+lustr+ious]  VCC V.V vd ASSIM db cb 
immense [i/n1+m1+mense  VCC ASSIM db 
imperialism [i/n2+m1+per2+ial]+ism]  V.V VrV VCC 
impose [i/n2+m1+pose1  VCV ASSIM 
impossible [i/n1+m1+poss1+ible]  VCC ASSIM db 
impresario [i/n3+m1+pres+ar]2+io]2  V.V CV# cb 
impress [i/n2+m1+press  VCC ASSIM db cb 
impression [i/n2+m1+press+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
impressionism [i/n2+m1+press+ion]1+ism]  VCC vd db cb 
impressive [i/n2+m1+press+ive]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
imprison [i/n3+m1+pris1+on]01  FLR SCV ASSIM cb 
imprisonment [i/n3+m1+pris1+on]01+ment]  FLR SCV ASSIM cb 
impulse [i/n2+m1+pulse  VCC ASSIM 
incense [in2+cense  VCC 
incest [in1+cest2  VCC cb 
incisors [in2+cis/e+or]2+s]3  VCV 
inclose [in3+close  VCV cb 
includes [in2+clude+s]2  VCV cb 
increase [in2+crease2  vd cb 
increased [in2+creas/e2+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
Indies Ind+/y]3+i2+es]2  VCC vd y>i 
indispensable [in1+[dis+pens/e+able]  DELE VCC cb 
individualism [in1+[di1+vid/e1+ual]+ism]  VCC 3VR V.V 
indoors in1+door+s]3  CMP vd 
industrial [indu+str/y+i2+al]1  y>i VCC V.V cb 
industrious [indu+str/y+ious]  y>i VCC V.V vd cb 
industry [indu+stry  VCC CV# y>i cb 
inelastic [in1+elast+ic]1  SCV VCC 
infectious [in2+fect+ious]  VCC vt 
ingenious [in2+geni+ous]  V.V vd VCV vd 
injustice [in1+just1+ice]  VCC 
inquisition [in2+quis+it]2+ion]1  VCC ION vd cb 
insane [in1+sane  VCV 
insanity [in1+san/e+ity]  DELE TY 
inscription [in2+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
insect [in2+sect1  VCC cb 
insects [in2+sect1+s]3  VCC cb 
insert [in2+sert1  cb 
inside in1+side1  VCV CMP 
insider in1+sid/e1+er]01  VCV 
insist [in2+sist  VCC cb 
insomnia [in1+somn+ia]1  VCC V.V 
inspect [in2+spect  VCC cb 
inspection [in2+spect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
inspector [in2+spect+or]2  VCC cb 
inspiration [in2+spir/e1+ation]  DELE VCV vd cb 
inspire [in2+spire1  VrV cb 
install [in2+stall2  db cb 
installment [in2+stall2+ment]  db cb 
instance [in2+stance1  VCC cb 
instant [in2+stant  VCC cb 
instantly [in2+stant+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
instead in1+stead  vd CMP cb 
instinct [in2+stinct  VCC cb 
institute [in2+stit1+ute]  VCC cb 
institution [in2+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV cb 
instruct [in2+struct  VCC cb 
instruction [in2+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
instrument [in2+stru+ment]  VCC cb 
instruments [in2+stru+ment]+s]3  VCC cb 
insulate insul+ate]1  VCC VCV 
insulator insul+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
insulin insul+in]03  VCC 
insult [in2+sult1  VCC cb 
insurance [in3+sur/e+ance]  DELE VrV 
insure [in3+sure  VrV 
intelligentsia [inte/r+l+lig1+ents]+ia]3  VCC V.V db 
intense [in2+tense1  VCC 
intensity [in2+tens/e1+ity]  VCC DELE CV# y>i 
intensive [in2+tens/e1+ive]  VCC 
interest [inter+est2  VCC cb 
interesting [inter+est2+ing]1  VCC 
internationalism [inter+nat1+ion]1+al]1+ism]  VCC 3VR vd 
intersect [inter+sect1  VCC cb 
interstate [inter+state  VCC VCV cb 
intestines intes+tine]+s]3  VCC 
intransitive [in1+[trans+it2+ive]  VCC cb 
intravenous [intra+ven1+ous]  VCC VCV vd cb 
introspection [intro+spect+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
invasion [in2+vas2+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
inverse [in2+verse  cb 
inversion [in2+vers/e+ion]1  vd 
invest [in2+vest1  VCC cb 
investigate [in2+vestig+ate]1  VCC VCV 
investigation [in2+vestig+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC DELE vd ION VCV 
investment [in2+vest1+ment]  VCC cb 
investor [in2+vest1+or]2  VCC 
invisible [in1+vis2+ible]  3VR 
ionosphere iono+sphere  V.V c2 VrV CMP cb 
iris ir1+is]1  VCV 
Irish Ir+ish]1  c2 
is is1  VC# 
Islam Islam  VCC 
island is4+land  LCC cs c2 
islands is4+land+s]3  LCC cb 
isle isle  LCC 
isn't is1+n't  CMP VCC 
isolate isol+ate]1  VCV 
isolationism isol+at/e]1+ion]1+ism]  VCV vd VCC 
isomers iso+mer1+s]3  VCV 
isotope iso+tope1  VCV 
Israel Israel  V.V 
issue issue  VCC CVe# db 
isthmus isthm+us]1  VCC cs c3 
italics ital+ic]1+s]3  IC 
its it1+s]5  VCC 
it's it1+'s1  CMP VCC 
itself it1+self  CMP VCC cb 
Jackson Jack+son  VCC CMP db 
James Jame+s]5  VCV 
Japanese Japan+ese]1  3VR VCV 
jealous jeal+ous]  vd 
jealousy jeal+ous]+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
jeans jean+s]3  vd 
Jefferson Jeffer+son  VCC db 
jersey jersey  vd 
Jerusalem Jerusalem  VCV 
jest jest  VCC cb 
Jesus Jesus  VCV 
Jewish Jew+ish]1  vd c2 
jingoism jingo+ism]  VCC V.V 
jobs job+s]8  VCC 
Johnson John1+son  vd CMP 
journalism journ+al]1+ism]  vd VCC 
joust joust  vd cb 
joyous joy+ous]  vd 
Judaism Juda+ism]  V.V VCC 
jurisprudence juris+prud+ence]  VCV VrV cb 
just just1  VCC cb 
justice just1+ice]  VCC 
justification just1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
justify just1+ify]  VCC CV# y>i 
Kansas Kansas  VCC 
keeps keep+s]  vd 
kindness kind1+ness]  LCC db cb 
kings king+s]8  VCC 
kiss kiss  VCC db 
kitsch kitsch  VCC c3 
kosher kosher  LCC c2 
lakes lake+s]3  VCV 
landscape land+scape2  VCC VCV CMP cb 
laser laser  VCV 
lash lash1  c2 VCC 
last last1  VCC cb 
lasting last2+ing]1  VCC 
laws law+s]3  vd 
layers lay1+er]01+s]8  vd 
leadership lead1+er]01+ship]  vd CVC# c2 
lease lease  vd 
least least  vd cb 
leaves leave1+s]3  vd 
leftist left+ist]1  VCC cb 
legislation legis+lat/e2+ion]1  DELE 3VR VCV vd ION cb 
legislative legis+lat/e2+ive]  DELE 3VR VCV cb 
legislature legis+lat/e2+ure]  3VR VCV cb 
leisure leis+ure]  vd 
lens lens  VCC 
leprosy lepr+os/e]1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
lesbian lesb+ian]  VCC V.V 
less less1  VCC db 
lessen less1+en]03  VCC db 
lesson less3+on]01  VCC db 
lessons less3+on]01+s]3  VCC db 
lest lest  VCC cb 
let's let1+'s2  CMP VCC 
liaison li2+aison]  V.V vd CVC# 
liberalism liber2+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
license lic3+ense]  VCV 
lies lie2+s]8  vd 
lightness light2+ness]  cs c3 db 
lights light1+s]8  cs c3 
like2 "similar" like2  VCV 
likeness like2+ness]  VCV db 
likes like1+s]8  VCV 
likewise like2+wise]  VCV 
limestone lime2+stone  CMP VCV cb 
limitations lim1+it]1+ation]+s]3  3VR VCV vd 
lips lip1+s]8  VCC 
list list1  VCC cb 
listed list1+ed]1  VCC 
listen list3+en]10  VCC cs c2 
listened list3+en]10+ed]1  VCC cs c2 
listening list3+en]10+ing1  VCC cs c2 
litmus lit3+mus2  VCC 
loaves loave+s]3  vd 
locus loc1+us]1  VCV 
lodestar lode+star1  VCV cb CMP 
lodestone lode+stone  VCV CMP cb 
loggerheads log3+g+er]01+head+s]3  VCC vd db 
loneliness lone+l/y]3+i2+ness]  VCV y>i db 
lonesome lone+some]1  VCV SCV 
loose loose  vd RDEL 
loosen loos/e+en]03  vd DELE 
lordship lord1+ship]  CVC# c2 orC cb 
lose lose  VCV 
loss loss  VCC db 
lost lost  VCC cb 
lots lot1+s]3  VCC 
Louis Louis  vd 
Louisiana Louis+ian]+a]2  vd CR# 
lowercase low1+er]02+case2  vd VCV CMP 
lowest low1+est]1  vd cb 
luster luster  VCC 
macrocosm macro1+cosm  SCr VCC 
macroeconomics macro1+eco+nom2+ics]  SCr V.V IC 
Madison Madison  3VR 
madness mad+ness]  VCC db 
maestro maestr+o]2  vd CV# cb 
magistrate mag2+istr]+ate]3  3VR VCV cb 
magnetism magnet+ism]  VCC 
mainspring main1+spring  vd VCC cb CMP 
mainstream main1+stream  vd cb CMP 
majestic majes+tic]  VCC IC 
majesty majes+ty]  3VR CV# y>i cb 
maladjustment mal1+[ad+just2+ment]  3VR VCC db cb 
malapropism mal1+a03+prop5+ism]  3VR cb 
Manchester Manchester  VCC c2 
manic-depressive man2+ic]1+[de+press+ive]  IC VCC CMP db cb 
manifest mani1+fest1  3VR VCC cb 
mansion mans/e+ion]1  DELE vd VCC 
manslaughter man1+slaugh+ter]3  CVC# vd cs c3 cb 
manumission manu+miss3+ion]1  3VR VCC vd db 
manuscript manu+script  3VR cb 
maps map+s]8  VCC 
marquis marqu+is]4  CVC# cb 
Mars mar04+s]5  cb 
marsh marsh  c2 
marshal marshal  c2 
marvelous marvel+ous]  vd 
Marxism Marx+ism]  VCC 
mash mash1  c2 VCC 
mask mask  VCC cb 
masochism masoch+ism]  3VR c2 VCC 
mason mas2+on]01  VCV 
mass mass1  VCC db 
Massachusetts Massachusetts  VCC VCV db 
massacre massac+re]2  VCC db 
massive mass1+ive]  VCC db 
mast mast1  VCC cb 
mastectomy mast3+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
master mas3+ter]2  VCC 
materialism mater2+ial]+ism]  V.V VCC VrV 
mathematics math1+emat]+ics]  c2 IC VCC 
mattress mattress  VCC db cb 
mausoleum mausole+um]1  vd V.V 
meanings mean1+ing]1+s]3  vd 
measles measle+s]3  vd 
measure meas+ure]  vd 
measurement meas+ure]+ment]  vd cb 
measures meas+ure]+s]8  vd 
mechanism mechan+ism]  c2 VCC 
megalopolis megalo+pol1+is]1  3VR 
meiosis mei+osis]  vd VCV 
meliorism mel9+ior]1+ism]  VCV V.VX VCC 
membership memb1+er]04+ship]  VCC 
meninges mening+es]3  VCC CLC# 
meningitis mening+itis]  3VR VCV 
menopause meno+pause  3VR vd 
menstrual menstru+al]1  VCC V.V cb 
menstruation menstru+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd cb 
mercantilism merc+ant]1+il/e]1+ism]  VCV 
merchandise merch+and]+ise]1  VCV c2 cb 
meristem merist+em]1  CVC# cb 
mesomorph meso+morph1  3VR c2 orC 
meson mes1+on]08  VCV 
mess mess1  VCC db 
message mess2+age]  VCC db 
messenger mess2+eng]+er]01  VCC db 
Messiah messi+ah]2  db v.v 
metabolism [meta+bol1+ism]  3VR VCC 3VR 
metamorphosis [meta+morph1+osis]  c2 CVC# orC 
metaphysics [meta+phys1+ics]  3VR IC c2 
methods [met+hod2+s]3  VCC c2 
microcosm micro+cosm  VCr VCC cb 
microeconomics micro+eco+nom2+ics]  VCr V.V 3VR IC cb 
microorganism micro+organ+ism]  VCr V.V VCC orC cb 
microscope micro+scope  VCV VCr cb 
midst mid1+st]1  VCC cb 
midstream mid1+stream  VCC vd cb CMP 
midsummer mid1+summer1  CVC# VCC db CMP 
Midwest mid1+west  CVC# VCC cb CMP 
military-industrial milit+ary]2-[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  3VR CV# VCC V.V cb 
millions mill2+ion]5+s]3  VCC db 
minerals miner+al]1+s]3  3VR 
minister mini3+ster]2  3VR cb 
ministry mini3+str]2+y]3  CV# 3VR y>i cb 
Minnesota Minnesota  VCC VCV CR# db 
minstrel min1+str]2+el]1  VCC cb 
minus min1+us]1  VCV 
misanthrope mis3+anthrope  3VR VCV c2 cb 
miscarriage [mis+carr+/y]7+i2+age]  VCC vd Vrr db 
miscellaneous misc+ell]+an]1+eous]  vd VCV VCC V.V db 
mischief [mis+chief2  vd VCC c2 
misdemeanor [mis+[de+mean4+or]1  VCC vd 
miserable miser+able]  3VR 
misery miser+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
misfortune [mis+fort2+une]1  VCC orC 
misogynist miso1+gyn+ist]1  3VR 3VR VCC cb 
miss miss1  VCC db 
missile miss3+ile]1  VCC db 
missing miss1+ing]1  VCC db 
mission miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
missionary miss3+ion]1+ary]2  VCC vd CV# y>i db 
Mississippi Mississippi  CV# VCC db 
Missouri Missouri  vd CV# db 
misspell [mis+spell1  cb db 
mist mist  VCC cb 
mistake [mis+take1  VCV 
mistaken [mis+take1+n]1  VCV 
mistress mis1+tr]+ess]1  VCC db cb 
mitosis mit2+osis]  VCV 
modest mod4+est]3  SCV cb 
moist moist  vd cb 
moisten moist+en]03  vd cs c2 
moisture moist+ure]  vd 
molecules mole1+cule]1+s]3  3VR VCV 
mollusk mollusk  VCC db cb 
monastery monast+ery]1  3VR CV# y>i cb 
monetarism monet+ar/y]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
monism mon3+ism]  VCV 
mononucleosis mono1+nuc+le]3+osis]  V.V VCV 3VR cb 
monotheism mono1+the2+ism]  3VR c2 V.V 
monsieur mon5+sieur  vt 
monsoon monsoon  VCC vd 
monster mon1+ster]2  VCC cb 
monstrous mon1+str]1+ous]  VCC vd cb 
moose moose  vd 
mores mor01+es]3  CLC# VrV 
mosaic mos1+aic]  VCV V.V 
Moscow Moscow  VCC vd 
Moses Moses  VCV 
Moslem Moslem  VCC 
mosque mosque  VCC 
moss moss1  VCC db 
most mo3+st]5  LCC cb 
mostly mo3+st]5+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
motionless mot1+ion]1+less]  VCV ION vd db 
mountains mount+ain]+s]3  vd 
mouse mouse  vd RDEL 
Mrs. Mrs.   
Ms. Ms.   
mucous muc+ous]  VCV vd 
mucus muc+us]1  VCV 
mumps mump+s]3  VCC cb 
muscle mus1+cle]1  VCCle cs c2 
muscles mus1+cle]1+s]8  VCC cs c2 
muscular mus1+cul]1+ar]1  VCC 
muse muse2  VCV RDEL 
museum muse1+um]  VCV V.V 
mush mush1  c2 VCC 
mushroom mushroom  c2 vd VCC 
music mus3+ic]2  VCV 
musical mus3+ic]2+al]1  VCV 
musician mus3+ic]2+ian]  vd 
musketeer musk2+et]1+eer]1  VCC vd 
Muslims Muslim+s]3  VCC 
must must1  VCC cb 
myself my1+self  CV# VCC CMP cb 
mysterious myst+er/y]1+ious]  vd V.V y>i VCC VrV 
mystery myst+ery]1  VCC CV# y>i 
mysticism myst+ic]1+ism]  VCC 
narcissism narciss+ism]  VCC db 
narcissus narciss+us]1  VCC db 
nationalism nat1+ion]1+al]1+ism]  3VR vd VCC 
nations nat1+ion]1+s]3  VCV vd ION 
naturalism nat1+ur/e]+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
Nazism Nazi+sm]  VCC 
nearest near+est]1  vd cb 
Nebraska Nebraska  VCC CR# cb 
necessarily [ne+cess1+ar/y]1+i2+ly]1  y>i 3VR CV# VrV db 
necessary [ne+cess1+ary]1  3VR CV# y>i db 
necessity [ne+cessit+y]3  VCC CV# y>i db 
needless need1+less]  vd db 
neighbors neigh2+bor5+s]8  vd 
neocolonialism neo+colon+ial]+ism]  V.V VCV V.V VCC 
nepotism nepot+ism]  3VR VCC 
nervous nerv/e+ous]  DELE vd 
nest nest  VCC cb 
neurons neur+on]01+s]  vd VCC 
neurosis neur+osis]  vd VCV 
nevertheless [n+ever+the1+less1  CMP 3VR db 
New Hampshire new1+hamp?+shire  vd VCC cb 
New Jersey new1+jersey  vd CMP 
news new1+s]3  vd 
newspaper new1+s]3+paper  vd VCV CMP 
Nicholas Nicholas  VCC c2 
nihilism nihil+ism]  VCV VCC 
nimbus nimb1+us]1  VCC 
nitrogenous nitro1+gen6+ous]  VCr 3VR vd cb 
noise noise  vd RDEL 
noisy nois/e+y]1  DELE CV# vd y>i 
nonconformist [non+[co/m+n+form1+ist]1  CVC# orC cb 
nonperson [non+person  CVC# 
nonsense [non+sense  VCC 
northeast north+east  c2 vd CMP orC cb 
northwest north+west  CMP VCC c2 orC cb 
nose nose1  VCV RDEL 
nostril nos2+tril  VCC cb 
notes note+s]8  VCV 
notwithstanding not1+with+stand1+ing]1  CMP c2 VCC cb 
nouns noun+s]3  vd 
nourish nour+ish]2  vd c2 
nowadays now+[a2+day+s]1  vd CMP 
nucleus nuc+le]3+us]1  V.V VCle cb 
nuisance nuis+ance]  vd 
numerous numer+ous]  VCV vd 
nurse nurse  cb RDEL 
nursery nurs/e+ery]1  DELE CV# y>i 
obscenity [ob+scen/e+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
obscure [ob+scure  VCV cb 
observation [ob+serv/e1+ation]  DELE VCC vd 
observe [ob+serve1  cb 
observer [ob+serv/e1+er]01  DELE 
obsession [ob+sess+ion]1  VCC vd db 
obsolescence [ob+sol05+esc]+ence]  VCC 
obstacle [ob+sta+cle]2  VCC cb 
obstetrics [ob+stetr+ics]  VCC SCr IC cb 
obtuse [ob+tuse  VCC VCV 
obvious [ob+vi1+ous]  vd V.V VCC 
obviously [ob+vi1+ous]+ly]1  vd V.V VCC CV# 
occasion [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1  VCV ION ASSIM vd db 
occasional [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1+al]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM db 
occasionally [o/b+c+cas3+ion]1+al]1+ly]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM CV# db db 
odds odd+s]3  VCC db 
offense [o/b+f1+fense  VCC ASSIM db 
offensive [o/b+f1+fens/e+ive]  DELE VCC db 
offshore off+shore1  VCC VrV CMP db 
offspring off+spring  CMP VCC db cb 
old-fashioned old1+fash+ion]1+ed]1  CMP LCC VCC vd cb 
ombudsman ombud+s]5+man1  VCC 
opportunistic [o/b+p+port3+un/e]1+ist]1+ic]1  VCC VCV db 
opposable [o/b+p+pos/e1+able]  VCV db 
oppose [o/b+p+pose1  VCV ASSIM db 
opposite [o/b+p+pos/e1+ite]2  VCC DELE ASSIM db 
opposition [o/b+p+pos/e1+it/e]2+ion]1  VCC DELE vd ION SCV ASSIM db 
oppress [o/b+p+press  VCC ASSIM db cb 
optics opt1+ics]  VCC 
orchestra orchestr+a]2  c2 CR# orC cb 
organism organ+ism]  VCC orC 
osmosis osm1+osis]  VCC VCV 
osteopathy osteo+path2+y]3  VCC V.V 3VR c2 CV# y>i 
osteoporosis osteo+por1+osis]  VCC V.V VCV 
ostracism ostrac+ism]  VCC cb 
otherwise other+wise]  c2 VCV VCC 
ours our+s]5  vd 
ourselves our+selve+s]3  CMP vd 
outside out+side1  CMP VCV vd 
outstanding out+stand1+ing]1  CMP VCC vd cb 
oyster oyster  vd cb 
pacifism paci+f/y]+ism]  3VR VCC 
pairs pair1+s]8  vd 
palsy pals2+y]7  CV# y>i 
pancreas pan3+cre3+as]1  VCC V.V cb 
pantheism pan3+the2+ism]  VCC V.V c2 
papers paper+s]8  VCV 
parables [para1+ble2+s]3   
paradise para2+dise  VCV SCV 
paralysis [para1+lys+is]1  3VR 
paraphrase [para1+phrase  VCV c2 
parapsychology [para1+psych1+ology  3VR CV# y>i LCC c2 cs 
parasite [para1+site2  VCV 
parentheses [par1+[en2+thes+es]3  c2 CLC# VCC 
parenthesis [par1+[en2+thes+is]1  c2 VCC 
parents par02+ent]+s]8  VrV cb 
Paris paris   
parish [par1+ish2  c2 
parson parson   
particles parti+cle]1+s]3   
partnership partn+er]01+ship]  CVC# c2 cb 
pass pass1  VCC db 
passage pass1+age]  VCC db 
passenger pass1+eng]+er]01  VCC db 
passes pass1+es]7  VCC db 
passing pass1+ing]1  VCC db 
passion pass2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
passionate pass2+ion]1+ate]2  VCC vd db 
passive pass2+ive]  VCC db 
past past1  VCC cb 
paste paste  LCC cb 
pasteurization pasteur+iz/e]+ation]  vd VCV 
pasteurized pasteur+iz/e]+ed]1  vd VCV 
pastime pas3+time1  VCC VCV 
pastor past6+or]2  VCC 
pastoral past6+or]2+al]1  VCC 
pastry past4+ry]  LCC DL1 CV# y>i cb 
pasture past2+ure]  VCC 
pathways path1+way1+s]3  c2 vd VCC 
patriotism patri+ot]2+ism]  VCr V.V cb 
pause pause  vd RDEL 
payments pay+ment]+s]3  vd cb 
peasant peas+ant]3  vd cb 
pediatrics ped2+iatr+ics]  VCV V.V IC 
pelvis pelv+is]2  VCC 
peninsula pen05+insul+a]2  VCC CR# 
penis pen07+is]2  VCV 
Pennsylvania penn+sylv1+an]1+ia]1  VCC VCV V#X db 
pension pens+ion]1  VCC vd 
percussion [per1+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
perhaps per1+hap+s]3  VCC 
perilous per3+il]1+ous]  FLR SCV vd 
perish [per1+ish3  c2 
peristalsis [peri+stal3+sis]  cb 
permission [per1+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
Persia Persia  vd 
Persian Persi/a+an]1  DL1 Vd 
persist [per1+sist  VCC cb 
persistent [per1+sist+ent]  VCC cb 
person person   
personal person+al]1   
personality person+al]1+ity]  TY CV# y>i 
personally person+al]1+ly]1  CV# db 
personnel personn+el]1  CVC# db 
persons person+s]3  cb 
perspective [per1+spect+ive]  VCC cb 
persuade [per1+suade  VCV 
pertussis [per1+tuss1+is]2  VCC db 
pesticide pesti+cide  VCC VCV 
phallus phall+us]1  VCC 
phase phase  c2 VCV 
Philippines philipp+ine]1+s]3  3VR db 
philosopher philo+soph1+er]01  c2 3VR 
philosophy philo+soph1+y]3  3VR c2 CV# y>i 
photosynthesis photo+[syn+thes+is]1  c2 VCV VCC CVC# 
phrase phrase  c2 VCV RDEL 
phrases phras/e+es]7  c2 VCV DELE 
physical phys1+ic]1+al]1  3VR c2 IC 
physician phys1+ic]1+ian]  c2 3VR vd 
physics phys1+ics]  SCV c2 IC 
physiology physi+ology  c2 3VR V.V CV# y>i 
pianissimo pian+issimo]  V.V VCC CV# db 
picturesque pict+ur/e]+esque]  DELE VCC 
pigs pig1+s]8  VCC 
pilgrims pilgrim+s]3  VCC 
pious pi2+ous]  V.V vd 
pistil pist+il]3  VCC 
pistol pistol  VCC 
Pittsburgh pitt+s]5+burgh  VCC db 
plagiarism plagi+ar]2+ism]  VCV vd VCC cb 
plains plain1+s]3  vd cb 
planes plane+s]8  VCV cb 
planets plan3+et]2+s]3  FLR SCV cb 
plans plan1+s]8  VCC cb 
plants plant+s]8  VCC cb 
plasma plas+ma]  VCC CR# cb 
plaster plast+er]01  VCC cb 
plastic plast+ic]2  VCC cb 
platelets plate+let]+s]3  VCV cb 
Platonism platon+ism]  VCV VCC cb 
players play1+er]01+s]3  vd cb 
plays play1+s]8  vd cb 
pleasant pleas+ant]1  vd cb 
pleasantly pleas+ant]1+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
please please  vd cb RDEL 
pleasing pleas/e+ing]1  vd DELE cb 
pleasure pleas+ure]  vd cb 
plebiscite pleb+i1+scite  3VR VCV cb c2 cs 
pluralism plur+al]1+ism]  VCC cb 
plus plus  CVC# NTR cb 
poise poise1  vd 
poison pois1+on]01  vd 
poisoning pois1+on]01+ing]1  vd 
poles pole1+s]8  VCV 
poliomyelitis polio2+myel+itis]  VCV V.V 
polish pol2+ish]2  c2 FLR SCV 
politics polit+ic]1+s]3  3VR LC 
polytheism poly1+the2+ism]  3VR V.V c2 
polyunsaturated poly1+[un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
populism popul+ism]  3VR VCC 
pose pose1  VCV 
position pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  ION SCV vd 
positive pos/e1+it]2+ive]  3VR 
positively pos/e1+it]2+ive]+ly]1  3VR CV# 
positivism pos/e1+it]2+iv/e]+ism]  3VR VCV 
positron posi2+tron1  3VR CVC# cb 
possess pos1+sess  VCC db 
possession pos1+sess+ion]1  VCC vd db 
possessive pos1+sess+ive]  VCV db 
possibility poss1+ibil]+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i db 
possible poss1+ible]  VCC db 
possibly poss1+ibl/e]+y]4  VCC CV# DELE db cb 
possum possum  VCC db 
post post1  LCC cb 
postage post3+age]  LCC cb 
postal post3+al]1  LCC cb 
posthaste post3+haste  LCC CMP cb 
postindustrial [post+[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  LCC VCC V.V cb 
postmaster post3+mas3+ter]2  LCC VCC cb 
postmortem [post+mort1+em]2  LCC orC cb 
postulate postul+ate]1  VCC 
potatoes potato+es]2  VCV 
powers power+s]8  vd 
pragmatism pragmat+ism]  VCC cb 
praise praise  vd cb RDEL 
precious preci+ous]  vt FLR SCV cb 
precisely [pre+cise+ly]1  VCV CV# cb 
predestination [pre+[de+stin/e+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV VCC ION vd cb 
preposition [pre+pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  3VR vd ION SCV cb 
prescribe [pre+scribe  VCV cb 
prescription [pre+script+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
presence [pre+sence  FLR SCV cb 
present [pre+sent3  VCC FLR SCV cb 
presently [pre+sent3+ly]1  FLR SCV CV# cb 
preserve [pre+serve1  cb 
preside [pre+side2  VCV cb 
presidency [pre+sid/e2+ency]  DELE 3VR CV# y>i cb 
president [pre+sid/e2+ent]  DELE 3VR cb 
presidential [pre+sid/e2+ent]+ial]  DELE 3VR vd cb 
press press  VCC db cb 
pressure press+ure]  VCC db cb 
prestige [pre+stige  VCC VCV cb 
presume [pre+sume  VCV cb 
pretense [pre+tense1  VCC cb 
previous [pre+vi1+ous]  vd V.V VCV cb 
previously [pre+vi1+ous]+ly]1  vd CV# V.V VCV cb 
priest priest  vd cb 
primitivism prim1+itiv/e]+ism]  3VR VCC cb 
primrose prim1+rose1  VCC VCV cb 
princess princ/e+ess]1  VCC DELE db cb 
prism pris2+m]  VCC cb 
prison pris1+on]01  FLR SCV cb 
prisoner pris1+on]01+er]01  FLR SCV cb 
process [pro1+cess1  VCC db cb 
procession [pro1+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
processor [pro1+cess1+or]2  VCC FLR SCV db cb 
procrastination [pro1+crastin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCr VCC VCV vd cb 
profess [pro1+fess1  VCC db cb 
profession [pro1+fess1+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
professional [pro1+fess1+ion]1+al]1  VCC vd db cb 
professor [pro1+fess1+or]2  VCC db cb 
prognosis [pro1+gnos+is]1  VCC VCV cb 
progress [pro1+gress  VCC db cb 
progressive [pro1+gress+ive]  VCC db cb 
promise [pro1+mise  FLR SCV cb 
promising [pro1+mis/e+ing]1  SCV DELE cb 
proposal [pro1+pos/e1+al]2  VCV DELE cb 
propose [pro1+pose1  VCV cb 
proposition [pro1+pos/e1+it]2+ion]1  3VR vd ION SCV cb 
prose prose  VCV cb 
prosecution [pro1+sec4+ut/e]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd cb 
prospect [pro1+spect  VCC cb 
prosper pro3+sper2  VCC cb 
prosperity pro3+sper2+ity]  CV# TY y>i cb 
prosperous pro3+sper2+ous]  vd VCC cb 
prostate [pro1+state  VCC VCV cb 
protagonist prot1+ag7+on]01+ist]1  VCV 3VR cb 
protest [pro1+test2  VCC VCV cb 
Protestant [pro1+test2+ant]1  3VR cb 
protoplasm proto+plas+m]  VCV VCC cb 
provision [pro1+vis2+ion]1  ION SCV vd cb 
provisional [pro1+vis2+ion]1+al]1  3VR vd cb 
psalm psal+m]  cs c2 
pseudoscience pseudo+sci1+ence]  vd V.V c2 cs 
psyche psych1+e]3  c2 CV# LCC cs 
psychedelic psych1+e]3+del1+ic]1  c2 IC LCC cs 
psychiatry psych1+iatr+y]3  c2 V.V CV# y>i VCC cs cb 
psychic psych1+ic]1  c2 LCC cs 
psychoanalysis psycho1+[ana+lys+is]1  c2 V.V 3VR LCC cs 
psychology psych1+ology  3VR c2 VCV SCV CV# y>i LCC cs 
psychopath psycho1+path2  c2 VCC LCC cs 
psychosis psych1+osis]  c2 LCC cs 
psychosomatic psycho1+somat+ic]1  c2 IC LCC cs 
psychotherapy psycho1+therap+y]3  c2 CV# y>i LCC cs 
publish publ+ish]2  VCC c2 
publisher publ+ish]2+er]01  VCC c2 
pulsar pulsar  VCC 
pulse pulse  VCC 
punish pun2+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
punishment pun2+ish]2+ment]  FLR SCV c2 cb 
purchase [pur1+chase1  c2 
purpose [pur1+pose1   
purse purse  cb RDEL 
pursue [pur1+sue1  CVe# 
pursuit [pur1+su/e1+it]2  vd 
push push  VCC c2 
pushed push+ed]1  VCC c2 
quasars quasar+s]3  VCV cb 
quasi qua2+si1  VCV CV# cb 
quest quest1  VCC cb 
question quest1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
rabies rab1+ies]  VCV vd 
racism rac/e1+ism]  VCV 
radius radi+us]1  VCV V.V 
raise raise  vd RDEL 
ransom rans+om]1  VCC 
rapids rap3+id]2+s]3  SCV 
rascal rascal  VCC 
rash rash1  c2 VCC 
rays ray1+s]8  vd 
realism re1+al]1+ism]  V.V VCC 
reason reas+on]01  vd 
reasonable reas+on]01+able]  vd 
reasoning reas+on]01+ing]1  vd 
reasons reas+on]01+s]8  vd 
reassure [re+[a/d+s+sure  V.V ASSIM VrV db 
recess [re+cess1  VCC db 
recession [re+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db 
recessive [re+cess1+ive]  VCC db 
reckless reck1+less]  VCC db 
Reconstruction [re+[co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCV VCC vd cb 
records [re+cord2+s]8  FLR SCV cb 
redistribution [re+[dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  VCV VCC VCV vd cb 
refresh [re+fresh  c2 VCC cb 
refreshment [re+fresh+ment]  c2 VCC cb 
refusal [re+fus/e2+al]2  DELE VCV 
refuse [re+fuse2  VCV FLR SCV 
regardless [re+gard1+less]  db cb 
regions reg2+ion]1+s]3  VCV vd ION 
register [re+gist2+er]04  3VR 
regression [re+gress+ion]1  VCC vd db cb 
regressive [re+gress+ive]  VCC db cb 
relationship [re+lat/e2+ion]1+ship]  DELE vd VCV CVC# c2 ION 
relativism [re+lat/e+iv/e]+ism]  3VR VCC 
release [re+lease  vd 
religious [re+lig2+ious]  FLR SCV vt 
relish [re+lish  FLR SCV c2 
remission [re+miss3+ion]1  VCC vd db 
renaissance [re+naiss1+ance]  3VR vd db 
repose [re+pose2  VCV 
represent [re+[pre+sent3  3VR VCC cb 
representation [re+[pre+sent3+ation]  VCC vd 
representative [re+[pre+sent3+ative]  VCC 
represented [re+[pre+sent3+ed]1  3VR VCC 
represents [re+[pre+sent3+s]2  VCC cb 
reprisal [re+pris/e+al]2  VCV cb 
reptiles rept1+ile]1+s]3  VCC 
request [re+quest1  VCC cb 
rescue [re+scue  CVe# VCC 
research [re+search  vd c2 cb 
resemblance [re+sembl/e2+ance]  DELE VCC cb 
resemble [re+semble2  VCCle 
resent [re+sent2  VCC cb 
resentment [re+sent2+ment]  VCC cb 
reservation [re+serv/e1+ation]  VCV vd DELE 
reserve [re+serve1  cb 
reside [re+side2  VCV 
residence [re+sid/e2+ence]  DELE 3VR 
resident [re+sid/e2+ent]  3VR DELE cb 
resign [re+sign1  LCC cs c2 
resignation [re+sign1+ation]  3VR SCV VCV vd 
resist [re+sist  VCC cb 
resistance [re+sist+ance]  VCC 
resolution [re+sol01+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
resolve [re+solve  VCC 
resort [re+sort2  orC cb 
resource [re+source  vd 
respect [re+spect  VCC cb 
respectable [re+spect+able]  VCC cb 
respiration [re+spir/e1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
respiratory [re+spir/e1+atory]2  VCC CV# VrV 
respond [re+spond  VCC cb 
response [re+sponse  VCC cb 
responsibility [re+spons/e+ibil]+ity]  DELE VCC TY CV# y>i cb 
responsible [re+spons/e+ible]  DELE VCC cb 
rest rest1  VCC cb 
restaurant [re+staur+ant]1  vd VCC cb 
restless rest1+less]  VCC db cb 
restoration [re+stor/e+ation]  VCV DELE vd 
restore [re+store  VrV cb 
restrain [re+strain  vd cb 
restraint [re+strain+t]3  vd cb 
restriction [re+strict1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
result [re+sult1  VCC cb 
results [re+sult1+s]8  VCC cb 
resume [re+sume  VCV 
resurrection [re+[su/b+r+rect+ion]1  VCC vd db 
resuscitation [re+[su/b+s+cit1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd c2 
returns [re+turn+s]8  cb 
reversal [re+vers/e2+al]2   
reverse [re+verse2  cb 
rheumatism rheumat+ism]  c2 vd VCV 
Rhode Island rhode+is4+land  VCV LCC c2 cb 
riches rich+es]2  c2 VCC 
rickets ricket+s]3  VCC db 
ridiculous rid4+icul/e]2+ous]  DELE 3VR vd 
rights right+s]8  cs c3 LCC 
rise rise  VCV 
risen ris/e+en]02  SCV DELE 
rising ris/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
risk risk  VCC cb 
roads road+s]3  vd 
roast roast  vd cb 
romanticism rom+ant]3+ic]1+ism]  VCV VCC 
rooms room+s]8  vd 
Roosevelt roosevelt  VCC vd cb 
roost roost  vd cb 
rosary ros1+ary]2  VCV CV# y>i 
rose rose1  VCV 
rosebuds rose1+bud1+s]3  VCV VCC 
rosy ros1+y]1  VCV CV# y>i 
rouse rouse  vd RDEL 
rows row2+s]8  vd 
runs run1+s]8  VCC 
rush rush1  c2 VCC 
Russia russ2+ia]1  VCC vd db 
Russian russ2+ian]  VCC vd db 
rust rust1  VCC cb 
rustic rust2+ic]1  VCC IC 
rustle rust3+le]1  VCCle cs c2 
rusty rust1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
sac sac  CVC# 
sack sack1  VCC db 
sacking sack1+ing]2  VCC db 
sacrament sacr+ament]  SCr cb 
Sacramento sacr+ament]+o]2  SCr VCC CV# 
sacred sacr+ed]1  VCr cb 
sacrifice sacri+fice1  VCV SCr 3VR 
sad sad1  CVC# NTR 
saddle saddle  VCCle db 
sadism sad2+ism]  3VR 
sadly sad1+ly]1  VCC CV# 
sadness sad1+ness]  VCC db 
safe safe  VCV 
safeguard safe+guard  CMP VCV cb 
safely safe+ly]1  VCV CV# 
safety safe+ty]  VCV CV# y>i 
sag sag1  CVC# NTR 
sage sage1  VCV 
said sa/y1+i2+d]1  vd 
sail sail1  vd 
sailed sail1+ed]1  vd 
sailor sail1+or]2  vd 
saint saint  vd cb 
sake sake1  VCV 
salad sal1+ad]5  FLR SCV 
salary sal1+ary]2  3VR CV# y>i 
sale sale  VCV 
salesman sale+s]5+man1  VCV CMP 
saliva saliv+a]2  VCV CR# 
salivary saliv+ary]1  3VR CV# 
sally sall+y]3  VCC CV# y>i db 
salmon salmon1  VCC cs c2 
salmonella salmon2+ell]+a]2  VCC CR# db 
salon sal4+on]03  FLR SCV 
saloon sal4+oon]2  vd 
salt salt1  LCC cb 
salute sal5+ute]  VCV 
salvation salv/e2+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
Sam sam   
same same  VCV 
sample sample  VCCle 
San Francisco san1+francisc+o]2  CV# VCC cb 
sanction sanct+ion]1  VCC vd 
sanctions sanct+ion]1+s]8  VCC vd 
sand sand1  VCC cb 
sandstone sand1+stone  VCC VCV CMP cb 
sandwich sandwich  c2 VCC cb 
sandy sand1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
sane sane  VCV 
sang sang  VCC 
sank sank  VCC cb 
Santa Claus santa+claus  vd VCC cb CMP 
sap sap1  CVC# NTR 
Sarah sarah  vd VrV 
sarcasm sarc+asm]  VCC 
sash sash1  c2 VCC 
sat sat1  CVC# 
satellite satell+ite]4  3VR VCV db 
satin satin  FLR SCV 
satire sat6+ire]1  VrV 
satisfaction satis+fact1+ion]1  VCC 3VR vd 
satisfactory satis+fact1+ory]  VCC 3VR CV# y>i 
satisfy satis+fy]  3VR CV# y>i 
saturated satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
Saturday satur+day  3VR vd 
satyr satyr  VCV 
sauce sauce  vd RDEL 
saucer sauc/e+er]01  vd DELE 
sausage saus+age]  vd 
savage sav2+age]  FLR SCV 
savanna savann+a]2  VCC CR# db 
save save  VCV RDEL 
saving sav/e+ing]1  VCV DELE 
savings sav/e+ing]1+s]3  VCV DELE 
saw saw1  vd 
sax sax4  VCC 
saxophone sax2+ophone1  VCC VCV c2 
say say1  vd 
saying say1+ing]1  vd 
says say1+s]8  vd 
scab scab1  CVC# cb 
scale scale2  VCV cb RDEL 
scalp scalp1  VCC cb 
scandal scand3+al]4  VCC cb 
Scandinavia scandinav+ia]1  VCC VCV V.V cb 
scanty scant1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
scapegoat scape3+goat  VCV vd cb 
scar scar1  NTR cb 
scarce scarce  cb 
scarcely scarce+ly]1  CV# cb 
scarcity scarc/e+ity]  cb 
scare scare  VrV cb RDEL 
scarf scarf  cb 
scarlet scarlet  cb 
scatter scatt1+er]03  VCC db cb 
scene scene  VCV 
scenery scen/e+ery]1  VCV DELE CV# y>i 
scent scent1  VCC cb 
schedule sched+ule]  FLR SCV cb 
scheme scheme  VCV cb RDEL 
scheming schem/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
schism schis+m]  ct VCC cb 
schizophrenia schizo+phren/e+ia]1  ct 3VR VCV V.V cb 
scholar schol+ar]1  FLR SCV cb 
scholasticism scholast+ic]1+ism]  VCC cb 
school school1  vd cb 
schoolhouse school1+house  CMP vd cb 
schools school1+s]8  vd cb 
schooner schoon+er]01  vd cb 
sciatica sci2+atic]+a]2  c2 V.V IC CR# cs 
science sci1+ence]  V.V c2 cs 
scientific sci1+ent]+ific]  V.V IC c2 cs 
scientist sci1+ent]+ist]1  V.V cb c2 cs 
sclerosis scler+osis]  VCV cb 
scold scold  LCC cb 
scope scope  VCV cb 
score score  VrV cb RDEL 
scorn scorn  orC cb 
Scot scot1  CVC# NTR cb 
Scotch scotch  c3 VCC db cb 
Scotland scot+land  VCC CMP cb 
scourge scourge  vd cb 
scout scout  vd cb 
scouts scout+s]8  vd cb 
scowl scowl  vd cb 
scramble scramb+le]1  VCCle cb 
scrap scrap1  CVC# NTR cb 
scrape scrape  VCV cb 
scratch scratch  VCC c3 db cb 
scream scream  vd cb 
screen screen  vd cb 
screw screw  vd cb 
scrotum scrot+um]1  VCV cb 
scrub scrub1  CVC# NTR cb 
sculpture sculpt+ure]  VCC cb 
sea sea  vd 
seal seal1  vd 
seam seam  vd 
seamy seam+y]1  vd CV# y>i 
search search  c2 vd cb 
season seas+on]01  vd 
seat seat  vd 
Seattle seattle  V.V VCCle db 
sebaceous seb+aceous]  VCV vt 
secession [se+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd db 
second sec1+ond]1  FLR SCV cb 
secondary sec1+ond]1+ary]1  FLR SCV CV# y>i 
seconds sec1+ond]1+s]8  FLR SCV cb 
secret [se+cret1  VCr cb 
secretary [se+cret1+ary]2  3VR CV# y>i 
secretly [se+cret1+ly]1  VCr CV# cb 
sect sect2  VCC cb 
section sect1+ion]1  VCC vd 
sections sect1+ion]1+s]8  VCC vd 
sector sect1+or]2  VCC 
secular secul+ar]1  3VR 
secure [se+cure  VCV 
security [se+cur/e+ity]  DELE CV# y>i 
sedimentary sed1+iment]+ary]1  3VR VCC CV# y>i 
sedition [sed+it2+ion]1  ION vd 
see see1  vd SWR 
seed seed  vd 
seeing see1+ing]1  vd 
seek seek  vd 
seem seem  vd 
seen see1+n]1  vd 
seep seep  vd 
segment seg+ment]  VCC cb 
segregation [se+greg+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd 
seismic sei4+sm]+ic]1  vd 
seismology sei4+sm]+ology  vd 3VR CV# y>i 
seize seize  vd RDEL 
seldom seldom  VCC 
select [se+lect5  VCC cb cb 
selection [se+lect5+ion]1  VCC vd 
selective [se+lect5+ive]  VCC 
self self  VCC cb 
self-determination self+[de+term1+in/e]3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
self-incrimination self-[in2+crimin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC 3VR VCV vd cb 
selfish self+ish]1  VCC 
sell sell  VCC db 
seller sell+er]01  VCC db 
semantics sem2+ant]3+ics]  VCC 
semen sem1+en]04  VCV 
semicolon semi1+col7+on]01  3VR VCV 
semiconductor semi1+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  3VR VCV 
Semitic sem+it/e]4+ic]1  IC 
senate sen1+ate]3  SCV 
senator sen1+at/e]3+or]2  DELE SCV 
send send1  VCC cb 
senior sen1+ior]1  VCV 
seniority sen1+ior]1+ity]  VrV CV# y>i 
sensation sens/e+at/e]2+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION 
sense sense  VCC RDEL 
sensible sens/e+ible]  VCC 
sensitive sensit+ive]  VCC 
sensory sens/e+ory]  VCC CV# y>i 
sent sent1  VCC cb 
sentence sent2+ence]  VCC 
sentiment senti+ment]  VCC cb 
sentinel sentin+el]1  VCC 
separate [se+par03+ate]1  3VR 
separated [se+par03+at/e]1+ed]1  DELE 3VR 
separation [se+par03+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 3VR 
September Septem+ber]  VCC 
sequel sequ1+el]1  LCC cb 
sequence sequ1+ence]  LCC VCC cb 
serene serene  VCV 
serf serf  cb 
sergeant serge2+ant]1  vd cb 
series seri1+es]4  vd VrV 
serious seri2+ous]  V.V vd VrV 
seriously seri2+ous]+ly]1  V.V vd CV# VrV 
sermon serm+on]01   
serpent serp+ent]  cb 
servant serv/e2+ant]1  DELE cb 
serve serve2  cb RDEL 
served serv/e2+ed]1  DELE 
service serv/e2+ice]  DELE 
sesame sesam+e]3  3VR CV# 
session sess+ion]1  VCC vd db 
set set1  CVC# NTR 
setting set1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
settle set1+t+le]3  VCCle db 
settled settl/e+ed]1  VCCle DELE db 
settlement settle+ment]  VCCle db cb 
settler settl/e+er]01  VCCle DELE db 
settlers settl/e+er]01+s]3  VCCle DELE db 
seven seven  SCV 
seventeen seven+teen1  vd SCV CMP 
seventh seven+th]1  c2 SCV cb 
seventy seven+ty1  SCV CV# y>i 
several sever1+al]1  3VR 
severe severe  VrV 
severely severe+ly]1  CV# VrV 
sew sew1  vd 
sewer sew2+er]04  vd 
sewing sew1+ing]1  vd 
sex sex1  VCC 
sexism sex1+ism]  VCC 
shabby shab+b+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
shade shade  VCV c2 RDEL 
shadow shad1+ow]  SCV c2 vd 
shadowy shad1+ow]+y]1  SCV c2 vd CV# y>i 
shady shad/e+y]1  DELE VCV c2 CV# y>i 
shaft shaft  c2 VCC cb 
shag shag1  c2 CVC# NTR 
shake shake  VCV c2 
shaken shak/e+en]02  VCV c2 DELE 
Shakespeare shake2+speare  vd VCV c2 cb 
shale shale  VCV c2 
shall shall1  VCC db 
shallow shall2+ow]  vd VCC db 
shalom shalom  c2 CLC# 
shalt shalt  VCC c2 cb 
shame shame  VCV c2 RDEL 
shape shape  VCV c2 RDEL 
share share1  c2 VrV RDEL 
sharecropping share1+crop+p+ing]1  VCC VrV CTR db cb 
sharp sharp  c2 
sharpen sharp+en]03  c2 
sharply sharp+ly]1  c2 CV# 
shatter shatt+er]03  VCC db 
shave shave  VCV c2 
she she1  c2 CV# 
shear shear  vd c2 
shed shed1  c2 CVC# NTR 
she'd she1+'d2  CMP c2 LCC 
sheen sheen  c2 vd 
sheep sheep  vd c2 
sheer sheer2  vd c2 
sheet sheet1  vd c2 
shelf shelf  VCC cb 
shell shell  VCC db 
she'll she1+'ll  CMP LCC db 
shells shell+s]8  VCC db 
shelter shel2+ter4  VCC c2 
shelves shelve+s]8  VCC c2 
shepherd shep+herd  c2 VCC CMP cs cb 
sheriff she2+riff5  SCV db 
she's she1+'s1  CMP c2 
shibboleth shibboleth  VCC db 
shield shield  vd cb 
shift shift  c2 VCC cb 
shilling shilling  VCC db 
shin shin1  c2 CVC# NTR 
shine shine1  VCV c2 RDEL 
shining shin/e1+ing]1  VCV c2 DELE 
ship ship  CVC# c2 NTR 
shipping ship+p+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
shipshape ship+shape  c2 CVC# VCV CMP 
shirt shirt  c2 cb 
shirtsleeves shirt+sleeve+s]3  c2 vd cb 
shiver shiv3+er]03  c2 SCV 
shock shock  VCC db 
shoe shoe  c2 vd 
shoemaker shoe+mak/e+er]01  CMP CVe# VCV DELE c2 
shoes shoe+s]8  c2 vd 
shogun shogun  c2 VCV 
shone shone  VCV c2 
shook shook1  vd c2 
shoot shoot1  vd c2 
shop shop  c2 CVC# NTR 
shore shore1  c2 VrV 
short short1  c2 orC cb 
shortage short1+age]  c2 orC 
shortly short1+ly]1  c2 CV# orC cb 
shot shot1  CVC# c2 
should should1  c2 vd cs 
shoulder should2+er]01  vd 
shoulders should2+er]01+s]8  vd 
shouldn't should1+n't  CMP vd c2 cs 
shout shout  c2 vd 
shove shove  c2 SCV 
shovel shov+el]4  c2 SCV 
show show  vd c2 
shower shower  c2 vd 
showers shower+s]8  c2 vd 
showing show+ing]1  c2 vd 
shown show+n]1  c2 vd 
shrewd shrew+d]2  c2 vd cb 
shriek shriek  c2 vd cb 
shrill shrill  VCC db cb 
shrine shrine  c2 VCV cb 
shrink shrink  c2 cb 
shrub shrub  c2 CVC# NTR cb 
shrug shrug  c2 CVC# NTR cb 
shudder shudd+er]03  VCC db 
shun shun  c2 CVC# NTR 
shut shut  CVC# c2 NTR 
shutter shut+t+er]01  VCC CTR db 
shuttle shutt+le]1  VCCle db 
shy shy1  CV# c2 y>i 
sick sick1  VCC db 
sickle sick3+le]3  VCCle db 
sickness sick1+ness]  VCC db 
side side1  VCV RDEL 
sidewalk side1+walk  CMP VCV cs c2 
siege siege  vd 
siesta siest+a]2  V.V VCC CR# 
sift sift  VCC cb 
sigh sigh   
sight sight  cs c3 
sign sign1  LCC cs c2 
signal sign1+al]1  VCC 
signature sign1+ature]  VCC 
significance sign1+ific]+ance]  VCC IC 
significant sign1+ific]+ant]1  VCC IC cb 
signify sign1+ify]  CV# VCC y>i 
signs sign1+s]8  LCC cs c2 
silence sil1+ence]  VCV 
silent sil1+ent]  VCV cb 
silently sil1+ent]+ly]1  VCV CV# 
silicates silic1+ate]3+s]3  3VR 
silicon silic1+on]09  3VR 
silk silk  VCC 
silken silk+en]01  VCC 
silly sill2+y]1  VCC CV# y>i db 
silver silver  VCC 
similar simil+ar]1  3VR 
simile simil+e]3  3VR CV# 
simple sim1+ple1  VCCle 
simplicity sim1+plic1+ity]  CV# TY y>i 
simply sim1+pl/e1+y]4  VCCle DELE CV# 
sin sin1  CVC# NTR 
since since  VCC 
sincere sin6+cere3  VrV 
sincerely sin6+cere3+ly]1  CV# VrV 
sincerest sin6+cer/e3+est]1  VCC VrV cb 
sing sing1  VCC 
singer sing1+er]01  VCC 
singing sing1+ing]1  VCC 
single sing2+le]2  VCCle 
singular sing2+ul]4+ar]1  VCC 
sink sink  VCC cb 
sip sip1  CVC# NTR 
sir sir1   
sire sire1  VrV 
sister sister  VCC 
sit sit1  CVC# NTR 
site site1  VCV RDEL 
sit-in sit1+in1  CVC# CMP 
situated sit4+uat/e]1+ed]1  V.V VCV DELE 3VR 
situation sit4+uat/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V 3VR vd ION VCV 
six six  VCC 
sixteen six+teen1  vd VCC CMP 
sixth six+th]1  VCC c2 
sixty six+ty1  VCC CV# y>i 
size size  VCV RDEL 
skate skate1  VCV cb RDEL 
skeletal skelet+al]1  3VR cb 
skeleton skelet+on]01  3VR cb 
skepticism skept+ic]1+ism]  VCC cb 
sketch sketch  VCC c3 db cb 
skies sk/y+i2+es]7  y>i vd cb 
skiing ski+ing]1  V.V cb 
skill skill1  VCC db cb 
skilled skill1+ed]1  VCC db cb 
skillful skill1+ful]  VCC db cb 
skim skim  CVC# NTR cb 
skin skin  CVC# NTR cb 
skip skip1  CVC# NTR cb 
skirt skirt  cb 
skis ski+s]8  CLC# cb 
skull skull  VCC db cb 
skunk skunk  VCC cb 
sky sky  CV# y>i cb 
skyscraper sky+scrap/e+er]01  CV# VCV cb 
slain sla/y+i2+n]1  vd y>i cb 
slam slam  CVC# NTR cb 
slang slang  VCC cb 
slant slant  VCC cb 
slap slap  CVC# NTR cb 
slate slate  VCV cb 
slaughter slaugh+ter]3  vd cs c3 cb 
slave slave  VCV cb RDEL 
slavery slav/e+er]01+y]3  VCV DELE CV# y>i cb 
slay slay  vd cb 
sledge sledge1  VCC db cb 
sleep sleep  vd cb 
sleeping sleep+ing]1  vd cb 
sleepy sleep+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
sleeve sleeve  vd cb RDEL 
slender slender  VCC cb 
slept slep+t]1  VCC cb 
slew slew4  vd cb 
slice slice  VCV cb RDEL 
slid slid  CVC# cb 
slide slide  VCV cb 
slight slight  cs c3 cb 
slightly slight+ly]1  cs c3 CV# cb 
slim slim1  CVC# NTR cb 
slip slip1  CVC# NTR cb 
slipper slip1+p+er]01  VCC CTR db cb 
slippery slip1+p+er]05+y]1  VCC CTR CV# y>i db cb 
slope slope  VCV cb RDEL 
slow slow1  vd cb 
slowly slow1+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
slumber slumb+er]03  VCC cb 
slush slush  c2 VCC cb 
sly sly  CV# y>i cb 
small small  db cb 
smallest small+est]1  db cb 
smallpox small+pox  db cb CMP 
smart smart  cb 
smash smash  c2 VCC cb 
smell smell  VCC db cb 
smile smile  VCV cb RDEL 
smiled smil/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
smite smite  VCV cb 
Smith smith  c2 VCC cb 
smog smog  CVC# NTR cb 
smoke smoke  VCV cb RDEL 
smooth smooth  vd c2 cb 
smoothly smooth+ly]1  vd c2 CV# cb 
smote smote  VCV cb 
smother smoth+er]05  c2 VCC cb 
snake snake  VCV cb RDEL 
snap snap  CVC# NTR cb 
snare snare  VrV cb 
snarl snar1+l]1  cb 
snatch snatch  VCC c3 db cb 
sneak sneak  vd cb 
sneer sneer  vd cb 
sniff sniff  VCC db cb 
snort snort  orC cb 
snow snow  vd cb 
snowman snow+man1  vd cb CMP 
snowy snow+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
so so1  CV# 
soak soak  vd 
soap soap  vd 
soar soar  vd 
sob sob  CVC# NTR 
sober sober  VCV 
so-called so1+call1+ed]1  CMP CV# db 
social soci+al]1  VCV vd 
socialism soci+al]1+ism]  VCV vd VCV 
socialist soci+al]1+ist]1  VCV vd cb 
socialization soci+al]1+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd VCV 
society soci+ety]  V.V CV# y>i 
sociobiology socio+bio2+log1+y]3  VCV V.V 3VR CV# y>i 
sociology soci+ology  VCV V.V 3VR CV# y>i 
sociopath socio+path2  VCV V.V c2 VCC 
sock sock2  VCC db 
Socrates socrates  3VR CLC# 
sod sod1  CVC# NTR 
soda sod3+a]2  VCV CR# 
sodomy sodom+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
sofa sof+a]6  VCV CR# 
soft soft  VCC cb 
soften soft+en]03  VCC cs c2 
softener soft+en]03+er]01  VCC cs c2 
softly soft+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
software soft+ware1  CMP VCC VrV cb 
soil soil1  vd 
solar sol03+ar]1  VCV 
sold sold1  LCC cb 
soldier sold2+ier]1  vd LCC 
sole sole1  VCV RDEL 
solely sole2+ly]1  VCV CV# 
solemn solemn  FLR SCV cs c2 
solemnly solemn+ly]1  FLR SCV CV# cs c2 
solid sol04+id]2  FLR SCV 
solipsism sol11+ips+ism]  3VR VCC 
solitary solit+ary]1  3VR CV# y>i 
solitude solit+ude]  3VR SCV VCV 
Solomon solomon  3VR 
solstice sol03+stice  FLR SCV cb 
solution sol01+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION 
solve solve  VCC RDEL 
solvent solv/e+ent]  VCC cb 
somatic somat+ic]1  VCV IC 
some some1  SCV 
somebody some1+body  CMP CV# y>i 
somehow some1+how  CMP SCV vd 
someone some1+one  CMP SCV 
something some1+thing  CMP SCV VCC c2 
sometime some1+time1  CMP SCV VCV 
sometimes some1+time1+s]3  CMP SCV VCV 
somewhat some1+what  CMP SCV c2 
somewhere some1+where  CMP c2 
son son1  CVC# NTR 
sonata sonat+a]2  CR# 
song song  VCC 
songs song+s]3  VCC 
sonic son2+ic]1  IC 
sonnet sonn+et]1  VCC db 
soon soon  vd 
soot soot  vd 
soothe soothe  vd c2 
sophist soph1+ist]1  VCC c2 cb 
soprano sopr+an]1+o]2  SCV CV# cb 
sore sore  VrV 
sorrow sorr1+ow]  vd Vrr db 
sorry sorr2+y]1  CV# y>i Vrr db 
sort sort1  orC cb 
sought sought  cs c3 vd 
soul soul  vd 
sound sound1  vd cb 
sounded sound1+ed]  vd 
soup soup  vd 
sour sour  vd 
source source  vd RDEL 
sousaphone sousa+phone  vd c2 VCV CMP 
south south  c2 vd 
South America south+americ+a]2  vd c2 CR# CMP 
South Carolina south+carol+in]01+a]2  vd c2 VCV CR# CMP 
South Dakota south+dakota  vd c2 VCV CR# CMP 
southern south+ern]2  vd c2 cb 
southward south+ward]  vd c2 cb 
southwest south+west  CMP c2 VCC vd cb cb 
sovereign [sove+reign  3VR FLR SCV vd cs c2 
sovereignty [sove+reign+ty]  vd CV# 3VR y>i cs c2 
soviet [so2+viet1  VCV V.V 
sow sow1  vd 
sown sow1+n]1  vd 
soy soy1  vd 
space space  VCV cb RDEL 
spacing spac/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
spacious spac/e+ious]  DELE vt cb 
spade spade  VCV cb 
Spain spain  vd cb 
spake spake  VCV cb 
span span1  CVC# NTR cb 
Spaniard span2+iard]  FLR SCV cb 
Spanish span2+ish]  SCV c2 cb 
spare spare1  VrV cb RDEL 
spark spark  cb 
sparkle spark+le]1  cb 
sparrow sparr+ow]  VCC Vrr vd cb db 
Sparta sparta  CR# cb 
speak speak  vd cb 
speaker speak+er]01  vd cb 
speaking speak+ing]1  vd cb 
spear spear  vd cb 
special speci+al]1  FLR SCV vd cb 
specially speci+al]1+ly]1  FLR SCV vd CV# db cb 
species speci+es]4  VCV vd cb 
specific speci+fic]  IC cb 
specimen speci+men]  3VR cb 
speck speck  VCC db cb 
spectacle spect+acle]1  VCC cb 
spectacles spect+acle]1+s]3  VCC cb 
spectator spect+at/e]1+or]2  DELE VCC VCV cb 
spectroscopy spectr+oscop/e+y]3  VCC CV# y>i cb 
spectrum spectr+um]1  VCC cb 
speculation spec1+ul]3+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE 3VR VCV vd ION cb 
sped sped  CVC# cb 
speech speech  vd c2 cb 
speed speed  vd cb 
spell spell1  VCC db cb 
spelled spell1+ed]1  VCC db cb cb 
spelling spell1+ing]1  VCC db cb 
spend spend  VCC cb 
spent spent  VCC cb 
sperm sperm  cb 
spermatozoa spermato+zo1+a]3  V.V cb 
sphere sphere  c2 VrV cb 
sphinx sphinx  c2 VCC cb 
spice spice1  VCV cb 
spider spider  VCV cb 
spill spill1  VCC db cb 
spin spin1  CVC# NTR cb 
spinal spin/e+al]1  VCV DELE cb 
spine spine  VCV cb 
spinning spin1+n+ing]1  VCC CTR db cb 
spire spire2  VrV cb 
spirit spir1+it]1  FLR SCV cb 
spiritual spir1+it]1+ual]  FLR SCV V.V cb 
spit spit1  CVC# NTR cb 
spite spite1  VCV cb RDEL 
splash splash  VCC c2 cb 
spleen spleen  vd cb 
splendid splend+id]2  VCC cb 
splendor splend+or]1  VCC cb 
split split  CVC# NTR cb 
spoil spoil  vd cb 
spoke spoke2  VCV cb 
spoken spoke2+n]1  VCV cb 
sponge sponge  VCC cb 
spontaneous spont1+ane]2+ous]  VCC VCV V.V vd cb 
spoon spoon1  vd cb 
spoonerism spooner+ism]  vd VCC cb 
spore spore  VrV cb 
sport sport  orC cb 
spot spot  CVC# NTR cb 
sprang sprang  VCC cb 
spray spray  vd cb 
spread spread  vd cb 
sprig sprig  CVC# NTR cb 
spring spring  VCC cb 
sprinkle sprink+le]1  VCCle cb 
spruce spruce1  VCV cb 
sprung sprung  VCC cb 
spun spun  CVC# cb 
spur spur1  NTR cb 
spurred spur1+r+ed]1  CTR Vrr cb db 
sputnik sput2+nik]  VCC CVC# cb 
spy spy  CV# y>i cb 
squadron squadr+on]03  VCC cb 
square square  VrV cb RDEL 
squeak squeak  vd cb 
squeeze squeeze  vd cb 
squid squid  CVC# cb 
squint squint  VCC cb 
squire squire  VrV cb RDEL 
squirrel squirr+el]1  db cb 
squish squish  VCC cb 
St. St.  vd 
stable sta+ble]2  VCle cb 
staccato stacc+ato]  CV# db cb 
stack stack  VCC db cb 
staff staff  VCC db cb 
stage stage  VCV cb RDEL 
stagflation stag2+flation  CVC# VCV vd cb 
stagger stagg+er]03  VCC db cb 
staging stag/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
stain stain  vd cb 
stair stair  vd cb 
stake stake  VCV cb RDEL 
stalactite stal4+act]+ite]1  VCC VCV cb 
stalagmite stal4+agm]+ite]1  VCC VCV cb 
stale stale1  VCV cb 
stalk stalk2  cs c2 cb 
stall1 stall1  db cb 
stamen stam2+en]04  VCV cb 
stammer stam1+m1+er]03  VCC db cb 
stamp stamp  VCC cb 
stand stand1  VCC cb 
standard stand2+ard3  VCC cb 
standing stand1+ing]1  VCC cb 
stanza stanz+a]2  VCC CR# cb 
staphylococcus staph1+yl]3+o4+cocc1+us]1  VCC VCV db cb 
star star1  NTR cb 
starch starch  c2 cb 
stare stare  VrV cb RDEL 
starred star1+r+ed]1  CTR cb db 
start start1  cb 
starting start1+ing]1  cb 
startle start1+le]1  cb 
startling start1+l/e]1+ing]1  DELE cb 
starts start+s]8  cb 
starve starve  cb RDEL 
state state  VCV cb RDEL 
stately state+ly]3  VCV CV# y>i cb 
statement state+ment]  VCV cb 
statements state+ment]+s]3  VCV cb 
states state+s]8  VCV cb 
statesman state+s]5+man1  CMP CVC# cb 
static stat1+ic]1  IC cb 
station stat1+ion]1  VCV vd ION cb 
stationary stat1+ion]1+ary]1  VCV vd ION CV# VrV cb 
statistical stat1+ist]1+ic]+al]1  VCC cb 
statistics stat1+ist]1+ic]1+s]3  VCC IC cb 
statue stat1+ue]1  CVe# cb 
status stat1+us]1  VCV cb 
statutory stat1+ut/e]+ory]  3VR CV# VrV cb 
stay stay1  vd cb 
stayed stay1+ed]1  vd cb 
steadily stead+/y]1+i2+ly]1  vd y>i CV# cb 
steady stead+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
steak steak  vd cb 
steal steal  vd cb 
steam steam  vd cb 
steamboat steam+boat  vd CMP cb 
steamer steam+er]01  vd cb 
steed steed  vd cb 
steel steel  vd cb 
steep steep1  vd cb 
steer steer1  vd cb 
stem stem1  CVC# NTR cb 
stent stent  VCC 
step step1  CVC# NTR cb 
steppe steppe  VCC db cb 
stepped step1+p+ed]1  VCC CTR db cb 
stereotype stereo+type  V.V VCV cb 
sterile ster3+ile]1  cb 
stern stern1  cb 
sternly stern1+ly]1  CV# cb 
stethoscope steth+oscope  c2 VCV VCC cb 
stew stew  vd cb 
steward ste1+ward1  vd cb 
stick stick1  VCC db cb 
sticks stick1+s]8  VCC db cb 
stiff stiff1  VCC db cb 
stiffly stiff1+ly]1  VCC CV# db cb 
stifle stifle  VCle cb 
still still1  VCC db cb 
stillbirth still1+bir1+th]2  VCC db cb 
stillness still1+ness]  VCC db cb 
stimulate stimul+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
stimulus stimul+us]1  3VR cb 
sting sting1  VCC cb 
stir stir1  NTR cb 
stitch stitch  VCC c3 db cb 
stock stock1  VCC db cb 
stockholder stock1+hold1+er]01  VCC LCC db cb 
stocking stock1+ing]2  VCC db cb 
stoicism sto+ic]1+ism]  V.V VCC cb 
stole stole1  VCV cb 
stolen stole1+n]1  VCV cb 
stomach stom+ach]  FLR SCV c2 cb 
stone stone  VCV cb RDEL 
stones stone+s]8  VCV cb 
stony ston/e+y]1  VCV DELE CV# y>i cb 
stood stood  vd cb 
stool stool  vd cb 
stoop stoop  vd cb 
stop stop  CVC# NTR cb 
storage stor/e+age]  DELE VrV cb 
store store  VrV cb RDEL 
storm storm  orC cb 
stormy storm+y]1  CV# orC y>i cb 
story stor1+y]3  CV# VrV y>i cb 
stout stout  vd cb 
stove stove  VCV cb 
straight straight1  vd cs c3 cb 
straighten straight1+en]03  vd cs c3 cb 
straightway straight1+way1  CMP vd cs c3 cb 
strain strain  vd cb 
straits strait+s]3  vd cb 
strand strand  VCC cb 
strange strange  LCC cb 
strangely strange+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
stranger strang/e+er]04  LCC DELE cb 
strap strap  CVC# NTR cb 
strategic strat1+eg1+ic]1  LCC cb 
strategy strat1+eg1+y]3  3VR CV# y>i cb 
stratification strat2+ific]+ation]  3VR VCV vd cb 
stratosphere strato1+sphere  3VR c2 VrV cb 
stratus strat2+us]1  VCV cb 
straw straw  vd cb 
strawberry straw+berry  CMP vd CV# y>i Vrr cb db 
stray stray  vd cb 
streak streak  vd cb 
stream stream  vd cb 
streamline stream+line1  vd VCV CMP cb 
streams stream+s]8  vd cb 
street street  vd cb 
strength streng+th]2  c2 VCC cb 
strengthen streng+th]2+en]03  c2 VCC cb 
streptococcus strepto+cocc1+us]1  VCC db cb 
stress stress  VCC db cb 
stretch stretch  VCC c3 db cb 
stretched stretch+ed]1  VCC c3 db cb 
stricken strick1+en]02  VCC db cb 
strict strict1  VCC cb 
strictly strict1+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
stride stride  VCV cb 
strife strife  VCV cb 
strike strike  VCV cb 
strikebreaker strike+break+er]01  VCV vd cb 
striking strik/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
string string1  VCC cb 
strip strip1  CVC# NTR cb 
stripe stripe  VCV cb 
strive strive  VCV cb 
strode strode  VCV cb 
stroke stroke  VCV cb RDEL 
stroll stroll  LCC db cb 
strong strong  VCC cb 
strongly strong+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
strove strove  VCV cb 
struck struck  VCC db cb 
structure struct+ure]  VCC cb 
struggle strugg+le]1  VCCle db cb 
stubborn stubborn  VCC db cb 
stuck stuck  VCC db cb 
student stud3+ent]  VCV cb 
students stud3+ent]+s]3  VCV cb 
studied stud3+/y]8+i2+ed]1  FLR SCV y>i vd cb 
studio stud3+io]2  VCV V.V cb 
study stud3+y]8  FLR SCV CV# y>i cb 
studying stud3+y]8+ing]1  FLR SCV cb 
stuff stuff  VCC db cb 
stumble stumb+le]1  VCCle cb 
stump stump  VCC cb 
stung stung  VCC cb 
stupid stup1+id]2  VCV cb 
sturdy sturd+y]1  CV# y>i cb 
style style1  VCV cb RDEL 
sub sub1  CVC# NTR 
subatomic [sub+[a1+tom2  3VR IC 
subconsciousness [sub+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt db c2 
subculture [sub+cult1+ure]  VCC 
subdue [sub+due2  CVe# 
subject [sub+ject  VCC cb 
subjects [sub+ject+s]8  VCC cb 
subjunctive [sub+junct+ive]  VCC 
sublimation [sub+lim/e3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
submarine [sub+mar01+ine]1  VCV VCC 
submerge [sub+merge  VCC 
submit [sub+mit1  CVC# NTR 
subpoena [sub+poen+a]2  VCC vd CR# c2 cs c2 
subsequent [sub+sequ1+ent]  VCC cb 
subsequently [sub+sequ1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
subset [sub+set2  VCC CVC# 
subsidiary [sub+sid2+/y]3+iary]  VCC 3VR V.V CV# y>i 
subsidy [sub+sid2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
subsistence [sub+sist+ence]  VCC 
substance [sub+stance1  VCC cb 
substantial [sub+stant+ial]  VCC vd cb 
substitute [sub+stit1+ute]  VCC VCV cb 
subtle [sub+tle  VCC 
subtract [sub+tract  VCC cb 
suburb [sub+urb  SCV 
suburbanization [sub+urb+an]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
succeed [su/b+c+ceed  vd ASSIM 
success [su/b+c+cess1  VCC ASSIM db 
successful [su/b+c+cess1+ful]  VCC ASSIM db 
successfully [su/b+c+cess1+ful]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM db 
succession [su/b+c+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
successive [su/b+c+cess1+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
successor [su/b+c+cess1+or]2  VCC ASSIM db 
such such  c2 VCC 
suck suck  VCC db 
sucker suck+er]01  VCC db 
sudden sudden  VCC db 
suddenly sudden+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
suffer [su/b+f+fer1  VCC ASSIM db 
suffering [su/b+f+fer1+ing]1  VCC ASSIM db 
suffice [su/b+f+fice1  VCV ASSIM db 
sufficient [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]  DELE vd ASSIM db cb 
sufficiently [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]+ly]1  DELE vd CV# ASSIM db 
suffix [su/b+f+fix  ASSIM VCC db 
suffrage [su/b+f+frage2  VCC ASSIM db 
suffragette [su/b+f+frag/e2+ett]+e]1  VCC db 
sugar sugar  FLR SCV 
suggest [su/b+g+gest  VCC ASSIM cb 
suggested [su/b+g+gest+ed]1  VCC ASSIM 
suggestion [su/b+g+gest+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
suicide sui+cide1  V.V VCV 
suit su1+it]2  vd 
suitable su1+it]2+able]  vd 
suite su1+it]2+e]1  VCV 
sulfur sulfur  VCC 
sullen sull2+en]04  VCC db 
sulphur sulphur  VCC c2 
sultan sult3+an]4  VCC 
sum sum1  CVC# NTR 
summer summer1  VCC db 
summit sum1+m1+it]1  VCC db 
summon [su/b+m1+mon1  VCC ASSIM db 
sun sun1  CVC# NTR 
Sunday sun1+day  vd VCC CMP 
sung sung  VCC 
sunk sunk  VCC cb 
sunlight sun1+light1  CMP cs c3 VCC 
sunny sun1+n+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
sunrise sun1+rise  CMP VCV VCC 
sunset sun1+set1  CMP CVC# VCC 
sunshine sun1+shine1  CMP V VCV c2 VC# 
sunspot sun1+spot  CVC# cb CMP 
super super  VCV 
superconductor [super+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCV VCC 
superego [super+ego  VCV CV# 
superintendent [super+[in2+tend1+ent]  VCV VCC 
superior sup3+erior]  V.V VrV 
superlative [super+lat7+ive]   
supernova [super+nov1+a]2  VCV CR# 
supersonic [super+son2+ic]1  VCV IC 
superstition [super+stit1+ion]1  VCV vd SCV cb 
supervision [super+vis/e2+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV 
supper sup1+p+er]08  VCC db 
supplies [su/b+p+p/y2+i2+es]2  vd ASSIM y>i db cb 
supply [su/b+p+ply2  CV# ASSIM y>i db cb 
support [su/b+p+port1  ASSIM orC db cb 
suppose [su/b+p+pose1  VCV ASSIM db 
supposed [su/b+p+pos/e1+ed]1  DELE VCV ASSIM db 
suppress [su/b+p+press  VCC ASSIM db cb 
supreme supr+eme]2  VCV cb 
sure sure  VrV 
surely sure+ly]1  CV# VrV 
surf surf1  cb 
surface [sur2+face1   
surge surge  cb 
surgeon surg1+eon]  vd 
surgery surg1+ery]1  CV# y>i 
surpass [sur2+pass1  VCC db 
surplus [sur2+plus  CVC# cb 
surprise [sur2+prise  VCV cb 
surprised [sur2+pris/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
surprising [sur2+pris/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
surrealism [sur2+re1+al]1+ism]  V.V VCC db 
surrender [sur2+render  VCC db 
surround [sur2+round2  vd Vrr db cb 
surrounded [sur2+round2+ed]1  vd Vrr db 
surroundings [sur2+round2+ing]1+s]3  vd Vrr db 
surtax [sur2+tax1  VCC 
survey [sur2+vey1  vd 
survive [sur2+vive  VCV 
susceptible [su/b+s+cept+ible]  VCC ASSIM 
suspect [su/b+spect  VCC ASSIM cb 
suspend [su/b+s+pend  VCC ASSIM cb 
suspicion [su/b+spic1+ion]1  ION SCV vd ASSIM cb 
suspicious [su/b+spic1+ious]  vt ASSIM cb 
sustain [su/b+s+tain1  vd ASSIM cb 
swallow swallow1  VCC vd db cb 
swam swam1  CVC# cb 
swamp swamp  VCC cb 
swan swan  CVC# cb 
swarm swarm  cb 
swastika swastik+a]2  VCC CR# cb 
sway sway  vd cb 
swear swear  vd cb 
sweat sweat  vd cb 
sweatshop sweat+shop  vd c2 CVC# cb CMP 
Sweden sweden  VCV cb 
sweep sweep  vd cb 
sweeping sweep+ing]1  vd cb 
sweet sweet  vd cb 
sweetheart sweet+heart  vd CMP cb 
sweetly sweet+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
sweetness sweet+ness]  vd db cb 
swell swell  VCC db cb 
swept swep+t]1  VCC cb 
swift swift  VCC cb 
swiftly swift+ly]1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
swim swim  CVC# NTR cb 
swimming swim+m+ing]1  CTR db cb 
swine swine  VCV cb 
swing swing  VCC cb 
Swiss swiss  VCC db cb 
switch switch  VCC c3 db cb 
Switzerland switz+er]07+land  VCC CMP cb 
sword sword  orC cs c2 cb 
swore swore  VrV cb 
swung swung  VCC cb 
syllable [sy/n+l+lab3+le]2  VCC ASSIM db 
syllogism [sy/n+l+log1+ism]  VCC db 
symbol [sy/n+m1+bol1  VCC ASSIM 
symbols [sy/n+m1+bol1+s]3  VCC ASSIM 
symmetrical [sy/n+m1+metr1+ic]1+al]1  VCC IC ASSIM db 
symmetry [sy/n+m1+metr1+y]3  VCC CV# y>i db cb 
sympathetic [sy/n+m1+path2+etic]  VCC c2 IC ASSIM 
sympathy [sy/n+m1+path2+y]3  VCC c2 CV# ASSIM y>i 
symphony [sy/n+m1+phon+y]3  VCC c2 CV# y>i 
symptom [sy/n+m1+ptom  VCC ASSIM 
synagogue [syn+agogue  3VR SCV 
syndrome [syn+drome  VCC VCV cb 
synfuels syn2+fuel+s]3  VCC V.V 
synonym [syn+onym  3VR CVC# 
syntax [syn+tax2  VCC 
synthetic [syn+thet1+ic]1  IC 3VR c2 
syphilis syphil+is]1  c2 3VR VCC 
system [sy+stem2  VCC 
tablespoon table+spoon1  vd CMP VCle cb 
tactics tact2+ics]  VCC 
Taoism tao+ism]  vd 
task task  VCC cb 
taste taste  LCC cb RDEL 
tears tear1+s]8  vd 
tease tease  vd 
teaspoon tea1+spoon1  vd CMP cb 
teaspoonful tea1+spoon1+ful]  vd CMP cb 
telescope tele1+scope  3VR VCV cb 
television tele1+vis/e2+ion]1  DELE 3VR vd ION SCV 
tempest temp1+est]3  VCC cb 
tenderness tend2+er]04+ness]  VCC db 
Tennessee tennessee  VCC vd db 
tennis tennis  VCC db 
tension tens1+ion]1  VCC vd 
tenterhooks tent1+er]13+hook1+s]3  VCC vd 
terrorist terr2+or]1+ist]1  Vrr cb db 
test test1  VCC cb 
testament test2+ament]  VCC cb 
testes test2+es]3  VCC CLC# 
testify test2+ify]  CV# VCC y>i 
testimony test2+imony]  VCC VCV CV# y>i 
testosterone test4+o]4+ster2+one]3  VCC VCV 
tetanus tetan+us]1  3VR 
Texas texas  VCC 
thalamus thalam+us]1  c2 3VR 
thankless thank+less]  VCC db cb 
Thanksgiving thank+s]3+giv/e+ing]1  CMP DELE c2 cb 
that's that+'s1  CMP c2 
themselves them1+selve+s]3  CMP c2 
there's there1+'s1  CMP c2 
thermodynamics thermo1+dynam+ics]  c2 VCV IC 
thermostat thermo1+stat2  c2 CVC# cb 
these these  VCV c2 
thesis thes+is]  c2 VCV 
thickness thick+ness]  VCC db 
thinks think+s]2  VCC c2 cb 
thirst thirst  c2 cb 
thirsty thirst+y]1  c2 CV# y>i cb 
this this  CVC# c2 
Thomas thomas  SCV c2 
those those  VCV c2 
thoughts thought+s]3  cs vd c2 
thousand thousand  c2 vd cb 
thrash thrash  c2 VCC cb 
threshold thresh+old2  VCC cb 
thrombosis thromb+osis]  c2 VCC VCV cb 
thrust thrust  c2 VCC cb 
Thursday thur+s]5+day  vd c2 CMP 
thus thus  CVC# c2 
thymus thym1+us]1  c2 VCV 
tides tide1+s]3  VCV 
tidings tid/e2+ing]1+s]3  DELE 
''tis 't2+is1  CMP 
tissue tiss+ue]2  VCC CVe# db 
toast toast  vd cb 
tolls toll2+s]8  LCC db 
tonsillitis tons1+ill]1+itis]  VCC VCV db 
tonsils tons1+il]3+s]3  VCC 
tools tool+s]8  vd 
topsoil top1+soil1  vd CMP 
torpedos torp+edo]+s]8  VCV CLC# orC 
toss toss  VCC db 
totalitarianism tot1+al]1+itarian]+ism]  3VR V.V VCC VrV 
touchstone touch+stone  vd c2 VCV CMP 
tourist tour+ist]1  vd cb 
towards to1+ward]+s]1  cb 
towns town+s]3  vd 
toys toy1+s]8  vd 
transcendentalism [tran/s+scend2+ent]+al]1+ism]  VCC cb 
transcontinental [trans+[co/m+n+tin2+ent]+al]1  VCC cb 
transfer [trans+fer1  VCC NTR cb 
transferred [trans+fer1+r+ed]1  VCC CTR cb db 
transform [trans+form1  VCC orC cb 
transfusion [trans+fus/e2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
transistor [trans+ist+or]2  VCC cb 
transitive [trans+it2+ive]  VCC cb 
translate [trans+late2  VCV VCC cb 
translation [trans+lat/e2+ion]1  VCC DELE VCV vd ION cb 
transmitted [trans+mit1+t+ed]1  VCC db cb 
transparent [trans+par04+ent]  VCC VrV cb 
transport [trans+port1  VCC orC cb 
transportation [trans+port1+ation]  VCC VCV vd cb 
transubstantiation [tran/s+[sub+stant+iat/e]+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd cb 
transvestite [trans+vest1+ite]4  VCC VCV cb 
traverse [tra+verse  ASSIM cb 
treacherous treach+erous]  c2 vd cb 
treason treas+on]01  vd cb 
treasure treasure  vd cb 
treasurer treasur/e+er]01  vd DELE cb 
treasury treasur/e+y]3  vd DELE CV# y>i cb 
tremendous trem+end]+ous]  vd VCC cb 
trichinosis trichin+osis]  VCV VCC c2 cb 
troposphere tropo+sphere  VCV c2 VrV cb 
trousers trous+er]01+s]3  vd cb 
trust trust  VCC cb 
tsar tsar   
tuberculosis tuber+cul/e]1+osis]  VCV 
tubes tube+s]3  VCV 
Tuesday tue+s]5+day  vd CMP 
Turkish turk+ish]1  c2 
''twas 't2+was1  CMP CVC# cb 
twist twist  VCC cb 
types type+s]8  VCV 
typhus typh1+us]1  c2 LCC 
Tyrannosaurus tyranno+saur+us]1  VCC vd db 
ultrasound [ultra+sound1  VCC vd cb 
unconscious [un1+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
understand [under2+stand  VCC cb 
understanding [under2+stand+ing]1  VCC cb 
understatement [under1+state+ment]  VCC VCV cb 
understood [under2+stood  VCC vd cb 
uneasy [un1+eas/e+y]1  vd DELE CV# y>i 
unison uni+son2  VCV 
United States un1+it/e]2+ed]1+state1+s]3  VCV DELE cb 
units un1+it]1+s]3  VCV LT 
universal uni+vers/e+al]1  DELE VCV 
universe uni+verse  VCV 
university uni+vers/e+ity]  VCV DELE CV# y>i 
unjust [un1+just1  VCC cb 
unless un3+less1  VCC db 
unnecessary [un1+[ne+cess1+ary]1  CV# y>i db 
unpleasant [un1+pleas/e+ant]1  vd DELE cb 
unsaturated [un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
unseen [un1+see1+n]1  vd 
unusual [un1+us/e+ual]  VCV V.V 
unusually [un1+us/e+ual]+ly]1  V.V VCV CV# db 
uppercase up+p+er]02+case2  VCC VCV CMP db 
upset [up+set1  CVC# NTR 
us us  VC# 
use use  VCV RDEL 
used us/e+ed]1  VCV DELE 
useful use+ful]  VCV 
useless use+less]  VCV db 
uselessly use+less]+ly]1  VCV CV# db 
usher ush+er]01  c2 VCC 
usual us/e+ual]  V.V VCV 
usually us/e+ual]+ly]1  V.V VCV CV# db 
usury us/e+ur]4+y]3  CV# y>i 
uterus uter2+us]1  VCV 
utilitarianism ut1+il/e]1+itarian]+ism]  VCV V.V VCC VrV 
utmost ut2+mo3+st]5  VCC LCC cb 
vanish van4+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
various var/y+i2+ous]  CV# y>i vd VrV 
vase vase  VCV 
vasectomy vas1+[e/x+c+tom2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
vassal vass+al]1  VCC db 
vast vast1  VCC cb 
vegetables veget+able]+s]3  3VR 
Venus venus  VCV 
verbs verb1+s]3  cb 
verse verse2  cb RDEL 
version vers1+ion]1  vd 
vessel vess+el]1  VCC db 
vest vest1  VCC cb 
vestal vest2+al]1  VCC 
vicious vic/e1+ious]  FLR SCV vt 
victimless vict3+im]4+less]  VCC db 
victorious vict1+or]2+ious]  vd VCC VrV 
vigorous vig1+or]1+ous]  3VR vd 
virtuous virt+uous]  vd 
virus vir2+us]1  VCV 
viscosity visc2+os]2+ity]  VCC TY CV# y>i 
visible vis2+ible]  3VR FLR SCV 
vision vis2+ion]1  vd ION SCV 
visit vis2+it]2  FLR SCV IT 
visited vis2+it]2+ed]1  FLR SCV IT 
visitor vis2+it]2+or]2  FLR SCV IT 
vivisection vivi+sect1+ion]1  3VR VCC vd 
voices voic/e1+es]7  vd DELE 
waist waist  vd cb 
Wales wales  VCV 
wants want+s]8  VCC cb 
warehouse ware1+house  CMP vd VrV 
warhorse war1+horse  orC CMP 
was was1   
wash wash  c2 VCC 
washed wash+ed]1  c2 VCC 
washing wash+ing]1  c2 VCC 
Washington washington  VCC c2 
wasn't was1+n't  CMP VCC 
wasp wasp  VCC cb 
wast was1+t]1  VCC cb 
waste waste  LCC cb RDEL 
waters water+s]8  SCV 
watershed water+shed2  CVC# c2 CMP 
weakness weak+ness]  vd db 
weariness wear2+/y]1+i2+ness]  y>i vd db 
Webster web+ster]1  VCC 
Wednesday wedne+s]5+day  vd VCC CMP 
west west  VCC cb 
West Virginia west+virg2+in]01+ia]1  CR# cb 
westerlies west+er]01+l/y]3+i2+es]2  VCC vd 
western west+ern]2  VCC cb 
westward west+ward]  VCC cb 
what's what+'s1  CMP c2 
whatsoever what+so1+ever  CMP c2 
wheels wheel+s]8  vd c2 
whereas where+as1  CMP c2 
whilst whil+st]1  LCC c2 cb 
whisky whisky  c2 CV# y>i 
whisper whisp+er]03  VCC c2 
whispered whisp+er]03+ed]1  VCC c2 
whistle whist1+le]1  c2 VCCle cs c2 
wholesale whole+sale  CMP VCV c2 
wholesome whole+some]1  VCV c2 
whose whose  VCV c2 
wilderness wil2+der2+ness]  VCC db 
Wilson wil+son  VCC 
windows wind1+ow]+s]3  vd VCC 
winds wind1+s]3  VCC cb 
wireless wire+less]  VrV db 
Wisconsin wisconsin  VCC 
wisdom wis+dom]  VCC 
wise wise  VCV RDEL 
wisely wise+ly]1  VCV CV# 
wish wish  c2 VC# VCC 
wishbone wish+bone  c2 VCC VCV CMP 
wished wish+ed]1  c2 VCC 
witness wit1+ness]  VCC db 
wives wive+s]8  VCV 
wolves wolve+s]3  VCC 
wondrous wondr+ous]  vd VCC PELE cb 
words word+s]8  cb 
worse wor2+se]2  cb 
worship wor1+ship]  c2 
worst wor2+st]5  cb 
worthless wor1+th]2+less]  VCC db cb 
wouldst would+st]2  vd cs c2 cb 
wrestle wrest+le]1  VCCle c2 cs 
wrist wrist  VCC c2 cb 
yards yard2+s]3  cb 
yes yes  CVC# NTR 
yesterday yester+day  VCC vd 
youngster young1+ster]1  vd cb 
yours your+s]5  vd 
yourself your+self  vd VCC CMP cb 
yourselves your+selve+s]3  vd VCC 
Zionism zion+ism]  V.V VCC 
  cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader