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cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader

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Word Themes
abbot Religion2 Occupation2 People4 
actress Entertainment1 Gender1 People4 Occupation1 Art2 
addict Health6 Crime1 People4 
adult Family1 People4 
adviser Occupation1 People4 
advisor Occupation1 People4 
alien People4 
allies Military2 People4 
amateur Entertainment1 People4 Sports5 
archbishop Religion2 Occupation2 People4 
archer Occupation1 People4 Military2 
architect Occupation2 Art5 People4 
astronaut Science5 Occupation2 People4 
astronomer Science5 Occupation1 People4 
athlete Sports5 People4 Occupation2 
babe Family1 People4 
bachelor Family1 People4 
baker Occupation1 People4 
barber Occupation1 People4 
batter Sports5 Food4 People4 
bearer People4 
belle Gender1 Value1 People4 
blacksmith Occupation2 People4 
blonde Colors People4 
bobby Crime2 Occupation2 People4 
Bolshevik People4 Government1 History3 
brute Animals5 People4 
builder Occupation1 People4 
bully People4 
butler Occupation1 People4 
buyer Business4 People4 
canon Religion2 Occupation2 People4 Art4 Art1 
cardinal Religion2 Animals1 Occupation2 People4 
carrier Transportation1 Occupation1 People4 
chancellor Occupation1 People4 
chap People4 
chemist Occupation2 Science4 People4 
client Business4 People4 
cluck Animals1 People4 Senses1 
communist People4 
competitor Sports5 Business4 People4 
conductor Art6 People4 Art2 
confederate People4 
conqueror Military2 People4 
conservative People4 
constable People4 Crime2 Occupation2 
consul People4 Occupation2 Government1 
consumer Business4 People4 
convict Crime2 People4 
courtier History3 People4 Occupation2 
crab Animals4 Food3 People4 
cracker Food2 People4 
creditor Business4 People4 
crook Crime3 People4 
daddy Family1 Gender1 People4 
dancer Art6 People4 Entertainment1 Art2 
dean School3 Occupation2 People4 
dependent Business4 Language1 Family1 People4 
deputy Occupation2 People4 
descendant Family1 People4 
detective Occupation2 Crime2 People4 
drip People4 
duchess People4 Gender1 Occupation1 Government1 
escort People4 
esquire People4 
executive Business4 People4 
exile People4 
explorer Occupation1 Geography4 People4 
fighter Occupation1 People4 
flake Food2 People4 
founder Occupation1 School3 People4 
fraud Business4 Crime1 People4 
freeman People4 
fugitive Crime2 People4 
gallant People4 Value2 
gardener Occupation1 Farming2 People4 
gem Materials2 People4 
genius People4 Mind3 
goddess Myth Gender1 People4 
goose Food3 Animals1 People4 
gossip Communication1 People4 
graduate School1 People4 
grandfather Family1 Gender1 People4 
grandma Family1 Gender1 People4 
grandmother Family1 Gender1 People4 
grocer Food7 People4 
groom Family1 Gender1 People4 
guardian Family1 People4 
guy Gender1 People4 
hag Gender1 People4 
heathen Religion2 People4 
heir Family1 People4 
helper Occupation1 Business4 People4 
hermit Occupation2 People4 
highness People4 
historian Occupation2 History1 People4 History2 History3 
hog Animals3 Farming1 People4 
horseman People4 
host Home3 People4 
hostess Home3 Gender1 People4 
housekeeper Home3 Occupation1 People4 
housewife Home3 Gender1 Occupation2 People4 Family1 
humanist People4 Mind4 
hunter Occupation1 People4 
hunters Occupation1 People4 
idol Religion2 People4 Entertainment1 
immigrant People4 
immortal Religion2 Time3 People4 Value1 
infant Family1 People4 
inferior Value1 People4 
inhabitant Home3 People4 
insect Animals2 People4 
insider People4 
inspector Occupation1 Crime2 People4 Government1 Business4 
intellectual School3 People4 Mind3 
intimate Communication1 People4 Family2 
inventor Occupation1 Business4 People4 
Japanese Language5 People4 
jerk People4 
Jew Religion2 People4 
jewel Art5 People4 Materials2 
joke Entertainment2 People4 
junior Family1 Gender1 People4 
keeper Occupation1 People4 
kin Family1 People4 
knave History3 People4 
laborer Farming2 People4 
landlord Occupation2 People4 Home3 
lawyer Occupation2 People4 Crime2 
leftist Government1 People4 
legend History1 People4 
legion Military2 History2 People4 Groups1 
liberal People4 
lieutenant Military2 People4 
literati Art1 People4 
lordship People4 History3 Government1 
ma Family1 Gender1 People4 
madame Gender1 People4 
magician Occupation2 People4 Entertainment1 
magistrate Occupation2 People4 
marine Military2 Science3 People4 
mariner Military2 Occupation1 People4 
marquis People4 History3 
marshal Occupation2 People4 
martyr Religion2 People4 
mason Occupation2 People4 
mechanic Occupation2 People4 
millionaire Business4 People4 
minor Value2 People4 
minstrel Entertainment1 History3 People4 
missionary Religion2 Occupation2 People4 
mole Animals3 People4 
Ms. Gender3 People4 
murderer Crime1 People4 
musician Art6 People4 
mute Senses1 People4 
newcomer People4 
niece Family1 Gender1 People4 
nobility People4 Value1 
notable Value2 People4 
nuisance Value1 People4 
nymph Myth Science3 Animals2 People4 
offspring Family1 People4 
opponent People4 Sports5 
oracle Religion2 Myth People4 
Oriental People4 
orphan Family2 People4 
parson Religion2 Occupation2 People4 
pastor Religion2 Occupation1 People4 
patriot People4 History1 
patron Business4 People4 
peacock Animals1 People4 
phenomenon People4 
philosopher Occupation1 People4 
pilgrim Religion2 History1 People4 
pillar People4 
piper Art3 People4 
pirate History1 People4 Occupation2 
porter Occupation1 People4 
preacher Occupation1 Religion2 People4 
premier Location5 People4 
prior Location5 Time3 Religion2 People4 
producer Occupation1 Business4 Entertainment3 People4 Farming3 
progressive People4 
proprietor Occupation1 Business4 People4 
Protestant Religion2 People4 
publisher Occupation1 Communication3 People4 Language5 
puritan Religion2 People4 
quarry People4 Groups2 
radical People4 Math4 Science4 
rascal People4 
reaper Farming2 People4 
receiver Home1 People4 Entertainment3 Tools2 Communication3 Sports5 
recruit Military2 Business4 People4 
redneck People4 
relationship Family2 People4 Mind3 
reporter Occupation1 Communication3 People4 
resident Home3 People4 
reverend Religion2 Occupation2 People4 
revolutionary People4 Government1 History1 
rogue People4 
rover People4 
royalty People4 Groups1 Government1 
runner Occupation1 People4 Sports5 
rustic People4 
sage Food5 Colors People4 
salesman Occupation2 People4 Business4 
sap Science3 Trees Plants2 People4 
scientist Occupation2 People4 Science7 Mind4 
Scot People4 
scourge People4 
seller Business4 Occupation1 People4 
senior Value1 School3 Measure3 People4 
sentinel Military2 People4 
sergeant Military2 People4 
shoemaker Occupation1 People4 
sire People4 History3 Farming3 Gender1 
skunk Animals3 People4 
sneak People4 
socialist Government1 People4 
spectator Entertainment3 People4 Sports5 
steward Occupation2 People4 
strikebreaker Business6 People4 
successor Time3 People4 
suicide Health4 People4 
sultan People4 
superintendent School3 People4 Occupation2 
surgeon Health2 Occupation2 People4 
sweetheart Family1 Feeling1 People4 
Swiss People4 
tackle Sports5 People4 Entertainment3 
teen People4 
tenant Home3 Farming2 People4 
tourist Entertainment3 People4 
trader Business4 Occupation1 People4 
trainer Occupation1 School3 People4 
treasurer Occupation1 People4 
Turk People4 
tutor Occupation1 School1 People4 Mind2 
tyrant People4 Occupation2 Government1 
usher Occupation1 Entertainment3 People4 
valiant Military4 Feeling3 People4 
veteran Military2 People4 
victor Military2 People4 
villain Crime3 People4 
virgin Religion2 People4 
Virginian People4 
volunteer School1 Military2 Occupation2 Value3 People4 
voter People4 Government1 
wag People4 
waiter Occupation1 People4 
ward Family1 Health2 People4 Groups1 
winner People4 
workman Business4 People4 
workmen Business4 People4 
wretch People4 
Yankee History1 People4 
yeoman History3 People4 
  cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader
cummings, spell, spelling, english, words, spellers, teachers, reading, read, reader