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Tag Lists 
Anatomy1 Skeletal and muscular systems 
Anatomy2 Organs, genes, glands 
Anatomy3 Fluids in the body 
Animals1 Birds and things avian (nouns) 
Animals2 Insects and insect things (nouns) 
Animals3 Warm-blooded animals 
Animals4 Cold-blooded reptiles and fish 
Animals5 Miscellaneous animal words 
Archaic Words from earlier English 
Art1 Print and literature 
Art2 Stage and film 
Art3 Musical instruments and voices 
Art4 Musical types and qualities 
Art5 Visual arts 
Art6 Miscellaneous aspects of music 
Business1 Business and commerce 
Business2 Business and commerce 
Business3 Business and commerce 
Business4 Business and commerce 
Business5 Business and commerce 
Business6 Business and commerce (from Hirsch et al) 
Calendar Names of months, weekdays, holidays 
Cities Cities of the world 
Clothing1 Articles of clothing 
Clothing2 Parts and qualities of clothing & accessories 
Colors Colors and their qualities 
Communication1 Functions and uses 
Communication2 Products and results 
Communication3 Other methods, aspects, qualities 
Containers Names and attributes of containers 
Countries Names of countries 
Crime1 Types of crime and criminals 
Crime2 Law and justice people and things 
Crime3 Miscellaneous criminal things and qualities 
Entertainment1 Types of entertainment and entertainers 
Entertainment2 Entertaining actions & their effects 
Entertainment3 Miscellaneous entertainment words 
Family1 Family members 
Family2 Actions, events, qualities of the family 
Farming1 Things raised on farms and ranches 
Farming2 Farm equipment and workers and their jobs 
Farming3 Miscellaneous words dealing with farming 
Feeling1 Positive feelings 
Feeling2 Negative feelings 
Feeling3 Positive adjectives 
Feeling4 Negative adjectives 
Feeling5 Positive verbs 
Feeling6 Negative verbs 
Feeling7 Miscellaneous feeling words, several adverbs 
Food1 Fruits and nuts 
Food2 Grains and bread 
Food3 Meat, fish, poultry, dairy 
Food4 Sweets 
Food5 Vegetables, 32 
Food6 Drinks 
Food7 Miscellaneous words that refer to food 
Gender1 Males and females 
Gender2 Sex and reproduction 
Gender3 Miscellaneous words that refer to sex and sexuality 
Geography1 Geographical places 
Geography2 Geographical features 
Geography3 Geographical features 
Geography4 Miscellaneous geographical words 
Government1 People and groups that govern 
Government2 Types, aspects, and qualities of government 
Government3 Types, aspects, and qualities of government 
Government4 The process of governing 
Government5 Actions of government 
Government6 Miscellaneous words that refer to government, 101 
Groups1 Groups that always or usually contain people 
Groups2 All other kinds of groups 
Health1 Medications and drugs 
Health2 Medical care and treatment 
Health3 Strictly or mostly mental conditions 
Health4 Illness, disease, and death 
Health5 Adjectives dealing with health 
Health6 Verbs dealing with health 
Health7 Nouns dealing with health 
History1 American history 
History2 Ancient history 
History3 European history 
Home1 Movable furniture and furnishings 
Home2 Fixtures, rooms, and spaces 
Home3 Miscellaneous words that refer to home 
Language1 Grammar, word structure, spelling, parts of speech 
Language2 Semantics and meaning 
Language3 Spoken language and pronunciation 
Language4 Rhetoric and the uses of language 
Language5 Miscellaneous words that refer to languages 
Light1 Verbs that refer to light 
Light2 Nouns that refer to light 
Light3 Adjectives and adverbs that refer to light 
Location1 Location, position, direction 
Location2 Location, position, direction 
Location3 Location, position, direction 
Location4 Location, position, direction 
Location5 Location, position, direction 
Location6 Location, position, direction 
Materials1 Metals and metallic materials 
Materials2 Minerals and mineral-like materials 
Materials3 Materials from vegetables and animals 
Materials4 Miscellaneous words that refer to materials 
Math1 Names of numbers 
Math2 Mathematical concepts and calculations 
Math3 Miscellaneous math words 
Math4 Miscellaneous math words 
Math5 Miscellaneous math words 
Math6 Miscellaneous math words 
Measure1 Amounts and sizes 
Measure2 Amounts and sizes 
Measure3 Amounts and sizes 
Measure4 Calculated measurements 
Measure5 Units of measurement, including currency 
Military1 Paraphernalia and equipment 
Military2 Personnel 
Military3 Actions and operations 
Military4 Miscellaneous military words 
Mind1 Types and schools of thought 
Mind2 Mental acts 
Mind3 Results of mental acts 
Mind4 Miscellaneous words that refer to the mind 
Myth Myths and mythological figures 
Names Proper names, both first and last 
Occupation1 Agent nouns with -er], -or], -ar], -ess] 
Occupation2 Other nouns of occupation 
People1 Nouns and pronouns that refer to people 
People2 Nouns and pronouns that refer to people 
People3 Nouns and pronouns that refer to people 
People4 Nouns and pronouns that refer to people 
People5 Nouns and pronouns that refer to people 
Plants1 Plants and their parts and features 
Plants2 Plants and their parts and features 
Religion1 Religion and religions 
Religion2 Religion and religions 
Religion3 Religion and religions 
School1 School and schooling 
School2 Miscellaneous words that refer to school and schooling 
School3 Miscellaneous words that refer to school and schooling 
Science1 Kinds of science and quasi-sciences 
Science2 Nouns and adjectives dealing with biology 
Science3 Nouns and adjectives dealing with biology 
Science4 Nouns and adjectives dealing with chemistry 
Science5 Nouns and adjectives that refer to physics and astronomy 
Science6 Scientific actions and processes 
Science7 Miscellaneous science and technology 
Senses1 Speech and hearing 
Senses2 Vision and sight 
Senses3 Smell and taste 
Senses4 Other senses and senses in general 
Sports1 Sports equipment 
Sports2 Miscellaneous sports words 
Sports3 Miscellaneous sports words 
Sports4 Miscellaneous sports words 
Sports5 Miscellaneous sports words 
States Names of states 
Time1 Time and times 
Time2 Time and times 
Time3 Time and times 
Tools1 Tools and equipment 
Tools2 Tools and equipment 
Transportation1 Vehicles and other means of transportation 
Transportation2 Routes, roads, times, places 
Transportation3 Miscellaneous transportation words 
Transportation4 Miscellaneous transportation words 
Trees Trees and their features 
Value1 Good and bad value judgements (nouns) 
Value2 Good and bad value judgements (adjectives) 
Value3 Good and bad value judgements (verb) 
Weather1 Nouns that refer to the weather and climate 
Weather2 Adjectives that refer to the weather and climate 

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