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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader

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Word Explication Analysis
abound [ab1+ound  vd cb 
about [a2+bout1  vd 
absolute [ab1+sol01+ute]  VCC VCV 
absolutely [ab1+sol01+ute]+ly]1  VCC VCV CV# 
absurd [ab1+surd  cb 
abundance [ab1+und1+ance]  VCC 
abundant [ab1+und1+ant]1  VCC cb 
abuse [ab1+use  VCV 
account [a/d+c+count1  vd ASSIM db cb 
accounting [a/d+c+count1+ing]1  vd ASSIM db 
acculturation [a/d+c+cult1+ur/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd ASSIM db 
accumulate [a/d+c+cumul+ate]1  VCV ASSIM db 
accuracy [a/d+c+cur6+acy]  VCC CV# ASSIM db 
accurate [a/d+c+cur6+ate]2  VCC ASSIM db 
accuse [a/d+c+cuse  VCV ASSIM db 
accustom [a/d+c+cust1+om]1  VCC ASSIM db 
acquaint [a/d+c+quaint2  vd ASSIM cb 
acquaintance [a/d+c+quaint2+ance]  vd ASSIM cb 
acquire [a/d+c+quire1  VrV ASSIM cb 
acquittal [a/d+c+quit+t+al]2  VCC ASSIM db cb 
actual act1+ual]  VCC V.V 
actually act1+ual]+ly]1  VCC V.V CV# db 
actuary act1+uary]2  VCC V.V CV# y>i 
acupuncture acu+punct+ure]  3VR VCC 
acute ac1+ute]  VCV 
adequate [ad+equ1+ate]2  3VR cb 
adieu [a3+dieu  vt 
adjourn [ad+journ  vd VCC db cb 
adjust [ad+just2  VCC db cb 
adjustment [ad+just2+ment]  VCC db cb 
adult [ad+ult2  VCC cb 
adultery [ad+ulter+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
adventure [ad+vent1+ure]  VCC 
affluent [a/d+f+flu1+ent]  V.V ASSIM db cb 
agribusiness agri+bus5+/y]1+i2+ness]  VCC SCV db 
agricultural agr1+icult+ur/e]+al]1  VCC DELE 
agriculture agr1+icult+ure]  VCC SCr 3VR 
allusion [a/d+l+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd ASSIM db 
aloud [a2+loud  vd 
although al05+though  vd c2 
altitude alt1+itude]  VCC VCV 
altruism altru+ism]  VCC V.V cb 
aluminum al12+umin]+um]1  VCV 
amateur amat+eur]  3VR vd 
ambiguity [amb+ig1+uity]  VCC V.V CV# y>i 
ambitious [amb+it]2+ious]  vt 
ambulance [ambul+ance]  VCC cb 
amount [a3+mount  vd cb 
amplitude ampl1+itude]  VCC VCV cb 
amuse [a3+muse2  VCV 
amusement [a3+muse2+ment]  VCV cb 
amusing [a3+mus/e2+ing]1  DELE VCV 
anguish angu+ish]2  c2 VCC 
announce [a/d+n+nounce  vd ASSIM db 
announcement [a/d+n+nounce+ment]  vd ASSIM db cb 
annual ann1+ual]  VCC V.V db 
annually ann1+ual]+ly]1  VCC V.V CV# db 
annuity ann1+uity]  V.V CV# y>i db 
antebellum [ante+bell3+um]1  VCC db 
anticoagulant [anti1+[co+ag1+ul]1+ant]1  VCC V.V 3VR cb 
antiquity ant3+iqu/e]+ity]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
antitrust [anti1+trust  VCC cb 
anus an2+us]1  VCV 
anxious anxi+ous]  VCC vt 
anxiously anxi+ous]+ly]1  VCC vt CV# 
apparatus [a/d+p+parat+us]1  VCC SCV ASSIM db 
applause [a/d+p+plause  vd ASSIM db cb 
aquifer aqu+ifer  cb 
architecture archi+tect2+ure]  VCC c2 
argue arg3+ue]1  CVe# 
argument argu+ment]  CVe# DL1 cb 
around [a2+round1  vd cb 
arouse [a2+rouse  vd 
Arthur Arthur  c2 
asexual [a1+sex1+ual]  VCV V.V VCC 
assault [a/d+s+sault  vd ASSIM db cb 
assume [a/d+s+sume  VCV ASSIM db 
assumption [a/d+s+sumpt1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db cb 
assurance [a/d+s+sur/e+ance]  DELE ASSIM VrV db 
assure [a/d+s+sure  ASSIM VrV db 
astound [as2+tound  vd cb 
astronaut astro+naut1  VCC vd cb 
atrium atri+um]1  VCr V.V cb 
attitude att1+itude]  VCV VCC db 
attribute [a/d+t+trib2+ute]  VCC ASSIM db cb 
audience aud1+ience]  V.V vd 
audit aud1+it]2  vd 
auditory aud1+it]2+ory]  vd CV# VrV 
aught aught1  vd cs c3 
August august  vd cb 
aunt aunt1  vd cb 
auricle aur1+icle]1  vd 
aurora auror+a]2  vd VrV CR# 
Australia Austr+al]1+ia]1  vd VCV V.V cb 
Austria Austr+ia]1  vd V.V V#X cb 
author auth+or]2  vd c2 
authority auth+or]2+ity]  vd c2 CV# VrV y>i 
authorize auth+or]2+ize]  vd c2 VCV 
autistic aut1+ist]1+ic]1  vd VCC 
autobiography auto+bio2+graph+y]3  vd V.V c2 CV# y>i cb 
autocracy auto+crac+y]3  vd SCr CV# y>i 
automatic auto+mat3+ic]1  vd IC 
automation auto+mat/e2+ion]1  vd VCV vd 
automobile auto+mo1+bile]  CMP vd 
autonomic auto+nom2+ic]1  vd IC 
autonomy auto+nom2+y]3  vd 3VR CV# y>i 
autumn autumn  vd cs c2 
auxiliary auxil+iary]  vd 3VR CV# y>i 
avenue [a3+ven8+ue]2  CVe# 3VR 
awful aw2+ful]  vd DL1 
awfully aw2+ful]+ly]1  CV# DL1 vd db 
azimuth a02+zimuth  3VR c2 
bacillus bac+ill]1+us]1  VCC db 
background back1+ground1  VCC CMP vd db cb 
bankruptcy bank2+rupt+cy]  VCC CV# y>i cb 
banquet banqu+et]1  VCC cb 
barbecue barbecue   
barbiturate barbit+ur2+ate]3  3VR 
baroque baroque   
bayou bayou  vd 
beatitudes beat2+itude]+s]3  V.V VCV 
beautiful beau+t/y]+i2+ful]  y>i vt 
beauty beau+ty]  vt CV# y>i 
because be3+cause1  vd 
begun [be+gun2  CVC# 
Belgium Belgium  VCC vd 
biscuit bis1+cuit  vd VCC 
bisexuality bi1+sex1+ual]+ity]  VCV V.V TY VCC CV# 
blue blue  CVe# cb RDEL 
blue-collar blue-coll2+ar]1  VCC db cb 
bluegrass blue+grass  VCC db cb CMP 
blues blue+s]3  cb 
bluff bluff1  VCC db cb 
blunder blund+er]05  VCC cb 
blush blush  c2 VCC cb 
bonus bon1+us]1  VCV 
botulism botul+ism]  3VR VCC 
bough bough  vd 
bought bought  cs c3 vd 
bounce bounce  vd 
bound bound1  vd cb 
boundary bound2+ary]2  vd CV# y>i 
bounty bount+y]3  CV# vd y>i 
bourgeoisie bourg+eois]+ie]2  vd 
Brontosaurus bronto+saur1+us]1  VCC vd cb 
brought brought  vd cs c3 cb 
bruise bruise  vd cb 
brush brush1  c2 VCC cb 
brute brute  VCV cb 
bubble bubb+le]1  VCCle db 
bubonic bub2+on]06+ic]1  VCV IC 
buck buck1  VCC db 
bucket buck4+et]1  VCC db 
bud bud1  CVC# NTR 
Buddhism buddh+ism]  LCC ct 
budget budg1+et]1  VCC db 
buffalo buffal+o]2  VCC CV# db 
buffer buff2+er]01  VCC db 
buffet buffet  VCC CVC# X db 
bug bug1  CVC# NTR 
bugle bug3+le]3  VCle 
build build  vd cb 
builder build+er]01  vd 
building build+ing]1  vd 
built built  vd cb 
bulb bulb  VCC 
bulge bulge  VCC 
bulk bulk1  VCC 
bull bull1  VCC db 
bullet bull2+et]1  VCC db 
bulletin bull2+et]1+in]01  VCC db 
bully bully  VCC CV# y>i db 
bum bum1  CVC# NTR 
bump bump1  VCC cb 
bun bun1  CVC# NTR 
bunch bunch  c2 VCC cb 
bundle bund3+le]2  VCCle 
bunny bun2+n+y]2  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
buoyancy buoy+ancy]  vd CV# 
burden burd1+en]13   
bureau bur3+eau]  vt 
bureaucracy bur3+eau]+crac+y]3  vt CV# y>i 
bureaucrat bur3+eau]+crat1  vt CVC# cb 
burial bur/y+i2+al]2  y>i V.V SCV 
burn burn1  cb 
burned burn1+ed]1  cb 
burning burn1+ing]1   
burrow burr3+ow]  vd Vrr db 
bursa burs+a]2  CR# 
bursitis burs+itis]  VCV 
burst burst  cb 
bury bury  CV# y>i 
bus bus1  CVC# NTR 
bush bush1  VCC c2 
bushel bush3+el]1  c2 VCC 
business bus5+/y]1+i2+ness]  SCV y>i db 
bust bust2  VCC cb 
bustle bust3+le]1  VCC VCCle cs c2 
busy bus5+y]1  SCV CV# y>i 
but but1  CVC# 
butcher butch2+er]01  VCC ct db 
butler but6+l/e]3+er]01  SCle DELE 
butt butt1  VCC db 
butter but7+ter1  VCC db 
butterfly but7+ter1+fly2  CMP VCC CV# y>i db cb 
button butt1+on]01  VCC db 
buttress butt1+ress]2  VCC db cb 
buy buy  vd 
buyer buy+er]01  vd 
buying buy+ing]1  vd 
buzz buzz1  VCC db 
by-product by3-[pro1+duct  SCV cb 
Cajun Cajun  VCV 
calculate calc1+ul]1+ate]1  VCC VCV 
calculator calc1+ul]1+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
calculus calc1+ul]1+us]1  VCC 
cambium camb+ium]2  VCC V.V 
capture capt1+ure]  VCC 
cardiopulmonary cardio+pulmon+ary]1  V.V CV# 
cardiovascular cardio+vas1+cul]1+ar]1  V.V VCC 
careful care+ful]  VrV 
carefully care+ful]+ly]1  CV# VrV db 
caricature caric+ature]  VrV 
carnivorous carn1+ivor/e+ous]  3VR vd DELE 
casual casu+al]1  V.V 
casuistry casu+ist]1+ry]  V.V CV# VCC y>i cb 
catalogue [cata+logue1  3VR 
caucus cauc+us]1  vd 
caught caught  cs c3 vd 
cause cause1  vd RDEL 
caused caus/e1+ed]1  vd DELE 
causes caus/e1+es]7  vd DELE 
caution caut+ion]1  vd 
cautiously caut+ious]+ly]1  vd CV# vt 
cellulose cell1+ul/e]+ose]2  VCC VCV DELE db 
celsius celsius  VCC V.V 
census cens+us]1  VCC 
centaur centaur  VCC vd 
centrifugal centri+fug/e+al]1  VCC 3VR DELE cb 
centuries cent1+ur/y]+i2+es]2  VCC y>i vd 
century cent1+ury]  VCC y>i 
cerebellum cereb+ell]+um]1  VCC db 
cerebrum cerebr+um]1  cb 
Chanukah chanuk+ah]2  vd 
chauvinism chauvin+ism]  c2 vd VCC 
cheerful cheer+ful]  c2 vd 
cheerfully cheer+ful]+ly]1  vd CV# db 
cherubim cherub+im]2  c2 CVC# 
chestnut chest2+nut1  CMP VCC CVC# c2 cs c2 
chorus chor1+us]1  c2 VrV 
chuckle chuck2+le]1  VCC db 
chug chug  CVC# c2 NTR 
chum chum1  CVC# c2 NTR 
church church  c2 VCC cb 
chutzpah chutzp+ah]2  vd cb 
circuit [circu+it2  vd 
circular circ+ul]1+ar]1   
circulate circ+ul]1+ate]1  VCV 
circulation circ+ul]1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd ION 
circulatory circ+ul]1+at/e]1+ory]  VrV CV# 
circumcision [circum+cis/e+ion]1  ION DELE vd 
circumference [circum+fer1+ence]  VCC 
circumlocution [circum+loc2+ut]+ion]1  ION vd 
circumstance [circum+stance1  VCC cb 
circus circ+us]1   
cirrus cirr+us]1  Vrr Vrr db 
clause clause  vd cb 
claustrophobia claustro+phob/e+ia]1  vd VCV DELE c2 cb 
cloture clot2+ure]  VCV cb 
cloud cloud  vd cb 
cloudy cloud+y]1  vd CV# y>i cb 
club club  CVC# NTR cb 
cluck cluck  VCC db cb 
clue clue  CVe# 
clumsy clums+y]1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
clung clung  VCC cb 
cluster clust+er]05  VCC cb 
clutch clutch  VCC c3 db cb 
coloratura color+atur]+a]2  VrV CR# 
Columbia Columb+ia]1  VCC V.V 
Columbus Columb+us]1  VCC 
column column1  SCV cs c2 
combustion [com+bust4+ion]1  VCC vd 
communicable [com+munic+able]  VCV db 
communicate [com+munic+ate]1  VCV db 
communication [com+munic+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION db 
communion [com+mun/e+ion]1  VCV vd DELE db 
communism [com+mun/e+ism]  VCC DELE db 
communist [com+mun/e+ist]1  DELE VCC db cb 
community [com+mun/e+ity]  VCV DELE TYX CV# y>i db 
compound [com+pound4  vd cb 
compulsion [com+puls/e+ion]1  VCC vd DELE 
computer [com+put/e+er]01  dele VCV 
conclude [co/m+n+clude  VCV ASSIM cb 
conclusion [co/m+n+clus+ion]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM cb 
conduct [co/m+n+duct  VCC ASSIM cb 
conduction [co/m+n+duct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conductor [co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCC ASSIM 
confound [co/m+n+found2  vd ASSIM cb 
confuse [co/m+n+fuse2  VCV ASSIM 
confusion [co/m+n+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV DELE vd ION ASSIM 
congratulate [co/m+n+gratul+ate]1  SCV VCV ASSIM cb 
conjugal [co/m+n+jug2+al]1  VCC ASSIM 
conjunction [co/m+n+junct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
conjunctivitis [co/m+n+junct+iv/e]+itis]  VCC VCV DELE ASSIM 
Connecticut Connecticut  CVC# VCC db 
conquer [co/m+n+quer1  VCC ASSIM 
conqueror [co/m+n+quer1+or]2  VCC ASSIM 
conquest [co/m+n+quest1  VCC ASSIM cb 
conscientious [co/m+n+sci1+ent]+ious]  VCC V.V ASSIM vt c2 
conscious [co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
consciousness [co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt ASSIM db 
consequence [co/m+n+sequ1+ence]  VCC ASSIM cb 
consequently [co/m+n+sequ1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM cb 
conspicuous [co/m+n+spic1+uous]  vd ASSIM cb 
constituent [co/m+n+stit1+uent]  3VR V.V ASSIM cb 
constitute [co/m+n+stit1+ute]  VCC VCV ASSIM cb 
constitution [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
constitutional [co/m+n+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1+al]1  DELE vd VCC ION ASSIM cb 
construct [co/m+n+struct  VCC ASSIM cb 
construction [co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM cb 
consul [co/m+n+sul  CVC# VCC ASSIM 
consult [co/m+n+sult2  VCC ASSIM cb 
consume [co/m+n+sume  VCV ASSIM 
consumer [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01  VCV DELE ASSIM 
consumerism [co/m+n+sum/e+er]01+ism]  VCV VCC ASSIM 
consumption [co/m+n+sumpt1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
contagious [co/m+n+tag4+ious]  VCV vt ASSIM 
continual [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+al]1  V.V DELE FLR SCV ASSIM 
continually [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+al]1+ly]1  V.V DELE FLR SCV SCV CV# ASSIM db 
continue [co/m+n+tin2+ue]1  CVe# ASSIM 
continuous [co/m+n+tin2+u/e]1+ous]  FLR SCV SCV vd V.V DELE ASSIM 
contribute [co/m+n+trib2+ute]  SCV ASSIM cb 
contribution [co/m+n+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  ION VCV DELE vd ASSIM cb 
convulsion [co/m+n+vuls/e+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
copula cop5+ul]1+a]2  3VR CR# 
copulation cop5+ul]1+at/e]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
corrupt [co/m+r+rupt  VCC ASSIM db cb 
cosmonaut cosmo+naut1  VCC vd 
costume cost5+ume]  VCC VCV 
couch couch  c2 vd 
cough cough1  vd c2 
could could  vd cs c2 
couldn't could+n't  vd CMP cs c2 
couldst could+st]2  vd cs c2 cb 
council [coun+cil1  vd 
counsel [coun+sel1  vd 
counselor [coun+sel1+or]2  vd 
count count1  vd cb 
countenance [coun+ten2+ance]  vd 
counter count1+er]04  vd 
counterculture [counter+cult1+ure]  vd VCC 
counterfeit [counter+feit  vd 
counterinsurgency [counter+[in2+surg2+ency]  vd CV# y>i 
counterpoint [counter+point  vd cb 
countless count1+less]  vd db cb 
country countr+y]3  vd CV# y>i cb 
countrymen countr+y]3+men1  vd cb 
county count2+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
coup coup1  vd 
couple coup2+le]3  vd 
couplet coup2+l/e]3+et]1  vd 
courage cour1+age]  vd 
course course  vd RDEL 
court court  vd cb 
courteous court+eous]  V.V vd 
courtesy courtes+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
courtier court+ier]1  vd V.V 
courtly court+ly]3  vd CV# 
courtyard court+yard1  CMP vd cb 
cousin cousin  vd 
cranium crani+um]2  VCV V.V cb 
creature cre1+at/e]1+ure]  vd DELE cb 
creatures cre1+at/e]1+ure]+s]3  vd DELE cb 
crouch crouch  c2 vd cb 
crucifixion cruci+fix+ion]1  VCV 3VR vd VCC cb 
crude crude  VCV cb 
cruel cru3+el]1  V.V cb 
cruelty cru3+el]1+ty]  CV# V.V y>i cb 
cruise cruise  vd cb 
crumb crumb  VCC cs c2 cb 
crumble crumb+le]1  VCCle cb 
crusade crus1+ade]1  VCV cb 
crusades crus1+ade]1+s]8  VCV cb 
crush crush  c2 VCC cb 
crust crust  VCC cb 
crustacean crust+acean]  VCC VCV V.V vd cb 
crutch crutch  c3 VCC db cb 
cub cub1  CVC# NTR 
cube cube  VCV 
cubism cub/e+ism]  VCV 
cuff cuff2  VCC db 
cult cult1  VCC cb 
cultivate cultiv+ate]1  VCC VCV 
cultivation cultiv+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE VCC VCV vd ION 
cultural cult1+ur]4+al]1  VCC 
culture cult1+ure]  VCC 
cultured cult1+ur/e]+ed]1  VCC DELE 
cumulus cumul+us]1  VCV 
cunning cunn+ing]1  VCC db 
cup cup1  CVC# NTR 
cupboard cup1+board  CMP vd VCC cs c2 cb 
cupful cup1+ful]  CVC# 
curb curb  cb 
cure cure  VCV RDEL 
curiosity cur6+ios]+ity]  TY CV# V.V y>i 
curious cur6+ious]  vd 
curiously cur6+ious]+ly]1  vd CV# 
curl curl  cb 
curly curl+y]1  CV# y>i 
currency curr1+ency]  CV# Vrr y>I db 
current curr1+ent]  Vrr cb db 
curse curse1  cb RDEL 
curtain curt2+ain]  vd 
curve curve  cb RDEL 
cushion cush1+ion]4  c2 vd VCC 
custom cust1+om]1  VCC 
customary cust1+om]1+ary]1  VCC CV# y>i 
customer cust1+om]1+er]01  VCC 
cut cut1  CVC# NTR 
cutting cut1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
dangerous danger+ous]  LCC vd 
daughter daughter  vd cs c3 
deciduous [de+cidu+ous]  3VR vd V.V 
deduction [de+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
default [de+fault  vd cb 
delicious [de+lic1+ious]  vt 
delightful [de+light3+ful]  cs c3 
delusion [de+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd 
demagogue dem1+agogue  3VR SCV 
denouement [de+noue+ment]  vt cb 
denounce [de+nounce  vd 
deoxyribonucleic [de+oxy2+ribo+nuc+le]3+ic]1  V.V VCV VCle V.V VCC cb 
departure [de+part1+ure]   
deputy [de+put/e+y]3  DELE SCV CV# y>i 
destruction [de+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
destructive [de+struct+ive]  VCC cb 
devaluation [de+val1+u/e]2+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
devour [de+vour  vd 
difficult [di/s+f+ficult  VCC ASSIM db cb 
difficulty [di/s+f+ficult+y]3  VCC CV# ASSIM y>i db 
diffusion [di/s+f+fus/e2+ion]1  VCV vd db 
dinosaur dino1+saur1  VCV vd 
disastrous [dis+astr1+ous]  VCC vd cb 
discount [dis+count1  VCC vd cb 
discourage [dis+cour1+age]  vd 
discourse [dis+course  vd 
discuss [dis+cuss2  VCC db 
discussion [dis+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
disguise [dis+guise  VCV 
disgust [dis+gust2  VCC cb 
dismount [dis+mount  vd cb 
dispute [dis+pute  VCV cb 
distinguish [di1+stingu+ish]2  VCC c2 cb 
distinguished [di1+stingu+ish]2+ed]1  VCC c2 cb 
distribute [dis+trib2+ute]  SCV VCV cb 
distribution [dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  ION VCV DELE vd cb 
distrust [dis+trust  VCC cb 
disturb [dis+turb1  cb 
disturbance [dis+turb1+ance]   
diuretic [di2+ur2+etic]  V.V IC 
divestiture [di1+vest1+iture]  VCC 
document doc1+ument]  3VR cb 
doghouse dog1+house  vd CMP 
double dou+ble1  vd 
doubt doubt1  vd 
doubtful doubt1+ful]  vd 
doubtless doubt1+less]  vd db 
dough dough  c2 vd 
dreadful dread+ful]  vd cb 
drug drug  CVC# NTR cb 
drum drum  CVC# NTR cb 
drunk drunk  VCC cb 
drunken drunk+en]02  VCC cb 
dualism du1+al]1+ism]  V.V VCC 
duchess duch+ess]1  VCC db 
duck duck  VCC db 
duct duct  VCC cb 
dud dud1  CVC# 
due due1  CVe# SWR 
duel duel  V.V 
dug dug  CVC# 
duke duke  VCV 
dull dull  VCC db 
dumb dumb  VCC cs c2 
dummy dumm1+y]2  VCC CV# y>i db 
dump dump  VCC cb 
dumping dump+ing]1  VCC 
dungeon dungeon  VCC vd 
duodenum duo+den2+um]1  V.V 3VR 
durable dur5+able]  VrV 
during dur5+ing]1  VrV 
dusk dusk  VCC cb 
dust dust  VCC cb 
dusty dust+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
Dutch dutch  VCC c3 db 
duty du3+ty]  VCV CV# y>i 
eardrum ear1+drum  vd CVC# cb CMP 
earthquake earth+quake  vd CMP VCV cb 
ecumenism ec1+umen]+ism]  SCV VCC 
educate [e/x+duc+ate]1  3VR VCV 
education [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
educational [e/x+duc+at/e]1+ion]1+al]1  3VR VCV vd DELE 
encounter [en1+counter1  vd 
encourage [en1+cour1+age]  vd 
encouragement [en1+cour1+age]+ment]  vd cb 
endurance [en1+dur/e1+ance]  DELE 
endure [en1+dure1  VCC 
enormous [e/x+norm+ous]  vd orC 
enough enough  vd c2 
ensue [en1+sue1  CVe# 
enthusiasm [en2+thus/e+iasm]  DELE c2 V.V VCC 
enthusiastic [en2+thus/e+iast]+ic]1  DELE c2 IC V.V VCC 
entourage [en1+tour+age]  vd 
entrepreneur [entre+pren+eur]  vd VCC cb 
equal equ1+al]1  LCC cb 
equality equ1+al]1+ity]  CV# TY y>i cb 
equally equ1+al]1+ly]1  LCC CV# db cb 
equation equ1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd cb 
equator equ1+at/e]1+or]2  VCV cb 
equilibrium equi+libr1+ium]2  V.V LCC 3VR cb 
equip equip  CVC# NTR cb 
equipment equip+ment]  VCC cb 
equity equit+y]3  CV# y>i cb 
equivalent equi+val1+ent]  3VR cb 
esophagus eso1+phag+us]1  3VR c2 VCC 
esquire e4+squire  VrV VCC cb 
estuary est3+uary]2  VCC V.V CV# y>i 
eugenics eu1+gen6+ics]  vd IC 
eulogy eu1+log1+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
euphemism eu1+phem+ism]  vd c2 VCC 
eureka eure+ka]2  vd VCV CR# 
Europe Europe  vd 
European Europ/e+ean]  vd DELE 
euthanasia eu1+than2+asia]1  vd c2 VCV 
evolution [e1+vol3+ut]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
exclude [ex+clude  VCV cb 
exclusive [ex+clus+ive]  VCV cb 
excuse [ex+cuse  VCV 
execute [ex+/sec3+ute]  VCC VCV EXS 
execution [ex+/sec3+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV EXS VCC 
executive [ex+/sec3+ut/e]+ive]  3VR DELE EXS 
exhaust [ex+haust  vd cb 
expenditure [ex+pend+iture]  VCC 
exposure [ex+pos/e1+ure]  DELE VCV 
exquisite [ex+quis+ite]2  VCC cb 
faculty facult+y]3  3VR CV# y>i 
failure fail+ure]  vd 
faithful faith+ful]  vd c2 
faithfully faith+ful]+ly]1  vdCV# db 
famous fam/e+ous]  vd VCV DELE 
farmhouse farm+house  CMP vd cb 
fatigue fatigue  VCV 
fault fault  vd cb 
fauna faun+a]2  vd CR# 
fearful fear+ful]  vd 
feature feat+ure]  vd 
February Febr+uary]2  VCC V.V CV# y>i 
fetus fet1+us]1  VCV 
feudalism feud2+al]1+ism]  vd VCC 
figure fig2+ure]  FLR SCV 
figures fig2+ure]+s]8  FLR SCV 
filibuster filibust+er]01  3VR VCC 
flour flour  vd cb 
flourish flour+ish]2  c2 vd cb 
fluff fluff  VCC db cb 
fluid flu1+id]2  V.V cb 
flung flung  VCC cb 
fluorescent fluor1+esc/e]+ent]  vd VCC cb 
fluorocarbons fluoro1+carb1+on]01+s]  vd cb 
flush flush  c2 VCC cb 
flute flute  VCV cb 
flutter flutt+er]03  VCC db cb 
focus foc1+us]1  VCV 
foreclosure [fore+clos/e+ure]  VCV VrV cb 
formula form1+ul]1+a]2  CR# orC 
fortunate fort2+un/e]1+ate]2  DELE orC 
fortunately fort2+un/e]1+ate]2+ly]1  DELE CV# orC 
fortune fort2+une]1  orC 
fought fought  cs c3 vd 
foul foul  vd 
found found1  vd cb 
foundation found1+ation]  vd 
founder found1+er]01  vd 
fountain fount+ain]  vd 
four four1  vd 
fourteen four1+teen1  vd CMP 
fourth four1+th]1  vd c2 cb 
fraud fraud  vd cb 
frequency frequ+ency]  CV# y>i cb 
frequent frequ+ent]  LCC cb 
frequently frequ+ent]+ly]1  LCC CV# cb 
frightful fright+ful]  cs c3 cb 
fruit fru+it]2  vd cb 
fruitful fru+it]2+ful]  vd cb 
fuel fuel  V.V 
fugitive fug3+itive]  VCV 
fulcrum fulcr+um]1  VCC CVC# cb 
fulfil ful1+fil3  CVC# NTR 
fulfill ful1+fill1  VCC db 
full full1  VCC db 
fully full1+y]4  VCC CV# db 
fun fun1  CVC# NTR 
function funct+ion]1  VCC vd 
functionalism funct+ion]1+al]1+ism]  VCC vd 
fund fund1  VCC cb 
fundamental fund1+ament]+al]1  VCC 
fundamentalism fund1+ament]+al]1+ism]  VCC 
funeral funer+al]1  VCV 
fungi fung1+i]1  VCC CV# 
fungus fung1+us]1  VCC 
funnel funnel  VCC db 
funny fun1+n+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
fur fur1  CVC# NTR 
furious fur4+/y]+i+ous]  vd 
furiously fur4+/y]+i+ous]+ly]1  vd CV# 
furnace furn2+ace]   
furnish furn1+ish]2  c2 
furniture furn1+iture]   
furred fur1+r+ed]1  CTR Vrr db 
furring fur1+r+ing]1  CTR Vrr db 
further furth+er]02  c2 
furthermore furth+er]02+more1  c2 CMP VrV 
fury fur4+y]3  CV# y>i 
fusion fus/e2+ion]1  VCV vd 
fuss fuss  VCC db 
future future  VCV 
gamut gam4+ut3  SCV 
gauge gauge  vd VCV 
gauntlet gaunt2+let]  vd cb 
generous gener+ous]  3VR vd 
genius geni+us]1  VCV 
genuine genu1+ine]1  V.V 
genus gen1+us]1  VCV 
gerund ger1+und]2  cb 
gesture gest+ure]  VCC 
Gettysburg getty+s]5+burg1  VCC db cb 
glaucoma glauc+oma]  vd VCV CR# cb 
glorious glor+ious]  y>i vd VrV cb 
glucose gluc+ose]2  VCV cb 
glue glue  CVe# cb 
glut glut1  CVC# cb 
gorgeous gorg+eous]  vt orC 
gout gout1  vd 3VR 
graceful grace+ful]  VCV cb 
gracious grac/e+ious]  DELE vt cb 
gradual grad1+ual]  3VR V.V cb 
gradualism grad1+ual]+ism]  3VR 
gradually grad1+ual]+ly]1  3VR V.V CV# db cb 
graduate grad1+uate]1  3VR V.V VCV cb 
grateful grate2+ful]  VCV cb 
gratitude grat+itude]  VCV# 3VR cb 
greenhouse green+house  vd CMP cb 
ground ground1  vd cb 
groundwater ground1+water  vd cb CMP 
group group  vd cb 
grub grub  CVC# NTR 
grudge grudge  VCC db 
grumble grumb+le]1  VCCle 
grunt grunt  VCC cb 
guarantee guar2+ant]3+ee]2  vd 
guard guard  cb 
guardian guard+ian]  V.V 
guerrilla guerr+ill]1+a]2  VCC CR# db 
guess guess  VCC db 
guest guest1  VCC cb 
guidance guid/e+ance]  VCV DELE 
guide guide  VCV RDEL 
guild guild1  VCC cb 
guillotine guillotin+e]1  VCC VCV db 
guilt guilt  VCC cb 
guilty guilt+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
guitar guitar  FLR SCV 
gulag gulag  VCV CVC# 
gulf gulf  VCC cb 
gum gum1  CVC# NTR 
gun gun1  CVC# NTR 
gunboat gun1+boat  vd CMP 
gung ho gung+ho  VCC CV# 
guru guru  CV# VrV 
gush gush  c2 VCC 
gut gut  CVC# NTR 
guy guy2  vd 
haiku hai+ku1  vd CV# 
hallucination hallucin+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd db 
hallucinogen hallucin+ogen  VCV db 
hamburger hamburg+er]01  VCC VrVX 
handful hand+ful]  VCC cb 
haughty haught+y]1  vd cs c3 CV# y>i 
haul haul  vd 
haunt haunt  vd cb 
haunted haunt+ed]1  vd 
headquarters head+quart+er]01+s]8  vd CMP cb 
heartburn heart+burn1  vd cb CMP 
helium heli1+um]1  VCV V.V 
helpful help+ful]  VCC 
herbaceous herb+aceous]  VCV vt 
Hercules Hercules  CLC# 
heterosexuality hetero+sex1+ual]+ity]  VCC V.V TY VCC CV# y>i 
hideous hid2+eous]  3VR vd 
Hinduism hindu+ism]  VCC 
Holocaust holo+caust  3VR vd cb 
homosexuality homo1+sex1+ual]+ity]  VCV V.V TY VCC CV# y>i 
horticulture hort1+icult+ure]  orC 
hound hound1  vd cb 
hour hour1  vd 
house house  vd RDEL 
household house+hold1  CMP vd cb 
housekeeper house+keep+er]01  vd CMP 
housewife house+wife  VCV CMP vd 
Houston Houston  vd cb 
hubris hubr+is]1  VCr cb 
huckleberry huckle+berry  VCC CV# y>i Vrr db 
huddle hudd+le]3  VCCle db 
hue hue  vd 
hug hug  CVC# NTR 
huge huge  VCV 
hum hum1  CVC# NTR 
human human  VCV 
humanist human+ist]1  VCV cb 
humanitarianism human+it/y]+arian]+ism]  VCV 3VR V.V VCC VrV 
humanities human+it/y]+i2+es]2  VCV vd 
humanity human+ity]  VCV CV# y>i 
humble humb1+le]2  VCC 
humidity hum3+id]2+ity]  VCV TY CV# y>i 
humor hum3+or]1  VCV 
hundred hund1+red2  VCC cb 
hung hung  VCC 
hunger hung2+er]05  VCC 
hungry hung2+y]1  VCC CV# PELE y>i cb 
hunt hunt  VCC cb 
hunter hunt+er]01  VCC 
hunters hunt+er]01+s]3  VCC 
hunting hunt+ing]1  VCC 
hurl hurl  cb 
hurrah hurrah  vd db 
hurricane hurricane  VCV Vrr db 
hurried hurr/y+i2+ed]1  y>i vd Vrr db 
hurry hurry  CV# Vrr y>I db 
hurt hurt  cb 
husband hus+band5  VCC cb 
hush hush  c2 VCC 
hut hut  CVC# 
hydraulic hydr1+aul+ic]1  VCr vd cb 
hypotenuse [hypo+ten5+use]  3VR VCV 
hypothalamus [hypo+thalam+us]1  VCV 3VR LCC c2 
igneous ign+eous]  VCC V.V vd 
illuminate [i/n2+l+lum+in/e]3+ate]1  VCV ASSIM db 
illusion [i/n2+l+lus1+ion]1  VCV vd ION ASSIM db 
illustrate [i/n2+l+lustr+ate]1  VCC VCV ASSIM db cb 
illustration [i/n2+l+lustr+at/e]+ion]1  VCC DELE vd db cb 
illustrious [i/n2+l+lustr+ious]  VCC V.V vd ASSIM db cb 
immaculate [i/n1+m1+mac3+ul]1+ate]2  3VR db 
immune [i/n1+m1+mune  VCV db 
immunity [i/n1+m1+mun/e+ity]  TYX CV# y>i db 
immunization [i/n1+m1+mun/e+iz/e]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db 
impulse [i/n2+m1+pulse  VCC ASSIM 
include [in2+clude  VCV cb 
included [in2+clud/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
includes [in2+clude+s]2  VCV cb 
including [in2+clud/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
incubation [in2+cub3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
incubator [in2+cub3+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
incumbent [in2+cumb1+ent]  VCC cb 
indentured [in2+dent2+ur/e]+ed]1  VCC 
individual [in1+[di1+vid/e1+ual]  V.V 3VR VCC 
individualism [in1+[di1+vid/e1+ual]+ism]  VCC 3VR V.V 
induce [in2+duce  VCV 
inductance [in2+duct+ance]  VCC 
induction [in2+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
indulge [in2+dulge  VCC 
industrial [indu+str/y+i2+al]1  y>i VCC V.V cb 
industrious [indu+str/y+ious]  y>i VCC V.V vd cb 
industry [indu+stry  VCC CV# y>i cb 
infectious [in2+fect+ious]  VCC vt 
influence [in2+flu1+ence]  V.V VCC cb 
influenza [in2+flu1+enza]  VCC V.V CR# cb 
ingenious [in2+geni+ous]  V.V vd VCV vd 
ingenuity [in2+genu1+ity]  V.V VCC CV# TYX y>i 
injunction [in2+junct+ion]1  VCC vd 
injure [in1+jure  VCC 
injury [in1+jur/e+y]3  VCC DELE CV# y>i 
injustice [in1+just1+ice]  VCC 
innumerable [in1+numer+able]  VCV db 
inoculation [in2+ocul+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
inquire [in2+quire1  VrV cb 
inquiry [in2+quir/e1+y]3  VrV DELE CV# y>i cb 
inquisition [in2+quis+it]2+ion]1  VCC ION vd cb 
institute [in2+stit1+ute]  VCC cb 
institution [in2+stit1+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV cb 
instruct [in2+struct  VCC cb 
instruction [in2+struct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
instrument [in2+stru+ment]  VCC cb 
instruments [in2+stru+ment]+s]3  VCC cb 
insulate insul+ate]1  VCC VCV 
insulator insul+at/e]1+or]2  VCC VCV 
insulin insul+in]03  VCC 
insult [in2+sult1  VCC cb 
insurance [in3+sur/e+ance]  DELE VrV 
insure [in3+sure  VrV 
intellectual [inte/r+l+lect5+ual]  VCC V.V ASSIM db 
interrupt [inter+rupt  VCC db cb 
intrauterine [intra+uter2+ine]1  V.VX VCV cb 
intravenous [intra+ven1+ous]  VCC VCV vd cb 
introduce [intro+duce  VCV VCC cb 
introduction [intro+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
irregular [i/n1+r+reg1+ul]1+ar]1  3VR ASSIM Vrr db 
issue issue  VCC CVe# db 
isthmus isthm+us]1  VCC cs c3 
January Jan+uary]2  3VR SCV CV# 
jaundice jaund+ice]  vd 
jealous jeal+ous]  vd 
jealousy jeal+ous]+y]3  vd CV# y>i 
Jerusalem Jerusalem  VCV 
Jesus Jesus  VCV 
journal journ+al]1  vd 
journalism journ+al]1+ism]  vd VCC 
journey journ+ey]2  vd 
journeyman journ+ey]2+man1  vd 
joust joust  vd cb 
joyous joy+ous]  vd 
Judaism Juda+ism]  V.V VCC 
judge judge  VCC db RDEL 
judgement judge+ment]  VCC db cb 
judicial judic+ial]  VCV vd 
jug jug1  CVC# NTR 
juggernaut jugger+naut2  VCC vd db 
juice juice  vd 
July July  CV# VCV 
jump jump  VCC cb 
June June  VCV 
jungle jungle  VCC 
junior jun+ior]1  VCV 
junta junt+a]2  CR# 
Jupiter Jupiter  VCV 
jurisprudence juris+prud+ence]  VCV VrV cb 
jury jur+y]3  CV# VrV y>i 
just just1  VCC cb 
justice just1+ice]  VCC 
justification just1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd 
justify just1+ify]  VCC CV# y>i 
Kentucky Kentucky  VCC CV# db 
kettledrum kett+le]3+drum  VCCle CVC# db cb 
kibbutz kibbutz  VCC db cb 
language langu1+age]  VCC 
latitude lati+tude]  3VR VCV 
laugh laugh  vd c2 
laughing laugh+ing]1  vd c2 
laughter laugh+ter]3  vd c2 
launch launch  vd c2 cb 
laureate laur+eate]  vd V.V 
laurel laur+el]1  vd 
league league  vd 
lecture lect1+ure]  VCC 
legislature legis+lat/e2+ure]  3VR VCV cb 
leisure leis+ure]  vd 
leprechaun leprechaun  SCr c2 vd 
lettuce lettuce  VCC db 
leukemia leuk+em1+ia]1  vd VCV V.V 
lieutenant lieu1+ten2+ant]1  vt FLR SCV cb 
liquid liqu+id]2  VCC cb 
liquidation liqu+id]2+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
liquidity liqu+id]2+ity]  TY CV# y>i cb 
liquor liqu+or]1  FLR SCV 
literature liter2+at/e]2+ure]  DELE 
litmus lit3+mus2  VCC 
lockout lock1+out  VCC vd db CMP 
locus loc1+us]1  VCV 
longitude longi+tude]  VCC VCV 
loud loud  vd 
louder loud+er]02  vd 
loudly loud+ly]1  CV# vd 
Louis Louis  vd 
Louisiana Louis+ian]+a]2  vd CR# 
luck luck  VCC db 
lucky luck+y]1  VCC CV# y>i db 
lug lug1  CVC# NTR 
luggage lug1+g+age]  CTR VCC db 
lull lull  VCC db 
lumber lumb1+er]12  VCC 
lumbering lumb1+er]12+ing]1  VCC 
lump lump1  VCC cb 
lunatic lun+atic]  VCV CVC# 
lunch lunch  VCC c2 cb 
luncheon lunch+eon]  VCC c2 vd 
lung lung  VCC 
lure lure  VCV 
lurk lurk  cb 
luster luster  VCC 
luxury lux3+ury]  VCC CV# y>i 
magnitude magni+tude]  VCC VCV 
maladjustment mal1+[ad+just2+ment]  3VR VCC db cb 
malnutrition mal1+nutr+ition]  3VR ION vd cb 
maneuver man4+euv+er]08  vd 
manslaughter man1+slaugh+ter]3  CVC# vd cs c3 cb 
manufacture manu+fact1+ure]  3VR VCC 
manufacturer manu+fact1+ur/e]+er]01  3VR VCC DELE 
manumission manu+miss3+ion]1  3VR VCC vd db 
manuscript manu+script  3VR cb 
marijuana mari+juan+a]2  CR# 
marquis marqu+is]4  CVC# cb 
marvelous marvel+ous]  vd 
Massachusetts Massachusetts  VCC VCV db 
mature mat5+ure]  VrV 
mausoleum mausole+um]1  vd V.V 
maximum max1+im]3+um]1  VCC CVC# 
measure meas+ure]  vd 
measurement meas+ure]+ment]  vd cb 
measures meas+ure]+s]8  vd 
medium medi+um]1  VCV V.V 
menopause meno+pause  3VR vd 
menstrual menstru+al]1  VCC V.V cb 
menstruation menstru+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd cb 
menu menu  FLR SCV CV# 
mercury mercur+y]3  CV# y>i 
midsummer mid1+summer1  CVC# VCC db CMP 
military-industrial milit+ary]2-[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  3VR CV# VCC V.V cb 
millennium mill2+enn+ium]2  VCC V.V db db 
Milwaukee Milwaukee  vd 
miniature mini2+ature]  V.V 3VR 
minimum min1+im]3+um]1  3VR 
minus min1+us]1  VCV 
minute min1+ute]  FLR SCV 
miscellaneous misc+ell]+an]1+eous]  vd VCV VCC V.V db 
misfortune [mis+fort2+une]1  VCC orC 
Missouri Missouri  vd CV# db 
mixture mix+t]3+ure]  VCC 
modulation mod4+ul/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
moisture moist+ure]  vd 
molecular mole1+cul/e]1+ar]1  3VR 
molecule mole1+cule]1  3VR VCV 
molecules mole1+cule]1+s]3  3VR VCV 
mollusk mollusk  VCC db cb 
momentum mo1+ment]+um]1  VCV VCC 
mononucleosis mono1+nuc+le]3+osis]  V.V VCV 3VR cb 
monsieur mon5+sieur  vt 
monstrous mon1+str]1+ous]  VCC vd cb 
monument mon1+ument]  3VR cb 
moratorium morat+orium]  V.V VrV 
mosque mosque  VCC 
mound mound  vd cb 
mount mount  vd cb 
mountain mount+ain]  vd 
mountains mount+ain]+s]3  vd 
mourn mourn  vd cb 
mourning mourn+ing]1  vd 
mouse mouse  vd RDEL 
mouth mouth  c2 vd 
much much  c2 VCC VC# 
muckraker muck1+rak/e+er]01  VCC VCV db 
mucous muc+ous]  VCV vd 
mucus muc+us]1  VCV 
mud mud1  CVC# NTR 
muddy mud1+d2+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
mug mug  CVC# NTR 
Muhammad muhammad  VCC 
mulatto mul3+att]+o]2  CV# db 
mule mule  VCV 
multilateral multi+lat1+eral]  VCC 3VR 
multinational multi+nat1+ion]1+al]1  VCC 3VR vd 
multiple multi+ple1  VCC 
multiplication multi+plic1+at/e]2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd DELE ION cb 
multiply multi+ply1  VCC CV# y>i cb 
multitude mult+itude]  VCC VCV 
mumps mump+s]3  VCC cb 
municipal muni1+cip1+al]1  3VR VCV 
mural mur5+al]1   
murder murd+er]05   
murderer murd+er]05+er]01   
murmur murmur   
muscle mus1+cle]1  VCCle cs c2 
muscles mus1+cle]1+s]8  VCC cs c2 
muscular mus1+cul]1+ar]1  VCC 
muse muse2  VCV RDEL 
museum muse1+um]  VCV V.V 
mush mush1  c2 VCC 
mushroom mushroom  c2 vd VCC 
music mus3+ic]2  VCV 
musical mus3+ic]2+al]1  VCV 
musician mus3+ic]2+ian]  vd 
musketeer musk2+et]1+eer]1  VCC vd 
Muslims Muslim+s]3  VCC 
must must1  VCC cb 
mutagen muta+gen6  VCV CVC# 
mutation mut1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCV vd 
mute mute2  VCV 
mutter mutt2+er]03  VCC db 
mutton mutton  VCC db 
mutual mut1+ual]  VCV 
mysterious myst+er/y]1+ious]  vd V.V y>i VCC VrV 
narcissus narciss+us]1  VCC db 
natural nat1+ur/e]+al]1  3VR 
naturalism nat1+ur/e]+al]1+ism]  3VR VCC 
naturalization nat1+ur/e]+al]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
naturally nat1+ur/e]+al]1+ly]1  3VR CV# db 
nature nat1+ure]  VCV 
naught [n+aught2  vd cs c3 
naughty [n+aught2+y]1  vd cs c3 CV# y>i 
nebula nebul+a]2  3VR CR# 
nervous nerv/e+ous]  DELE vd 
neurons neur+on]01+s]  vd VCC 
neurosis neur+osis]  vd VCV 
neutral [ne+utr1+al]1  vd cb 
neutron [ne+utr1+on]08  vd CVC# cb 
nimbus nimb1+us]1  VCC 
nitrogenous nitro1+gen6+ous]  VCr 3VR vd cb 
no-fault no1+fault  CV# vd cb CMP 
noun noun  vd 
nouns noun+s]3  vd 
nourish nour+ish]2  vd c2 
nuance nu3+ance]  V.V 
nuclear nuc+le]3+ar]1  V.V VCle cb 
nucleic nuc+le]3+ic]1  VCle V.V cb 
nucleotide nuc+le]3+ot]4+ide]1  VCle V.V VCV cb 
nucleus nuc+le]3+us]1  V.V VCle cb 
nuisance nuis+ance]  vd 
nuke nuke  VCV 
nullification null1+ific]+ation]  VCC VCV vd db 
number number  VCC 
numeral numer+al]1  VCV 
numerator numer+at/e]1+or]2  VCV 
numerous numer+ous]  VCV vd 
nun nun1  CVC# NTR 
nurse nurse  cb RDEL 
nursery nurs/e+ery]1  DELE CV# y>i 
nurture nurt+ure]   
nut nut1  CVC# NTR 
obscure [ob+scure  VCV cb 
obtuse [ob+tuse  VCC VCV 
obvious [ob+vi1+ous]  vd V.V VCC 
obviously [ob+vi1+ous]+ly]1  vd V.V VCC CV# 
occupation [o/b+c+cup4+ation]  VCC VCV vd ASSIM db 
occupy [o/b+c+cup4+y]7  CV# VCC ASSIM y>i db 
occur [o/b+c+cur1  NTR ASSIM db 
occurred [o/b+c+cur1+r+ed]1  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
occurrence [o/b+c+cur1+r+ence]  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
occurring [o/b+c+cur1+r+ing]1  CTR ASSIM Vrr db 
ombudsman ombud+s]5+man1  VCC 
opium opi+um]1  VCV V.V 
opportunistic [o/b+p+port3+un/e]1+ist]1+ic]1  VCC VCV db 
opportunity [o/b+p+port3+un/e]1+ity]  VCC VCV TYX CV# DELE ASSIM y>i db 
ouch ouch1  vd c2 
ought ought2  vd cs c3 
ounce ounce  vd 
our our  vd 
ours our+s]5  vd 
ourselves our+selve+s]3  CMP vd 
out out  vd 
outbreak out+break  CMP vd cb 
outdoor out+door  CMP vd 
outer out+er]02  vd 
outfit out+fit1  CMP CVC# NTR vd 
outlet out+let1  CMP CVC# vd 
outline out+line1  VCV CMP vd 
output out+put1  CMP CVC# NTR vd 
outrage outr+age]  VCV vd 
outside out+side1  CMP VCV vd 
outstanding out+stand1+ing]1  CMP VCC vd cb 
outward out+ward]  vd cb 
overture over2+t]3+ure]  VCV VrV 
ovulation ov1+ul/e]+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR VCV vd 
painful pain+ful]  vd 
pandemonium pan3+demon+ium]2  VCC VCV V.V 
particular parti+cul]1+ar]1  3VR 
particularly parti+cul]1+ar]1+ly]1  CV# 
pasteurization pasteur+iz/e]+ation]  vd VCV 
pasteurized pasteur+iz/e]+ed]1  vd VCV 
pasture past2+ure]  VCC 
pauper pauper  vd 
pause pause  vd RDEL 
peaceful peace+ful]  vd 
peculiar pec2+ul]1+iar]  VCV 
peculiarity pec2+ul]1+iar]+ity]  V.V CV# VCV TY y>i 
peninsula pen05+insul+a]2  VCC CR# 
percussion [per1+cuss2+ion]1  VCC vd db 
perfume [per1+fume  VCV 
perilous per3+il]1+ous]  FLR SCV vd 
perpetual [per1+pet5+ual]  3VR V.V 
persuade [per1+suade  VCV 
pertussis [per1+tuss1+is]2  VCC db 
petroleum petr1+ol3+eum]  SCr VCV V.V cb 
phallus phall+us]1  VCC 
phenylketonuria phen2+yl]1+ket1+on]09+ur2+ia]1  c2 3VR VCV V.V 
phylum phyl2+um]1  c2 VCV 
picture pict+ure]  VCC 
picturesque pict+ur/e]+esque]  DELE VCC 
pious pi2+ous]  V.V vd 
pitiful pit2+/y]3+i2+ful]  y>i 
Pittsburgh pitt+s]5+burgh  VCC db 
pituitary pituit+ary]2  3VR V.V CV# y>i 
plague plague  VCV cb 
planetarium plan3+et]2+ari]3+um]1  3VR V.V VrV cb 
plaque plaque  cs c2 cb 
plateau plat3+eau]  vt FLR SCV cb 
playground play1+ground1  CMP vd cb 
pleasure pleas+ure]  vd cb 
plentiful plen+t/y]+i2+ful]  VCC y>i cb 
plough plough  vd cb 
pluck pluck  VCC db cb 
plum plum1  CVC# cb 
plume plume  VCV cb 
plump plump  VCC cb 
plunder plunder  VCC cb 
plunge plunge  VCC cb RDEL 
plural plur+al]1  cb 
pluralism plur+al]1+ism]  VCC cb 
plus plus  CVC# NTR cb 
plutocracy plut1+ocrac+y]3  VCV 3VR CV# y>i cb 
plutonium plut2+on]01+ium]1  VCV V.V cb 
pneumonia pneumon+ia]1  vd VCV 
politburo polit+bur3+o]6  3VR CV# 
pollute [po/r+l+lute2  VCV ASSIM db 
pollution [po/r+l+lut/e2+ion]1  VCV vd db 
polyunsaturated poly1+[un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
popular popul+ar]1  3VR 
popularity popul+ar]1+ity]  3VR CV# TY 
population popul+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
populism popul+ism]  3VR VCC 
Portugal portugal  orC 
possum possum  VCC db 
postindustrial [post+[indu+str/y+i2+al]1  LCC VCC V.V cb 
postulate postul+ate]1  VCC 
potluck pot1+luck  CVC# VCC db CMP 
pouch pouch  vd c2 
poultry poult1+ry]  vd CV# y>i cb 
pound pound2  vd cb 
pour pour1  vd 
pout pout1  vd 
powerful power+ful]  vd 
precaution [pre+caut+ion]1  vd cb 
precious preci+ous]  vt FLR SCV cb 
prejudice [pre+jud+ice]  3VR cb 
pressure press+ure]  VCC db cb 
presume [pre+sume  VCV cb 
previous [pre+vi1+ous]  vd V.V VCV cb 
previously [pre+vi1+ous]+ly]1  vd CV# V.V VCV cb 
primogeniture primo+genit+ure]  VCV 3VR VrV cb 
procedure [pro1+ced3+ure]  VCV cb 
procure [pro1+cure  VCV cb 
produce [pro1+duce  VCV cb 
producer [pro1+duc/e+er]01  DELE cb 
product [pro1+duct  SCV cb 
production [pro1+duct+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
productive [pro1+duct+ive]  VCC cb 
productivity [pro1+duct+iv/e]+ity]  3VR TY CV# y>i cb 
profound [pro1+found1  vd cb 
pronoun [pro1+noun  VCV vd cb 
pronounce [pro1+nounce  vd cb 
pronounced [pro1+nounc/e+ed]1  vd DELE cb 
pronunciation [pro1+nunci+ation]  vd VCC VCV 
prosecution [pro1+sec4+ut/e]+ion]1  3VR VCV vd cb 
prosperous pro3+sper2+ous]  vd VCC cb 
proud proud  vd cb 
proudly proud+ly]1  vd CV# cb 
prune prune2  VCV cb 
pseudoscience pseudo+sci1+ence]  vd V.V c2 cs 
pub pub1  CVC# 
public publ+ic]1  VCC IC 
publication publ+ic]1+ation]  VCC VCV vd IC 
publicity publ+ic]1+ity]  VCC TY IC CV# y>i cb 
publish publ+ish]2  VCC c2 
publisher publ+ish]2+er]01  VCC c2 
pudding pudding  VCC db 
puff puff  VCC db 
pug pug3  CVC# 
pull pull1  VCC db 
pulling pull1+ing]1  VCC db 
pulmonary pulmon+ary]1  VCC CV# y>i 
pulp pulp  VCC 
pulpwood pulp+wood  VCC vd CMP 
pulsar pulsar  VCC 
pulse pulse  VCC 
pumice pum+ice]  FLR SCV 
pump pump1  VCC cb 
pumpkin pump2+kin]  VCC CVC# cb 
pun pun1  CVC# NTR 
punch punch1  VCC c2 cb 
punctuated punct+uat/e]1+ed]1  VCC V.V VCV 
punish pun2+ish]2  FLR SCV c2 
punishment pun2+ish]2+ment]  FLR SCV c2 cb 
pup pup  CVC# NTR 
pupil pup+il]3  VCV 
puppy pup+p+y]2  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
purchase [pur1+chase1  c2 
pure pure   
purely pure+ly]1  CV# 
purgatory purg/e+atory]1  CV# VrV y>i 
purge purge  cb 
puritan pur/e+itan]  VCV 
purple purple  le 
purpose [pur1+pose1   
purse purse  cb RDEL 
pursue [pur1+sue1  CVe# 
pursuit [pur1+su/e1+it]2  vd 
push push  VCC c2 
pushed push+ed]1  VCC c2 
put put1  CVC# NTR 
putting put1+t+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
puzzle puzz+le]1  VCCle db 
quaint quaint1  vd cb 
Quaker quak/e+er]01  VCV cb 
qualified qual1+if/y]+i2+ed]1  3VR y>i vd cb 
qualify qual1+ify]  3VR CV# y>i cb 
quality qual1+ity]  TY CV# y>i cb 
quanta quant1+a]3  VCC CR# cb 
quantity quant1+ity]  CV# y>i cb 
quantum quant1+um]1  VCC cb 
quarantine quar+ant]2+ine]1  VCV cb 
quark quark  cb 
quarrel quarr3+el]1  db 
quarry quarry1  VCC CV# y>i cb db 
quart quart  cb 
quarter quart+er]01   
quartet quart+et]1  CVC# 
quartz quartz  cb 
quasars quasar+s]3  VCV cb 
quasi qua2+si1  VCV CV# cb 
queen queen  vd cb 
queer queer  vd cb 
quench quench  VCC cb 
quest quest1  VCC cb 
question quest1+ion]1  VCC vd cb 
quick quick  VCC db cb 
quicken quick+en]03  VCC db cb 
quickly quick+ly]1  VCC CV# db cb 
quiet qui1+et]2  V.V cb 
quietly qui1+et]2+ly]1  V.V CV# cb 
quilt quilt  VCC cb 
quintet quint1+et]1  VCC CVC# cb 
quit quit  CVC# NTR cb 
quite quite  VCV cb 
quiver quiver  SCV cb 
quixotic quixot/e+ic]1  IC VCC cb 
quorum quor+um]1  VrV cb 
quota quot+a]2  VCV CR# cb 
quotation quot/e+ation]  VCV vd cb 
quote quote  VCV cb RDEL 
quoth quoth  LCC cb 
quotient quoti+ent]  vd VCV cb 
radium rad1+ium]1  VCV V.V 
radius radi+us]1  VCV V.V 
rapture rap2+t]3+ure]  VCC 
reassure [re+[a/d+s+sure  V.V ASSIM VrV db 
rebuke [re+buke  VCV 
rebuttal [re+but2+t+al]2  VCV VCC db 
Reconstruction [re+[co/m+n+struct+ion]1  VCV VCC vd cb 
recruit [re+cruit  vd cb 
rectum rect+um]1  VCC 
redistribution [re+[dis+trib2+ut/e]+ion]1  VCV VCC VCV vd cb 
reduce [re+duce  VCV 
reduction [re+duct+ion]1  VCC vd 
redundancy [red+und1+ancy]  VCC CV# y>i 
referendum [re+fer1+end]+um]1  3VR VCC 
refuge [re+fuge  FLR SCV 
refugee [re+fug/e+ee]1  3VR vd 
refusal [re+fus/e2+al]2  DELE VCV 
refuse [re+fuse2  VCV FLR SCV 
regular reg1+ul]1+ar]1  3VR 
regularly reg1+ul]1+ar]1+ly]1  3VR CV# 
regulate reg1+ul]1+ate]1  3VR VCV 
regulation reg1+ul]1+at/e]1+ion]1  3VR vd 
religious [re+lig2+ious]  FLR SCV vt 
reproduce [re+[pro1+duce  VCV cb 
reproduction [re+[pro1+duct+ion]1  VCr VCC vd cb 
reproductive [re+[pro1+duct+ive]  VCr VCC cb 
republic re1+publ+ic]1  IC 
Republican re1+publ+ic]1+an]1  IC 
reputation [re+put/e+ation]  DELE vd 
request [re+quest1  VCC cb 
requiem [re+qui1+em]2  VCC V.V cb 
require [re+quire1  VrV cb 
required [re+quir/e1+ed]1  VrV DELE cb 
requirement [re+quire1+ment]  VrV cb 
rescue [re+scue  CVe# VCC 
resolution [re+sol01+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE vd ION VCV 
resource [re+source  vd 
restaurant [re+staur+ant]1  vd VCC cb 
result [re+sult1  VCC cb 
results [re+sult1+s]8  VCC cb 
resume [re+sume  VCV 
resurrection [re+[su/b+r+rect+ion]1  VCC vd db 
resuscitation [re+[su/b+s+cit1+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd c2 
return [re+turn  cb 
returns [re+turn+s]8  cb 
revenue [re+ven8+ue]2  CVe# 
revolution [re+vol3+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE 3VR vd ION VCV 
revolutionary [re+vol3+ut/e]+ion]1+ary]2  DELE vd ION VCV CV# y>i 
rheumatic rheumat+ic]1  c2 vd IC 
rheumatism rheumat+ism]  c2 vd VCV 
ribonucleic ribo+nuc+le]3+ic]1  VCV VCle V.V cb 
ridiculous rid4+icul/e]2+ous]  DELE 3VR vd 
rogue rogue1  VCV 
rosebuds rose1+bud1+s]3  VCV VCC 
rough rough  vd c2 
roughly rough+ly]1  vd c2 CV# 
roulette roul+ett]+e]1  vd VCC db 
round round1  vd cb 
rouse rouse  vd RDEL 
route route  vd RDEL 
routine rout/e+ine]1  vd DELE 
rub rub1  CVC# NTR 
rubber rub1+b+er]01  VCC db 
rubella rub2+ell]+a]2  VCV VCC CR# db 
rubeola rube2+ol]3+a]2  VCV V.V CR# 
ruby rub2+y]3  VCV CV# y>i 
rude rude  VCV 
ruffle ruff2+le]1  VCCle db 
rug rug1  CVC# NTR 
rugged rugg1+ed]2  CTR VCC db 
ruin ruin  V.V 
rule rule  VCV RDEL 
ruler rul/e+er]01  DELE VCV 
rum rum1  CVC# 
rumble rumb2+le]1  VCCle 
rumor rum4+or]1  VCV 
run run1  CVC# NTR 
runner run1+n+er]01  CTR VCC db 
running run1+n+ing]1  VCC CTR db 
runs run1+s]8  VCC 
rural rur+al]1   
rush rush1  c2 VCC 
Russia russ2+ia]1  VCC vd db 
Russian russ2+ian]  VCC vd db 
rust rust1  VCC cb 
rustic rust2+ic]1  VCC IC 
rustle rust3+le]1  VCCle cs c2 
rusty rust1+y]1  VCC CV# y>i 
rut rut1  CVC# NTR 
Ruth ru+th]2  c2 LCC 
safeguard safe+guard  CMP VCV cb 
salute sal5+ute]  VCV 
Santa Claus santa+claus  vd VCC cb CMP 
saturated satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
Saturday satur+day  3VR vd 
sauce sauce  vd RDEL 
saucer sauc/e+er]01  vd DELE 
sausage saus+age]  vd 
schedule sched+ule]  FLR SCV cb 
schoolhouse school1+house  CMP vd cb 
scourge scourge  vd cb 
scout scout  vd cb 
scouts scout+s]8  vd cb 
scrotum scrot+um]1  VCV cb 
scrub scrub1  CVC# NTR cb 
sculpture sculpt+ure]  VCC cb 
sebaceous seb+aceous]  VCV vt 
secular secul+ar]1  3VR 
secure [se+cure  VCV 
security [se+cur/e+ity]  DELE CV# y>i 
semiconductor semi1+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  3VR VCV 
sequel sequ1+el]1  LCC cb 
sequence sequ1+ence]  LCC VCC cb 
serious seri2+ous]  V.V vd VrV 
seriously seri2+ous]+ly]1  V.V vd CV# VrV 
shogun shogun  c2 VCV 
should should1  c2 vd cs 
shoulder should2+er]01  vd 
shoulders should2+er]01+s]8  vd 
shouldn't should1+n't  CMP vd c2 cs 
shout shout  c2 vd 
shrub shrub  c2 CVC# NTR cb 
shrug shrug  c2 CVC# NTR cb 
shudder shudd+er]03  VCC db 
shun shun  c2 CVC# NTR 
shut shut  CVC# c2 NTR 
shutter shut+t+er]01  VCC CTR db 
shuttle shutt+le]1  VCCle db 
signature sign1+ature]  VCC 
singular sing2+ul]4+ar]1  VCC 
situated sit4+uat/e]1+ed]1  V.V VCV DELE 3VR 
situation sit4+uat/e]1+ion]1  DELE V.V 3VR vd ION VCV 
skillful skill1+ful]  VCC db cb 
skull skull  VCC db cb 
skunk skunk  VCC cb 
slaughter slaugh+ter]3  vd cs c3 cb 
slumber slumb+er]03  VCC cb 
slush slush  c2 VCC cb 
solitude solit+ude]  3VR SCV VCV 
solution sol01+ut/e]+ion]1  DELE VCV vd ION 
sought sought  cs c3 vd 
soul soul  vd 
sound sound1  vd cb 
sounded sound1+ed]  vd 
soup soup  vd 
sour sour  vd 
source source  vd RDEL 
sousaphone sousa+phone  vd c2 VCV CMP 
south south  c2 vd 
South America south+americ+a]2  vd c2 CR# CMP 
South Carolina south+carol+in]01+a]2  vd c2 VCV CR# CMP 
South Dakota south+dakota  vd c2 VCV CR# CMP 
southern south+ern]2  vd c2 cb 
southward south+ward]  vd c2 cb 
southwest south+west  CMP c2 VCC vd cb cb 
spacious spac/e+ious]  DELE vt cb 
spectrum spectr+um]1  VCC cb 
speculation spec1+ul]3+at/e]1+ion]1  DELE 3VR VCV vd ION cb 
spiritual spir1+it]1+ual]  FLR SCV V.V cb 
spontaneous spont1+ane]2+ous]  VCC VCV V.V vd cb 
spruce spruce1  VCV cb 
sprung sprung  VCC cb 
spun spun  CVC# cb 
spur spur1  NTR cb 
spurred spur1+r+ed]1  CTR Vrr cb db 
sputnik sput2+nik]  VCC CVC# cb 
squadron squadr+on]03  VCC cb 
square square  VrV cb RDEL 
squeak squeak  vd cb 
squeeze squeeze  vd cb 
squid squid  CVC# cb 
squint squint  VCC cb 
squire squire  VrV cb RDEL 
squirrel squirr+el]1  db cb 
squish squish  VCC cb 
staphylococcus staph1+yl]3+o4+cocc1+us]1  VCC VCV db cb 
statue stat1+ue]1  CVe# cb 
status stat1+us]1  VCV cb 
statutory stat1+ut/e]+ory]  3VR CV# VrV cb 
stimulate stimul+ate]1  3VR VCV cb 
stimulus stimul+us]1  3VR cb 
stout stout  vd cb 
stratus strat2+us]1  VCV cb 
streptococcus strepto+cocc1+us]1  VCC db cb 
struck struck  VCC db cb 
structure struct+ure]  VCC cb 
struggle strugg+le]1  VCCle db cb 
stubborn stubborn  VCC db cb 
stuck stuck  VCC db cb 
student stud3+ent]  VCV cb 
students stud3+ent]+s]3  VCV cb 
studied stud3+/y]8+i2+ed]1  FLR SCV y>i vd cb 
studio stud3+io]2  VCV V.V cb 
study stud3+y]8  FLR SCV CV# y>i cb 
studying stud3+y]8+ing]1  FLR SCV cb 
stuff stuff  VCC db cb 
stumble stumb+le]1  VCCle cb 
stump stump  VCC cb 
stung stung  VCC cb 
stupid stup1+id]2  VCV cb 
sturdy sturd+y]1  CV# y>i cb 
sub sub1  CVC# NTR 
subatomic [sub+[a1+tom2  3VR IC 
subconsciousness [sub+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]+ness]  VCC vt db c2 
subculture [sub+cult1+ure]  VCC 
subdue [sub+due2  CVe# 
subject [sub+ject  VCC cb 
subjects [sub+ject+s]8  VCC cb 
subjunctive [sub+junct+ive]  VCC 
sublimation [sub+lim/e3+at/e]1+ion]1  VCC VCV vd 
submarine [sub+mar01+ine]1  VCV VCC 
submerge [sub+merge  VCC 
submit [sub+mit1  CVC# NTR 
subpoena [sub+poen+a]2  VCC vd CR# c2 cs c2 
subsequent [sub+sequ1+ent]  VCC cb 
subsequently [sub+sequ1+ent]+ly]1  VCC CV# cb 
subset [sub+set2  VCC CVC# 
subsidiary [sub+sid2+/y]3+iary]  VCC 3VR V.V CV# y>i 
subsidy [sub+sid2+y]3  VCC CV# y>i 
subsistence [sub+sist+ence]  VCC 
substance [sub+stance1  VCC cb 
substantial [sub+stant+ial]  VCC vd cb 
substitute [sub+stit1+ute]  VCC VCV cb 
subtle [sub+tle  VCC 
subtract [sub+tract  VCC cb 
suburb [sub+urb  SCV 
suburbanization [sub+urb+an]1+iz/e]+ation]  3VR VCV vd 
succeed [su/b+c+ceed  vd ASSIM 
success [su/b+c+cess1  VCC ASSIM db 
successful [su/b+c+cess1+ful]  VCC ASSIM db 
successfully [su/b+c+cess1+ful]+ly]1  VCC CV# ASSIM db 
succession [su/b+c+cess1+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM db 
successive [su/b+c+cess1+ive]  VCC ASSIM db 
successor [su/b+c+cess1+or]2  VCC ASSIM db 
such such  c2 VCC 
suck suck  VCC db 
sucker suck+er]01  VCC db 
sudden sudden  VCC db 
suddenly sudden+ly]1  VCC CV# db 
suffer [su/b+f+fer1  VCC ASSIM db 
suffering [su/b+f+fer1+ing]1  VCC ASSIM db 
suffice [su/b+f+fice1  VCV ASSIM db 
sufficient [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]  DELE vd ASSIM db cb 
sufficiently [su/b+f+fic/e1+ient]+ly]1  DELE vd CV# ASSIM db 
suffix [su/b+f+fix  ASSIM VCC db 
suffrage [su/b+f+frage2  VCC ASSIM db 
suffragette [su/b+f+frag/e2+ett]+e]1  VCC db 
sugar sugar  FLR SCV 
suggest [su/b+g+gest  VCC ASSIM cb 
suggested [su/b+g+gest+ed]1  VCC ASSIM 
suggestion [su/b+g+gest+ion]1  VCC vd ASSIM 
suicide sui+cide1  V.V VCV 
suit su1+it]2  vd 
suitable su1+it]2+able]  vd 
suite su1+it]2+e]1  VCV 
sulfur sulfur  VCC 
sullen sull2+en]04  VCC db 
sulphur sulphur  VCC c2 
sultan sult3+an]4  VCC 
sum sum1  CVC# NTR 
summer summer1  VCC db 
summit sum1+m1+it]1  VCC db 
summon [su/b+m1+mon1  VCC ASSIM db 
sun sun1  CVC# NTR 
Sunday sun1+day  vd VCC CMP 
sung sung  VCC 
sunk sunk  VCC cb 
sunlight sun1+light1  CMP cs c3 VCC 
sunny sun1+n+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
sunrise sun1+rise  CMP VCV VCC 
sunset sun1+set1  CMP CVC# VCC 
sunshine sun1+shine1  CMP V VCV c2 VC# 
sunspot sun1+spot  CVC# cb CMP 
super super  VCV 
superconductor [super+[co/m+n+duct+or]2  VCV VCC 
superego [super+ego  VCV CV# 
superintendent [super+[in2+tend1+ent]  VCV VCC 
superior sup3+erior]  V.V VrV 
superlative [super+lat7+ive]   
supernova [super+nov1+a]2  VCV CR# 
supersonic [super+son2+ic]1  VCV IC 
superstition [super+stit1+ion]1  VCV vd SCV cb 
supervision [super+vis/e2+ion]1  DELE vd ION SCV 
supper sup1+p+er]08  VCC db 
supplies [su/b+p+p/y2+i2+es]2  vd ASSIM y>i db cb 
supply [su/b+p+ply2  CV# ASSIM y>i db cb 
support [su/b+p+port1  ASSIM orC db cb 
suppose [su/b+p+pose1  VCV ASSIM db 
supposed [su/b+p+pos/e1+ed]1  DELE VCV ASSIM db 
suppress [su/b+p+press  VCC ASSIM db cb 
supreme supr+eme]2  VCV cb 
sure sure  VrV 
surely sure+ly]1  CV# VrV 
surf surf1  cb 
surface [sur2+face1   
surge surge  cb 
surgeon surg1+eon]  vd 
surgery surg1+ery]1  CV# y>i 
surpass [sur2+pass1  VCC db 
surplus [sur2+plus  CVC# cb 
surprise [sur2+prise  VCV cb 
surprised [sur2+pris/e+ed]1  VCV DELE cb 
surprising [sur2+pris/e+ing]1  VCV DELE cb 
surrealism [sur2+re1+al]1+ism]  V.V VCC db 
surrender [sur2+render  VCC db 
surround [sur2+round2  vd Vrr db cb 
surrounded [sur2+round2+ed]1  vd Vrr db 
surroundings [sur2+round2+ing]1+s]3  vd Vrr db 
surtax [sur2+tax1  VCC 
survey [sur2+vey1  vd 
survive [sur2+vive  VCV 
susceptible [su/b+s+cept+ible]  VCC ASSIM 
suspect [su/b+spect  VCC ASSIM cb 
suspend [su/b+s+pend  VCC ASSIM cb 
suspicion [su/b+spic1+ion]1  ION SCV vd ASSIM cb 
suspicious [su/b+spic1+ious]  vt ASSIM cb 
sustain [su/b+s+tain1  vd ASSIM cb 
swung swung  VCC cb 
synagogue [syn+agogue  3VR SCV 
synfuels syn2+fuel+s]3  VCC V.V 
Talmud talmud  LCC 
taught taught  vd cs c3 
tax-deductible tax+ [de+duct+ible]  VCC CMP 
teaspoonful tea1+spoon1+ful]  vd CMP cb 
technique techn+ique]  VCC 
temperature temp1+er]04+at/e]2+ure]  VCC DELE 
tenure ten2+ure]  FLR SCV 
tetanus tetan+us]1  3VR 
thalamus thalam+us]1  c2 3VR 
thankful thank+ful]  VCC c2 cb 
thereupon there1+up+on1  CMP c2 
thermocouple thermo2+coup2+le]3  c2 vd 
thermonuclear thermo1+nuc+le]3+ar]1  c2 VCle cb 
thorough thorough  c2 vd 
thoroughly thorough+ly]1  c2 vd CV# 
thou thou  c2 vd 
though though  vd c2 
thought thought  vd cs c2 
thoughtful thought+ful]  cs vd c2 
thoughtfully thought+ful]+ly]1  cs c3 vd CV# db 
thoughts thought+s]3  cs vd c2 
thousand thousand  c2 vd cb 
through through  vd c2 cb 
throughout through+out  CMP vd c2 cb 
thrust thrust  c2 VCC cb 
thud thud  c2 CVC# NTR 
thumb thumb  c2 VCC cs c2 
thump thump  c2 VCC cb 
thunder thunder  c2 VCC 
Thursday thur+s]5+day  vd c2 CMP 
thus thus  CVC# c2 
thymus thym1+us]1  c2 VCV 
tissue tiss+ue]2  VCC CVe# db 
tongue tongue  VCC RDEL 
torque torque  orC 
torture tort1+ure]  orC 
touch touch  vd c2 
touchstone touch+stone  vd c2 VCV CMP 
tough tough  vd c2 
tour tour  vd 
tourist tour+ist]1  vd cb 
tournament tourn+ament]  vd cb 
transfusion [trans+fus/e2+ion]1  VCC VCV vd cb 
transubstantiation [tran/s+[sub+stant+iat/e]+ion]1  VCC V.V VCV vd cb 
trauma traum+a]2  vd CR# cb 
treacherous treach+erous]  c2 vd cb 
treasure treasure  vd cb 
treasurer treasur/e+er]01  vd DELE cb 
treasury treasur/e+y]3  vd DELE CV# y>i cb 
tremendous trem+end]+ous]  vd VCC cb 
tributary trib2+ut/e]+ary]2  3VR DELE CV# y>i cb 
tribute trib2+ute]  VCV cb 
triumph triumph  c2 V.V VCC cb 
troubadour troub2+ador]  vd cb 
trouble troub1+le]3  vd cb 
troubled troub1+l/e]3+ed]1  vd cb 
trousers trous+er]01+s]3  vd cb 
trout trout  vd cb 
truck truck  VCC db cb 
true true  CVe# cb RDEL 
truly tru2+ly]1  VCV CV# cb 
trump trump1  VCC cb 
trumpet trump2+et]1  VCC cb 
trunk trunk  VCC cb 
trust trust  VCC cb 
truth tru2+th]2  c2 LCC cb 
tub tub1  CVC# NTR 
tuba tub2+a]2  VCV CR# 
tube tube  VCV RDEL 
tuberculosis tuber+cul/e]1+osis]  VCV 
tubes tube+s]3  VCV 
tuck tuck1  VCC db 
Tuesday tue+s]5+day  vd CMP 
tug tug  CVC# NTR 
tulip tulip  VCV 
tumble tumb+le]1  VCCle 
tumor tum+or]1  VCV 
tumult tumult  VCV cb 
tundra tundr+a]2  VCC CV# 
tune tune  VCV RDEL 
tunnel tunn1+el]1  VCC db 
turbine turb1+ine]1   
turf turf  cb 
Turk turk  cb 
Turkey turkey  vd 
turkey turkey  vd 
Turkish turk+ish]1  c2 
turn turn  cb 
turned turn+ed]1  cb 
turnip tur4+nip3  CVC# 
turtle turt1+le]2  VCCle 
tutor tut1+or]2  VCV 
tux tux  VCC 
typhus typh1+us]1  c2 LCC 
Tyrannosaurus tyranno+saur+us]1  VCC vd db 
ugly ug+ly]3  VCC CV# y>i 
ukulele uku+lele  VCV CV# 
ulcer ulc+er]04  VCC 
ultimate ult1+im]3+ate]2  VCC 
ultimatum ult1+im]3+at/e]2+um]1  VCC VCV 
ultrasound [ultra+sound1  VCC vd cb 
ultraviolet [ultra+viol3+et]1  VCC V.V cb 
umbilical umbilic+al]1  VCC IC 
umbrella umbr+ell]+a]2  VCC CR# db 
unable [un1+able  VCle 
unbowed [un1+bow2+ed]1  VCC vd 
uncertain [un1+cert1+ain]  vd 
uncertainty [un1+cert1+ain]+ty]  VCC vd CV# y>i 
uncle uncle  VCCle 
uncomfortable [un1+[com+fort1+able]  VCC 
unconscious [un1+[co/m+n+sci1+ous]  VCC vt ASSIM c2 
uncover [un2+[co+ver9  FLR SCV 
under under  VCC 
underdog [under+dog1  VCC 
undergo [under+go1  CV# 
underground [under+ground1  vd cb 
underline [under+line1  VCC VCV 
underneath under+neath  vd c2 VCC 
understand [under2+stand  VCC cb 
understanding [under2+stand+ing]1  VCC cb 
understatement [under1+state+ment]  VCC VCV cb 
understood [under2+stood  VCC vd cb 
undertake [under+take1  VCC VCV 
undertaking [under+tak/e1+ing]1  DELE VCC VCV 
undoubtedly [un1+doubt1+ed]1+ly]1  CV# vd 
uneasy [un1+eas/e+y]1  vd DELE CV# y>i 
unemployment [un1+[e/n1+m1+ploy1+ment]  3VR vd cb 
unequal [un1+equ1+al]1  LCC cb 
unexpected [un1+[ex+/spect+ed]1  VCC EXS 
unfit [un1+fit1  CVC# NTR 
unfold [un2+fold1  LCC cb 
unfortunate [un1+fort2+un/e]1+ate]2  DELE orC 
unfortunately [un1+fort2+un/e]1+ate]2+ly]1  DELE CV# orC 
unhappy [un1+hap+p+y]1  CTR VCC CV# y>i db 
unicorn uni+corn2  VCV orC cb 
uniform uni+form1  VCV orC cb 
unilateral uni+lat1+eral]  VCV 3VR 
union un1+ion]1  VCV ION 
unique un1+ique]  VCV LCC 
unison uni+son2  VCV 
unit un1+it]1  VCV LT 
unite un1+ite]2  VCV 
united un1+it/e]2+ed]1  VCV 
United States un1+it/e]2+ed]1+state1+s]3  VCV DELE cb 
units un1+it]1+s]3  VCV LT 
unity un1+ity]  VCV TYX CV# y>i 
universal uni+vers/e+al]1  DELE VCV 
universe uni+verse  VCV 
university uni+vers/e+ity]  VCV DELE CV# y>i 
unjust [un1+just1  VCC cb 
unknown [un1+know+n]1  vd cs c2 
unless un3+less1  VCC db 
unlike [un1+like2  VCV 
unnecessary [un1+[ne+cess1+ary]1  CV# y>i db 
unpleasant [un1+pleas/e+ant]1  vd DELE cb 
unsaturated [un1+satur+at/e]1+ed]1  3VR VCV 
unseen [un1+see1+n]1  vd 
until un2+til1  CVC# 
unto un2+to1  CV# 
unusual [un1+us/e+ual]  VCV V.V 
unusually [un1+us/e+ual]+ly]1  V.V VCV CV# db 
unwilling [un1+will1+ing]1  VCC db 
unworthy [un1+wor1+th]2+y]1  CV# c2 y>i VCC 
up up  CVC# NTR 
uplift [up+lift  VCC cb 
upon up+on1  VC# CMP 
upper up+p+er]02  VCC CTR db 
uppercase up+p+er]02+case2  VCC VCV CMP db 
upright up+right  cs c3 CMP 
uproar [up+roar2  vd CMP 
upset [up+set1  CVC# NTR 
upward up+ward]  VCC cb 
uranium uran1+ium]1  VCV V.V 
urban urb+an]1   
urbanization urb+an]1+iz/e]+ation]  VCV vd 
ureter ure4+ter]2  VCV 
urethra ure4+thr]+a]2  LCC CR# c2 cb 
urge urge1  cb RDEL 
urgent urg/e1+ent]  cb 
urinary ur1+in/e]1+ary]1  CV# 
urine ur1+ine]1   
urn urn  cb 
us us  VC# 
use use  VCV RDEL 
used us/e+ed]1  VCV DELE 
useful use+ful]  VCV 
useless use+less]  VCV db 
uselessly use+less]+ly]1  VCV CV# db 
usher ush+er]01  c2 VCC 
usual us/e+ual]  V.V VCV 
usually us/e+ual]+ly]1  V.V VCV CV# db 
usury us/e+ur]4+y]3  CV# y>i 
Utah utah  VCV vd 
uterus uter2+us]1  VCV 
utilitarianism ut1+il/e]1+itarian]+ism]  VCV V.V VCC VrV 
utility ut1+il/e]1+ity]  DELE VCV TY CV# y>i 
utilize ut1+il/e]1+ize]  DELE VCV 
utmost ut2+mo3+st]5  VCC LCC cb 
utopia u2+top3+ia]1  VCV V.V 
utter utt+er]02  VCC db 
utterance utt+er]02+ance]  VCC db 
vacuum vacu+um]1  vd 
vague vague  VCV 
vaguely vague+ly]1  VCV CV# 
valuable val1+u/e]2+able]  DELE V.V FLR SCV 
value val1+ue]2  FLR SCV CVe# 
various var/y+i2+ous]  CV# y>i vd VrV 
vaudeville vau2+de2+vill1+e]1  vd VCC db 
vault vault1  vd cb 
venture vent1+ure]  VCC 
Venus venus  VCV 
vicious vic/e1+ious]  FLR SCV vt 
victorious vict1+or]2+ious]  vd VCC VrV 
vigorous vig1+or]1+ous]  3VR vd 
virtue virt+ue]1  CVe# 
virtuous virt+uous]  vd 
virulence vir2+ulence]  cb 
virus vir2+us]1  VCV 
volume vol3+ume]  FLR SCV VCV 
volunteer volunt+eer]1  vd FLR SCV 
voucher vouch+er]08  c2 vd 
voyeur voy2+eur]  vd 
vulcanize vulcan+ize]  VCC VCV 
vulgar vulg+ar]1  VCC 
walkout walk+out  vd cs c2 CMP 
walnut wal2+nut1  CVC# 
wampum wampum  VCC 
warehouse ware1+house  CMP vd VrV 
watchful watch+ful]  ct VCC db 
whereupon where+up+on1  CMP CVC# c2 
witch-hunt witch+hunt  VCC ct cb db CMP 
without with+out  CMP c2 vd VCC 
wonderful wond+er]05+ful]  VCC 
wondrous wondr+ous]  vd VCC PELE cb 
would would  vd cs c2 
wouldn't would+n't  vd CMP cs c2 
wouldst would+st]2  vd cs c2 cb 
wound wound1  vd cb 
wrought wrought  cs vd c2 
you you1  vd 
you'd you1+'d3  CMP vd 
you'll you1+'ll  CMP vd db 
young young1  vd 
youngster young1+ster]1  vd cb 
your your  vd 
you're you1+'re  vd CMP 
yours your+s]5  vd 
yourself your+self  vd VCC CMP cb 
yourselves your+selve+s]3  vd VCC 
youth you2+th]2  vd c2 
youthful you2+th]2+ful]  vd c2 
you've you1+'ve  CMP vd 
yuppie yupp+ie]1  db vd VCC 
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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader